The Legend Of Futian Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Murderous Intent of the Royal Xuan Temple
Chapter 206: Murderous Intent of the Royal Xuan Temple
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At the mountaintop, countless eyes looked to that horribly beautiful figure. That gentle voice even softened their hearts. How could Ye Futian get with other girls when he had someone like her?

Everyone looked at Ye Futian in jealousy and envy. But seeing Ye Futian's handsome face and his talent, they actually seemed to fit each other. It was as if they were born to be together.

When Loulan Xue saw this, she lowered her head slightly. Her mother had said that the feelings would develop over time. Men were disloyal and she was so amazing. Ye Futian would quickly forget about the girl he loved. She didn't think anything at the time but vaguely felt that her mother was right.

But now, Loulan Xue realized her mother was wrong. The girl that he loved was much, much better than her mother had imagined. No wonder he refused no matter how she forced him to marry Loulan Xue.

Behind Hua Jieyu, Ye Lingxi and Ye Danchen exchanged glances. The scene they'd imagined didn't happen. Instead, Hua Jieyu's gentle voice melted everyone.

Ye Lingxi smiled faintly. Perhaps only someone like Hua Jieyu could control Ye Futian.

Ye Futian gazed at the pretty eyes right before him. His heart had melted. Reaching out, he cupped Hua Jieyu's face in his hands. "I missed you too." He was speaking the truth. He'd prepared to finish everything before the end of the year and return to Cangye but didn't expect that Jieyu would take the risk and come to find him in the Ancient Barren World.

Hua Jieyu smiled sweetly and glowed brilliantly. She looked to the side at Gu Biyue and Loulan Xue. Then she lowered her head as if feeling bad. "Did I do something wrong?" She raised her head slowly and gazed imploringly.

"No" Ye Futian felt tenderness from the bottom of his heart at Hua Jieyu's appearance.

"Oh." Hua Jieyu seemed to get over it. Smiling brightly, she said, "Then tell me whatever you want to do and I'll agree."

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded and looked to Gu Biyue. "She's Gu Biyue. She lost to me in a challenge and agreed to be my servant but she's not obedient. Don't mind what she just said. She did it on purpose."

"Oh, you don't have to explain. I trust you," Hua Jieyu said gently.

Gu Biyue looked at Hua Jieyu. She suddenly understood why her beauty trap always failed. It wasn't that she wasn't attractive enough but that someone else was too foxy.

"You're not needed anymore. Forget about the challenge. You may leave," Ye Futian said to her.

Gu Biyue looked at him pitifully. "You're going to abandon me just like this?"

"Get out." Ye Futian's face darkened. Was she causing trouble purposefully?

Gu Biyue smirked and said to him, "Fine. You win." Then she walked away, but not before glancing at Hua Jieyu.

"I met Loulan Xue at Loulan City. We partnered up while in the relic. I met Lin Yueyao long ago at the Qianmeng City and trained together in the Ancient Barren World," Ye Futian explained everything honestly.

"Okay." Hua Jieyu smiled gently and said, "I heard that there are a lot of noble relics here. I saw many on the road these days and improved a bit. Teach me."

"Alright." Ye Futian nodded and said, "These statues contain intent of various elements. Each one represents a different element. Do you have noble fate yet? If not, we can go somewhere else to take it."

"Almost. I went through the Noble Grotto in the Qianmeng area. I heard you three caused quite a stir there." Hua Jieyu grinned.

"Did you go onto the corridor?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yeah." Hua Jieyu nodded.

"My Fox is so talented." Ye Futian chuckled. "Let's go somewhere else to get the fate and then return here."

"Whatever you say," Hua Jieyu replied. They held hands and walked away to cultivate at another relic.

Everyone stared at them, speechless. Were they in their own world? Yu Sheng looked at all of them. He was quite calm since he was used to it.

Liu Chenyu had an odd look. Was this one thing against another? Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu really went to cultivate somewhere. Ye Futian guided and helped Hua Jieyu comprehend. Gu Biyue and Lin Yueyao watched this with resentment. The difference was so big No one had ever been treated like this before.

"Did he see us?" Ye Danchen asked Ye Lingxi.

"Of course," Ye Lingxi said, chuckling. "But he doesn't have time to talk to us."

