The Legend Of Futian Chapter 222

Chapter 222: College
Chapter 222: College
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It was the first day of year 10002 at the Cangye Kingdom's palace. Many people were grouped here. Ye Futian's group would head towards the Eastern Barren Territory. The Kunpeng spread its wings, ready to fly at any moment. Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu stood atop it, waiting for the others to finish their farewells.

"Uncle Ye, we're leaving now," Ye Futian said to Emperor Ye, no longer calling him "Your Majesty."

"There are many strong cultivators there. Don't force yourself when there are problems," Emperor Ye advised.

"I know." Ye Futian nodded. "Danchen, Lingxi, cultivate well and aid your father soon."

Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi nodded with smiles on their faces.

"Your Majesty, take care," Hua Fengliu, Yi Xiang, and the others also said to Emperor Ye.

"Take care," Emperor Ye replied. "I'll visit the Eastern Barren Territory when I have time."

"Yes. When things stabilize, you can come at any time." Ye Futian nodded.

"Imperial Advisor, take care." Hua Fengliu looked at the old man.

He was blind and just nodded, saying, "Jieyu, take care of yourself."

"I will. You too." Hua Jieyu felt a bit down. She didn't know when she could return after leaving this time.

"I anticipate your return to your position in Nandou," he said. Now that Emperor Ye knew his identity, he didn't have to hide it anymore.

"Go. When you return, you will be a legend," Emperor Ye said, smiling. Last time, Ye Futian had gone to the Ancient Barren World for a bit more than half a year and returned to shake the entire Hundred Lands. What would he be like after going to truly cultivate in the Eastern Barren Territory?

Ye Futian's group nodded and climbed onto the Kunpeng. Other than the Liu siblings, there was Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Hua Jieyu, Yi Qingxuan, Yi Xiang, Huang Fengliu, Nandou Wenyin, Tang Lan, and Tang Wan. And of course the Black Wind Eagle.

"Senior Kun, let's go," Liu Feiyang said. The Kunpeng spread its wings and flew up.

Emperor Ye and the others looked up, feeling complicated while watching the Kunpeng in the air. What awaited them in the Eastern Barren Territory?

The Kunpeng flew over the imperial city. Gales of wind blew past and countless people in the city looked up. They knew that the legendary youths of the kingdom had left. They were going to a place or true heroes to start their lives. The Hundred Lands wasn't enough for them.

In the imperial city, Lin Yueyao looked up, feeling a sense of loss. As the top beauty of the Cangye Kingdom, she was loved by many. Only he was so uncontrollable and never thought highly of her. And yet she loved a man like that but he was out of her league.

That was how life was. She had so many pursuers that she thought weren't qualified; the one she liked didn't think she was qualified. She never even brought it up because she knew it was meaningless.

Suddenly, she smiled and murmured, "I hope you will be free and unrestrained your entire life." With that, she turned, no longer thinking about it. It was already enough to be able to meet someone like that and have those memories. She still had to happily live on.

The Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, and College were all situated in the center of the Eastern Barren Territory. The Liu Kingdom and Fuyun Sword Clan were in the east. The Ji Family and Royal Xuan Temple were in the south. The Sacred Sword Mountain and Qianqiu Temple were in the west. The Witch Clan and Moon Clan ruled over the north.

Ye Futian's group came from the east and were closest to the Liu Kingdom and Fuyun Sword Clan. These two forces were close, which was why Li Daoyun of the Fuyun Sword Clan pursued Liu Chenyu. However, the Kunpeng went further to the north, bringing Hua Jieyu to the Moon Clan first. After seeing her enter, the others continued to the College.

The Divine Capital was one of the three most flourishing cities of the Eastern Barren Territory. In this ancient city, there were many different clans and families. The forces that could be known as a family here were all those with strong cultivators in the Noble Plane.

The city bordered many other cities. The other cities formed the most influential region of the Eastern Barren Territory with the Divine Capital as the heart.

It wasn't this influential only because of the Divine Capital. Instead, it was because the Book Mountain was situated outside the city and it contained the College.

It was extremely spacious at the foot of the Book Mountain. There were no buildings within a ten-kilometer radius. However, many people were grouped there now. A huge demon descended from the air. It was a Demon Lion with the aura of a demon king. It was terrifying.

The beast descended and landed at the foot of the Book Mountain. Even a demon king didn't dare fly into the College, the holy land for cultivators.

A middle-aged man and a youth around 17 years old were on the Demon Lion. The youth wore a long robe and had a demonic look in his eyes. He looked a bit frivolous too.

