The Legend Of Futian Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Choosing Clans
Chapter 198: Choosing Clans
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The Eastern Barren College was the college with the longest history in Eastern Barren Territory. It was undoubtedly the representative of all colleges in Eastern Barren Territory. The college taught all kinds of students, including both proud and low-profile cultivators as well as fanatics. Certainly, one must be capable enough to gain the title of fanatic. Otherwise, even those top talents could barely be called fanatics in the college.

Tang Ye was a famous fanatic among the juniors in the college. He would do whatever he wanted without concerns. He didn't know Ye Futian but had heard his stories along the way. He didn't care about what he said so he even said some rude words. However, Tang Ye didn't mind that. It was Ye Futian's ability to win over Gu Biyue but it was stupid for him to take Gu Biyue as his maid. That was not something he could afford.

Among the peers from the Eastern Barren Territory, he didn't admire many but that witch from the Witch Clan was one of them. Tang Ye was so capricious and wild that there few people could be compared with him. But as fate would have it, Tang Ye saw Gu Biyue as his sister.

If he was in the Ancient Barren World and knew Ye Futian had taken Gu Biyue as his maid, he would have killed him immediately. In his mind, Ye Futian was just a clown who knew nothing about the situation but thought himself mighty.

There had never been a shortage of geniuses in the Eastern Barren Territory. He came here today for a true genius. Not only he, but Donghua Clan and Qianqiu Temple all came for this guy. As for Ye Futian, Tang Ye just happened to hear about him on the way.

The people looked at Tang Ye. What he had said was very straightforward but that was just what he was like. Yu Sheng cracked his knuckles and looked at Tang Ye coldly. Looking at Tang Ye, Liu Chenyu frowned. How did the conflict become so intense?

The college was seldom interested in such trifles. From his attitude, it could be inferred that Tang Ye was not here for Ye Futian. It was impossible for him to be here just for humiliating Ye Futian, wasn't it? This was clearly not Tang Ye's style.

Seeing the coldness in Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen's eyes, Liu Chenyu walked to them and whispered, "He is Tang Ye from the Eastern Barren College. You can't deal with him."

"He's from the Eastern Barren College?" Ye Futian murmured. "He is right. The mad and the stupid are very close. Many people think they are fanatics, but they are just some self-righteous idiots."

"Oh?" Beside him, Gu Biyue smiled. Then was Tang Ye of the Eastern Barren College the fanatic or Ye Futian?

Liu Chenyu rolled her eyes. This was the woman's trap for Ye Futian. Ye Futian was in trouble but it was his fault. He was too impulsive.

At this time, some people walked here from the stairs. They were from two powers and all emanated a special temperament with a confrontational intention. Moreover, the two leaders both had faint noble fate.

"Brother." Liu Chenyu was a little shocked at the sight of the man at the left side. That man was her brother, Liu Feiyang. Her brother should be in the outside world but why was he here in the Eastern Barren Territory? She also recognized the man on the right side of her brother. That man was from the Qin Dynasty. Seeing them appear, the people at the top of the mountain seemed to realize something was wrong.

The news that Ye Futian had taken the witch as his maid indeed caused a sensation but not to this extent. Were all the top forces coming? Ye Futian wasn't that influential. Something else must be coming.

Liu Feiyang saw Liu Chenyu too. He walked to her.

"What happened?" Liu Chenyu asked. Apparently, she had guessed that there was something important happening or there would not be so many strong people gathered here.

"He is about to pick the clan," Liu Feiyang responded. He was very curious whether he would choose the College or the Donghua Clan.

"He?" Liu Chenyu blinked and thought of someone. The guess stunned her.

Liu Feiyang said that man was going to pick the clan, not that the clans would pick him. This meant that this man's gift was strong enough to select the top forces.

Liu Chenyu instantly knew who her brother was referring to. Among those young top talents in the Eastern Barren Territory, only one legendary person had not joined any force yet. Xiao Wuji was a legendary junior in the Eastern Barren Territory who didn't belong to any clans but could be compared with those strongest cultivators. In the Ancient Barren World, he defeated many top talents and achieved achievements that many people didn't. His records were still kept in many relics.

That was why he was so famous even though he hadn't come to the Mirror Mountain and shown his gift in front of the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. No elder had even seen him before but he was already known to all in the Eastern Barren Territory. All top powers sent invitations to him but he still hadn't announced which clan he was going to join. But now, was he going to make the decision?

