The Legend Of Futian Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Down the Mountain With the Fifth Brother
Chapter 227: Down the Mountain With the Fifth Brother
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Luo Fan was overjoyed, but Ye Futian was not happy at all. The food in the Cottage was so good and the sisters were also beautiful. He did not even want to leave for a single day.

"Sister, how about you let the seventh brother go instead?" Ye Futian said to the second sister. Yi Xiaoshi looked at Ye Futian, touched. Little brother is a good person, he thought.

"The master once said that reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles. The seventh brother has gone out many times. You have just come to the Eastern Barren Territory and should go outside more often," the second sister said, smiling.

Xue Ye and Yi Xiaoshi looked at the second sister's gentle smile. Why is the little brother treated so well?

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded.

"Yu Sheng, go as well. As for cutting the wood and cooking, fourth and seventh brothers, I'll leave them to you," the second sister smiled and said. Xue Ye and Yi Xiaoshi could feel their hearts bleeding, but did not dare to reject her order.

The next day, when Yu Sheng returned, Luo Fan, Ye Futian, and Yu Sheng departed together.

While walking on the mountain, Ye Futian asked Yu Sheng, "Where have you been cultivating during this period?"

"Cutting wood on the mountain," Yu Sheng replied.

"Cutting wood?" Ye Futian blinked his eyes.

"Yes." Yu Sheng nodded.

Ye Futian was speechless. The second sister said that the third brother has brought Yu Sheng to cultivate. Is that even cultivation?!

"How is it?" Yu Futian asked.

"It's great. I feel that I have improved a lot," Yu Sheng said in a serious tone. Ye Futian looked at him and said, "Yu Sheng, are you being serious?"

"Yes. The third brother said that everyone's situations are different, so they naturally need to cultivate in different ways. The fourth brother copying the books is cultivation, and the fifth brother cooking is also cultivation. Similarly, I cultivate through cutting wood. I feel that my improvement is quite big, and I have also broken through into the Fourth-level Dharma Plane," Yu Sheng said.

Ye Futian's admiration towards the third brother grew even more. He could make wood-cutting, cooking and copying books sound so noble. He's actually a genius.

"Wait, you call him the third brother as well?" Ye Futian said.

"Yes, the third brother said that in the future, I can just call the rest like you do," Yu Sheng nodded and said.

Ye Futian looked at Yu Sheng with a strange expression and asked, "How do you feel about the third brother?"

"Knowledgeable, powerful, and has a unique opinion about cultivation," Yu Sheng said in a serious manner.

Ha! Luo Fan who was walking in front laughed out uncontrollably. Ye Futian asked, "Fifth brother, is cooking also a kind of cultivation?"

"Of course," Luo Fan said in a humorless manner. Ye Futian asked again, "Then why did the few brothers all want to go down the mountain?"

Cough. Luo Fan gave a dry cough. Then, he copied the second sister's tone and said in a serious way, "The master once said that reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles."

"..." Ye Futian actually did not know how to reply.

On the square located on the mountainside of the Book Mountain, many people were already gathered at the moment. In the College, there was a College Chief and seven mountain elders. Below them, there were also many trainers who were in charge of teaching the disciples of the College together with the College Chief and the mountain elders.

The Cottage had a special status in the College and was somewhat unique.

Since the big brother of the Cottage went down the mountain that time and became famous in just one battle, the people in the world no longer took the Cottage as merely part of the College. Since then, the relationship between the College and the Cottage also seemed to have become subtle.

The Qin Dynasty invited the Cottage, and naturally invited the College as well. All the mountains in the College would send someone to go.

When Luo Fan and his team walked down, many people stared at them immediately, especially at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

A few months ago, Ye Futian climbed the Book Mountain and entered the Cottage, causing a furor in the College. Even the people from all the top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory already knew that Ye Futian had officially entered the Cottage to cultivate, not to mention the College.

The Cottage was different from all the other forces, as it only had seven disciples. The eldest disciple already formed a clan himself and became a towering figure in his generation. Among the other six, the third disciple also became famous in the world a long time ago. Therefore, all of the other disciples had been attracting much attention.

"The Cottage will go this time as well?" At the moment, a toneless voice was heard. It was from a dignified-looking, middle-aged person from the College.

Luo Fan looked at him. Putting his hands together, he saluted and said, "Greetings, uncle-master." At the moment, Luo Fan was graceful, polite and had an extraordinary temperament. He looked just like a scholar, and not the chef of the Cottage at all.

"Such a huge change," Ye Futian sighed.

"A few months ago, there was an assessment for new disciples in the College. Why did the Cottage not take part?" Situ Wu said tonelessly. He was in the same family as the College Chief and was quite senior. Naturally, he was qualified to question a disciple of the Cottage.

Luo Fan did not bother as well. He smiled calmly and said, "The master always believes that the assessment in the College is not very meaningful. The newly admitted disciples are all at different levels, so it's hard to determine who is really stronger. If talent is assessed only, the Cottage has more reasons not to participate. Among the new disciples, who can have better talents than the little brother? If the Cottage takes part, the existence of the first place will become meaningless."

"Arrogant," another elder scolded with a cold tone. The people from the Cottage are arrogant like always. Now, Luo Fan has grown up and actually does not even pay respect to the elders here.

The College disciples also stared at Luo Fan angrily. If the Cottage was to participate, the first place would become meaningless? Too arrogant. Does he think that we are this weak?

