The Legend Of Futian Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Disciple of the Cottage
Chapter 223: Disciple of the Cottage
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At the end of the stairs on the Book Mountain was the College.

Entering an arched door, a square appeared in front of everyone. The square was still surrounded by mountain walls and there were many meandering stairs around, leading to the different parts of the Book Mountain. In all places, there were ancient palaces and courtyards which seemed to be towering into the clouds, producing a spectacular view.

It was the day on which new disciples would be admitted into the College. Obviously, there were people there to welcome them.

At the moment, there were many people in the square. Looking at the figures stepping into the College, smiles appeared on the faces of many. They had heard that the current batch of disciples entering the College was very outstanding, especially a few of them, who were extremely gifted and indeed rare geniuses.

"Is Kua Shan here?" someone shouted.

"Yes." Kua Shan took a step forward.

"Are you willing to cultivate under Mountain Elder Zong Xu?" the person asked.

The eyes of all the disciples in the place sparkled, and many stared at Kua Shan with some envy. There were seven mountain elders in the College. The strength of Zong Xu was definitely among the top three, and there were many excellent geniuses under him.

"Yes, I will." Kua Shan nodded.

"Nangong Jiao," the person shouted again.

"Yes." Some anticipation flashed across the eyes of Nangong Jiao.

"Are you willing to cultivate under Mountain Elder Zhu Qing?"

"As expected." Joy appeared in the eyes of Nangong Jiao as she nodded and said, "Yes, I will."

"Tuoba Yun, are you willing to cultivate under Mountain Elder Qin Mu?"

"Yes, I will." Tuoba Yun nodded.

The names of the young people who were being admitted were called out one by one, and they were allocated to the seven mountain elders of the College for cultivation. However, nobody was entitled to cultivate under the College Chief. Of course, they also knew that this was almost impossible. Every disciple under the College Chief was really extraordinary. As for the Cottage, nobody even thought about it. However, the names of a few people were not called at all.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had been standing at the side quietly all along. At first, they wanted to ask something, but before they could do so, the roll call had already begun. Thus, they could only stand silently at the side and wait. Fortunately, not too many disciples were being admitted and the session ended very soon.

All the mountain elders had sent someone over to welcome the new disciples who had just been admitted. Clearly, the College had already made the decisions beforehand and the different factions had the information.

Actually, during their admission examination, everything had already been confirmed. They would only be entitled to cultivate in the College if a mountain elder was willing to accept them. Otherwise, it would be really awkward if someone entered the College but nobody was willing to teach him.

The disciple looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Smiling, he said, "If you have come here to seek knowledge, please wait till next year and take the College Examination."

Tuoba Yun, Nangong Jiao and the rest glanced at Ye Futian. These two guys are indeed trying to sneak into the place. They are asking for contempt. However, the disciple from the College was very polite. He only smiled and asked them to leave.

"May I ask where is the Cottage?" Ye Futian looked at the disciple and asked.

"The Cottage..." The person's eyes sparkled. Around them, the other disciples of the College turned around one after another and looked at Ye Futian in surprise.

Even Kua Shan who was unconcerned about these things looked at Ye Futian. Is he actually asking about the Cottage?

"Why are you asking about the Cottage?" After being stunned momentarily, the disciple asked so.

"I am going to the Cottage to cultivate," Ye Futian replied.

The disciple was puzzled once again and said, "The Cottage should not be admitting any disciples. Please go back."

The people around Ye Futian looked at him as if he was an idiot. He actually wants to go to the Cottage to cultivate?

"I am Ye Futian." Ye Futian said this doubting in his heart if the people in the College even knew him.

Just as he finished speaking, the surrounding immediately went into complete silence. All the disciples from the College turned their eyes and gazed firmly at the handsome figure.

Ye Futian was a very familiar name to them. At the end of the previous year, this name was frequently mentioned in the College, until the College announced that it would not go to Cangye. Only then, the name slowly faded away from everyone's minds.

Nevertheless, the disciples of the College had obviously heard this name before. At the moment, not only did this name appear again, but Ye Futian himself was standing in the College.

Since he was Ye Futian, he, of course, had the rights to appear in the College. Even if he did not participate in the College Examination, since he had come, he was entitled to be admitted into the College. The mountain elders of the College would try their best to grab him. Regarding this, the disciples of the College had no doubts at all: after all, he had broken the records in the Ancient Barren World.

However, Ye Futian had come for the Cottage.

Tuoba Yun's sight froze at the spot. As a member of a noble family, he had, of course, heard about Ye Futian, Even though he did not experience the events in the Ancient Barren World, Ye Futian's name had been mentioned by many at the end of the previous year.

Just now when they were climbing the mountain, he mocked Ye Futian, asking him if he thought he was Xiao Wuji.

He was not Xiao Wuji. He was Ye Futian.

On the peak of the Mirror Mountain, he broke all the records of Xiao Wuji.

Nangong Jiao also looked at Ye Futian with some surprise. On the stairs during the climb, she did not at all expect such a handsome young man to actually be Ye Futian who had fully displayed his abilities in the Ancient Barren World.

He was the arrogant person who broke the war drums on the Mirror Mountain and said the line "Those who understand me will understand my arrogance". It was hard to imagine that such a person would look so handsome and also harmless when he smiled. Not even the slightest arrogance could be felt from him. Instead, he appeared to be humble and bright.

After the silence was a commotion.

Ye Futian actually came to the College. Does he want to cultivate in the College Cottage?

