The Legend Of Futian Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Xiao Wuji
Chapter 199: Xiao Wuji
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The disciples of all the top forces were grouped at the top of Mirror Mountain. While this scene wasn't unprecedented, it was still rare. Many people were excited. They didn't expect to see so many top talents today. Quite a few they'd only heard about before. It was the first time seeing them in person. They would see Xiao Wuji later too. That was the one who was equal to the truly monstrously talented ones in the Eastern Barren Territory.

The various forces had spells on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall so they could see what was happening. Xiao Wuji chose this place because it was probably his last time coming to the Ancient Barren World. He probably would not come anymore.

Ye Futian's group also waited. They were curious about what kind of person could cause such a commotion.

Countless eyes looked at the stairs. Lin Yueyao looked and then glanced at Ye Futian. Ever since knowing him, he was always the most eye-catching one. It was rare to see him like thisoverlooked by others while someone else was in the spotlight.

Would Ye Futian still show his brilliant talent this time?

Finally, someone climbed the steps. He looked average but as soon as he appeared, he became the star. Everyone's gazes were fixed on him. He walked slowly but each step was at a different time. His rhythm was very strange. His black hair hung carelessly over his shoulders and there was no expression on those chiseled features. However, on his average face, his eyes were extremely deep. He could swallow everyone's gazes.

Xiao Wuji. The people all looked over at him but no one invited him.

Since Xiao Wuji would choose a clan at the mountaintop, he would definitely do something. The people could only wait and see. Thus, the vast region on the mountaintop quieted down. Only Xiao Wuji's footsteps sounded.

He gazed aroundnot at the crowd but at the various relics. Then he started walking somewhere. The direction he chose was where Ye Futian was. He obviously wasn't going for Ye Futian but for the statues. Many people moved aside subconsciously, emptying the area. However, Ye Futian's group didn't move.

"Move," a cold and domineering voice said. It was Tang Ye from the College. He gazed at Ye Futian's group with undisguised disdain. Just as he'd said before, he really didn't like Ye Futian.

Yu Sheng looked coldly at Tang Ye but Ye Futian didn't seem to mind. He gestured at them to move and walked voluntarily to the side. Yu Sheng looked at him in confusion.

"Just watch," Ye Futian said nonchalantly. He watched the man walking to the flame statue. He was curious how powerful this man could be if all the top forces were waiting.

Would he be qualified to compete?

It was not only Ye Futian. Everyone looked quietly at Xiao Wuji. He seemed to want to test the relics here.

Terrifying flame intent seemed to shoot out of Xiao Wuji's deep eyes, falling on the statue. Then he closed his eyes and felt for it quietly. After some time, strands of fire stretched from the statue to Xiao Wuji, gradually enveloping him.

Is he going to get to that point? Everyone's hearts trembled, especially those who had tried the statue. They knew how difficult it was to get to this point but Xiao Wuji did it so quickly.

Xiao Wuji's body seemed to burn. Various maple leaf prints appeared and then swallowed his entire body. Endless flame intent swept over him, bathing him in firelight. His body flashed and walked directly into the flame statue. His entire body seemed to fuse into it. He sat inside, sensing the statue's intent strength.

As expected of Xiao Wuji. The audience's heart trembled. As expected, he used an extremely short time to reach this step even though it was his first try.

Ye Futian was calm and he watched quietly. Xiao Wuji was so reputable and his talent was undeniable. Very few present could perform this well. Of course, Ye Futian was an exception. He wanted to see how far Xiao Wuji could go.

Xiao Wuji studied inside for a long time and everyone waited quietly with no complaints. He was destined to become one of the top cultivators in the Eastern Barren Territory. They might be able to see him now but after some years, most of them would only be able to look up at him.

