The Legend Of Futian Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Arrived
Chapter 204: Arrived
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The arm burned to nothing in the fire. Li Daoyun screamed endlessly. If it was a sword, it would only be an instant of pain but his arm was burning down bit by bit. The pain was unimaginable. When the flame extinguished, Li Daoyun's sword intent went wild. His eyes were crazed. The people of the Fuyun Sword Clan all came up to him. Sword intent swept over, crushing towards Ye Futian.

The spectators were all shocked, their hearts trembling. No wonder Ye Futian was reckless. After melding into the statue, he'd already possessed the top ability of the Dharma Plane. Li Daoyun wasn't the strongest of the Fuyun Sword Clan but he was still reputable. Only a few clan members of the same age could surpass him. His talent was undeniable but he was forced to burn his arm.

The statue's eyes seemed to be Ye Futian's. It glanced at Li Daoyun and said coldly, "You are so weak. How dare you act so manic?"

Li Daoyun looked up. Sword intent shot out from his eyes. He glared at the figure before him. Back then in the Loulan relic, he'd been so domineering and would never have thought of this scene.

The Fuyun Sword Clan's disciples went forward. Sword intent filled the sky.

Ye Futian's gaze swept past everyone and he said coldly, "Li Daoyun damaged my brother's arm in the Ancient Barren World so I took my revenge. If you want to kill me, then try. If you can't, don't blame me." As soon as he finished, terrifying fire Spiritual Qi converged on that arm. The statue's hands that had been chopped off by the sword aura were reborn, created by pure fire Spiritual Qi.

Feeling the terrifying flame intent, the Fuyun Sword Clan all looked uncomfortable. Amongst those who had come, Li Daoyun was the strongest but his arm was burned easily. The others were even weaker than Ye Futian.

"Let's go," Li Daoyun uttered. He lifted the sword with his right and turned to leave. The other clansmen stared deeply at Ye Futian and then left with Li Daoyun.

Li Daoqing looked the worse. He'd definitely never imagined that the one he called a slave would humiliate the Fuyun Clan and burn his brother's arm. If Ye Futian chose to join a strong force, this revenge would be difficult.

Seeing the Fuyun Sword Clan leave, Ye Futian returned to the statue. Then he walked out. Everyone looked at his handsome features and extraordinary temperament a bit differently now.

Before, Ye Futian was an extremely talented but overconfident genius. Now, he was a top genius, equal to Xiao Wuji. After a few years, he would enter a higher plane and could compete with the top geniuses of all the top forces.

No one spoke. Ye Futian had gone through Xiao Wuji's three main relics and had surpassed him in all. Now, only the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall remained.

Everyone waited quietly. They wanted to see just how many Noble figures Ye Futian could display at the wall. At this time, all the important figures of the various forces could witness his talent. However, after a while, they discovered that Ye Futian actually sat down before another figure and started cultivating. There was no sign of him going to the Stone Wall.

Uh Everyone had a strange expression. All of the people on the mountain were waiting for him to display his talent but now he was cultivating?

Gu Biyue blinked and gaped at Ye Futian. Yu Sheng was embarrassed. This guy was doing it again. Even Yu Sheng couldn't stand it. He was too shameless.

Everyone waited but Ye Futian continued his cultivation as if he didn't know. Many grew impatient. This guy was breaking Xiao Wuji's record. Halfway through, only the Stone Wallthe most important partwas left but he stopped to cultivate. What did this mean?

"What's going on?" Liu Feiyang, prince of the Liu Kingdom, asked his sister.

Liu Chenyu's eyes flashed. "I don't know." With that, she glanced at Ye Wuchen in confusion.

"Don't look at me," Ye Wuchen said, walking forward. "Just get used to it."

The Liu siblings blanched. Liu Chenyu glanced at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Now, she was wondering if Ye Wuchen's words from before were true.

"Chenyu," Liu Feiyang whispered. "How is your relationship with them?"

A strange look flashed past Liu Chenyu's eyes. "Actually, we've just met but the impression is good." Thinking of the talent Ye Futian had displayed, she said, "But what you're thinking might be difficult. We can at least be friends." She naturally understood Liu Feiyang. He wanted to bring Ye Futian into the kingdom.

With Ye Futian's current talent, even if he couldn't surpass Xiao Wuji on the Stone Wall, it would be enough if he could make three figures appear. It was highly possible he could make four appear. After that, he could choose any of the forces.