"I am just telling the truth. Do you think that the assessment in the College is more convincing than the relics in the Ancient Barren World?" Luo Fan said, smiling. In the Ancient Barren World, Ye Futian did what nobody had done before. If talent was compared only and the specific levels were ignored, it was certain that Ye Futian would obtain first place.

This was unless the College did not approve the detection of talents by the relics in the Ancient Barren World. But even in that case, it was unreasonable to claim that the assessment by the College would be more accurate. Thus, in the opinion of the Cottage, the so-called assessment was a boring thing.

"In this case, we can find someone on the same level and have a battle. I am on the Fifth-level Dharma Plane." A voice was heard. The person who spoke was Tuoba Yun who was a new disciple. A few months ago, when climbing the Book Mountain, he mocked Ye Futian, saying that he was not Xiao Wuji, but in the end, he was only slapping himself in the face.

After entering the College, in the first assessment of the new disciples, he was hoping that he could fight Ye Futian to see how outstanding this reputed but weak Cottage disciple really was. However, Ye Futian did not attend the assessment at all. When he was cultivating in the College, Ye Futian's name was also often mentioned by junior disciples. As one of the brightest newly admitted disciples, he naturally wanted to compare with Ye Futian. Therefore, he said so at the moment to challenge Ye Futian.

Luo Fan looked at Ye Futian, but Ye Futian glanced at Tuoba Yun and smiling, he said, "You think you're Xiao Wuji?"

Tuoba Yun was stunned for a moment and his expression turned somewhat awkward. During that time on their way up the Book Mountain, he mocked Ye Futian in the same way, indicating that he was not even qualified to be invited to the College. At the moment, Ye Futian returned him with the exact same words. Of course, he was saying that Tuoba Yun was not qualified to challenge him.

"Now, Xiao Wuji has already entered the Arcana Plane. Although your performance in the Ancient Barren World is outstanding, it is really not appropriate that with your current level, you place yourself at the same height as Xiao Wuji." Su Muge was also among the crowd. He was precisely the person who was mocked by Yi Xiaoshi on that day.

Tang Ye was also beside him.

"Since when did the disciples taught by the College become so idiotic like you?" Luo Fan looked at Su Muge with much contempt.

"You..." Even though Su Muge was mocking Ye Futian indirectly, he did not use straightforward humiliation like what Luo Fan did. Anyhow, he was a genius in the College and a disciple under the College Chief directly.

"You what? Let's use our levels to determine the status. I am in the Noble Plane, how about you?" Luo Fan's eyes were filled with disdain.

"Domineering." Ye Futian muttered to himself. Is this still the same fifth brother who cooks?

Indeed, a person could not be judged by his appearance.

Thinking about the attitude of the fifth brother at the moment, and also his appearance when he was beside the second sister in the Cottage, Ye Futian finally understood why all the brothers were fighting to go down the mountain.

After going down the mountain, they could be much more imposing!

The difference was too large.

The faces of the elders from the College were all cold and they looked slightly frustrated. This was why the College did not like the Cottage: the people were too supercilious. Moreover, the College could not do anything about the Cottage. If they tried to reason with the Cottage, they would realize that the Cottage disciples were all rather eloquent.

If they wanted to talk about strength, in the College, even the few mountain elders would not dare to say that they could certainly win the third disciple from the Cottage. Furthermore, it was only the third disciple from the Cottage. Even the elders might not win him, not to say his peers. In the Cottage, there was still the eldest disciple who was like a king in the Western Region. Therefore, it was really very difficult for the College not to hate the Cottage.

"Let's go," Situ Wu said tonelessly. Then, a few huge demons whizzed over and landed on the square. The College disciples stepped onto the demons one after another, and they ascended into the air.

"How do we go there?" Ye Futian looked at brother Luo Fan. If we can take one or two of the demons closed in the Cottage and travel on them, it will definitely look impressive, he thought.

Luo Fan took down the package from his back and untied it. Ye Futian then saw a stick which was totally black, as if it had been charred.

"Fire stick?" Ye Futian blinked.

"It should be able to fit three people on top." Luo Fan smiled, slightly embarrassed.

"Err..." Seeing that many people from the College were looking in their direction, Ye Futian felt somewhat humiliated. However, Luo Fan did not mind it at all. He held his head high and walked onto the fire stick. Putting his hands behind his back, he looked like an expert who had withdrawn from the outside world.

Yu Sheng and Ye Futian walked onto the stick. Then, the fire stick flew into the air and left the Book Mountain.


As the former king of the Eastern Barren Territory, the Qin Dynasty occupied the most central position in the Eastern Barren Territory. The Qin Imperial City, the imperial city of the Qin Dynasty, the Donghua City where the Donghua Clan was located at, and the Divine Capital where the College was situated were honored as the three most bustling cities in the Eastern Barren Territory.

At the moment, the Qin Imperial City was extremely lively. Countless people from different places had come to the Qin Imperial City to send their congratulations. The king of the Qin Dynasty was about to confer someone as the crown prince. This was a major event that would affect the whole Eastern Barren Territory. Maybe in the near future, the king would be changed.

The king of Qin could be said to be the most influential person in the Eastern Barren Territory. It was not hard to imagine how many things would be affected when the person on the throne might change.

At the moment, in the sky, powerful cultivators flew over in the air continuously. Some even had to cross many regions to reach the place. All the top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory had received the invitation from the Qin Imperial City, and they had also sent people here to visit and congratulate the Qin Dynasty.