After a long while, Xiao Wuji separated from the statue. There were faint maple marks on him. He'd finished with this statue. He moved towards the ice statue beside the flame one. He radiated with an icy aura and his eyes seemed covered in frost. A similar scene unfolded. He felt for the statue and then went in to cultivate. After a while, he walked to the golden statue beside it. It looked like a statue made of gold. To Xiao Wuji, it made no difference.

"Is he a Full-Attribute?" Ye Futian murmured.

"Yes," Liu Chenyu nodded. "Xiao Wuji is a Full-Attribute Mandate Sorcerer, including spiritual sorcery."

"Not many in the Eastern Barren Territory are like this," Liu Feiyang murmured. "Sadly, he probably won't choose our kingdom." The Liu Kingdom had no advantages compared to the other forces. In power, they weren't as strong as the Qin Dynasty. In other aspects, they weren't as attractive as the Donghua Clan or College. Thus, Liu Feiyang didn't have much hope. He predicted that Xiao Wuji would choose between the Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, or the College.

"You've comprehended before these statues for quite some time. It seems that there's a big difference," Gu Biyue said with a smile.

Ye Futian gazed her indifferently. He didn't feel anything towards her smile and beauty. "Servants shouldn't speak so much. If you keep doing this, I'll sell you," he said coolly.

The Witch's smile froze and she stared at Ye Futian in resentment. Could she be sold?

Ye Futian ignored her. He continued watching quietly. After the three statues, Xiao Wuji seemed to lose interest and left the region.

Everyone's eyes moved with him.

Xiao Wuji walked to a big boulder. The stone was very strange; it glowed faintly. The entire stone was like a huge mirror with illusory light. Many figures were carved on the surface. They were all engraved into the stone with different depths.

It was the Image on the Wall.

Standing before the stone, you could feel the powerful intent power within it. The more talented someone was, the deeper one's image could be. The images on the stone had all been left by others. The deepest one was seven inches. It seemed ingrained in the stone.

Xiao Wuji stood before the stone. A strange power engulfed them. Then they saw him walk forward. He seemed to walk into the stone with every step. An image was branded onto the stone and kept deepening.

One inch, two inchesXiao Wuji's movement gradually slowed. A terrifying power pressed down on him but he continued forward. The image grew even deeper. Finally, the image was eight inches deep and Xiao Wuji finally stopped.

Eight inches. Another record.

Everyone stared at Xiao Wuji in shock. He'd left an eight-inch deep image. He seemed to be a miracle created just to break all records.

Next, Xiao Wuji walked to the battle drum area. He raised his hand and beat the drum. There was a boom that shook the world.

That moment, Xiao Wuji seemed to understand it. His hands kept banging on the drum. The booms sounded continuously, lifting a shocking wave.

The drum beat seven times before finally stopping. Then there was an eighth and ninth boom. A windstorm swept through the sky and the drum beat in everyone's ears. This was something many people couldn't do no matter how they tried. But to Xiao Wuji, it was insignificant.

So scary. Many hearts trembled. They had to take a long time with any of these relics here but it seemed so easy for Xiao Wuji.

He seemed to lose interest again. Leaving this relic, he walked to the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

This was the final point.

How many noble images could Xiao Wuji create on the wall?

The crowd watched as he closed his eyes. The next moment, a horrible fate rose up behind him. It transformed into various colors and bloomed wildly. At that moment, everyone stared, fixated on the image and the brilliant fate.

Xiao Wuji had comprehended many noble intents. They were all independent and this noble fate was of the upper level.

"Unparalleled in the Ancient Barren World," Tang Ye said as he looked at Xiao Wuji's noble fate. Even many with upper-level noble fate couldn't comprehend so many different intents like him.

If he could choose the College, those old guys would definitely fight for him.

To Tang Ye, it was highly possible Xiao Wuji would choose him. That was because he was from the College.

At that moment, many noble figures of the Eastern Barren Territory used a magical mirror to show one figure.

That figure was Xiao Wuji. At the same time, they also saw the scene at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. They were all interested!