The Legend Of Futian Chapter 229

Chapter 229: History of Fame of the Cottage
Chapter 229: History of Fame of the Cottage
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The grandson of the king of Qin was called Qin Li. He was one of the most talented young people in the Eastern Barren Territory. At the moment, his father was about to be conferred as the crown prince of the Qin Imperial City and become one of the most influential people in the Eastern Barren Territory. Therefore, every move of Qin Li would undoubtedly be magnified. Thus, when Qin Yu was about to be conferred, the words from Qin Li immediately stirred up the people in the Qin Imperial City.

Qin Li's words did not seem to be inappropriate, and he did not even mention Ye Futian's name, but when he said so at this moment, it would easily cause people to misunderstand. Of course, maybe there was no misunderstanding at all: this might be his attitude in the first place.

Ye Futian was a disciple of the College Cottage, but the grandson of the king of Qin was praising the disciples from the Donghua Clan. The meaning behind it was really intriguing.

Of course, from another perspective, what the grandson of the king of Qin said seemed to be reasonable as well. Records were indeed meant to be broken by later generations. It was only that Ye Futian broke the records in a very powerful way. That was why he could cause such an intense furor and let the entire Eastern Barren Territory know his name when he was only in the lower levels of the Dharma Plane.

Nobody knew how strong Ye Futian would be in the future. However, at least currently, he was still only a low-level cultivator.

As for the two absolute geniuses from the Donghua Clan, both of them were very outstanding, especially the one who was already standing among the top of the Eastern Barren Territory. Perhaps, only people like the crown prince Qin Yu and Gu Dongliu from the Cottage could be compared to him.

Qin Li's words quickly spread into the ears of the people from the different forces which were entering the Qin Imperial City.

It was said that someone met a disciple from the Donghua Clan, and asked the disciple for his opinion on the words of Qin Li, the king's grandson. The disciple from the Donghua Clan smiled and commented that even though Ye Futian performed well in the Ancient Barren World and had proven his own talents, he was still too weak to compare with the real geniuses in the Eastern Barren Territory. At least, he had yet to prove himself in terms of combat powers.

The disciple from the Donghua Clan said that maybe a few years later when Ye Futian's level was higher, he would then be qualified to be compared with the absolute geniuses.

Many people agreed in their hearts, feeling that the words from Qin Li and the disciple of the Donghua Clan were reasonable. On one hand, Ye Futian's talents were indeed outstanding, but on the other hand, when they carefully recalled Ye Futian's performance in the Ancient Barren World, they realized that he indeed did not prove his combat abilities. Maybe his willpower was also genius.

Of course, in any case, they were comparing Ye Futian to the best geniuses in the Eastern Barren Territory in the first place.

Apart from that, some people also noticed something unusual.

Qin Li, the grandson of the king of Qin, was about to become the son of the crown prince. Why would he comment on the disciple of the Cottage and the people from the Donghua Clan publicly?

Ye Futian did not know about the words from Qin Li and the disciple from the Donghua Clan until the people from the Liu Kingdom came and visited them.

"Greetings, Senior Luo." The people from the Liu Kingdom who came were naturally Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu. When they saw Luo Fan, they bowed slightly and saluted. Ye Futian was gradually becoming used to this as well: even when the prince of the Qin Dynasty came here, he also viewed Luo Fan as someone with a similar status as himself.

Of course, this was also because Ye Futian had a strong first impression. When he first saw the fifth brother, he was conscientiously cooking. Therefore, he felt strange about what happened outside.

A Cottage disciple on the Book Mountain and one outside the Book Mountain were completely different.

"Your friends?" Luo Fan asked Ye Futian.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"You talk," Luo Fan said. He then walked to the side and sat down.

"Where's your Wuchen?" Ye Futian looked at Liu Chenyu and smiling, he said so.

Liu Chenyu opened her eyes wide at Ye Futian. "I have asked around, and Wuchen probably did not come. Among all of you, only you and Yu Sheng are here," Liu Feiyang said at the moment.

"Jieyu did not come as well?" Ye Futian asked.

"Nope." Liu Feiyang shook his head, and Ye Futian was somewhat disappointed. Maybe Jieyu did not know that I would come.

"Have you heard about the king's grandson and the Donghua Clan?" Liu Feiyang asked.

Ye Futian shook his head. "What happened?"

Liu Feiyang told Ye Futian about the things that had happened. Not far away, Luo Fan glanced in their direction and a strange look flashed across his eyes. However, he quickly returned to normal and did not seem to be bothered.

A strange expression appeared on Ye Futian's face and he said, "Why did Qin Li say this?"

