The Legend Of Futian Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Right?
Chapter 218: Right?
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It was a different scene at the banquet in the Cangye Kingdom's palace! People from all the top forces arrived gradually and Emperor Ye rose to welcome them all. It was extremely busy. Of course, it seemed a bit chaotic too.

The strong cultivators of the Cangye Kingdom were a bit dazed. Their hearts were in turmoil seeing this situation. Even Yi Xiang and Hua Fengliu were shaken. What exactly did Ye Futian and the others do in the Ancient Barren World?

"Why are you here?" Ye Futian saw the Witch walk over. Her body was curvaceous and her features were extremely mesmerizing.

"I took care of you for so long in the Ancient Barren World and traveled for so long to come here, yet you are still so heartless." Gu Biyue looked hurt and pitiful. Those who didn't know the details thought something had truly happened between them. Many from the Cangye Kingdom looked at Ye Futian, thinking about how powerful he was. Even such a beauty was loyal to him. They couldn't help but be impressed.

"Yeah, why don't you keep her by your side?" Hua Jieyu whispered to Ye Futian. The others mourned for Ye Futian. She seemed jealous.

"No way. Jieyu, don't you understand me?" Ye Futian asked, feeling wronged.

"Of course I do. That's why I said that," Hua Jieyu replied, grinning. Ye Futian's face darkened. The Witch had ruined him.

Seeing Ye Futian glare at her, the Witch smiled like a blooming flower. "I come today to invite Young Master Ye to join the Witch Clan. No matter what you wish for, I can fulfill it."

Hua Jieyu was still smiling at Ye Futian but he just blinked. The treatment sounded nice but he wasn't like that. Beautiful girls were nothing to him. He wasn't a pervert.

"Thanks but no thanks," Ye Futian said, rejecting the temptation.

Hearing his serious refusal, Hua Jieyu's smile grew dazzling.

"Young Master Ye, you are so cruel," Gu Biyue said, hurt. Then she turned to Yu Sheng. "Would you like to join the Witch Clan?"

Yi Qingxuan immediately walked up and grabbed Yu Sheng's hand, staring at the Witch menacingly.

"No," Yu Sheng said. The Witch didn't mind. She just smiled at Yi Qingxuan. She didn't have high hopes and just came to see the drama. Which clan would Ye Futian and the others choose?

"Hua Jieyu, are you willing to join the Moon Clan?" an angelic figure asked at that moment.

Hua Jieyu looked over, deep in thought.

"The Moon Clan is best for women to cultivate in. Our cultivation techniques are unique as well. Even the College cannot surpass us in this aspect." The Moon Clan member's voice had a womanly charm and gentleness.

"The Moon Clan truly is the paradise for girls," Liu Feiyang said from the side.

Being a top force of the Eastern Barren Territory, their abilities were undeniable. There were countless angelic figures from the Moon Clan who were extremely renowned.

Hua Jieyu turned to look at Ye Futian and saw that he was looking at her. There was some unwillingness to leave in her eyes. She lowered her head slightly.

Ye Futian smiled. Immediately understanding her, he reached out to pat Hua Jieyu's head. "I'll support whatever decision you make."

Hua Jieyu let Ye Futian mess up her hair. She nodded gently and looked to the Moon Clan representative. "I am willing to cultivate with the Moon Clan." She wanted to cultivate with Ye Futian but there was no time for personal feelings in the world of cultivation. They'd experienced the despair of Donghai City together and knew how important power was. She didn't want to keep Ye Futian down. Furthermore, this guy was so talented. There would be more and more girls like the Witch beside him. As they grew, there would be even better girls. She believed in Ye Futian's feelings for her but she wished to improve too. She wanted to be better than all the girls around him. That way, he could feel proud too.

"Alright." The angel smiled. She also gave Hua Jieyu a decree. This meant she was now a member of the Moon Clan. Like Ye Wuchen, Hua Jieyu would depart at the beginning of the year.

The Moon Clan departed. Ye Wuchen and Hua Jieyu had all chosen clans.

"You were with them too. How come no one came for you?" Lin Yueyao's father asked from the back of the crowd. They were an important family of Cangye but now, he was jealous.

"I'm not his girlfriend." Lin Yueyao thought of how Ye Futian had gently taught Hua Jieyu at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall and glared in their direction with resentment.

