The Legend Of Futian Chapter 184

Chapter 184: One Sword per Person
Chapter 184: One Sword per Person
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Ye Futian's decisive rejection changed the Empress' calm expression. This was blasphemous! She was the empress and her daughter, Loulan Xue, was extremely talented and her beauty was unbeatable. She was willing to marry below her status but was rejected. Now, she was even willing to have her daughter share with another woman but was still rejected.

"The Virgin isn't qualified enough for you?" the Empress asked coldly. If not for the sage's words, she would slap this boy to death.

"Empress, you must know that the Virgin doesn't have any feelings for me. How can something like this be so casual?" Ye Futian asked. "Just because she is pretty? Does that mean I should marry every pretty girl?"

"Feelings can develop slowly. After being together, you will naturally fall for her," the Empress said. Was this b*stard pretending to be pure? Didn't all men only care about looks?

After getting used to Loulan Xue beside him, the Empress believed he would change heart. In her opinion, the girl Ye Futian liked couldn't be prettier than her daughter.

"Empress, I do not know the reason why you wish the Virgin to marry me but I really do have a girlfriend already. Our relationship is very good as well. If you have your eyes on my talent, I've received some things in the Loulan Relic and met the sage in the book. I can be friends with Loulan. You do not need to force me to marry the Virgin." Ye Futian knew that he was attractive but the Empress was obviously doing this for his talent rather than his looks. She wanted to tie him in. Because he was in her territory, Ye Futian must bow down and first get through this.

The Empress stared at Ye Futian. This b*stard was truly sensitive. She knew that Ye Futian's words were logical too but Ye Futian would soon enter the Ancient Barren World to cultivate. He wasn't from Loulan either. How tight would their friendship be? It would just be a favor at most. This wasn't what she wanted. The sage wished for Ye Futian to become a Loulan citizen. That was why she had the idea to marry her daughter. Only this relationship could tie Ye Futian tightly. He couldn't run if Loulan Xue had his child in the future. The Loulan bloodline could be passed down well too. But she didn't expect that Ye Futian would refuse.

Looking at him, the Empress pondered. Her voice became slow and calm as she said, "In that case, I won't force you. I was too extreme earlier but it is your fault too. The Virgin does have good feelings toward you. Maybe you will change your mind after some more interactions. Follow me." With that, she walked towards her own pavilion.

"Thank you, Empress." Ye Futian followed her.

The Empress' expression was cold as she cursed Ye Futian inwardly. She really wanted to beat Ye Futian up.

Ye Futian also looked at the Empress' backside, cursing her inwardly for changing so quickly. He wished he was strong enough to beat this old hag up.

When Ye Futian saw Loulan Xue at the Empress' pavilion, she was quiet and cold as before. It was as if nothing had happened. Perhaps this was her personality. Seeing the Empress and Ye Futian, she understood that they must have resolved things.

"You'll return to the Ancient Barren World to cultivate soon," the Empress said. "Ye Futian, how long do you plan to stay there?"

"I'm not sure. I might go to the Barren City," Ye Futian said. Ye Wuchen couldn't lose his arm for nothing. He still couldn't take revenge but he wanted to learn about some things. This could help with entering the Eastern Barren Territory as well.

"Your plane is still too low," the Empress said. "Ancient Loulan has placed many noble ritual implements in the Ancient Barren World. They're from the relic and have never been taken out. I heard that you received a Guqin but it won't be enough. I'll have the Virgin help you choose back in the Ancient Barren World."

Ye Futian blinked. No wonder she was the empress. Her tactics Earlier, she seemed to want to kill him. Now, she was like a senior caring for her junior. So powerful.

"Thank you, Empress," Ye Futian said.

"Go out first. I must speak with the Virgin," the Empress then said. Ye Futian nodded and went outside.

Loulan Xue looked up at the Empress. It seemed that she still hadn't given up.

"That b*stard is very fake. With your features, I don't believe he won't change his mind. He'll forget his girlfriend within the month," the Empress said. "At that time, I'll make him beg me to marry you." As if imagining that scene, a cold sneer appeared in the Empress's eyes. Loulan Xue studied her without saying anything.