"I heard that Qin Yu, the prince-to-be, has been visiting all the top forces that have come here. He has a wild ambition," Liu Feiyang said.

"Qin Yu wants the Qin Dynasty to be revived in his hands, but it's not as easy as he thinks. Even if he teams up with the Donghua Clan, to rebuild the king of the Eastern Barren Territory it once was..." Before Luo Fan finished the sentence, he smiled and shook his head.

A fool's talk.

"Senior Luo, you are saying that the Qin Imperial City has teamed up with the Donghua Clan?" Liu Feiyang's eyes sparkled.

"One wants to revive the dynasty, and the other only wants to become the strongest clan in the region. The two do not contradict each other." Luo Fan smiled. "Maybe, one more force can be included. For example, a college which teaches the world."

Liu Feiyang felt somewhat shocked. It seemed to him that Qin Yu had already spoken to Luo Fan. If the top three forces in the Eastern Barren Territory were to join hands, their combined capability would definitely be terrifying. Furthermore, the three indeed did not contradict one another.

A dynasty, a clan, and a college could actually complement each other.

Ye Futian looked at brother Luo Fan in surprise. He did not expect the fifth brother to be able to speculate so many things just from a simple meet-up and the words from the king's grandson and the Donghua Clan.

"Did the College reject it?" Liu Feiyang asked. If the College also agreed, with its influence, and the Qin Imperial City and the Donghua Clan, it would be somewhat terrifying.

"Now, the College is already orthodox in the Eastern Barren Territory. Why does it have to become a cat's paw? Those guys are not stupid." Luo Fan smiled. "Then, they thought of the Cottage. However, the Qin Dynasty is really looking down on the Cottage. Although the master is lazy, he is ambitious."

Ye Futian blinked his eyes. Just now, the fifth brother told Qin Yu that the Cottage had its own aspirations. He asked curiously, "What's the master's ambition?"

"I forgot. Next time when you see the master, you can ask him yourself," Luo Fan said, smiling. Ye Futian was somewhat speechless.

"So, the king's grandson said that deliberately to devalue Ye Futian and apprise the Donghua Clan?" Liu Feiyang's eyes sparkled. He was not very surprised by Luo Fan's words. The Qin Dynasty had always wanted to revive itself, and the Donghua Clan also worked hard to become the first clan in the Eastern Barren Territory. These were not secrets.

"Perhaps," Luo Fan smiled and said.

"Should we use a counterattack?" Liu Feiyang asked.

"The Cottage does not care about the opinions of others. That time, before the big brother went down the mountain, he was questioned by many. After the battle that made him famous, everyone in the world knows about him. Some people think that the existence of the big brother is merely a coincidence. Later, the third brother went down the mountain, and all the voices vanished. Those who were supposed to shut up did so," Luo Fan said tonelessly. The history of fame of the Cottage was simple: it was only a story about two disciples going down the mountain.

However, the simple story was stirring. The eldest disciple of the Cottage went down the mountain and challenged the clan leader of the Fuyun Sword Clan. He became reputed in just one battle and formed his own clan.

The story of the third brother becoming famous was even simpler. The master of the Cottage was roaming around when he encountered a tragic case. A junior young man from a top-tier Noble-level force liked a girl from a certain family. After being rejected, the family was actually exterminated. When the master of the Cottage reached there, only an orphan was left in the family.

According to many rumors, the Cottage master was bad at cultivating himself and knew only how to teach others to cultivate. The young man from the force was disrespectful, but because of the influence of the eldest disciple in the Cottage, he did not dare to do anything and could only allow the Cottage master to bring the orphan back.

The latter part of the story was much simpler. The third disciple from the Cottage went down the mountain, and the top-tier Noble-level force disappeared from the Eastern Barren Territory since then.

Because of these two incidents only, the Cottage became reputed in the entire world and a holy place where countless young people longed to cultivate in. From then on, even though the Cottage disciples did not appear often, whenever a disciple went down the mountain, no force would dare to neglect him. Nobody would know whether he would start another bloodshed!

Thinking of this, Luo Fan smiled and said, "Actually, what the king's grandson said is true. The people in the world always tend to forget the brilliance of the previous generations. Habitual forgetfulness, they just don't learn."

Hearing Luo Fan's words, Liu Feiyang was speechless. It's indeed the Cottage: the people there are overly arrogant. Also, the arrogance seemed to be able to spread, and every single Cottage disciple would be like this. He had already seen the situation when Gu Dongliu went to Cangye. Now, the fifth disciple of the Cottage was equally arrogant.

Ye Futian is a proud person in the first place. Now, he has entered such a place. I wonder what he will become.