"Don't get involved," her father cautioned. Her words were a little strange.

Even though his daughter was the number one beauty of the Cangye Kingdom, she couldn't keep someone like Ye Futian. Putting Hua Jieyu to the side, even the Witch of the Witch Clan couldn't do it so how could Lin Yueyao? The Witch's features were equal to Lin Yueyao and had made many men fall for her charms.

"Ye Futian." At that time, the cultivators who came in chariots walked over. The leader was dressed elegantly. He said, "I come from the Qin Dynasty to invite you and Yu Sheng to join us. If you accept, your status will be equal to that of a prince. Unfortunately, you have a lover. Otherwise, we can also choose a princess to marry below her rank."

Ye Futian's eyes brightened. There were so many temptations today.

Hua Jieyu smiled at him. Was he tempted again?

"Of course, if you have any other requests, please say them. Anyway, do not be worried of restrictions in the Qin Dynasty," the man continued.

The top talents of the Eastern Barren Territory were unwilling to join kingdoms because of the restrictions. They could never be equal to the royalty and it was difficult to forge closer relationships. Thus, this man tried to dissolve Ye Futian's worries in that aspect.

The Qin Dyansty once ruled the Eastern Barren Territory. They kept their downfall close to heart. They absorbed talented people each generation to continue improving.

"A kingdom is a kingdom nevertheless. No matter what treatment he receives, he'll never have the surname of Qin," someone said. The Qin Dynasty cultivator frowned and glared at the speakersomeone from the Donghua Clan.

"Ye Futian, the Donghua Clan is close to the number one force in the Eastern Barren Territory. Different from the kingdom, once you join the Donghua Clan, you'll be one of the core members," the Donghua Clan member said. "In the Ancient Barren World, our junior disrespected you but with your talent, you mustn't hold grudges with someone of the same generation. Rather, you should surpass them."

Ye Futian glanced at him. He'd once asked Tang Ye from the College whether he could represent the College. Hua Qingchi was the same, of course. He couldn't represent the Donghua Clan so Ye Futian didn't mind.

The Donghua Clan's words were still meaningful.

"Of course, you can also make any requests you'd like," the man said.

"Number one clan? With your foundation, you're still lacking," the Qin Dynasty cultivator mocked.

"We are at least the most suitable for Ye Futian and Yu Sheng." The Donghua Clan member chuckled.

Everyone watched as the two top forces fought. They all understood that Ye Futian would most likely join one of the top threethe College, Donghua Clan, and the Qin Dynasty.

The other groups understood this too. They didn't even come or just came for the fun.

"Stop arguing," a faint voice said. Everyone's eyes narrowed. Another voice said, "No matter how you argue, he won't go with you."


"Who are you?"

The Donghua Clan and Qin Dynasty all looked in the direction of the voice. There, a figure walked over quietly. It was a scholarly young man. He walked casually, not too fast and not too slow. Without any announcement, he appeared before their eyes.

The other forces all looked at him. Some knew him; some had never seen him before. Those who knew him all narrowed their eyes, thinking, he came too? I thought they don't care about other business but he came for Ye Futian too?

"Because he will go with me," the scholar said with ease. It seemed that everything was decided the moment he arrived.

Such an arrogant guy, those who didn't know him thought. How could he overlook the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan like that?

Even if he was from the College, how could he be like this?

"Is he from the College?" Gu Biyue asked her clan member. The Noble member's expression changed, clearly in shock.

"Yes." He nodded. Gu Biyue guessed correctly.

The scholar was indeed from the College. He walked over to somewhere near Ye Futian, a faint smile on his face. Just as he'd imagined, Ye Futian was very attractive.

Ye Futian had noticed everyone's expressions, of course. When the scholar arrived, many people fell silent. The Donghua Clan and Qin Dynasty members looked uncomfortable but didn't refute the newcomer. This was very strange.

"Are you from the College?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yes and no." The scholar nodded and then shook his head.

Ye Futian didn't understand. So was it yes or no?

"Senior, why are you sure that I'll go with you?" Ye Futian asked curiously. This guy seemed even more arrogant than him.

Hearing his words, the scholar laughed. His laugh was gentle but the words he uttered afterward were not gentle at all. "With me here, who dares to take you away?" He looked at the Donghua Clan and Qin Dynasty. "Right?"