The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835 Six Killed In One Slash

Instead, it was Cao Jun beside her who said, “This person’s ability is not bad. The might of the battle matrix passed down by Empty Mountain is overbearing and peerless. A cultivator with a second-tier Divine Wheel has actually been able to withstand it until now. Even among the members of the Imperial Palace, few people could pull off such a feat. If he manages to survive, we can bring him back with us.”

“Cao Jun, do you believe that he will perish in battle?” Princess Donghuang asked.

“The situation is not favorable. The light pillars of the battle matrix can affect the power of Ye Futian’s Divine Wheel from a distance. This gives the battle matrix the initiative as it is not covered by the might of his Divine Wheel. Combined with the overbearing attack, let alone a cultivator with a second-tier Divine Wheel, even one with a flawless fourth-tier Divine Wheel would not be able to withstand its attack,” Cao Jun said. “This is still not the most powerful attack of the battle matrix.”

When he said all this, Cao Jun appeared very calm. A person of his level had experienced too much. The fall of a genius was not enough to cause him to be too emotional. Even if they lost this war, he would not be affected.

Princess Donghuang watched quietly and did not respond. No one knew if she and Cao Jun were of the same mind.

The observers outside of the Empty Imperial Palace did not look kindly on Ye Futian. With this attack, Ye Futian had already displayed extremely powerful ability. His sword split apart the space as he advanced, his divine sword opening up an ancient path of swordsmanship. However, even so, he was still suppressed with a punch. His opponent was too powerful, so powerful that Ye Futian could only be suppressed.

This battle did not allow for optimism.

While they were observing the battle, the battle had continued without ceasing. After the silhouette that was like a deity appeared, the arms of the six cultivators trembled. This caused the Divine Fists of the Great Path around them to resonate. Once again, the Divine Fists crashed down toward Ye Futian, who had his head lowered. At the same time, the fists of the silhouette of the deity crashed down. In the sky above, two shattering divine lights penetrated the space and pierced through this part of the world.

At that moment, around Ye Futian’s figure, aura flowed. From thin air, countless leaves of an ancient tree seemed to extend outward. With his figure as the center, this region seemed to become an independent space. Endless Sword Will circled and danced around him, emanating a cold, sinister, and eerie aura.

When the fist illusions that filled the sky descended, the land was instantly covered in layers of frost. An invisible power seemed to block off the attack of the fists. The fists were frozen solid under ice and snow. Cold and bizarre Sword Will circled past and directly penetrated the will of the fists, shattering them.

The two beams of light that pierced through the heavens descended. Two gigantic Divine Fists crashed down. However, the flowing beams of light decelerated. They were also covered in layers of snow and frost. The space seemed to be completely frozen. This region became Ye Futian’s absolute domain. Ye Futian’s figure became a frightening storm of the Great Path. With the storm circulating, his divine sword released endless cold light.

Ye Futian lifted his head and glanced up. The light of the two huge frost-covered fists that were still advancing carried with them overbearing pressure. They shattered the space and came crashing down on his head.

The storm of the Great Path flowed in reverse as it ascended and flooded the huge fists. The divine sword shot straight up. It carried an extremely sinister aura and was also razor-sharp.

Swoosh. Swoosh.

The two Divine Fists were covered in frost. They immediately disintegrated into dust after being penetrated by the divine sword as it continued shooting straight up.

Ye Futian’s body once again floated in the air. He was staring at the six cultivators. The will on his body still flowed outward. A Divine Wheel halo shone on his body. However, it was sealed within his body by the pillar of light. The pillar of light that circled around his body was a spatial wall that isolated the power within him.

“He actually managed to break through the attack.”

Many people revealed strange expressions. Some of them were astonished. Ye Futian had actually broken through an attack of that level, and he seemed to still be at ease. What level was his ability at exactly?

They had thought that Ye Futian might have released the will of the emperor that he was previously rumored to have released before. However, he had not done so and had broken through his opponent’s attacks with brute force.

This meant that he had also not reached his strongest point.

The currents of the Great Path on Ye Futian’s body continued to flow, spreading out and extending even further. It invaded the opponent’s domain. At the same time, Ye Futian’s eyes also changed, becoming aloof and cold.

His gaze seemed to glance over at the six cultivators. The six of them looked into Ye Futian’s pupils and saw a desolate moon. At that moment, they actually descended into a world of Eye Sorcery. With just a glance, a chill flowed over them, and they even felt a shiver from their spiritual souls.

Frightening and domineering divine halos shot out from their pupils as they attempted to break through the illusion. This was Eye Sorcery that could bring them into a world of Eye Sorcery.

An Eye Sorcery Divine Wheel.

They seemed to have entered the world of the moon. A constant chill kept seeping into their bodies.


A rampaging aura rose up from below. Light burst forth from the spatial Divine Wheel and swept up an astonishing spatial storm. The wills of the six cultivators linked together, and the illusory silhouette of the deity became more and more real and solid. It was as though a true deity had descended upon the earth.