"Alright, you may go," the Empress said.

Loulan Xue nodded. She left the pavilion and found Ye Futian. "Let's return to the Ancient Barren World," she said.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. They returned together. Loulan Xue was still as calm as ever as if nothing had happened.

After returning to Ye Futian's pavilion, the Black Wind Eagle came up. Yu Sheng also walked over. Ye Futian asked him, "Have those people bothered you guys?"

"They're very arrogant. They often come over to check as if they're guarding us and waiting for us to leave the Loulan palace," Yu Sheng replied coldly.

Ye Futian's eyes flashed. Were they waiting to fight?

"Where's Wuchen?" Ye Futian saw Lin Yueyao but not Ye Wuchen.

"He's cultivating in private," Yu Sheng said. "He improved greatly while you were gone. I've entered the Second-level Dharma Plane too."

"Not bad," Ye Futian said, smiling. "Me too."

Lin Yueyao pouted. This group was crazy. She was only in the Second-level Dharma Plane right now. When she was in the Nine-star Glory Plane, they were only in the Seven-star. Now they had already caught up. That was only for planes. Their combat abilities were much higher than hers.

"Then we'll continue cultivating for a while and wait for Wuchen to finish," Ye Futian said. Ye Wuchen had been nourished by noble intent in the relic, lost his arm, and received a ritual implement. He must have many thoughts and would need to spend some time on raising his plane, solidifying his intent. After that, Ye Futian began cultivating peacefully.

One day, he was playing his guqin, a beautiful figure walked over. It was Yue Linglong. Zhao Han and Shi Tong were behind her. They looked at Ye Futian coldly. Yue Linglong moved lightly and came before Ye Futian who was playing his instrument. Smiling, she said, "You're finally back. I actually missed you." Her smile was too beautiful and mesmerizing.

"Sadly, I'm not interested in older women," Ye Futian said, raising his head.

Yue Linglong's eyes hardened. Looking at Ye Futian, she said, "Young Master Qian wanted me to ask you if you've thought it through yet."

"Think what through?" Ye Futian asked, not understanding.

Shi Tong huffed. "I've heard that you went out of the Ancient Barren World and exchanged the book for some treasure these days."

"Yeah. You want it?" Ye Futian looked at Shi Tong.

"Ye Futian, are you planning on hiding in here forever?" Zhao Han asked straightforwardly. His voice was frigid. As long as Ye Futian stayed in the palace, they couldn't do anything. It would disrespect the Loulan royalty.

"Are you done?" Ye Futian looked at them and said, "If you're done, scram."

The three all stared at Ye Futian, expressions cold. This guy was as arrogant as before.

"I'll see how long you can hide," Zhao Han said as they left.

"Hide?" Ye Futian smirked. These guys really were waiting.

After a few more days, Ye Wuchen finally came out. His temperament had changed, becoming purer. Even if he didn't release any aura, he gave one the impression of being a sword.

"How's the cultivation?" Ye Futian asked.

"I'm at the Fifth-level now. My sword intent is more complete too." Ye Wuchen's voice was calm.

"I see." Ye Futian nodded. He left and found Loulan Xue, requesting her to seal all news about the palace.

That day, Qian Yang's group was still waiting for Ye Futian. He was in a bad mood. Ye Futian was really good at hiding. He didn't show any sign of leaving the palace, even after all these days. However, Qian Yang took the time to cultivate too. The Loulan royalty hadn't kicked them out.

Just then, a figure walked into the pavilion quietly. His steps weren't fast; they had some sort of rhythm, entering the pavilion step by step. Before long, he stood before Qian Yang's group.

Qian Yang, Zhao Han, Shi Tong, and the other two were together, discussing something. Now, they all looked forward. There was a one-armed figure. He walked quietly, his right hand holding a sword pointed downward. He made his way over to Qian Yang's group. They were bewildered. What did Ye Wuchen want? He'd really forced his way into the pavilion, killing someone with each strike. He was so brazen!