The Legend Of Futian Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Ye Xiaos End
Chapter 220: Ye Xiaos End
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The six emperors all left. Ye Futian gave them some time to process everything and announce their submission to Cangye.

Now, Cangye Kingdom's threat no longer existed. Ye Futian had also accomplished his goal for going to the Ancient Barren World. He didn't plan on dealing with Emperor Luo just now. Even if Liu Feiyang was willing to help, Xirou, with her feelings for Luo Junlin, would definitely get involved. Angering her would be a risk for Cangye. Emperor Luo was no longer a threat to Ye Futian and Cangye so Emperor Luo and Luo Junlin would just have to wait. The following days must be torture for them.

The lords and high officials that had come gradually left. Even after leaving, it took a long while before they were calm again. Everything that had happened today was like a dream. It was too shocking. The Cangye Kingdom had grouped all the strongest of the Eastern Barren Territory in one day. The people felt that their kingdom had created a miracle.

Countless years later, these young men and women would probably become people they worshipped.

The banquet was no longer as lively as before; they were all still shocked. Even Emperor Ye felt like he'd been dreaming.

"Futian," he suddenly said, "you gave me a lot of pressure."

The Cangye Kingdom was now the hero. The power brought by everything that had happened today was mainly because Ye Futian's group had joined the Eastern Barren Territory. He personally could not intimidate any of the emperors. Though happy about Cangye's status, he was also anxious.

"Your Majesty, you covered the Nandou palace with sword aura for me. This should be nothing to you." Ye Futian chuckled and called the Black Wind Eagle over. It had a bag on it. Ye Futian opened the bag and dumped out swords, staffs, guqins, and powerful ritual implements.

"Your Majesty, this sword is for you," Ye Futian said, pulling out a sword. Then he gave Hua Fengliu a small stone statue. "Master, please hold onto this. Your Majesty and senior Yi Xiang, if you'd like to comprehend noble fate, you can cultivate with my master.

"This ritual implement clothing is for Masteress.

"This is for senior Yi, this is for Aunt Tang"

Everyone watched with wide eyes as Ye Futian gave away all the precious items. They felt the items and were deeply shocked.

Noble ritual implements.

"This stone statue" Hua Fengliu was even more shocked. He could feel that the small statue contained incredible noble intent. Thinking of how Ye Futian had put casually put all these things on the Black Wind Eagle's back, their hearts all convulsed. This guy was such a b*stard.

"Futian, where are these from?" Emperor Ye asked.

"Some I got by myself and others were given by people." Ye Futian smiled sweetly and scratched his head. When the Empress told him to choose some treasures from the Loulan palace in the Ancient Barren World, he'd only chosen some to give as gifts. He'd even left the flame scepter behind and chose something else. He was a good guy

Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu were speechless at this. They didn't care about the noble ritual implements but Ye Futian had gotten the statue at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. He'd given it so easily to his teacher. What did this mean? It was priceless and attractive even to top forces. But for Ye Futian, he seemed to feel nothing.

It made sense though. He had a Full Attribute noble fate. He didn't need to worry about comprehending noble intent. He didn't need it

Capricious! Too capricious!

"Wait until I learn some cool techniques after cultivating in the Eastern Barren Territory. Your Majesty, you'll be so powerful you can sweep all of the Hundred Lands. You don't need to feel stressed." Ye Futian grinned brightly at Emperor Ye.

Seeing that bright and pure smile, Emperor Ye felt warm inside. For some reason, the image of their first meeting at the Fenghua Banquet suddenly arose in his mind. At that time, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had been extremely confident and powerful.

He remembered how, after it ended, Yu Sheng said that he was a nice guy. Emperor Ye had been so tickled. Afterward, he felt from their requests that they valued relationships. That was why he was willing to declare war on Emperor Luo for Ye Futian.

Now, this guy was only in the Dharma Plane, but he already worked to help rid Cangye of threats. The joking and frivolous guy was actually so pure inside.

A strange thought flashed past Emperor Ye's mind. It would be so perfect if Ye Futian was his son. Thinking of his own children, his mood dropped. He gazed around and asked coldly, "Where's Ye Xiao?"

The people looked around but couldn't find him.

"Find him," Emperor Ye ordered. The guards left instantly. Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi met eyes. When their brother had returned to Cangye, he'd said bad things about Ye Futian to their father. Emperor Ye would definitely have thoughts after seeing how Ye Futian treated Cangye.

"Futian, did Ye Xiao do anything to you in the Ancient Barren World?" Emperor Ye asked. Back then, Ye Xiao had reported something but he didn't know the specifics.

