The Legend Of Futian Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Crown Prince and His Son
Chapter 228: Crown Prince and His Son
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The Qin palace was a majestic place. It had gone through the years of wear and tear, had once faced a risk of collapse, but it still stood in the Eastern Barren Territory. However, the Qin Dynasty wasn't satisfied with being one of the strongest three. After all, it had once been the true king of the Eastern Barren Territory. Each generation of kings worked hard to try and recover their lost glory.

There was a huge square outside the palace, guarded by armored soldiers. Below that, there were steps leading down. Right now, there was a crowd down there staring up at the solemn place. At that time, strong cultivators descended from the air and landed before the steps.

The crown prince crowning ceremony must be a grand event.

Other than here, the regions surrounding the Qin Dynasty were all bustling. Strong cultivators landed every now and then. There were even rumors that the strong from every top force had arrived. They stayed in the inns and would attend the crowning ceremony.

At that moment, a group of white-clothed figures descended from the sky and landed inside a pavilion. Everyone looked at them with shining eyes and discussed them.

"The Donghua Clan is here."

"Yes, they're situated the closest from here."

Many people whispered amongst themselves. The pavilion that the Donghua Clan landed in was their property in the Qin imperial city. Of course, there was nobody from the Donghua Clan there and only some servants took care of it. In addition to the Donghua Clan, all top forces had properties in places such as the Qin imperial city. This wasn't significant.

A group of fairy-like people appeared in another part of the sky. Many of them were rare beauties. Another piece of news quickly spread through the city. The fairies of the Moon Clan had arrived and gone to the Moon House. Similarly, this was their property.

After that, another piece of news said that the Fuyun Sword Clan had gone to the Sword Pavilion.

The strong of the Sword Saint Mountain had arrived too. They stayed in the Knife Pavilion, not too far from the Sword Pavilion. Tensions rose. No one knew if these two forces would get into a scuffle.

The College arrived as well. They went to the Book Tower of the Qin imperial city. It was peaceful and sophisticated, just like how a scholar's residence should be like. Ye Futian, Luo Fan, and Yu Sheng picked a courtyard, and a servant cleaned it up for them.

"Brother, you said that all top forces have their own properties here. If the Moon Clan come, where will they stay?" Ye Futian asked Luo Fan in the courtyard. He wondered if Jieyu would come. One day without her was like three years.

"The Moon House. Are you going to try for the disciples of the Moon Clan?" Luo Fan laughed at Ye Futian. He didn't know about Hua Jieyu. The Cottage didn't pay attention to the Ancient Barren World. If Gu Dongliu who'd accepted Ye Futian hadn't told them about him, they wouldn't even know what Ye Futian had done in the Ancient Barren World.

"I'll go if I have time," Ye Futian said, chuckling.

"It seems like you have high aspirations." Luo Fan patted Ye Futian's shoulder. "I hope you can marry the Moon Clan's Virgin."

"There's a Virgin in the Moon Clan?" Ye Futian asked.

"Of course. The current Virgin is one of the top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory." Luo Fan chuckled. "Are you interested?"

Ye Futian had a strange expression. If the Moon Clan had a Virgin who was known as one of the top three beauties, what would happen after Jieyu went?

"Brother, I'm not like that," Ye Futian defended himself. How could he be misunderstood like that? Luo Fan smiled while Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. He asked, "Who are the other two?"

Luo Fan's smile widened. He almost believed Ye Futian

"Princess Mengruo of the Qin Dynasty and Hua Qingqing of the Donghua Clan. But don't think about Hua Qingqing. She's already taken," Luo Fan chuckled.

"Brother, I didn't think anything. I was just asking," Ye Futian said.

"Yeah, I trust you." Luo Fan nodded with a subtle smile.

Ye Futian just sighed inwardly. He was used to being misunderstood.

The top forces had all arrived in the Qin imperial city, making the city much livelier. Everyone in restaurants and even storytellers discussed interesting facts about the top forces, attracting much attention. Of course, the one discussed most was none other than Prince Qin Yu of the Qin Dynasty.

Everyone knew who the king would crown as the crown princeQin Yu. He was an extraordinary prince and had been the brightest existence in his generation since he was young. He entered the Noble Plane before 30 years old and had developed extremely fast. His cultivation was even more impressive. Apparently, he wasn't far from King Qin's plane. It was highly possible that Qin Yu may become the new king within the decade. Thus, many people discussed him. Not only was he extremely talented, he was also polite and was held in high prestige in the kingdom. Apparently, he had gone to personally greet the Donghua Clan after they'd arrived. Other than him, Xiao Wuji and Ye Futian were also mentioned often.

