The Legend Of Futian Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Slave?
Chapter 189: Slave?
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Seeing Li Daoqing walk up, Ye Futian made a face. What was the relationship between the Fuyun Sword Clan and the Liu Kingdom? And Li Daoqing was greeting her on behalf of his brother. Did Li Daoyun know the Liu princess?

Ye Futian walked to Ye Wuchen's side and muttered, "Wuchen, we're not familiar with the forces of the Eastern Barren Territory. That's why I rejected her proposal." With Ye Wuchen's abilities, there was no need to worry about getting accepted.

"No need to explain," Ye Wuchen whispered. He knew that Ye Futian was explaining why he acted for him.

Ye Futian nodded lightly. He walked up to the girl who invited Ye Wuchen. She must be the Liu princess' servant. "Does your princess know Li Daoyun of the Fuyun Sword Clan?" he asked.

"You haven't heard?" The servant looked Ye Futian, slightly shocked.

"Heard what?" Ye Futian asked.

"Our princess has many pursuers. Li Daoyun is one of them." The servant was a bit proud. This news wasn't any secret. Li Daoyun publicly pursued her princess.

"Your princess didn't accept him?" Ye Futian continued asking.

The servant studied him. "You have too many questions."

"The princess is such an extraordinary figure. I naturally grew curious." Ye Futian smiled brightly. His handsome face looked better with a smile.

Seeing this handsome face, the servant murmured, "Li Daoyun is talented but he's not undefeated in the Fuyun Sword Clan. He is not number one there. My princess is so precious. She can't accept so easily."

"Is the Fuyun Sword Clan or the Liu Kingdom more powerful?" Ye Futian continued. Seeing the servant's weird expression, he chuckled awkwardly. "We're not from here and look up to the forces of the Ancient Barren World. Can you tell me?"

"They're both top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory," the servant said.

"Oh?" Ye Futian's eyes flashed. He glanced at Liu Chenyu, princess of the Liu Kingdom, and smiled. "I didn't know how powerful the Liu Kingdom was but now I've thought about it. Can you ask your princess if we can cultivate with you all? If we're suitable, we can join the Liu Kingdom."

"We didn't invite you." The servant pursed her lips and looked to Ye Wuchen. "Who is he to you?"

"He's my young master. He's really talented," Ye Futian said.

"He is indeed talented if he can possess mid-level noble fate. I will report to my princess," the servant said.

Ye Futian nodded. "Thank you." With that, he returned to Ye Wuchen's side. Smiling, he said, "I sacrificed myself for you." Thankfully he was handsome. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to use a beauty trap to get information.

Ye Wuchen looked at him strangely. "What did you two talk about?"

"I helped you accept the Liu princess but just to follow her temporarily," Ye Futian replied, smiling.

"What are you planning?" Ye Wuchen didn't understand.

"Do you find the princess pretty?" Ye Futian asked. Ye Wuchen nodded seriously. "Yeah, the more you look at her, the prettier she gets. It helps with your eyes to have a beauty beside you. If you interact with her more, you may develop feelings," Ye Futian said meaningfully. Beside them, Loulan Xue blinked her silver eyes. Wasn't this what the empress had told them?

Lin Yueyao pursed her lips. If feelings could be developed, why was she still treated like a servant? Was she not pretty? But what did that guy mean? Did he want to take action on the Liu Kingdom's princess?

Yu Sheng gaped at Ye Futian. Without Hua Jieyu here, Ye Futian was going wild.

At this time, Liu Chenyu received her servant's report. She looked over at Ye Wuchen and walked over. Her body was sexy, delicate, and also elegant. When she reached Ye Wuchen, she said, "Liu Chenyu."

Looking at the girl, Ye Wuchen couldn't act impolitely. He said, "Ye Wuchen."

"Who are they?" Liu Chenyu glanced at the others.

"We're his servant and guard," Ye Futian said. Then he looked at Lin Yueyao and Loulan Xue. "And maids."

Lin Yueyao glared at Ye Futian. When did she really become a maid? However, Ye Futian had also become a servant this time.

"In that case, you can all cultivate with me in the Ancient Barren World from now on," Liu Chenyu said. "You are talented but seem to be in a low plane. I can aid you if you follow me. If you wish to join the Liu Kingdom someday, you can tell me." With Ye Wuchen's talent, it would be great if he was willing to join the Liu Kingdom.

Ye Wuchen felt that he'd been tricked badly by Ye Futian. Looking at Liu Chenyu's eyes, he could only nod.

