The Legend Of Futian Chapter 191

Chapter 191: There Is Wind
Chapter 191: There Is Wind
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Liu Chenyu's pretty eyes flashed. She could tell his nature from their conversation. He wasn't a braggart. Since he had complimented Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's talent, it was clear that they were extraordinary. However, Ye Wuchen said that the prides of the Eastern Barren Territory couldn't compare with them. Liu Chenyu still didn't believe that.

After all, she was one of those people. It wasn't that she was confident. She was just more familiar with the top forces than Ye Wuchen. He hadn't seen them before so he might underestimate them. However, she was now curious about how strong Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were.

"I'll wait and see," Liu Chenyu smiled. She was a bit excited. Ye Wuchen knew that Liu Chenyu didn't believe him but he told her because she left a good impression. She didn't seem upset after knowing the truth. Instead, she had even joined the competition. This made him think well of her.

Whether they joined the Liu Kingdom or not, Liu Chenyu could still be their friend. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, on the other hand, all wished to take revenge for his lost arm and kill Li Daoyun. It was highly likely they would become enemies with the Fuyun Sword Clan. Today, Li Daoqing had been angered. Under these circumstances, it would be great to receive Liu Chenyu's help. Of course, he didn't want to take advantage of her. He just told the truth.

"He's starting." Liu Chenyu looked to Ye Futian and continued, "Pretend we never talked. I'd like to see how long he can keep pretending."

Servant? She wanted to see how this handsome young servant would perform in this area.

At that moment, Ye Futian was staring at the huge flame statue before him. When his mind entered the statue, the flames instantly swallowed him up. It was even burning at his spiritual intent. It was terrible.

Sensing something wrong, Ye Futian's noble intent rushed wildly into the statue. His intent transformed into a phantom, fending off the incoming flames.

This was a world of fire. The figure formed by his intent stood in the fire. Both the ground and the sky was fiery-red. Endless waves of fire hit him, trying to burn his intent to ashes.

If Ye Futian's body wasn't formed by noble intent, he would probably be wiped out instantly and get swallowed. The intent contained by the flame statue was so terrifying. No wonder the people cultivating around here looked so powerful.

Now, a red maple leaf seemed to appear in the sea of fire. It seemed to be burning with extreme fire, formed by the flame intent. The maple leaf floated towards Ye Futian and fell upon the body created by his intent.

At that moment, Ye Futian clearly felt an extremely terrifying burning sensation. A maple leaf imprint appeared on his body. The mark contained extremely bright firelight and burned with a golden glow that spread to the rest of his body.

Ye Futian fought with the flame intent but he quickly discovered that in this world of endless flames, countless maple leaves fluttered in the air. They kept appearing, quickly covering the sky and sweeping towards him. Soon, his body was covered in maple leaf marks, burning at him. He actually felt pain.

At this time, maple leaf imprints seemed to appear on his body in the outside world. It was frightening. Is this a spell? Ye Futian thought. A burst of icy intent bloomed on his body, covering him with a layer of frost. The maple imprints were also covered.

Inside the statue, Ye Futian's body changed as well. Fire and ice mixed and the two different intents complemented each other, stopping the other from swallowing him. After that, he began quietly studying the intent in this world of fire. A long time later, he started fighting back against the statue's intent. Instead of defending passively, he was attacking.

A stream of fire flowed towards Ye Futian from the statue. It transformed into endless threads of fire that was about to wrap around him. Many people looked over at Ye Futian in shock.

How did he do this? What step would he get to?

The statue and his body's intent combined and became one. Only the top geniuses that specialized in the flame intent could become enlightened inside the statue. However, Ye Futian's aura was clearly at the top of the Second-level Dharma Plane. He was still a step away from the Third-level.

At that time, the flame current turned around and returned to the statue, disappearing from Ye Futian's body.

"Did he fail?" Everyone looked to Ye Futian. It was normal to fail at the Second-level Dharma Plane.

At that time, Ye Futian opened his eyes. The aura slowly faded and a bright smile appeared in his eyes. It was just as how he'd guessed.

