The Legend Of Futian Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Lethality
Chapter 205: Lethality
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This group of newcomers consisted of Hua Jieyu and others from the Cangye Kingdom. After setting foot into the Ancient Barren World from the Hundred Lands, they had experienced quite a lot on their journey. Sometimes they asked around for information on Ye Futian, sometimes they cultivated. They had come across many relic sites on their way and had managed to keep a low profile while becoming enlightened. After all, they were in a place like the Ancient Barren World and though their group wasn't small, they couldn't be too confident when being compared to the prodigies from all over the Eastern Barren Territory. However, Ye Futian was as high-profile as ever, causing a commotion everywhere he went. He had even made quite a name for himself in a place like the heart of the Ancient Barren Worldthe Barren City.

"Ye Futian sure is a remarkable fellow. Barren City is where all the powerful cultivators from the central district of the Eastern Barren Territory are gathered, and he actually managed to stir up a storm on Mirror Mountain. His talents are wasted in a place like the Hundred Lands," Ye Danchen said as he smiled bitterly thinking of the information they acquired earlier. They knew Ye Futian was powerful but they had no idea he was this freakishly powerful.

"Jieyu, your worries have been for nothing. He's doing just fine." Ye Lingxi smiled.

Hua Jieyu nodded her head lightly with smiling eyes. "I heard he took in the Witch as his servant, so of course, he's doing good. Everyone says she's extremely beautiful."

"She's just a servant. Don't think too much about it, Jieyu." Ye Lingxi felt something was off; like Hua Jieyu had a deeper meaning behind her words.

At this time, Ye Danchen kept his mouth shut and silently prayed for Ye Futian. There's no helping him. Who told him to have so much fun out there?

"I'm not thinking too much," Hua Jieyu replied with a smile. Ye Lingxi's eyes flickered and she thought to herself, this is the best I can do. Ye Futian better wish for the best.

The group continued forward, getting closer to Mirror Mountain. They could already faintly see the ancient mountain in the Barren City. Meanwhile, Ye Futian had absolutely no idea. He was still cultivating quietly with beautiful girls around him. Loulan Xue was also cultivating. Lin Yueyao would look over at him every now and then. And then, there was the Witch who stuck to him, flirting from time to time. Ye Futian was not tempted by her at all. A person as pure as Ye Futian would definitely not be thinking about other girls. Although, he did enjoy the special treatment. After all, it was part of her job as his servant.

At the top of Mirror Mountain, many people would turn their attention over to Ye Futian occasionally. It had been days and still nothing from him. Was he really not planning on heading over to the mountain's stone wall to show off his powers? What on earth could be going on inside this guy's head?

Presently, there were disciples of many top powers who had decided to stay and cultivate with him. All of them were inwardly cursing Ye Futian for being a jerk.

Just then, a figure arrived beside Ye Futian. It was Loulan Xue. Gu Biyue looked at the silver-haired ice beauty. She already knew that she was the Virgin of Ancient Loulan. Despite her identity, Loulan Xue was still willing to follow beside Ye Futian.

"Do you need something?" Ye Futian asked when he noticed the girl next to him.

Loulan Xue nodded. "I've been observing that water elemental statue over there for the past days but can never manage to control it. How did you do it?"

Ye Futian was surprised by her question. How eager to learn.

"If it's an inconvenience to you then forget it," said Loulan Xue.

"Have you tried to guide and control the will within?" asked Ye Futian. What he was talking about was not an easy task. Aside from himself, there may not have been anyone else in the Ancient Barren World who could do so.

Loulan Xue looked stunned. Of course, she had tried, but how was it actually possible?

The will contained within every statue was incredibly powerful. They were all pure noble wills. Although she had also acquired noble will through enlightenment, to suppress and even control the statue's own will was close to impossible.

"You can control the statue's will?" Gu Biyue walked closer to join their conversation.

"Aren't you being a little nosy?" glared Ye Futian. This servant was such a headache.

"Can't you learn to be nicer to women?" asked Gu Biyue, looking oh-so-pitiful. She made it look as if she had been wronged but Ye Futian simply ignored her. He was used to her antics.

Just then, a group of people made their way up the steps of Mirror Mountain. They immediately attracted tons of attention. The ones in the front of the group had a special aura around them. Could they be from a great power?

"Over there," a young man in the front of the group said after his attention fell on a certain location. The entire group turned in that directionYe Futian's direction.

Right now, Ye Futian had two beautiful girls on either side of him. Loulan Xue was cold like ice and the Witch, Gu Biyue, was passionate and warm. Two completely different auras but both equally beautiful.

Ye Futian had yet to see the situation on the stairs. There were always people coming up Mirror Mountain, he did not pay it any attention.

Ye Lingxi noticed the scene ahead and a look crossed her face. She snuck a peek at the veiled female beside her.

Trouble's coming thought Ye Danchen as he prayed for Ye Futian.

Big trouble.

Hua Jieyu lifted her feet and headed toward Ye Futian. Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi exchanged glances and scurried after her. Seeing that the group was headed in Ye Futian's direction, many people went into discussion. Had they come for Ye Futian?