"Your Majesty, they're just small things. It's already in the past," Ye Futian said, not minding. He would help Emperor Ye improve and Cangye would always be Emperor Ye's. He didn't care about Ye Xiao. He didn't have to do anything to Ye Xiao regarding those things since he was Emperor Ye's son, after all.

"There's something else. When Emperor Luo came to force me to hand the people over, Ye Xiao went to the imperial advisor's mountain and brought them over," Emperor Ye said. He didn't keep it a secret. Ye Xiao's matter must be resolved.

Ye Futian's pupils constricted. He looked at Hua Fengliu and Yi Xiang.

"Your Majesty, we came voluntarily. Please don't worry about it," Hua Fengliu said to Emperor Ye. He didn't want to make a scene. Not only did Emperor Ye help Ye Futian, he'd also accepted Hua Jieyu as his goddaughter and protected them all.

"Since you're all protecting him, I'll punish him myself." Emperor Ye sighed inwardly. Both Ye Futian and Hua Fengliu felt indebted to him and were unwilling to punish Ye Xiao. However, his son's actions chilled him.

After a while, Ye Xiao came over, trembling. He'd realized something was wrong when the various forces of the Eastern Barren Territory arrived and didn't dare to stay. He was worried Ye Futian's group would notice him. But unexpectedly, he couldn't escape. They'd thought of him so quickly.

"Father." Ye Xiao saw Emperor Ye's dark face and got a bad feeling.

"Kneel," Emperor Ye ordered coldly. Ye Xiao's face turned white as he knelt down. "Is there anything you'd like to say?"

"Father." Hearing Emperor Ye's words, Ye Xiao's heart quivered. "I don't understand."

"In that case, there's no need for you to understand. From now on, Ye Xiao shall be reduced to a commoner and never step foot in the palace again." Emperor Ye's eyes were cold. Everyone's hearts trembled. Ye Xiao had had his status revoked. He wasn't even a prince anymore, let alone anywhere close to the throne.

Ye Xiao's face was ghastly pale. Glaring at Ye Futian, he said, "Father, you'd rather trust an outsider than me. I can't accept it."

"Idiotic and stubborn." Emperor Ye waved his hand. A terrifying current blasted against Ye Xiao, making him fly back. Emperor Ye uttered coldly, "Get out."

Ye Futian had tried to help Ye Xiao but he thought that Ye Futian had complained about him.

Ye Xiao coughed, blood trickling from his lips. Dazed, he walked out with strong resentment in his eyes. He'd been the closest to the throne but now, he would lose everything.

"Find everyone who returned to the palace with Ye Xiao," Emperor Ye ordered. Ye Xiao was only a prince but they were willing to lie to the crown with him. It was unacceptable.

"Yes." The guard bowed and left. Ye Futian watched this without doing anything. He didn't mind what happened at the Ancient Barren World but since this involved his teacher, he couldn't allow it.

Ye Xiao had his mind set on the crown but now, he would lose everything.

"Futian, if you think this isn't enough, you can do whatever you want," Emperor Ye said.

"Your Majesty, this has already passed," Ye Futian said.

"Alright. It has passed." Emperor Ye nodded.

"Thank you for this," Ye Futian said to Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu. He really owed them this time.

"It's nothing. I plan on staying for a few days. Is that alright?" Liu Feiyang chuckled.

"It's almost the end of the year. You're not going back?" Ye Futian asked, a bit shocked.

"The others will but Chenyu and I plan on spending the New Years here. At the start of the next year, we can have the Kunpeng escort you all to the Eastern Barren Territory," Liu Feiyang said with a smile. Since he'd already escorted them here, he would take them back too.

"What about the Liu Kingdom?"

"It's no problem. After all, this involves Chenyu's future," Liu Feiyang said teasingly.

Beside them, Liu Chenyu was speechless. It felt like she'd been sold out.

"Yes, relationships must be nurtured." Ye Futian totally agreed with Liu Feiyang and nodded seriously. "You must stay."

"I'm leaving." Ye Wuchen was done.

"Wuchen, the princess is staying. How can you leave?" Ye Futian asked. "Lord Ye, what do you think?"

"Yes," Lord Ye said, nodding. "Wuchen, why don't you stay in the palace? Take the princess around when you have time."

"Correct." Emperor Ye nodded too. Thus, Ye Wuchen was forced to stay.

Now, Cangye Kingdom's crisis was finally over. However, the shockwaves created by the event were still festering. What had happened would first spread throughout the imperial city. Then it would spread throughout the Cangye Kingdom to the Nandou Nation's imperial city and out. Then there would be another huge news in the Hundred Lands. Yunchu, Yan, and the other major kingdoms would submit to Cangye!