Before Ye Futian's appearance, Xiao Wuji had been the most legendary figure of the Ancient Barren World in recent years. He'd received the College's invitation and had entered as the dean's personal student. How could someone like that not be discussed?

As for Ye Futian, his performance had been even more extraordinary than Xiao Wuji's. In addition, he'd officially entered the Cottage and naturally created much buzz.

Currently, a group of strong cultivators was visiting the Book Tower of the bustling imperial city. The leader stood out of the crowd in an elegant royal robe. Situ Wu of the College came to welcome him personally as he was Qin Yu, the one who would soon become the crown prince. After he chatted with the College, he came to where Luo and Ye Futian were residing.

Seeing the soon-to-be crown prince, Ye Futian was surprised. He'd thought that Qin Yu would be busy with all the affairs and didn't expect him to come to visit.

Qin Yu greeted them and smiled, saying, "It is my honor to meet the disciples of the Cottage."

"Your Majesty, you are too polite," Luo Fan replied.

"It has always been my dream to cultivate in the Cottage but sadly, it will never happen. However, it's a pity I will not see Gu Dongliu this time. I wanted to compete with him," Qin Yu said. His tone wasn't annoying at all. He controlled it well.

"Third Brother is a bit busier and could not make it," Luo Fan replied good-naturedly.

As for whether it was true or not, only the Cottage knew.

"No problem. I am equally honored to see you. Further, I can meet the one who broke many records in the Ancient Barren World too." Qin Yu's eyes fell upon Ye Futian and seemed very friendly.

"You flatter me, Your Majesty." Ye Futian smiled and nodded.

Qin Yu nodded at him and said, "Brother Luo, can we talk?"

"Please," Luo Fan said.

Qin Yu glanced at a youth beside him. He wore an elegant robe and looked similar to Qin Yu. He was around 20 years old and had a royal aura about him. He'd been studying Ye Futian curiously since he had arrived.

"Brother Ye, would you mind going elsewhere?" he suddenly said now.

"No need. Ye Futian is the Cottage's junior. He can stay." Luo Fan understood them.

"In that case, I will be straightforward," Qin Yu said. "Brother Luo, can you represent the Cottage?"

Luo Fan shot a surprised look at Qin Yu. Then he smiled and nodded. "Of course. Any disciple of the Cottage can represent it. Our opinion is the Cottage's opinion. Junior, keep in mind that you now represent the Cottage when outside."

Ye Futian eyed his senior brother, thinking, It's hard not to feel a sense of belonging in this kind of place.

Even though he'd just entered and was only in the Dharma Plane, he could still represent the Cottage outside. They were one unit and any one person could represent them all.

"Yes, brother." Ye Futian nodded.

Qin Yu smiled. "So bold. Is the Cottage willing to become the orthodox of the East Barren Territory College?"

"What do you mean?" Luo Fan asked.

"All scholars will see the Cottage as the highest, above the College," Qin Yu said.

Luo Fan smiled and shook his head. "Thank you for your consideration."

Qin Yu looked at him oddly. Why did Luo Fan reject him before he even finished?

He studied the other, only to hear Luo Fan continue, "The Cottage has our own aspirations. What Your Majesty said is not our aspiration."

"I see." Qin Yu nodded. A faint smile still on his face, he bowed slightly. "Farewell."

With that, Qin Yu really brought his men away. While leaving, the youth beside him glanced at Ye Futian. Watching Qin Yu leave, Luo Fan arched an eyebrow. This trip was not so simple.

Qin Yu, soon to be crown prince, seemed to be very ambitious.

After the royalty left, they walked on the streets and heard something. At this time, Ye Futian's name seemed to stream out of an open-roof restaurant.

"Everyone saw Xiao Wuji as unparalleled in the Ancient Barren World. No one could surpass him. But that day, Ye Futian continuously broke the records. Months later, he snatched all the glory on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. Perhaps no one can be compared to this youth in terms of talent."

The speaker was a storyteller. He was very into the story.

The youth beside Qin Yu chuckled and said, "People always forget about past glory. No matter what people do later, they can be turned into legends."

Many people looked over. When they saw Qin Yu's group, they were all shocked. Looking to the one who spoke, they guessed at his identity and their eyes couldn't help but gleam.

It was himthe prince's legendary son.

"All records are made to be broken. The later ones have more advantages than the previous. Every generation is like that. However, how many of the record-breakers can really stand at the peak of the Eastern Barren Territory?" the youth continued. "I'm sure you all have forgotten about what the two monsters of the Donghua Clan have done. If you have time, please think back. What they've accomplished cannot only be summarized by the word 'talent'!"