The Legend Of Futian Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Fury
Chapter 234: Fury
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Bang! A loud sound was heard as Yu Sheng landed on the ground and stood steadily in front of Ye Futian. Even the ground seemed to have trembled. His devil-like wings flapped and the golden ax in his hands had yet to dissipate. He glanced at the people from the Donghua Clan in disdain.

The cultivators from the Donghua Clan walked forward one after another. The bloodstain on the person who had fought with Yu Sheng previously was shocking, as if he would be cut into two by the ax had he been only slightly slower. However, Yu Sheng's level was only the Fourth-level Dharma Plane, while the cultivator from the Donghua Clan was in the Sixth-level Dharma Plane.

"Who is he?" Some people felt very shocked, after which they recalled a person. They recalled the genius who once followed Ye Futian and made four Nobles appear on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall in the Ancient Barren World. His name was Yu Sheng.

Only the best geniuses could display four Nobles in the Ancient Barren World. However, Yu Sheng's existence could hardly be remembered, because Ye Futian was present as well. He caused the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall to dim, and later entered the Cottage as a disciple. Therefore, Yu Sheng was instead ignored by the rest. However, at the moment, everyone just seemed to realize that apart from Ye Futian, there was another person in the Cottage called Yu Sheng.

This young man called Yu Sheng almost killed the Sixth-level Dharma Plane cultivator from the Donghua Clan by swinging his ax randomly.

"I am but the wood-cutter in the Cottage. You can't even win against me. Do you still have the face to challenge a Cottage disciple?" Yu Sheng glanced at the opposite party with a wild look and said in a cold tone, "The challenge is fine. Now that you can't win, you want to attack us together?"

Everyone around felt speechless. Yu Sheng claimed that he was the wood-cutter of the Cottage. Then the genius from the Donghua Clan was even lesser than a wood-cutter. Also, the way that Yu Sheng used his ax just now was indeed without any technique; he clearly looked like he was cutting a piece of wood, as if he had really only been cutting wood in the Cottage.

On the other side of the battlefield, the crazily struggling Gu Ming was extremely unwilling to be defeated. He used his strong willpower to resist the musical pressure from Ye Futian, but his spirit was finally going to collapse. Following a muffled humph, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face turned completely pale.

He wanted to admit defeat, but after losing his momentum, his willpower was crushed directly. The emperor pressure within the music caused his will to surrender and he knelt down right away without managing to admit defeat. Although the sound of him kneeling down was not loud, everyone's heart trembled because of it.

On this day, the Donghua Clan had lost all its face.

In both battles, the people from the Donghua Clan were at a higher level. However, one was injured by a randomly striking ax, while the other knelt down and submitted to his opponent.

"Stand up." A sound seemed to have interrupted all the music and erupted in Gu Ming's ears directly, causing his body to tremble vigorously. Looking at the ground and noticing that he was kneeling down, Gu Ming could only feel his face turning red as an endless feeling of humiliation surged in his mind.

As a genius from the Donghua Clan, he actually knelt down during the guqin recital in front of so many people from the various top forces. This meant that from then on, he would never be able to wash away the shame.

No matter where Gu Ming would go in the future, the others would recall him kneeling down on this day. The Donghua Clan would also probably stop training him from the moment on. For the Donghua Clan which wanted to become the best clan in the Eastern Barren Territory, their aim would be to surpass the College and the Cottage. Therefore, they would not allow a person who had knelt down in front of a Cottage disciple to represent the Donghua Clan.

The musical storm dissipated and vanished in an instant, while Ye Futian's Guqin Spirit also disappeared. Qian Shanmu claimed that he did not know about music, but at the moment, how would Qian Shanmu feel?

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at Qian Shanmu who was opposite him. The music could be interrupted, but Qian Shanmu would not be able to take back his previous words after all.

With Qian Shanmu's identitythe best musician among the young generation in the Eastern Barren Territorywhen he dismissed someone as not knowing any music, then the person naturally knew little about music. However, Ye Futian deliberately used music and easily overpowered another genius in the Donghua Clan.

Qian Shanmu also looked at Ye Futian. Even at this moment, still, not much emotion could be seen in his eyes. Qian Shanmu could keep calm, but Gu Ming could not. Following a loud bang, lightning flooded the sky, and sword auroras whizzed in anger. His speed was extremely fast and he flashed out as violently as a bolt of lightning. At the moment, even his eyes turned purple, and they were filled with an endless amount of humiliation and hatred.

This battle would very likely cause him to lose everything that he had.