"Congratulations, Your Highness, for receiving more subordinates," Li Daoqing, who hadn't left, said now. He was congratulating her but actually, he was insulting Ye Futian's group as if they were only subordinates. In reality, Liu Chenyu hadn't said anything like that. But to Li Daoqing, his brother was pursuing Liu Chenyu. If she brought Ye Wuchen's group with, they would definitely be subordinates. What else could they be?

Ye Futian studied Li Daoqing. He was indeed similar to Li Daoyun.

Seeing that Liu Chenyu still wouldn't talk, Li Daoqing glanced at the others and said, "From now on, you must serve the princess wholeheartedly. If you have any needs, you may come to my brother or I as well."

Liu Chenyu frowned. Li Daoqing's words were exceeding his authority. Regardless of how she'd sent the invitation because she saw Ye Wuchen's talent, even if they were her subordinates, Li Daoqing didn't qualify to order them around. It was as if she and Li Daoyun had some close relationship.

Ye Futian looked intrigued at Li Daoqing's words. He was looking for an excuse and now it was given to him. Li Daoyun wanted to pursue Liu Chenyu? If that was the case, he'd like to see how Li Daoyun did it.

"Princess, who is he?" Ye Futian asked, despite knowing the answer already.

"Li Daoqing of the Fuyun Sword Clan," Liu Chenyu said.

"Princess, this man's words have other meanings and destroy your reputation. It's as if you're already theirs," Ye Futian said. "Would you like us to teach him a lesson for speaking so impolitely?"

Hearing that, Li Daoqing stared at Ye Futian. His words indeed could have another meaning and might not have been that proper. But it was just a slip. He didn't mean to be impolite but after Ye Futian said that

"Shut up. I am speaking with the princess. There's no place for a slave like you," Li Daoqing growled. His eyes were sharp. He had heard Ye Futian say he was Ye Wuchen's guard. How could a guard be so brash as to ruin the relationship between him and the princess?

"Li Daoqing, you are presumptuous," Liu Chenyu said coldly.

"Your Highness, that slave doesn't know his place. He dares to instigate us. I don't mean any offense to you, Your Highness," Li Daoqing said.

Liu Chenyu scoffed. His words truly were easy to be misunderstood. There was no problem in saying he was impolite.

"Princess, you heard it too. We can't bear this tone," Ye Futian said.

Liu Chenyu looked at him and said, "Li Daoqing is in the Fifth-level Dharma Plane." He was from the Fuyun Sword Clan, was at the Fifth-level Dharma Plane, and had noble fate. He was definitely a powerful fighter. Ye Futian was only Ye Wuchen's servant. How could he fight Li Daoqing? Unless Ye Wuchen fought

"Only the Fifth-level Dharma Plane," Ye Futian said confidently. Liu Chenyu studied his expression. Did he really think he could defeat Li Daoqing at that young age?

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian called just as Liu Chenyu thought he would fight personally. "Take revenge for the princess."

"Okay." Yu Sheng stepped forward and took off his battle ax. He walked up.

Li Daoqing flashed and shot into the air. Sword intent snaked all around him as he stared coldly at Yu Sheng and Ye Futian. Did they dare look down on him?

The terrifying sword intent flowed, rushing towards Yu Sheng. The next moment, Yu Sheng stepped forward. There was a thud and he shot into the sky. His aggressive body flew at Li Daoqing with terrifying speed.

"You're looking to die!" Li Daoqing pointed in the air. Endless sword intent instantly swept towards Yu Sheng. It flowed, destroying everything.

However, Yu Sheng hacked down with his battle ax. It seemed to cut the void apart. No matter how powerful the sword intent or swordsmanship was, it was all cut apart. The sword intent flowed wildly to the side, forcefully halved. Yu Sheng descended before Li Daoqing and there was no more suspense. Under Li Daoqing's shocked gaze, Yu Sheng didn't bring his ax down. Instead, he swept to the side. There was a crack and then a huge boom.

Li Daoqing had been smashed to the ground with just one strike. Yu Sheng hadn't used all of his power either. Otherwise, he could kill Li Daoqing easily.

Just as Li Daoqing tried to get up, there was another muffled thud. He was on the ground again. Yu Sheng had him under his feet.

Slave? Li Daoqing's so-called "slave" was stepping on him. The surrounding people all stared at this scene in shock. Li Daoqing was from the Fuyun Sword Clan; he was Li Daoyun's brother. How could he be treated like this? The rivalry had been set and the princess was involved as well. She most likely could not escape from it.

Ye Futian watched this calmly. He didn't pity Li Daoqing at all. This was just collecting some interest from what Li Daoyun owed. Li Daoqing had come up by himself too!