"Tuoba Yun," the surrounding people all whispered. He was from the Tuoba Family, a Noble clan. The youth was Tuoba Yun who had recently tested into the College after passing the 18 trials.

Today was the entrance day. All students who passed the grand examinations of the College at the beginning of the year would enter officially on this day.

More figures landed from the air. Some men wore elegant clothing and escorted a beautiful lady forward.

"Nangong Jiao from the Nangong Family." Everyone looked at the lady. Her beautiful eyes were cool and proud. Also a genius who had passed the examinations, she was the daughter of the Divine Capital's Nangong Family.

Another figure came from the road. His physique was stranger. He was extremely burly but wore common clothes. In fact, they were like rags. However, his eyes were very bright and he gazed at Tuoba Yun and Nangong Jiao.

"Kua Shan." The others didn't dare overlook him at all. He was from the Kua Family, a barbaric and violent tribe.

When Tuoba Yun saw Kua Shan, his eyes flashed dangerously. They'd fought during the examination and this barbarian had left an impression.

More people arrived afterward.

Three figures walked slowly down the road leading to the foot of the Book Mountain. There seemed to be seniors bringing their juniors to school and attracted much attention. The two youths seemed extremely extraordinary. One was very handsome. Only judging by his looks, hardly anyone could surpass him. The other was very muscular. His entire body seemed to be filled with wild power. He could even be compared to Kua Shan.

They were Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, escorted by Yi Xiang.

After bringing them to the Divine Capital, Liu Feiyang had continued to take Ye Wuchen to the Fuyun Sword Clan and return to the Liu Kingdom. Rather than going directly to the College, Ye Futian's group had settled in the Divine Capital before going.

"We're here." Yi Xiang gazed at the Book Mountain, feeling shocked inside.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng made their way to the foot of the mountain. Looking up, they saw the two peaks on either side made of huge boulders. The center seemed to have been hacked open. There was a heavenly step, and faint sunlight shone down from the end of it, landing on the grave and solemn buildings.

That was the holy land of cultivation in the Eastern Barren Territorythe Eastern Barren College.

"Go and cultivate well," Yi Xiang said to the two.

"We'll visit when there's time," Ye Futian said.

"Don't worry about us," Yi Xiang said.

"I'm going." Ye Futian turned around.

"Teacher, I'm going up," Yu Sheng said as well. Yi Xiang nodded.

The two walked to the foot of the steps and started climbing up the Book Mountain.

"Are they students too?" someone asked. He didn't know them.

From their conversation, it was clear they were here to learn.

Tuoba Yun, Nangong Jiao, and the others were already at the top of the steps. They glanced at Ye Futian and were confused. They didn't see these two at the grand examinations so they couldn't be this year's students.

Then why were they here?

"Are you here to study?" a youth asked Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Everyone knew each other but had never seen these two before.

"Yeah." Ye Futian nodded and smiled.

"You can't enter the College without passing the examinations," the youth said, chuckling. These two guys didn't know the rules.

"Oh?" Ye Futian replied. "Someone from the College invited us."

"The College invited you?"

Everyone turned to look at Ye Futian, studying him. Not many in the Eastern Barren Territory could get an invitation from the College. It had always been talents from all over coming to learn. The College practically never invited anyone except for some exceptional figures.

"You think you're Xiao Wuji?" Tuoba Yun side-eyed Ye Futian. Did the College really invite the two of them together?

Judging from the one who escorted them, they weren't anyone important either.

As far as they knew, the only one that the College had invited these days was the genius Xiao Wuji. It was rumored that Ye Futian didn't choose a clan so no one in the College went.

As for what happened in the Cangye Kingdom, only those in the top levels knew and they wouldn't spread the news for no reason. Thus, no one knew that other than Xiao Wuji, someone else was invited into the College.

Not even the students of the College knew, let alone the outside world, because the College had announced that they wouldn't go to Cangye. Those who went were from the Cottage.

When Ye Futian heard Xiao Wuji's name, he thought of the man in the Ancient Barren World. He was indeed talented and should be one of the top talents of the Eastern Barren Territory. But of course, he couldn't be compared to Ye Futian.

Nangong Jiao glanced at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng and ignored them. She continued forward. Since she was here to learn, she would cultivate with the prides of the College and meet the legendary figures. She wouldn't waste her time on these insignificant people.

Kua Shan glanced at Yu Sheng and continued climbing up.

Ye Futian also ignored Tuoba Yun and continued advancing.

The group of youths climbed up to the College, stepping onto the road of education!