The Legend Of Futian Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Witch Requiem
Chapter 195: Witch Requiem
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Gu Biyue placed her xiao to her red lips and blew slowly. A mysterious sound came out of the xiao. In an instant, it brought everyone into a beautiful artistic conception.

So beautiful.

Gu Biyue was known as the Witch because of how she acted. But actually, she was extremely elegant as she played the xiao right now. The music was beautiful and her long hair flew in the wind, her white dress fluttering. Like a fairy, she was otherworldly and mesmerizing.

This was the first time for many to see her. Looking at her right now, their eyes almost fell out. They couldn't pull themselves out. Only she existed in their eyes.

A witch indeed. Enthusiasm flashed past Ji Zimo's eyes. Liu Chenyu and Gu Biyue were different types of beauties but were both lovely. They had high status too. It would be great if he could have either of them.

The Witch was more attractive right now but Ji Zimo knew that it was because everyone was affected by the xiao's artistic conception. The Witch Requiem was created from the Witch Clan's spiritual sorcery. It could transform, and was extremely powerful. The Witch Requiem was the foundation of the Witch Clan. Only the core members could cultivate it. Gu Biyue was of high status so she could cultivate it.

There seemed to be no sound other than the xiao at the top of the mountain. Countless eyes looked over. So many people were mesmerized by the Witch now. She was beautiful and so was her music. Everyone was affected by it, even Ye Futian.

Right now, he stood across from Gu Biyue. Music notes flowed endlessly into his mind with intent power. However, it was different from what he'd imagined. It didn't attack him. Instead, it engraved an image in his mind. It was the image of Gu Biyue. Her fairy-like image was planted in his mind and consciousness.

The beautiful music was intoxicating and the fairy-like figure was even more so. At that moment, his mind was completely taken over by Gu Biyue's image. She seemed to want to be ingrained in his mind until he couldn't pull himself out.

He involuntarily started admiring her, wanting to love her. He purely wanted to make that figure the most important part of his life.

Is it the Witch Requiem? Ye Futian thought. It was an advanced tactic and much more powerful than usual alluring techniques. Gu Biyue claimed that if Ye Futian could withstand it, she would admit defeat. It seemed that the so-called withstanding was a bit different from what he'd thought. It was possible he would surrender with one song. This was similar to the beastmaster life spirit that Emperor Ye Qing had blessed him with. It was different but one of the same. The Witch had really set up a trap for him.

Unfortunately, her target was him. No one in the Ancient Barren World could surpass him in will and intent. Gu Biyue couldn't affect him either.

The song grew more and more beautiful. It was the first time for many to hear such a beautiful xiao. Even though the Witch only targeted Ye Futian, everyone was still affected. Some weaker ones were about to be taken over. They stared at her with endless admiration as if gazing at an angel.

As the music streamed into his ears, Ye Futian seemed close to falling for Gu Biyue. However, he was resolute. Another image appeared in his mind. He hadn't seen Fox in a long time. Thinking of the one he loved, a smile appeared on his face. He erased the marks Gu Biyue left.

Gu Biyue, while playing the xiao, stared at Ye Futian and saw a brilliant smile on the handsome face. It was as if he had seen his beloved girl. However, she didn't feel proud. Ye Futian didn't smile like this because of her xiao or because of seeing her.

While she played, he actually thought of someone else. Was it one of the two beauties standing behind him?

Thinking of this, Gu Biyue furiously added her intent to the music notes, making the song even prettier. However, Ye Futian was still unmoved. Gradually, the song changed. Instead of being beautiful, it turned aggressive. This change seemed to be shapeless. The pulsing and aggressive notes rushed directly into Ye Futian's mind. It cut apart his fantasies. Hua Jieyu's image kept disappearing from his mind, forcefully wiped away.

Gu Biyue no longer looked like a fairy. Instead, she was a domineering goddess. She was brilliant and horrible. She forcefully entered Ye Futian's mind to plant her image until he couldn't get rid of her. She would force Ye Futian to submit before her.

In the fantasy, Ye Futian looked up at Gu Biyue in the air. She was as powerful as a goddess. Her music tried to make him surrender. In his mind, Hua Jieyu's image gradually faded away as if being wiped. Only Gu Biyue's image was allowed to stay.

