The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839 No Way Ou

Among those pursuing them, the few with astonishing speed became frightening storms that ripped apart the space as they charged towards Ye Futians group.

Ye Futians figure suddenly turned around as fast as lightning. With a glance, his Eye Sorcery enveloped the Renhuangs pursuing them. A cold moon invaded the other partys consciousness, causing them to enter into the world of Eye Sorcery.

Almost at the same time, his divine sword shot out with a flash and pierced through the opponents body, killing them instantly.

This scene caused the other pursuers in the distance to reveal cautious looks. No wonder Ye Futians group had been able to consecutively kill off people on their side. As expected, their abilities were very powerful. The combat ability of this white-haired youth was especially terrifying. The divine sword killed people without being seen.

"Be careful. He is proficient in Eye Sorcery," a deep and powerful voice called out. To the left and right of Ye Futians group, people stepped out one after another, preparing to block them off from the sides. Some people passed over them from above. Their speed was extremely fast. After all, many of their Renhuangs were proficient in powers of the Great Path of Space. With one step, they could traverse the space.

Ye Futian and the others were a group. Ye Futian was not alone. Hence, they were a big target. Wanting to escape the enemys pursuit was not an easy task.

"Yu Sheng, Third Elder Brother, attack." A cold look flashed past in Ye Futians eyes. He also realized that the opponent did not dare to attack them easily. They were only trying to hold them off temporarily and then surround them. After all, as the forces of the Divine Prefecture were escaping, the opponent held a huge advantage. If they could surround the Ye Futians group, the group would be forced into a very passive situation.

Those who heard Ye Futians words understood this. The retreating group instantly came to a halt.

Ye Futian turned and walked up into mid-air. His speed was extremely fast. He immediately brought up the rear. At the same time, Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu similarly stepped out and charged towards the people at the side. Aside from them, Nan Luoshen and the others also did not remain idle. They all attacked together.

Instantly, this area became a battlefield, and a violent fight erupted.

The space shook intensely. After Ye Futians ability burst forth, he was terrifying. Very soon, among the cultivators who had pursued them from behind, some fell to Ye Futians divine sword. To the sides, Yu Sheng and the others were also beginning to slaughter their opponents. This caused the opponents encirclement to begin to retreat and pull back. The area that they surrounded became larger.

In various other directions, the forces of the Divine Prefecture were still escaping. Some cultivators from the Dark Phoenix Division passed by and called out loudly to Ye Futian, saying, "Dont engage the enemy for too long. Retreat."

In this exchange, the forces of the Divine Prefecture were at a disadvantage. If they continued fighting, they would be gradually eliminated. Ye Futians ability was incredible. As long as they temporarily retreated from the battlefield, they would still have a chance later on. Hence, keeping their elites alive was the right thing to do.

"I know. I will deal with these people first," Ye Futian replied plainly. He wanted everyone to escape. However, it was difficult for them to escape at the moment.

"There is no time. Tell those who can to retreat," the other party said loudly. He wanted Ye Futian to give up on the thought of wanting everyone to escape. This was not realistic. The larger force had retreated. Many people would certainly be left behind.

Right now, the ones that they needed to preserve were the elites.

"You all may leave first," Ye Futian replied indifferently. As he said this, his divine sword killed another one of his opponents. His group had followed him to this battlefield, especially the disciples of Heavenly Mandate Cottage. He was definitely going to lead all of them away safely. No one would be left behind.

"You have no sense of priorities," the other party chastised him, somewhat dissatisfied. Ye Futians ability was powerful, yet he did not know how to read the situation. Under such circumstances, he was actually still fighting. Once he was held back, he would not be able to escape even if he wanted to.

"All of you shall not leave," a voice cried out from afar. Then, far off in the sky, two silhouettes appeared. They were cultivators of Empty Mountain from the Evil Emperor Realm and members of the Dark Court.

Among these people, the leading figure from the Evil Emperor Realm from before was also here, and he wielded a divine sword in his hand. The Proud Son of the Underworld, Qi Ye, was also here. They stared at where Ye Futians group was. In front of them, people kept stepping forward in droves. They swept towards where Ye Futian was. Their speed was extremely fast.

In the heavens above, Divine Light of Space rained down from above. It was as though there was a powerful ritual implement at work. Some people lifted their heads and looked up into the sky. Beams of frightening golden divine light blinded them and sealed off the space. Some divine light even became frightening pillars of light that enveloped the cultivators of the Dark Phoenix Division and the Ye Futians group within them.

The gaze of the leading figure of the Dark Phoenix Division was cold as he glanced at Ye Futian. They were dragged into this predicament by Ye Futian.

A vast and mighty pressure enveloped them. The top figures of the other side walked towards this battlefield one by one. The terrifying army of Renhuangs was also sweeping in their direction. The Dark Phoenix Division was the main force for the Divine Prefecture. Ye Futians group had also killed many people. The enemy naturally could not let them escape.

Killing them off would bring this war to its end. Even if a few of them escaped, it would be of no consequence as it could not affect the grand scheme of things.

In the distance, the leading figure of the Evil Emperor Realm, as well as Qi Ye, stared at Ye Futian. Before this, many of their members had already perished in his hands. Now, they would honor them by killing Ye Futian.

Outside, the cultivators of both the Evil Emperor Realm as well as the Dark Court revealed smiles on their faces. From the looks of it, the war was already reaching its end. It would probably not be long before they could wrap things up.