Ye Danchen was annoyed. They'd come so far. It wasn't easy! But then he was overlooked. Ye Futian didn't even greet them Ye Danchen was so sad.

"Ugh, let's go cultivate too. There are many relics here," he said, sighing. He couldn't expect to be treated like Hua Jieyu. He could only cultivate alone.

Many people had been watching Ye Futian cultivate alone and waited quietly. In the following days, they started watching him cultivate with Ye Futian.

Hua Jieyu's life spirit had evolved and become stronger with the imperial advisor's help. Her talent had upgraded as well. As a Full-Attribute Mandate Sorcerer that focused on Spiritual Sorcery, she could comprehend all sorts of relics. With Ye Futian's help, she quickly created noble fate. Of course, this was because she also accumulated much fate before. But to Ye Futian, this wasn't enough. He continued to help Hua Jieyu, bringing her to various statues. She could comprehend all types of intent and improved every day. In addition, Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and everyone else were all improving and getting stronger.

Time continued to pass by. The commotion created by Ye Futian and Xiao Wuji gradually calmed down. Fewer and fewer people mentioned it. Ye Futian was busy with his girlfriend and didn't think about the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. When did he plan on choosing a clan?

The majestic Royal Xuan Temple in the Eastern Barren Territory seemed to be in the clouds. At the moment, a young man stood at the edge of a pavilion with his hands behind his back. He watched the rolling clouds. One could see far if one stood up high. Standing in the Royal Xuan Temple and looking down, one's heart would feel more open. One would feel mighty.

"Junlin, what are you doing?" a gentle voice said. The young man looked over and saw a beautiful girl walk towards him. She looked at the man gently.

"Thinking of something," the man said.

"You've just come out of seclusion and broke into a new plane. What is there to be worried about?" The girl smiled tenderly.

The young man was Luo Junlin, crown prince of the Nandou Nation. After coming to cultivate at the Royal Xuan Temple, he grew uninterested in his position as prince. Even though the position belonged to him and everyone in Nandou knew, he could give it away.

The outside world was so incredible. In this mighty era, all forces in the Eastern Barren Territory were fighting each other. Talents were everywhere. Being the emperor didn't satisfy him anymore. As an emperor, he would be in a high position and could do whatever he wanted. However, it was meaningless to enjoy that authority and glory. He didn't want it. Now, he'd already entered the Arcana Plane and would soon enter the Noble Plane. The Nandou Nation was nothing to him.

Luo Junlin embraced the girl while still looking at the sea of clouds. He murmured, "I wish to return at the end of the year. I can't be assured unless some things are taken care of."

"Is it still that matter?" The girl gazed at him and said, "What about someone in the Glory Plane can worry you? Just kill him."

"He's quite talented. Now that the Ancient Barren World is open, he may possibly cultivate and snatch the noble fate. He'll be taken in by some top force," Luo Junlin said. This was why he came to the Royal Xuan Temple.

"No matter how talented he is, you don't have to worry even if he's lucky to enter a top force." The girl smiled. "If you really are worried, I can ask my father to let me bring some men with me on a trip. How can a small country's emperor stop me?"

"Don't disturb him because of my personal matters. I'll go back myself this time," Luo Junlin said.

"Then I'll tell my father that I'll go with and have a senior go too. We can help you," she said gently.

"Will Master agree?" Luo Junlin was unsure.

"Father loves you. He'll definitely agree. When you enter the Noble Plane, we'll be married. I'll go see your family this time. Father won't refuse." The girl grinned and Luo Junlin nodded.

"Thank you but if he doesn't agree, then just forget it."

"He won't." The girl leaned into Luo Junlin's arms. He continued staring at the clouds, sharpness flashing past his eyes. He thought of the arrogant figures at the Tingfeng Banquet. How were they now? Were they in the Ancient Barren World now? With their talents, they could become powerful after cultivating a bit more.

Sadly, they wouldn't have the chance to mature. This time, he would end this matter before anything could happen. He would kill the threat before it could be born.

Ever since he entered the Royal Xuan Temple, he moved forward furiously. He cultivated madly and even won over his master's daughter. There were too many powerful cultivators at the Royal Xuan Temple. If he wanted to climb higher than the others, he must work harder.

After countless months of secluded cultivation, he'd entered the Arcana Plane. He was one step closer to becoming a Noble!