However, even though he had broken many records in the Ancient Barren World, everyone was unsure whether the Cottage would allow him to be admitted as a disciple.

"Why, why are you asking about the Cottage?" The disciple was stunned for a while, after which he asked Ye Futian. His look was much more solemn: just Ye Futian's name alone was enough to make him pay attention.

"Someone from the Cottage asked me to come and cultivate there. Oh yeah, I think his name is Gu Dongliu," Ye Futian said as he smiled. Seems like my name is really useful.

"Gu Dongliu." Everyone around them gasped and all the disciples of the College looked at Ye Futian in envy. The College had announced that it would not go to Cangye. But someone from the Cottage went there and did not inform the College. Moreover, the person who went was Gu Dongliu.

As always, the Cottage acted as it wished.

Why was Gu Dongliu so famous? Because many people believed that he would be the next Sword Saint.

Why was the Cottage so famous?

During that time, the Sword Saint walked down from the Book Mountain and became highly reputed in just one battle. From then on, everyone in the world knew about the Cottage.

The College disciples around them heard that it was Gu Dongliu who asked Ye Futian to come to the Cottage. For a moment, they actually did not know what to say.

In the distance, a group of people was walking over. Tang Ye was in the group. His look passed through the crowd and landed onto Ye Futian directly. After a while, the group appeared in front of Ye Futian.

Tang Ye's expression was very awkward. At that time, he humiliated Ye Futian in front of the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall and was very arrogant. Later, he became the laughing stock because of this, which caused him to lose all his face. Luckily, the College announced that it would not go to Cangye and he thought that Ye Futian had missed the opportunity to enter the College. However, while the College announced that it would not go to the Cangye Kingdom, the Cottage did go.

Gu Dongliu went there.

Many elders in the College only knew about this after a while. The Cottage did not inform the College at all about their action and this caused the College to feel somewhat disrespected. Therefore, the College did not announce this incident openly.

Seeing Tang Ye, Ye Futian's look was very calm. That day, Tang Ye dishonored him, so the events that happened after that would definitely cause Tang Ye to feel awkward.

Another person was beside Tang Ye. The person had an outstanding temperament and a graceful bearing. His name was Su Muge, and he was a disciple directly taught by the College Chief. Among the junior disciples in the College, his talents could be ranked among the top ten.

At the moment, Su Muge stared at Ye Futian and said, "Welcome to the College."

"Thank you. Seniors, please advise me in the future," Ye Futian joined his hands together and said. The atmosphere at the moment was rather subtle. However, since the other person welcomed him, he naturally could not be rude.

"I have heard about all the things you have done in the Ancient Barren World. I did not see them for myself, but since you could break so many records and take away the light from the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall, your talents in certain areas must have been unparalleled," Su Muge said slowly. It sounded as if he was praising Ye Futian.

"However, cultivation does not only depend on talents; character is equally important. In the Ancient Barren World, Tang Ye had criticized you, and you had proven him wrong with facts. But even so, in the Ancient Barren World, your performance was still too unrestrained. Even if you can unleash strong powers by relying on external factors, that power does not belong to you after all. If one day, you realize that you are not as strong as your talents, it will really be embarrassing, and your mental state will be negatively affected."

Su Muge said slowly, "After all, talent is not equivalent to strength."

Ye Futian was stunned. Is he complimenting or educating me?

Why do his words feel so strange?

Liu Feiyang had once told him that even though the Cottage belonged to the College, the relationship between the two at the moment was somewhat subtle. From the look of it, it was indeed so.

Apart from Ye Futian, the College disciples around him also realized this. Su Muge was a disciple of the College Chief, while Ye Futian was about to enter the Cottage.

He had just arrived at the College. Su Muge seemed to be welcoming him but was actually educating him. The attitude the College had towards the Cottage was already evident. However, everyone could understand why that was the case: when the College announced that it would not go to Cangye, the Cottage immediately went there. The Cottage did not give the College any face as well.

"How many Nobles did you leave on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall?" At the moment, someone's voice spread across. Su Muge turned around and saw a somewhat inflated fat man walking over. Squinting and smiling at Su Muge, the fat man soon reached before him.

Su Muge frowned, but the fat man said again, "How many inches of the image did you leave on the wall?"

Su Muge frowned even more tightly.

"Have you managed to control the statue and move it?" the fat man asked again.

Su Muge's face darkened slightly.

"You have done nothing. Without even any talents, what nonsense are you talking about here?" The fat man did not give any face to this disciple of the College Chief as he spoke in a cold tone. Then, ignoring him totally, the fat man looked at Ye Futian. Squinting and smiling, he said, "My name is Yi Xiaoshi. Younger brother, I have been waiting for you for very long."

A smile appeared gradually on Ye Futian's face. As expected, the Cottage suits my taste.

"Hello, brother," Ye Futian said.

"You don't have to be so polite. Come, let's go to the Cottage." Yi Xiaoshi did not bother about the rest. Bringing along Ye Futian, he turned and left the place.

"Brother, what's your seniority?" Ye Futian walked beside Yi Xiaoshi and asked.

"Seven." Yi Xiaoshi smiled bashfully. In the past, he had been the most junior.

"How about brother Gu Dongliu?" Ye Futian asked again.

"That's the third brother."

"The third brother is already so strong?" Ye Futian's eyes brightened. Thinking about the imposing nature of Gu Dongliu in the Cangye Kingdom, Ye Futian was confident that he would be protected in the future!

Then, what kind of person will the big brother and the second brother be?