The Legend Of Futian Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Watch and See
Chapter 214: Watch and See
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With Liu Feiyang's words, Xirou's confident smile froze. Other than her, the emperors of Yun and Yan suddenly grew nervous again. They looked up in shock at the speaker. Then they saw the mockery in Liu Feiyang's eyes. He seemed to know Xirou but didn't care. If he knew that Xirou was the daughter of the Royal Xuan Temple's fifth lord and could still say such humiliating mockery, this meant somethinghe didn't care at all.

Things were a bit troublesome now.

Ye Futian had returned on the Kunpeng with Nobles accompanying him. However, the one in charge was not those Nobles. It was this young man. This complicated things. What did it mean if a youth's status was above the Nobles? It meant that his background was far stronger than what they could see. It was just like how Xirou had come with those Nobles.

Xirou's eyes turned cold as she stared at Liu Feiyang. "Who are you?"

The Royal Xuan Temple had five lords. Each one was in charge of a temple. Her father was last place in fifth but he was still a lord. And yet someone dared to speak to her like thisprovocative and with disdain. Was he from a top force of the Eastern Barren Territory?

"Liu Feiyang from the Liu Kingdom." Xirou's eyes instantly sharpened.

The Liu Kingdom was a top force. He was the prince of the Liu Kingdom. They were both from top forces but his father was the king of the Liu Kingdom while Xirou's father was only the fifth lord.

Luo Junlin's expression turned ugly too. Was he that fast? He'd been hurrying to get rid of Ye Futian, worried that he would get the noble fate after entering the pinnacle of the Dharma Plane. He worried Ye Futian would be accepted by a top force so he borrowed the Royal Xuan Temple's power and came to Cangye.

It hadn't even been a year but Ye Futian was back. He seemed to have joined a top force and was escorted back by the Liu Kingdom's prince. This treatment was so much better than what Luo Junlin's when he first joined the Royal Xuan Temple.

The other emperors all paled. Being in the Noble Plane, they'd naturally heard of the top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory. The two strongest kingdoms were the Qin Dynasty in the center and the Liu Kingdom in the east.

His surname was Liu and he was from the Liu Kingdom. His identity went without saying. They seemed to have gotten involved in a battle between the top forces.

Luo Junlin had joined the Royal Xuan Temple and returned to the Nandou Nation with the daughter of the temple's big figure. He made such a scene. Because of this, they wanted to use the Royal Xuan Temple's relationship and came to Cangye with Emperor Luo. But now, it seemed that Ye Futian had joined the Liu Kingdom, another top force.

Emperor Luo was distraught. He'd tried many times to kill Ye Futian and had failed each time. Now, he thought his plan was again seamless but Ye Futian had returned with a top force of the Eastern Barren Territory.

"Since when did the Royal Xuan Temple become so powerful and decide to come to the Hundred Lands to show off?" Liu Feiyang scoffed at Xirou. "Does your dad know?"

"You" Xirou glared at him.

"Don't look at me like that. Your dad will know soon." Liu Feiyang suddenly smiled. Ye Futian's group had made such a big commotion at the Mirror Mountain. Someone from the Royal Xuan Temple must have been present.

The Royal Xuan Temple had come but Xirou wanted to kill Ye Futian. This was quite interesting.

"You did this?" Ye Futian gazed at Xirou now, faint murderous intent in his eyes. He'd come too late. He didn't know whether his master and the others were alive or not.

"Yes. What can you do about it?" Xirou looked down at Ye Futian. Liu Feiyang speaking disrespectfully to her was one thing. But who was Ye Futian? He was from the barbaric Cangye Kingdom. No matter how talented he was, he'd only joined the Liu Kingdom. He didn't qualify to talk to her like that.

Even though Liu Feiyang was a prince, she didn't fear him. They were both from top forces. The Liu Kingdom wouldn't declare war on the Royal Xuan Temple for an outsider.

Ye Futian looked at Xirou and then at Luo Junlin beside her. "In Donghai, you were the prince and told me to cultivate with you. But after returning to the palace, you still tried to kill. Now that you've joined the Royal Xuan Temple, you still think about me. Do you fear me that much?"

Luo Junlin's face darkened. Fear?

He truly did have some fears. Otherwise, he wouldn't join the Royal Xuan Temple and use their power to kill Ye Futian.

"And you even take advantage of a woman to use their power," Ye Futian scoffed. "And that woman is just as egotistical as you once were. You two really do match."

Take advantage?

Xirou's heart trembled. She thought back to the moments with Luo Junlin. Even when Luo Junlin wanted her to do something, she would do it voluntarily. Just like coming here, she'd brought it up first.