Lifting his head, Ye Futian saw the hatred-filled eyes, from which he could understand a lot. He also knew what this battle would cost Gu Ming, but when Gu Ming walked out, wanting to become famous by defeating a Cottage disciple, was he not prepared for such an outcome?

Bang. A loud noise was heard and a very wild power erupted. Everyone saw Gu Ming charge towards Ye Futian and hit him with an all-powerful lightning might.

At this instant, it was as if Ye Futian could not react in time, or did not expect Gu Ming to attack all of a sudden. The lightning swept onto Ye Futian's body and the lightning sword stabbed towards him. It was as if the sharp sword with the lightning would kill Ye Futian.

At this moment, everyone's heart trembled, even including the onlookers from the different forces. It was alright to battle and learn from each other. Even if Gu Ming was humiliated, that was also because he was less skilled than his opponent. However, if he really killed a Cottage disciple, it would be a much more serious matter.

Gu Ming, of course, did not manage to kill Ye Futian. In fact, the moment he moved, Ye Futian was already aware. When Gu Ming's attack landed on him, his body no longer seemed to be made from blood and flesh, but instead, he was like a real divine ape.

Ye Futian was skilled at many abilities, but apart from the Freedom Meditation and the multi-elemental Life Spirit, his most fundamental ability was the body-enhancing technique that Emperor Ye Qing had passed to him. The body-enhancing technique was meant to build an extremely strong physical body.

How strong was Ye Futian's physical body at the moment? Gu Ming's attack would not be able to damage his body.

In the eyes of everyone else, the purple lightning was flashing on Ye Futian, and the sharp sword was about to penetrate through his body. However, at this moment, Gu Ming, who was close to Ye Futian, lifted his head in horror, as if he could believe something. Apart from hatred, his eyes were also filled with intense fear.

Ye Futian's look was still emotionless, as if he was unconcerned about everything. His eyes caused Gu Ming to feel chilly throughout his body. Only at this moment, he truly realized that Ye Futian had never viewed him as an opponent; in Ye Futian's eyes, Gu Ming was totally non-existent. His hatred and humiliation only came from his own confidence and trying to bite off more than he could chew.

He was very strong in his attack abilities. However, when his attack landed directly onto Ye Futian's body, it could not even break Ye Futian's defense. Gu Ming's feelings could then be well imagined.

A wave of coldness swept across Gu Ming's body as he just realized what he had donehe was trying to surprise attack and kill a Cottage disciple. Losing that battle would probably cause him to lose a lot, but if he really killed a Cottage disciple, what would he end up in?

Would the Cottage let him off?

Maybe, he already would not be able to wait until the Cottage found him.

An extremely strong aura enveloped Ye Futian. Gu Ming only started to back away at the moment, but Ye Futian already punched out. Bang... Accompanying a loud noise, Gu Ming lay on the ground and blood bloomed out.

Seeing the scene, everyone felt shocked. Ye Futian is actually not injured at all? Such a powerful attack from Gu Ming landed on his body at such a close range. He actually has no reaction? What defense spells or abilities did Ye Futian cultivate?

Now, this is a tragedy for Gu Ming.

Gu Ming was easily defeated by music and knelt on the ground to submit. Then, he tried a surprise attack, which was actually totally useless. He was overpowered again.

Dong. At that moment, Yu Sheng stepped forward in large steps. His look was wild and extremely cold as he stared firmly at Gu Ming who was lying on the ground. A moment ago, Gu Ming's lightning sword stabbed Ye Futian's chest where his heart was. Did he want to catch Ye Futian by surprise and kill him?

Although Gu Ming failed, his attack was still sufficient to enrage Yu Sheng. At the moment, he was like a violent beast, and a wild breath was released fiercely from his body. Everyone around was able to feel how strong Yu Sheng's fury was.

Very soon, Yu Sheng appeared in front of Gu Ming. A terrifying golden light appeared on his hand, as if in the next instant, the shattering power would crush down.

"What do you want to do?" Gu Ming lifted his head. He seemed to have felt the wildness within Yu Sheng's eyes at the moment and was horrified.

What did Yu Sheng want to do to him?

The people from the Donghua Clan were also stunned. They frowned and all looked at Yu Sheng. Then, someone said in a cold voice, "What do you want to do?"

Yu Sheng ignored the person and raised his own arm.


"How dare you."

The people from the Donghua Clan roared in anger. With Yu Sheng's strength, if he landed the blow, Gu Ming's outcome could clearly be imagined.

Yu Sheng did not seem to have heard them and punched his fist down, smashing Gu Ming's chest. Following a loud bang, Gu Ming's miserable cry erupted, as well as the clear sound of bones cracking apart wildly!