Hua Qingchi of the Donghua Clan and Tang Ye of the College had all looked down on him. But just as what Ye Futian had told Tang Ye, if he was talented enough, Hua Qingchi and Tang Ye wouldn't be able to represent the two forces.

"Didn't you say one of them can become the princess's bride?" Liu Chenyu's servant muttered. Liu Feiyang gaped at his sister.

Liu Cheny glared at her servant, making the girl retreat in fear. "Don't overthink." Liu Chenyu stared at her brother. What was he thinking?

"I think we can consider it." Liu Feiyang laughed. "Which one do you like?"

Liu Chenyu blushed and glared at Liu Feiyang.

"Won't you try the Stone Wall? Is it fun to make everyone wait for you?" Xiao Wuji suddenly said. He'd been waiting for a long while now but Ye Futian hadn't done anything.

Ye Futian had beaten him on all three relic areas. He wanted to see just what Ye Futian could do at the Stone Wall. However, Ye Futian had started cultivating without showing any sign of wanting to go to the wall.

Everyone gazed towards Ye Futian. They'd been asking this too.

Ye Futian glanced over at Xiao Wuji a bit strangely. "Did I tell you to wait?"

Xiao Wuji blanched. He stared at Ye Futian but couldn't reply. Many people looked between them. They all had an arrogant tone. The simple phrase felt like a challenge. But Ye Futian's actions were clearly obvious. How come his words were irrefutable? He really didn't make anyone wait. In fact, he didn't even say he was going to the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. But after beating Xiao Wuji's records at the three relics, everyone thought he would naturally go to the Stone Wall.

But now it seemed that Ye Futian didn't think that way.

Did he not want to challenge Xiao Wuji? Or was he not confident enough to beat Xiao Wuji at the Stone Wall so he wanted to cultivate and improve first?

"Let's go," Xiao Wuji said indifferently. He turned to leave. He had no interest in playing with Ye Futian.

Tang Ye stared deeply at Ye Futian and left too. Everyone's eyes flashed. All geniuses were proud and Xiao Wuji obviously didn't feel like being used to make Ye Futian look better in comparison. What right did Ye Futian have to make him wait?

"It seems that I've underestimated you. Are you interested in joining the Donghua Clan?" Hua Qingchi invited. Even if Ye Futian didn't pass the Stone Wall test, the talent he'd displayed was enough.

"I haven't thought about it," Ye Futian replied with a smile.

"Okay." Hua Qingchi nodded without saying more.

Everyone thought that Ye Futian hadn't decided to choose a clan today. They started cultivating throughout the relic and stopped looking at Ye Futian. Some people left but people from each force remained.

As for Ye Futian's group, they cultivated without distractions. There were so many relics on the mountaintop. It was enough for them to cultivate for a while and improve themselves.

Other than Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were able to improve too.

The days passed. Ye Futian's group improved bit by bit. Countless months later, they'd all risen in stage. Ye Wuchen had crossed into the Sixth-level Dharma Plane. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had entered the Third-level.

The mountaintop was always busy during these days. People kept coming to see the legendary figures who endlessly broke records.

"You've studied all the relics here. Are you still not planning on going to the Stone Wall?" Gu Biyue asked Ye Futian now.

"What are you in a hurry for?" Ye Futian asked, looking at her. The Witch had been very obedient these past days and always stayed by his side. When people from the Witch Clan came, she would make them leave.

"I want to bring you into the Witch Clan," Gu Biyue said, smiling. Her eyes were mesmerizing.

"What's so good about the Witch Clan?" Ye Futian asked. Both the Donghua Clan and College were better than the Witch Clan. In fact, even the Liu Kingdom was more promising.

"Me." Gu Biyue smiled gorgeously and said, "If you join, I'll serve you forever. How about that?"

Ye Futian looked at her mesmerizing eyes and said indifferently, "Fulfil your duties as a servant and don't overthink."

Beauty traps weren't effective on him.

Gu Biyue looked at him with resentment. She looked hurt and pitiful.

At that time, a group came to the Mirror Mountain from the Barren City. The people in the front weren't too powerful but had an extraordinary temperament. One of the girls, especially, covered her face but everyone could tell from her aura and figure that she was definitely a beauty. There was a small smile in her eyes. She'd finally found information on that guy. He'd made such a big commotion in the Barren City!