Ye Futian didn't look at them. Instead, he looked up at the other emperors and sneered. "Are you really not going to settle this today?"

The emperors all stiffened. The Liu Kingdom and Royal Xuan Temple were at the same level. Emperor Luo had the Royal Xuan Temple behind him so Ye Futian couldn't mess with him. But what about them? If Ye Futian used the Liu Kingdom to fight them, what would be the consequence?

Xirou looked at Ye Futian. He may be talented enough to join the Liu Kingdom but as a junior, was he able to be so arrogant? He even looked down on the Royal Xuan Temple.

She said coldly, "From now on, you will all be protected by the Royal Xuan Temple. Each one can choose someone to cultivate there." When Xirou said that, she looked directly at Ye Futian. There were many talents in the Eastern Barren Territory but none dared to overlook her like that. Liu Feiyang could but who did Ye Futian think he was?

"Thank you, miss." The emperors bowed in reply. They were reassured now; they were worried that they would be abandoned. Since the Royal Xuan Temple would protect them, Ye Futian wouldn't do too much even with the Liu Kingdom's help.

"So you don't plan on settling this?" Ye Futian didn't look at Xirou. He still gazed at the emperors. They fell silent. If they settled it, they didn't know what kind of consequence they would suffer. Now that the Royal Xuan Temple would protect them, they'd obviously follow the temple.

"I see." Ye Futian smirked and turned towards Xirou. "I hope you can represent the Royal Xuan Temple." With that, he turned around the Hua Fengliu and the others. "Master, let's go back first."

"Alright." Everyone nodded. They gazed at Emperor Luo's group and turned to leave.

Ye Futian had now joined a top force. Emperor Luo couldn't do anything to him.

This crisis was dissolved just like that.

Everyone returned to the palace. Liu Feiyang smiled at Xirou and said, "I hope you ask your dad before you make any decisions in the future."

Liu Chenyu also looked coolly at Xirou.

The group left as if nothing had happened. Earlier, they'd been about to fight but now, everything was calm again.

Xirou's features were twisted. Liu Feiyang mocked her multiple times. He didn't take her seriously at all. As the daughter of the Royal Xuan Temple's fifth lord, why would she ask her father about something like this?

"Would there be problems?" Luo Junlin asked quietly.

"Don't worry. I'm here." Xirou gazed at Luo Junlin. The intimidating girl suddenly seemed so gentle.

"Thank you." Luo Junlin's eyes were apologetic as he took her hand.

The other emperors saw this and their eyes brightened. Xirou and Luo Junlin's relationship was better than they'd expected.

Now that they'd wronged Ye Futian, they had no choice but to follow Luo Junlin.

"Let's go back," Luo Junlin murmured.

"No, go back to the hotel," Xirou said. "I'd like to see what the Liu Kingdom can do for them."

Luo Junlin's eyes flashed and he nodded. They would live in the hotel and see whether the Liu Kingdom would leave.

Since Ye Futian joined the Liu Kingdom, Xirou wouldn't do anything to the Cangye Kingdom. Otherwise, they might do the same to the Nandou Nation. She couldn't do that.

But she could at least give some pressure.

After Ye Futian and the others entered the palace, Emperor Ye was still unsettled. The Liu Kingdom and Royal Xuan Temple were all top forces. If they really clashed directly, they wouldn't have any problem but the Cangye Kingdom might be hurt in the process.

This was also why Ye Futian didn't cause too much problem. After all, Liu Feiyang was just escorting him back. He didn't join the Liu Kingdom and wasn't anything to them. He had to right to make them fight another top force.

Even Liu Feiyang couldn't make that kind of decision.

"Thank you all for resolving this crisis," Emperor Ye said to Liu Feiyang.

"You're welcome," Liu Feiyang said. "Thank you for not minding our disturbance."

"I shall order a banquet right this moment," Emperor Ye said.

"There's no hurry. There might be more people coming later. You won't have time to show your hospitality to us," Liu Feiyang said, chuckling. When they departed, the other top forces should have started departing too. The Kunpeng was fast but the others weren't much slower.

They would arrive in the Cangye Kingdom soon.

"More people will come?" Emperor looked at them in doubt.

"Father, Cangye might get busy," Ye Lingxi whispered.

"What do you mean?" Emperor Ye didn't understand.

"You'll see later." Ye Lingxi smiled, raising the suspense. Emperor Ye gave his daughter a look. This girl was rarely like this.

Was something else about to happen?

"Aren't you going to say something?" Yi Xiang asked Ye Futian. He seemed to have sensed something odd.

"I don't know either." Ye Futian shrugged. He really didn't know what would happen next.

He'd entered the Ancient Barren World and did what he could for this. He didn't know who else would come.

He could only wait and see!