The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1997

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King Gai Sheng was blessed by the nine slaves of the ancient imperial city lord when he was young, and he was also given advice later, and now he has become the most powerful figure in the Chilong world.

With his realm, he could easily become the lord of a city, but he did not do so. In addition to traveling around, he was practicing in the ancient imperial city. The world regarded him as a member of the ancient imperial city.

Because of his close relationship with Jiu Nu and others, both Xing Kai and Xing Chou regarded him as his uncle, but in fact, they were not related by blood.

However, King Gai Sheng has always been extremely critical of punishment and enmity, and everyone in the Chilong Realm knows it.

King Gai Sheng has no descendants himself, but he actually regards the Xinghu brothers as his descendants to cultivate.

Nowadays, the treasure left by the emperor Kua was born. Since Xingqi is interested, he naturally doesn't mind giving it to Xingqi.

After all, the nine slaves who were the first person in Nirvana, didn't need him to help them on weekdays, and this favor would never be repaid.

Moreover, he was not worried that the nine tribes of the emperor would rob him.

Naturally, he knew very well that Zhu Kong couldn't take Ye Futian, so he urged others to take action. First, he could kill Ye Futian, and second, as long as Ye Futian died, they still had a great chance to seize the Kuahuang secret treasure.

However, the Kuahuang Nine Tribes now really only have six tribes standing on the united front, and there are differences.

As long as he gets it, how can he care about these tribes in the West?

Even if the nine tribes are unified, he is not afraid.

In the era after Kuahuang, the nine tribes have long lost their former style, and the nine tribes that now rule the West are not in his eyes.

In front of the ancient imperial city, what kind of waves can the nine tribes add up?

If Mr. Nine makes a move, even if it is Nirvana, who can be the enemy.

Gai Sheng Wang stepped out, walking forward, and the brilliant golden light burst out instantly.

In an instant, countless eyes looked in the direction where he was, and his heart trembled violently.

No one thought that the person who took the lead would be the King of Kings.

Today, there are many top players on the scene, but before the shot, no one can know whether they will take action on Chiba City.

After Zhu Kong's voice fell, someone would definitely act.

Its just surprising that the first person to do this is the overbearing King of Gai.

They couldn't help wondering what the fate of Chiba City and Ye Futian would be.

Can you really escape this disaster?

Ye Futian also glanced at the stepping King Gai Sheng. Behind him, many people's faces changed.

Shen Tianzhan's pupils contracted slightly, and he said, "Be careful, this Sage King is an extremely prestigious Nirvana Holy Realm, and the Dao of Space has reached its peak and threatened tremendously."

Ye Futian, who was bathed in the radiance of the sun, looked cold, and King Gai Sheng came with Xing Qiu.

Is this the meaning of the king's own, or the meaning of punishment?

However, there is not much difference.

As King Gai stepped forward, a terrifying space storm blew up between heaven and earth, and his palm stretched out in the air.

For an instant, a terrifying spatial vortex appeared in the space where Wu Yong and Ye Futian were.

Wu Yong, who was incarnate of the Flame God of War, swept towards King Gai Sheng, and in an instant, he felt a strong threat.

The spatial Dao meaning of this king of cover has reached its peak.

The pupils turned into the eyes of the sun god, and the horrible flames turned into the sun, shrouded towards the king of Gai.

Gai Shengwang grabbed his palm, the space was distorted, and Taoism was torn apart.

He waved and destroyed it.

King Gai Sheng continued to move forward, one step forward, and he approached where Wu Yong and the others were.

Many strong people around, trembled in their hearts.

King Gai Sheng is worthy of being a world-leading figure, and his shots may be able to shake Wu Yong who borrowed his way.

With the body of King Gai Sheng as the center, the heaven and the earth are twisted, the meaning of the space comes down in an instant, and the terrifying vortex swallows everything. With his palm facing forward, the space between Wu Yong and Ye Futian's body is twisting, and Ye Futian clearly feels that there is a A terrible Dao intends to cut his body from Wu Yong's body.

Obviously, this King of Gai also knew that Wu Yong's realm was already at the pinnacle of Nirvana, and it was difficult to break through from him.

The actual way is to cut the connection between the two of them.

Of course Zhu Kong and the others understood this before, but they knew it but couldn't do it.

However, it is possible to achieve the spatial method of the king of the king.

Once the connection between the two is severed and the passage fails, then Wu Yong will become an ordinary Nirvana, and any Nirvana of the six tribes can fight him.

Ye Futian would have no ability to resist.

Wu Yong noticed that King Gai Sheng's expression changed in shock, and his pupils turned into divine pupils, trying to trap King Gai Sheng into the fire of the sun.

However, King Gai Sheng was extremely sensitive to space, he stepped directly out of the way, tearing through the void of Taoism, reaching an incredible level, and even unable to reach his entity.

Thousands of gods' arms blasted out, covering the sky for an instant, covering the sky, and the flame palm prints of the Infinite Avenue blasted down, burying the sky.

A twisted space storm appeared in front of King Gai Sheng. He stepped into the sky with his palm facing forward. The devastating storm twisted and tore through the palm prints of the avenue that smashed and killed him. At the same time, the vast space and Taoism enveloped Wu Yongs heavy building battle. Body, separate it from Ye Futian behind him.