The female leading the group had a veil hiding her face. Her eyes were beautiful and her body was curvaceous. Could they have been sent by some great power to recruit Ye Futian?

Yu Sheng's eyes drifted in their direction and noticed the group. He saw Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi, then, Hua Jieyu. He took huge steps to arrive next to Ye Futian and stood. He cleared his throat. Ye Futian looked over at Yu Sheng and asked, "What's wrong?"

Yu Sheng tried to send him a signal through his eyes. Ye Futian looked confused. What the hell was wrong with this guy? Who could have arrived to make him act like this? What was the big deal?

His eyes drifted over slowly and finally saw the group coming their way. He shivered and then jumped up in surprise. On the inside, he was cursing at Yu Sheng. That jerk. Couldn't he have given him a heads up?

He then turned to eye Loulan Xue and the Witch, Gu Biyue. They were still standing next to him. He was screwed. Was this really his fault though? It was purely a coincidence.

The Witch was a smart girl, so she picked up on Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's odd reactions immediately. Something was up. If these were people from some great power, there was no way Ye Futian would react like this. He had actually jumped. Really quickly too.

Everyone thought that this was abnormal. Who were these people? Whether it had been Xiao Wuji or Tang Ye of the College, the arrogant Ye Futian never cared. He even burned one of Li Daoyun's arms. What kind of person would scare him so much that he would jump up in the air like that?

Hua Jieyu finally stopped at a spot not too far from Ye Futian. Her beautiful eyes glanced over at Loulan Xue and Gu Biyue. There seemed to be a hint of bitterness in her eyes, which then landed on Ye Futian.

Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi stood behind Hua Jieyu. They stood quietly and looked over at Ye Futian. They thought we can't help you now.

The way Ye Futian looked at Hua Jieyu was like a criminal waiting for judgment. However, he stopped and thought a little more. It didn't seem like he had done anything wrong. Shouldn't he be happy to see Fox again? Why was he feeling guilty?

"What brings you here?" Ye Futian asked in a gentle tone and a smile after giving the situation some thought. She had traveled so far to enter the Ancient Barren World and stand here in front of him. It could not have been easy.

Hua Jieyu continued to stare at him without a word. Ye Futain immediately felt guilty again.

"Sis-in-law, this is a misunderstanding. They were the ones who wanted to follow Futian," said Yu Sheng.

Everyone at the top of the mountain was silent. They finally understood why the atmosphere had gotten so weird.

So, this was why.

Caught red-handed.

Many people looked happy to see Ye Futian like this. Wasn't he an arrogant guy? So, even knows what fear is. But what did Yu Sheng mean? They wanted to follow Ye Futian? He was completely throwing Loulan Xue and Gu Biyue under the bus. Who would have thought the Witch of the Witch Clan would end up in such a sad situation? To throw herself at a man.

Both Gu Biyue and Loulan Xue had strange looks in their eyes. Back in Ancient Loulan, Loulan Xue's mother had tried to give Ye Futian her hand in marriage and he said there was someone he was in love with. Was this her?

Lin Yueyao was standing in the back, so she was okay, but Yu Sheng's words had her feeling like a mess. He didn't count her into the equation, did he?

So pitiful.

"So, you already have a girlfriend? Why didn't you tell me?" Right at that moment, the Witch, Gu Biyue, opened her mouth. She looked at Ye Futian with puppy dog eyes, making her look like an innocent, young girl who had been deceived.

"I...." Hearing Gu Biyue's words, Ye Futian really had the urge to punch her.

Everyone around was already praying for Ye Futian. A beauty like Gu Biyue had revealed such an expression. It had everyone wrapped around her finger. They couldn't withstand her charm. How was Ye Futian going to explain himself?

Hua Jieyu glanced at Gu Biyue and then lifted her hand to remove the veil, revealing the perfection that was her face. As soon as everyone saw that face, they were dazed.

Beautiful. Unspeakable beauty. A priceless jade with no flaws.

Around Ye Futian, whether it was Gu Biyue or Loulan Xue, even Lin Yueyao, were all top-level beauties, but the moment Hua Jieyu unveiled her face, she became the one and only female lead.

After seeing that face, everyone turned to look at Ye Futian with envy. Not only did he have all these beautiful girls around him, he had a girl whose beauty could cause the downfall of a nation waiting for him back home. What amonster!

Gu Biyue and Loulan Xue were also dazed. Was this the reason why it never worked to use their beauty against him?

Hua Jieyu's eyes looked so delicate. She looked at Ye Futian and stepped toward him. Arriving by his side, she continued to look him in the eyes. There was no storm like everyone had anticipated. She spoke to him with a soft, gentle voice.

"I missed you."

This one sentence trumped all the words in the world. Her voice was so gentle, it could break the hearts of all men. She was plucking at everyone's heartstrings.

Hearing her gentle voice and seeing those love-filled eyes so close, Ye Futian's heart had already melted. He actually began to feel ashamed, despite not doing anything bad.

I missed you. This simple phrase was more lethal than all the words in the world.