Frightening Divine Light of Space shot out from the deity’s pupils and enveloped Ye Futian. At the same time, loud rumbling sounds could be heard. The ten-thousand Zhang figure moved. The figures of the six cultivators trembled, and the gigantic golden figure dove downward.

With a loud cry, the movements of the six cultivators were neatly in sync. From their bodies, divine halos pierced the space. Each divine halo had an overbearing will of the fist that could penetrate space.

At the same time, the figure of the deity dove straight down. Its domineering and peerless silhouette crushed this part of the space. Its two fists came crashing directly toward Ye Futian. The space seemed to be completely penetrated.

At that moment, Ye Futian was also under huge pressure. The aura of the Great Path around his body flowed and caused this space to become his domain. The will of the fists that came piercing down was covered in frost and was then shattered by the light of the divine sword.

The Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst forth, and the storm of the Great Path on his figure flowed upward in reverse. When the silhouette of the deity came crashing down, his divine sword also stabbed out. A huge rumble sounded. When both of them collided with each other, the golden divine elephant that enveloped Ye Futian’s body kept shattering. However, the ten-thousand Zhang figure was also gradually corroded by the power of Yin. It was no longer that solid.


Countless bolts of frightening Yin lightning crashed down on the overbearing ten-thousand Zhang figure like a world-ending catastrophe. Ye Futian’s body was pressed down, yet the halo on the divine sword did not dim at all.

Kacha! Cracks appeared on the ten-thousand Zhang figure. Ye Futian’s palm slammed onto the divine sword. The light of the divine sword immediately exploded and appeared as though it had become the divine halo of a god of destruction. It directly pierced through the ten-thousand Zhang figure. The towering figure of the deity was penetrated by countless lights that shot toward different parts of its body.

The next moment, with a huge rumble, the figure of the deity immediately shattered.

As it shattered, the six cultivators let out dull groans. The surrounding pillars of light also dimmed, and many cracks appeared on them.

Ye Futian’s figure stopped falling downward. He immediately charged up high into the sky. Currents flowed over his body and instantly enveloped the endless space. As the light pillars dimmed, they were all covered by Ye Futian’s aura of the Great Path and became part of his domain.

He looked around at the six cultivators. This made the six of them feel as though their bodies had frozen stiff. An absolutely bone-chilling cold froze them down to their spiritual souls. They roared loudly, and their battle forms gathered the power of the Great Path. They were still extremely overbearing.

However, at this moment, their bodies seemed to be covered in an extremely cold aura that was affecting their movements.

The divine sword in front of Ye Futian hummed as it vibrated. He pointed his finger downward, and the divine sword shot forward. It became a resplendent divine light that pierced through the space.


The divine sword that was as fast as lightning instantly slashed toward one of the cultivators. The cultivator did not manage to respond when his body was instantly pierced through.

The divine sword did not stop at all and continued to slash ahead.

Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh. There were six consecutive cries. The divine sword returned to its original position. However, the figures of the six cultivators were trembling violently. They revealed looks of despair and terror.

The first cultivator had yet to perish at this moment. That was how fast the divine sword was.


Ye Futian uttered a single word. The figures of the six cultivators immediately exploded and shattered at the same time. Their souls dissipated, and they became dust that scattered in the wind.

With one sword, Ye Futian had killed six cultivators. The moment the battle matrix had been shattered, the fates of the six cultivators were basically determined.

Many people around the battlefield shifted their gaze in his direction. They revealed astonished looks. That was a battle matrix set up by six cultivators. Ye Futian actually killed all of them.

The cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm were especially astonished when they witnessed this scene. The six cultivators were all from Empty Mountain.

Now, outside of the Empty Imperial Palace, the audience felt their hearts beating heavily.

So powerful. Was this the number genius of the Original Realm?

He had actually killed off his opponents instead.

Such ability was practically unbelievable.

Even among the people in the Empty Imperial Palace, many from the Divine Prefecture were astounded by this battle.

Cao Jun revealed a strange look. He then said, “I never imagined that I would actually misjudge him. Six cultivators from Empty Mountain were killed with one sword. On the battlefield, this person can definitely rank among those at the very peak.”

On the other hand, Princess Donghuang was thinking about something else. The power just now

At the same time, in another place, the cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm were also watching the battle. Quite a lot of them witnessed how Ye Futian killed the six cultivators.

The domineering possessor of a sixth-tier Divine Wheel, who pursued Ye Futian the other day, stared at the screen with an intense murderous intent. Obviously, he recognized Ye Futian.

Even the inheritor of the Evil Emperor, Shi Xie, had noticed him. He asked, “Who is that person?”

“He is Ye Futian,” someone replied. “He has been crowned the number one genius in the Original Realm. Previously, in the Shadow Realm, many people believed that he had died. However, he was resurrected later on. This stirred up quite a storm within the Original Realm.” They clearly knew some things about him.

“That means that the power he used might be the power of Yin.” Shi Xie stared at Ye Futian’s silhouette. A cold light flashed past in Shi Xie’s gaze!