The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840 Kill

However, the people of the Divine Prefecture looked solemn and thoughtful.

Even the cultivators outside the Empty Imperial Palace felt nervous for Ye Futian as they looked at the battlefield.

Ye Futians performance during this battle could not be considered unexceptional. The battlefield he was on was one of the mightiest battlefields. He killed many enemies, and no one was able to block his path.

They were not naturally prejudiced like the cultivators from the Shen Clan, thinking that Ye Futian had not given his all. Even if he did not give his all, Ye Futians performance in the battle was already quite exceptional. What more could they want from him?

Moreover, even if those from the Upper Worlds came to suppress and kill them, the fact that the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path had produced such an amazing person was, in itself, something to be proud of. After all, apart from Ye Futian, no other person was this strong.

Even though Jian Qingzhu was exceptionally talented, he still would not have achieved Ye Futians feats. The gap between them was still quite sizable.

However, at that moment, Ye Futian was facing a life or death situation. He might be killed. So, it was natural that everyone seemed a little nervous.

A person of Ye Futians caliber falling in a battle would be too unfortunate. If he had more time, he could grow to become a peak existence in their 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He could become the symbol of an era.

However, at that moment, no one could predict if he would live or die.

They looked at the bright Divine Lights emanating from the ritual implements wreaking havoc upon Ye Futian and the others. Several Renhuang on the team fell on the spot. At that moment, on that battlefield, even beings as strong as a Renhuang seemed incredibly weak and fragile.

Could Ye Futian escape death?

That thought had crossed everyones mind.

At that moment, inside the mirror screen in the sky Amidst the battlefield, Ye Futians body began to release a formless yet somehow visible stream of air. At the same time, the cultivators around him began to inch closer to him. They were shrinking their formation.

A look of bewilderment filled the faces of a large number of people as the scene unfolded.

What were they trying to do?

Was Ye Futian trying to protect the others?

It was certainly possible if the opponents were not too strong. However, at that moment, on that battlefield, ritual implements filled the sky, and the raging windstorms were unstoppable. Getting people to gather into a bunch would limit each of them from unleashing their true strength. As such, would their maneuver be any different from seeking death?

What was Ye Futian thinking? He should be trying to find a way to get himself out of this situation. After all, the path of becoming a legend was ultimately going to be accompanied by blood and sacrifice. Sometimes, one had to give up when it was time to do so.

The leaders of the Empty Imperial Palace also did not understand Ye Futians intention.

"Has he gone mad?" someone asked. Using a method like that at a time like that would achieve nothing but self-destruction. Not only that, but it would also facilitate the entire process.

Did he want everyone to die together?

Cao Jun also looked with concern. With Ye Futians talent strength, he should not be making an error like that.

Unless Did he have something that would get them out of their predicament?

Perhaps only Lord Taixuan and a few others from the Heavenly Mandate Academy could vaguely guess what Ye Futian was going to do. They knew Ye Futians strength best. If he were not forced into a situation like that, he would always keep something up his sleeve and not reveal his true strength.

However, in the current situation, being surrounded, on the verge of being taken out all in one go, and with Yaya and the others hurt

Ye Futian would no longer tolerate it.

In that sense, one could not tell if it was a blessing or a curse.

Naturally, the truth was that Lord Taixuan also wanted to know what sort of destruction would ensue on the battlefield if Ye Futian were to release his full strength.

At that time, bright Divine Light emerged from Ye Futians body and began spreading into the sky. Under the Divine Light, his white shirt seemed to turn gold while his handsome face suddenly had a look of limitless dignity. It was the Emperors Light.

"Will of the emperor!"

Every cultivators heart trembled. Outside the Empty Imperial Palace, countless practitioners held both their fists tightly. There had always been a rumor that Ye Futian had inherited the will of the emperor in Gods relic and used it to kill a high order Renhuang. While not the owner of a perfect Divine Wheel, a high order Renhuang was still incredibly strong. Nonetheless, the high order Renhuang still died by Ye Futians hands.

At that moment, Ye Futian had again activated the will of the emperor. Just how powerful was he going to be?

Everyone was a little expectant, wondering if he could turn the tide.

"So, this is the will of the emperor?" They were captivated by Ye Futians temperament and qualities. Already exceptionally handsome, Ye Futian had become peerless in elegance at that moment. As he stood upon the battlefield, it looked as if he was the only one there.

At that moment, amidst the battlefield, bathed in Divine Light, Ye Futians blood boiled. It was as if everything in the world was within his control. His divine consciousness became stronger, and every power from heaven and earth seemed to be at his beckon. His will was even stronger.

Beams of bright Divine Light stretched into multiple directions in the sky. It looked extremely divine. The Divine Light seemed to envelop that entire space and transform it into an Absolute Territory. Moreover, the light continued to spread even further.

The Power of the Great Path of Attack from the Void was blocked by the Divine Light released by Ye Futian. Silvery long hair danced in the air. His body floated into the sky as he looked up high at the powerful practitioners high in the sky. A murderous look filled his eyes.