The peerless princess of the Divine Prefecture was still too young in the end. Although the lineup that they sent out was not weak, it was still not enough. With their two forces allying, did the Divine Prefecture think that they could prevent the Original Realm from being divided up?

The era of Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing spanned more than three hundred years. They had also ruled the Original Realm for the same duration. Now that there were claims that the changes of the world would begin from the Original Realm, the other forces had to claim some territory in the Original Realm and meet the Divine Prefecture as equals in the Original Realm.

Unfortunately, the princess of the Divine Prefecture did not participate in this battle herself. If she had done so, they might have been able to win, some cultivators from the Dark Court thought to themselves.

At the same time, in the Empty Imperial Palace, the expressions of the various cultivators changed. Their juniors were on the battlefield. The current situation would likely turn into a catastrophe.

Some people looked towards Princess Donghuang. The grand scheme of things could not be changed. Would the princess admit defeat and actively divide the Original Realm up?

If she did so, she could save the lives of many.

Yet, she was Princess Donghuang, the daughter of the Great Emperor. It was likely difficult for her to admit defeat first. No one dared to advise her to do so either.

At that moment, Princess Donghuang was still watching the fight quietly. Up until now, she still had not revealed any emotions. This caused the members of many forces to feel anxious. What was the princess thinking exactly?

"The main force was originally retreating. Again, it was Ye Futian who caused them to miss the opportunity," Shen clan said, pointing the finger at Ye Futian. Prior to this, they had already wanted to set up charges for Ye Futian. Now, on the battlefield, Ye Futian had committed another mistake; they would naturally not let this opportunity slip past them.

"He is not concerned with the outcome of this war. He only cares for his own people," a cultivator from Golden Divine Nation also cried out.

This time, Cao Jun also did not say anything. Ye Futian had indeed been penny-wise but a pound-foolish. He had acted on impulse. By doing so, he would fight alongside his companions. However, everyone else was also trapped. The casualties would be even more severe.

Now, they had missed their opportunity. Wanting to escape again would most likely be difficult.

On the battlefield, Ye Futians group was surrounded by a large army. Up, down, left and right, there were many powerful Renhuangs. Powerful ritual implements floated in the air. In front of them, a vast army was gathered and charging over to eradicate them.

Far behind them, the monk dressed in a white cassock looked back to look in the direction where Ye Futian was. His footsteps came to a stop. Ye Futian and the others seemed to be in danger.

Ye Futian frowned. In the sky above, many ritual implements appeared above his head. Among them was a large golden umbrella, spinning in the air at a frightening speed. This umbrella released destructive spatial lightning that struck down.

There was also a gigantic ancient bell that flew in the air. The ancient bell unleashed menacing divine light. Each beam of divine light contained overbearing power beyond comparison that could suppress and kill his opponents.

Aside from these two ritual implements, divine might erupted from many more ritual implements at the same time. In an instant, the vast space was filled with endless destructive power.

"Kill them."

A cold voice cried out. Once these words were uttered, a few huge war drum ritual implements sounded at the same time in the heavens above. A frightening drumming sound immediately swept across the sky. The formless and terrifying rhythm caused the eardrums of many people to tear from the vibrations. It was as though their spiritual souls were about to split apart.

Ptui. Ptui. Ptui. People started to cough up fresh blood one after another. After all, among Ye Futians group, they had members from the Xiao clan, Dou tribe and the Nantian Divine Kingdom. Many among their allied forces were still not possessors of flawless Divine Wheels. It was hard for them to withstand an attack of such power.

Yet alone possessors of flawed Divine Wheels, even for possessors of flawless Divine Wheels, if their cultivation Planes were too low, it would also be difficult for them as well to withstand such an attack.

Buzz. Ye Futians figure became a bolt of lightning. His speed was extremely fast as he charged towards the war drums like a beam of light.

However, at that moment in the heavens above, a huge black robe ritual implement consumed the Way around them and became a menacing illusion of the God of the Underworld. The illusion wielded the spear of the Underworld and stabbed down on Ye Futian. It was controlled by the Proud Son of the Underworld, Qi Ye. He was in charge of dealing with Ye Futian. On the other hand, the leading figure of the Evil Emperor Realm controlled his divine sword to handle the cultivators from the Dark Phoenix Division.

Ye Futians divine sword immediately stabbed out at the long spear. A frightening chill invaded the long spear. However, besides the illusion of the God of the Underworld, another two gigantic Bodies of Way appeared. They were a thousand Zhangs tall. One of them wielded a spatial war ax while the other held a celestial mace. Both weapons crashed down on Ye Futian at the same time. A huge rumble sounded; it was as though the sky was falling and the earth was splitting apart.

Rumble. There was a huge sound, and Ye Futians figure was pushed downwards from high in the sky. His arm trembled violently. The divine sword also hummed as it kept vibrating.

At that moment, a terrible scream came from the side. Other various ritual implements attacked at the same time. In the chaotic space of the battlefield, many Renhuangs were destroyed by the attack of the opponent. Yu Sheng and the others also faced a very powerful attack.


With a huge sound, Yaya, who was the furthest in front, killed an opponent with her powerful Sword Will. However, she was also hit. She spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and her body was knocked backward.

When Ye Futian saw this scene, the look in his eyes turned extremely cold. They were filled with murderous intent.

From the looks of it, they would not be able to escape even if they wanted to.

He shifted his gaze towards the leading figures of the Evil Emperor Realm as well as the Dark Court in the distance. Right now, there seemed to only be one way out: by killing their opponents!