Outside, the spectators' feelings changed. They were also influenced by the song. However, Ye Futian's clothes and black hair fluttered as if bearing horrible intent pressure.

Ye Futian's eyes sharpened. Want to make me submit? Want to wipe away Jieyu's image? He grew even more resolute. Walking forward, he arrived at an instrument created by music notes and said, "I must return a gift to you out of courtesy."

Ye Futian played the guqin. His will entered the music notes as he strummed the strings. His music instantly accompanied the xiao. Everyone felt a powerful force at once. The two types of music notes collided in the air, creating a shapeless windstorm. The xiao was extremely violent. It wanted to wipe away everything in Ye Futian's mind and plant Gu Biyue's image.

The guqin was magnanimous. Like an emperor, it protected the image in his mind. His territory was like a painting. The terrifying guqin music seeped into the Witch's ears. It wiped away the aggressive goddess, trying to make her bow down.

Ye Futian used his own enlightenment and understanding of the musical piece The World to make it perfect. A great artistic conception was born.

He's fighting back. Everyone was shocked at this scene. Gu Biyue's Witch Requiem couldn't take Ye Futian down. Neither the fairy-like gentleness nor the aggressive goddess could destroy Ye Futian's will. Now, he was fighting back.

Ye Futian's aura changed instantly. An emperor-like power emanated from him. He seemed to have become a powerful king.

The guqin and xiao collided; the emperor and goddess clashed. Endless music notes fought crazily in that area as their auras grew stronger.

The Witch Requiem made the goddess become indomitable. Endless images of her appeared in Ye Futian's mind.

The World was equally domineering. Right now, Ye Futian was like a true emperor. His musical piece's will descended upon Gu Biyue to make her surrender.

Such powerful intent. Everyone stared at the terrifying storm of music. They were up neck-to-neck. Neither was willing to step back. Would this turn into a tie? However, Gu Biyue had said that if Ye Futian could survive one song, she would admit defeat. Their bet had been that if she lost, she would become his servant.

Ye Futian couldn't do anything if she didn't keep her word but there was an audience here. It would be embarrassing.

Just then, Gu Biyue's xiao transformed into an endless river of notes that poured into Ye Futian's mind. She used her intent to communicate with the music notes and asked, "Who is in your mind?"

With her body, aura, and the Witch Requiem, even the strongest person would surrender, let alone someone in a lower plane like Ye Futian. But he seemed to be protecting someone this entire time.

Ye Futian grinned. "Do you surrender?"

"Surrender?" Gu Biyue repeated. "I just can't defeat you with my will." She'd said that if Ye Futian would bear it, she would lose.

"Oh?" Ye Futian chuckled. "What if I tell you that I haven't even tried yet?"

His words surprised Gu Biyue but then she smiled. "You're so arrogant." With that, the xiao returned and the Witch Requiem attacked again.

Ye Futian also smiled. He continued playing the guqin but his aura had changed again. Now, he was like an emperor. He instantly blasted away Gu Biyue's image in his mind. At the same time, an undefeatable intent descended in Gu Biyue's mind, forcefully cutting off her Witch Requiem. Her powerful spiritual power burst forth to restrict that will. Her xiao stopped and she gazed at Ye Futian. The emperor-like figure stopped playing and smiled. He stood as if only he existed in the world.

Everyone's eyes were fixated on those two figures. This wasn't a tie. Gu Biyue had lost. In this battle of will, the Witch Requiem had lost.

Liu Chenyu stared at Ye Futian's figure. She thought of what Ye Wuchen had said. Now, it seemed that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were definitely amazing and not below Ye Wuchen at all. They all specialized in different things.

Ye Futian could actually face the Witch Requiem and defeat Gu Biyue. Even more shocking, he was only in the Second-level Dharma Plane but his will was already so powerful. When he played the piece earlier, his aura was like an emperor. Someone like this wouldn't follow others so easily.

Gu Biyue and Ji Zimo wanted Ye Futian to be their subordinate. No wonder he would fight back and make Gu Biyue his servant.

Ye Futian smiled at the dazed Gu Biyue. "You're mine now."