The Proud Son of the Underworld glanced at Ye Futian. Back in the day when he went to the Empty Imperial Palace, he had sparred with Ye Futian before. That practitioner could not last a single hit in front of him. However, at that moment, he could feel a sense of power emanating from Ye Futians body.

He had a tingling feeling that, on that day, Ye Futian intentionally hid his true strength and did not give his all in that fight.

Was the power he displayed at that moment his true strength?

"Kill him!" Qi Ye ordered from far away. As soon as he finished giving the order, the ritual implements in the sky released divine might all.

This time, all of them focused only on Ye Futian. Gold lightning that tore through space, an overbearing black and yellow ancient bell, a battle drum that destroyed spiritual souls In an instant, the sky above Ye Futian was filled with powers that could wreak havoc and kill countless people, and all of them were charging towards Ye Futian.

Just how scary was a hit like this?

Many people watching the battle from the Outer Realms felt nervous for Ye Futian. It was too frightening. The entire space was devoured by lights of destruction that would crush and destroy Ye Futian and everyone he was trying to protect.


In an instant, the unparalleled attacks rained towards Ye Futian, who was bathed in Divine Light. Everything happened in an instant. Attacks of this level had close to no time gap. Every single attack dropped at the same moment.

Multiple eyes stared at Ye Futian. Would Ye Futian, who was enveloped in the Great Emperors divine light, be able to survive these attacks?

Then, it felt like time and space had frozen in place.

It was a bizarre feeling; however, it also felt incredibly real.

With Ye Futians body at the center, all the attacks seemed to have stopped. The killer lightning, destructive ancient bell, and all the other Power of Great Paths seemed to have turned into objects with solid forms as they froze under the bright Great Emperors Divine Light.

The attacks that were still overbearing and powerful an instant before had now become extremely quiet. It was as if they had all solidified under the bright golden light, accompanied by a bone-chilling coldness.

"What is this?" Everyones heart trembled. Was this the Power of the Great Path of Freezing?

It was like ice freezing, but it also seemed like space had frozen.

The cultivators inside the Void felt a slight chilly sensation. They realized that it should have been covered in ice, but the existence of the will of the emperor dyed everything with a golden light.

Sizzle Bright Divine Light shot out from the divine sword. In an instant, all the attacks vanished and became nothing.

At the same time, a holy Divine Light continued to spread out toward multiple directions in the sky. It looked as if the entire battlefield was going to be buried by that light.

"What is this power?" Thought some of the cultivators in the Void.

Cold. At that moment, they could only feel utter, bone-chilling cold. Their bodies felt as if they were about to be sealed in ice, and their spiritual souls were frozen. Their senses seemed to have slowed down as if they had just been born. Time and space seemed to have stopped.

At that moment, everyone seemed to have forgotten that, in another location, Yu Sheng was also releasing a vast amount of demonic might. It seemed as if a peerless demon was waking up. Frightening demonic energy swirled inside the Void, his might overwhelming the heavens.

Gu Dongliu and the others also separately released their energies and powers.

The scene made the cultivators from the Dark Phoenix Division to glance in that direction. The same went for the cultivators who were preparing for a retreat.

For example, the Buddhist sect practitioners from the Mountain Realm The monk wearing a white robe turned around to glance at Ye Futian. Feeling that aura, a look of clarity flashed across his handsome eyes.

"Power of Yin," he mumbled quietly in his mind. After that, he did not continue retreating. Instead, he turned around and continued looking at Ye Futian.

Perhaps it was possible to turn the situation around.

At that moment, a Great Path domain appeared around Ye Futians body. Under the frightening flow of air, a cold moon appeared in the sky.

Moonlight descended from above and transformed into a Yin Divine Light that enveloped a large area. Inside this space, everyone was covered in ice, formless air flowed inside this Great Path domain. Space itself had frozen.


A murderous look flashed across Ye Futians eyes. As his intent formed, a Divine Sword split the skies and directly cut through the Void.


The body of a one-path, three-realm divine wheel owner was directly punctured by the Divine Sword and turned into dust before vanishing into nothingness after he was slowed down by the Power of Yin.

A figure that had been overwhelmingly strong throughout the battle was killed in an instant just like that.

The Divine Sword flashed across the Void. Plopping sounds continued to fill the air. Bodies, one after another, turned into dust before vanishing into thin air. Some people managed to react and retreat by forcefully using the Great Path of Strength to break free of the Power of Freezing Space. As they retreated, fear could be seen in their eyes.

How did this white-haired youth suddenly become so frightening?

Far away, the leaders of the Evil Emperor Realm and the Dark Court lost their confidence after witnessing the scene before them. They were stunned for a moment. Right in front of their eyes, the Divine Sword fired multiple bright and deadly light. Plopping sounds were non-stop. Everywhere the sword passed, geniuses who once dominated worlds either vanished within the Void or turned into dust.