"He's unharmed." Many people were shocked at Ye Futian. Someone of such a low plane had studied the statue for so long but was unharmed. Ye Futian's talent must be extraordinary.

Liu Chenyu had been studying him. Seeing Ye Futian open his eyes, she said to Ye Wuchen, "He indeed is very powerful. It seems that he has noble intent already. It's mid-level noble fate as well."

Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to handle it. But even so, it wasn't to the extent that Ye Wuchen had said. Ye Futian had failed to become one with the statue. Perhaps he could do it after he reached the pinnacle of the Dharma Plane.

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian called. Then he gazed at Ye Wuchen who was beside Liu Chenyu and said, "Young Master."

Ye Wuchen felt awkward. Liu Chenyu already knew but Ye Futian was still calling him that.

"Continue." Liu Chenyu seemed to smile at Ye Futian. She wanted to know how much longer he could keep up the act.

Seeing Liu Chenyu's smile, Ye Futian thought something was wrong. What expression was that? However, Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng arrived beside him.

"This statue is strange. You can try communicating with it," Ye Futian said to them.

Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen nodded. Since Ye Futian said that, he must have discovered something.

The two walked to the statue best for them and sat down to sense with their eyes closed. Ye Futian moved. Instead of staying to cultivate before the flame statue, he went to another powerful statue. He sat down and continued studying that one. Loulan Xue also walked over and found an ice statue. Lin Yueyao tried too. She was almost wiped out but thankfully, she reacted quickly.

"Princess, you seem interested in them." Liu Chenyu's servant was curious. The princess rarely became so close to men.

"Half a year ago, someone who said he was from the Hundred Lands received the noble fate and was accepted by the Royal Xuan Temple. Later, the Ancient Barren World opened. Apparently many people from the place no one cares about came here," Liu Chenyu said.

"Do you think they're from there?"

Liu Chenyu didn't reply. Even if she didn't think Ye Futian was as impressive as Ye Wuchen said, he was still at the level of the prides of some top forces. If he really did come from the Hundred Lands, then he was honestly shocking.

At that time, many people looked at the stairs. A group of people had arrived. The leader was a girl dressed in a long white dress. She was so beautiful, her steps were so light, and her figure was so wonderful that she looked like a fairy. She had many followers behind her, both men and women.

Seeing her appearance, someone exclaimed, "It's the Witch, Gu Biyue."

"It's her?" Hearing the words "the Witch," many people looked over. They were all shocked by the newcomer. She seemed to radiate a magnetic force as she walked, making everyone fall for her.

She was Gu Biyue from the Witch Mountain. The names Chenyu and Biyue both came from poetry about beauties so many people would compare her with Liu Chenyu. They were both extremely beautiful girls.

Gu Biyue smiled brilliantly, making many people fall for her without even trying. She walked to Liu Chenyu. "I heard that you got some subordinates that hurt Li Daoyun's brother?"

Something flashed past Liu Chenyu's eyes. Did news really spread that fast? This meant that the Fuyun Sword Clan would get here soon too.

"What is it to you?"

"I just pity Li Daoyun. He's been pursuing you for this long but was rejected in such a cruel way," Gu Biyue said delicately.

"Does that mean I have a bigger chance?" someone else said. Another group arrived on the steps. The man in the front wore a golden robe. He was very elegant.

It's the Ji Family. Everyone's eyes flashed again. The Ji Family was a top noble family and had been passed down many generations in the Eastern Barren Territory. They weren't just a simple family anymore. Many other clans were subordinate to them. They controlled a portion of the Eastern Barren Territory.

"Ji Zimo, are you pursuing the princess now?" the Witch teased.

"If I can marry either of you two, it'll be great. Of course, if you both are willing, it'll be perfect." Ji Zimo smiled at the beauties.

"I don't think you can take it." The Witch's pretty eyes rolled and her gentle voice was disarming.

"I need to try to know," Ji Zimo chuckled.

"The star is here." The Witch looked behind him.

There were several glowing figures there with swords on their backs. It was the Fuyun Sword Clan! Li Daoqing was amongst them!