At the same time, a twisted space storm roared towards Ye Futian's body.

"Be careful." Shen Tianzhan blocked Ye Futian and slapped him back.

Wu Yongs breath weakened rapidly, and the endless flames seemed to be extinguished. The spatial vortex wrapped around his huge body, cutting off the connection between Ye Futian and him, and a terrible spatial separation force appeared between the two to stop Ye Futian. By way.

King Gai raised his hand and blasted out with a palm. The palm prints of the avenue turned into a blade of endless emptiness, cutting the void and colliding with Wu Yongs attack. Wu Yongs body was torn apart every inch, and in just an instant, He was blasted back to the prototype, incarnation of the original Wu Yong.

"So strong."

"This is the King of Gaisheng, the ultimate in space."

Everyone trembled, and he separated Wu Yong and Ye Futian in order to directly weaken Wu Yong's combat effectiveness. In this way, Ye Futian was completely vulnerable.

Zhu Kong and others have been staring at the battlefield, and they were even watching the battle when King Guai took the shot.

But when Wu Yong and Ye Futian separated, they shot.

In an instant, the Six Great Nirvana was reaching its extreme, and the body moved from the sky towards Ye Futian.

The six great nirvanas, how terrible the momentum is, and overwhelming.

Ye Futian only felt suffocating pressure, and Shen Tianzhan beside him also felt extremely strong pressure.

In the other direction, Bei Liyue, the head of the Beili clan, also frowned.

This shot of the king of cover is simply a disaster.

When Zhu Kong and the others took the shot, Gai Shengwang glanced indifferently, and encouraged him to take the shot, and then wanted to take Ye Futian away in front of him?

Is it possible.

When he was what it was.

He walked along, his body shuttled through the void, and the six great Nirvana came in an instant, smashing towards Ye Futian.

"Boom." A terrifying suction fell on Ye Futian from below, and Ye Futian's body unexpectedly rolled out. Zhu Kong and the others collided with Shen Tianzhan and Bei Liyue and shook them back, and then continued to rush towards Ye. The direction of Futian retreat.

There, there seems to be a terrible road map.

A figure appeared behind Ye Futian. He stepped forward and walked in front of Ye Futian. The pattern of the formation was continuously enlarged, extremely bright.

"Do it." The palm of the hand was lifted, and the ancient characters turned to the sky, turning into a barrier to the sky, with only one hand supporting the sky.

"Boom..." The attack from Zhu Kong and others fell, cracks appeared in the road map, and they swept towards the handsome figure in front of Ye Futian.

Actually, there are also Nirvana figures present.

Ye Futian also looked at the figure that appeared in front of him, his expression in a trance.

He was still thinking before, Senior Brother and Feixue did not know where to practice when they came to Chilong Realm.

Now, he saw Yan Yuan.

When he was killed, Yan Yuan appeared in front of him.

Obviously he knew about the storm, and he could come to support him, and kept watching in secret.

Today, many Nirvana figures have arrived, and many top powers have come, so no one deliberately pays attention to him in the dark.

If he could solve this battle by himself, maybe Yan Yuan would not appear at all.

"Brother." Ye Futian shouted.

"I am no longer your senior brother." Yan Yuanshen Tongqi released to the extreme, the Taoism on his body crazily flowed above the pattern, but Zhu Kong and the others directly attacked, causing more and more cracks in the pattern.

Ye Futian didn't say anything, did it matter?

"Bang." With a loud noise, the road map was broken, Yan Yuan's body was shaken back, and he took Ye Futian and evacuated back.

However, when carrying Ye Futian, he faintly felt that Ye Futian actually had a power in his body that made him feel palpitating. It should be what he obtained in the Kuahuang Ruins, and let Wu Yong perform super Strong combat power.

"Om." The Sun God Sword pierced through the void to kill this piece.

"Retreat by yourself." Yan Yuan saw several Nirvana figures kill, and he couldn't deal with it himself. He couldn't protect Ye Futian, so he could only move forward again and try to block the world temporarily.

"Shoot." There was a voice in the distance, and in an instant, someone stepped out, still a figure of Nirvana.

The strong Nirvana of Xiangcheng, the Holy Master of Nine Suns and the Patriarch of Chang Clan who built the city of wood.

They all want this Kuahuang relic.

Now that the outcome is divided, the situation is very clear, so many Nirvana shots, Ye Futian has nowhere to escape.

It depends on who he falls into, and who owns the Kuahuang relic.

A strong person rushed to Ye Futian's body, this was all Nirvana-level existence, and the breath was terrifying.

"It's hard to fly with wings." When people in the distance saw this scene, there was a thought in their hearts.

In this case, how did Ye Futian escape from birth?

It seems that Kuahuang inheritance will become his disaster.

Ye Futian, who was bathing in the fire of the sun god, raised his head and glanced at the figure approaching him, but the flame-burning pupils looked extremely cold.

In the fate palace, the emperor's will merged into the body, and at the same time, the spiritual orb in the fate palace released a million-meter glow, resonating with the world.

In an instant, the rays of the sky were shining, and a terrifying flame storm ignited on Ye Futian's body!

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