"Who are you talking about?" asked Ye Wuchen.

"We are talking about Xiao Wuji, who had left his deeds in the Ancient Barren World. The Mirror Mountain is the only place he hasn't been to and now he will come here to pick clans." Liu Chenyu looked at Ye Wuchen meaningfully. She didn't believe it when Ye Wuchen said there was no one stronger than Ye Futian and Yu Sheng though they were very outstanding. But in the Eastern Barren Territory, there were even stronger cultivators in the top powers, such as the College, the Donghua Clan, and the Witch Clan. Xiao Wuji was among them. Not many were qualified to pick clans here but Xiao Wuji could.

Moreover, he had competed with people of all powers when he was in the Ancient Barren World. He had conflicts with all the powers but they still all came, wanting him to join them.

Liu Feiyang looked up to Ye Futian's group He had heard about the news. Liu Chenyu still introduced them to her brother. Liu Feiyang nodded to them and said, "If interested, join us."

Ye Futian could tell that Liu Feiyang was not so interested in them. What he said was just a casual offer. Though Ye Futian's group was very strong, they were not so outstanding when compared with Xiao Wuji. Naturally, Liu Feiyang was not very interested.

"Even the Moon Clan's here. Are they going to enroll a male disciple?" Liu Feiyang saw a group of women appear at the top of the mountain. These women were all beautiful, like fairies. They were the disciples of the only female clan among the top powers of the Eastern Barren Territory. The Moon Clan only accepted female disciples. Xiao Wuji's choice had nothing to do with Moon Clan but they still came.

Accompanied by the arrival of the top forces, people on the mountaintop began to realize that Ye Futian and the Witch were not the reason for those strong cultivators' arrival. It was Xiao Wuji. Many people were guessing which clan Xiao Wuji would pick. As for Ye Futian and Gu Biyue, their news was forgotten by people at this moment

"All powers are here now." Hua Qingchi of Donghua Clan smiled then looked at Ye Futian, "What do you think of my suggestion? Would you like to challenge people of all powers? You might get the chance to join the Donghua Clan."

Hua Qingchi thought that it would also be a good idea to enroll several talents before Xiao Wuji arrived. When Xiao Wuji came, then he would fight with all his might.

"No," Ye Futian said with a smile. Make him challenge people so that he could have the chance to join the Donghua Clan while Xiao Wuji could pick any clan he wanted? There was such a big difference. If he agreed with Hua Qingchi, he'd have no dignity left. After the Barren City, he'd come straight to the Mirror Mountain to pick clans. Today, he would witness someone else make the same choice. It was interesting to him.

"If you miss the chance, you might never get another chance." Hua Qingchi smiled. Ye Futian's refusal was not something shameful to him. The Donghua clan was becoming the top clan of the Eastern Barren Territory. They didn't accept anyone, even if others wanted him.

"It's alright." Ye Futian smiled lightly. If the chance was missed, he might never get another chance? Ye Futian agreed with that.

Countless people arrived at the top of the Mirror Mountain after hearing the news. At this time, some other people of the Fuyun Sword Clan also arrived. One in the group glared directly at Ye Wuchen and Ye Futian as he arrived. Step after step, he walked over to somewhere near Ye Futian's group. His eyes were like sharp swords.

It was Li Daoyun of the Fuyun Sword Clan, the man they met in the Loulan Relic. The man looked at Ye Wuchen's lost arm and said coldly, "It seems that losing one arm is not enough."

When rushing into the imperial palace of Loulan Kingdom, Li Daoyun was very arrogant and aggressive. Obviously, he didn't expect that Ye Wuchen's group dared to come here so soon.

"Li Daoyun from the Fuyun Sword Clan," Ye Futian said. This was how Li Daoyun responded when he asked Li Daoyun at the Loulan Relic.

Hearing his words, Li Daoyun looked at him with eyes sharp as daggers.

"You finally came." Ye Futian smiled brilliantly as if he had been waiting for Li Daoyun to come here.

Li Daoyun halted and then smiled too, coldly. "Yes, I came. So, are you ready?"

He glanced at Liu Chenyu and Liu Feiyang and went back to the Fuyun Sword Clan. He wasn't in a hurry.

So many people of top powers gathered here not to see how he would deal with Ye Futian but to wait for someone. He would only kill Ye Futian after that!