The Legend Of Futian Chapter 241

Chapter 241: The Fourth Disciple of the Cottage
Chapter 241: The Fourth Disciple of the Cottage
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Gu Dongliu's words froze the atmosphere.

Everybody looked up at that figure in white. Even knowing it was the Donghua Clan and Qin Dynasty who bullied the disciple of the Cottage, Gu Dongliu still came for revenge. If the Qin Dynasty intercepted to protect the Donghua Clan, it would mean that the Qin Dynasty admitted to being involved.

Gu Dongliu was pressing the Qin Dynasty to make choice. People were curious about what Gu Dongliu would do if the Qin Dynasty admitted it. Both the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan were among the top three powers in the Eastern Barren Territory. If they joined hands, even the Cottage could resist them. Therefore, would the Cottage directly declare the war? The other forces did not dare to do that but people never knew what the Cottage's next step was.

Qin Yu kept staring at Gu Dongliu who threatened him, the new crown prince, with only one sentence.

This was the third disciple of the Cottage, Gu Dongliu.

"When our disciple was bullied in the palace, the Qin Dynasty didn't intervene. Therefore, I hope that you will also stay clear of what I am going to do or you must be the accomplice," Gu Dongliu said lightly. "The Cottage came to the ceremony with sincerity. If Qin Dynasty is really the accomplice, we won't just let it go."

Saying this, Gu Dongliu walked toward the Donghua Clan. Suddenly, an invisible power broke out from his body and covered the whole space.

Did Gu Dongliu really dare to attack? The strong cultivators of Donghua Clan stared at Gu Dongliu coldly.

Whoosh. Countless people stared at that man in white, their hearts clenching. Confronted with two top powers, he showed no fear but acted directly.

Was this who Gu Dongliu was?

He didn't care whether the Qin Dynasty would help the Donghua Clan. As long as they offered help, they were the accomplice. Then, he had enough reason to fight them. As for the Donghua Clan, he didn't even need to talk to them before fighting since the fact was very obvious to all.

He just needed to take that person.

The Nobles of the Donghua Clan stepped out. Many of them were very strong. They wanted to see what kind of ability Gu Dongliu had.

"It is said that the third disciple of the Cottage is excellent but not many people have experienced it. It seems that we have the chance now to find out how strong you can be." A strong upper-level Noble walked out with a shocking noble intent. Spiritual Qi went wild around him and the space became incomparably intense. An invisible force rushed toward Gu Dongliu.

Even people standing afar could sense that horrible pressure. A Noble cultivator was indeed terrifying. However, Gu Dongliu seemed to be unaware. He looked up indifferently as if there was nothing there. His eyes seemed to release a beam of the demon light which made his eyes more profound. At the same time, an invisible spiritual power appeared.

That Noble felt an invisible pressure against him and the figure of Gu Dongliu was magnified indefinitely in his mind.

The scholarly man in white floated in the air like a god.

It was not only him. The other Nobles of the Donghua Clan behind him felt the same. There was a long distance between them and Gu Dongliu but they felt as if he was standing before them, face to face.

"See what I have?" Gu Dongliu sneered. "Do you qualify?"

Gu Dongliu's voice sounded so mighty to those strong nobles.

Do you qualify? Qualify The sound kept repeating in their minds. Gu Dongliu's figure would not leave their vision.

"Leave," Gu Dongliu uttered.

As the word "leave" resounded in the Noble's mind, an invisible force pierced into him. The voice of Gu Dongliu hit him like lighting and he grunted in pain. Blood burst from his mouth and he was forced back to the rest of the nobles.

"This" People were all shocked by what they had seen. Just like the Noble once said, Gu Dongliu was famous but few people had seen him fight.

They were fortunate to witness it now.

Most people involuntarily looked at Qian Shanmu behind the strong cultivators of Donghua Clan. He was claimed to be the best at Rhythmic Sorcery among the young generation. At this moment, Gu Dongliu's voice was transformed into rhythm attacks, which was really incomparable.

It was clear that Gu Dongliu was an extremely powerful Spiritual Mandate Sorcerer.

"Who is the bully? Will the Dognhua Clan give the bully to me or should I find him by myself?" Gu Dongliu asked indifferently, ignoring the nobles of the Donghua Clan. Up to now, he still had no idea who was the bully. But no matter whom it was, he would find out and take him away.

He Jiang looked extremely embarrassed. He was part of the Donghua Clan, one of the top powers. He didn't expect that Gu Dongliu could be so bold. Moreover, he was afraid that nobody in the Donghua clan could stop Gu Dongliu.

Scanning them, Gu Dongliu fixed his eyes on He Jiang as if he could find the bully only by judging their eyes and looks.

"You?" Gu Dongliu asked. He Jiang was so embarrassed that he dared not respond directly.

Seeing this, Qin Yu frowned. He didn't expect that the Donghua Clan could be so vulnerable. However, Gu Dongliu's sharp words made it impossible for him to stop this.

Gu Dongliu continued walking forward. The Donghua Clan seemed to be frozen. Every step the man in white made was like a beat to their hearts.

At this moment, a line of figures came appeared the sky and looked downward.

"Gu Dongliu." A cold voice was heard. Gu Dongliu looked up to the sky behind him.

"How dare you?" an old Noble said. His voice resounded through the air like thunder. An invisible pressure rushed to Gu Dongliu like a hand pushing down.

Seeing this, Gu Dongliu shot into that hand like lightning. Accompanied by a loud bang, that handprint was shattered and destroyed. Gu Dongliu rushed directly towards the strong cultivators of the Donghua Clan in the sky. The members of the Donghua Clan here were all strong Nobles. All kinds of horrible attacks were issued at once, blocking the sun.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu was relieved. Before this day, Qin Yu had warned the Donghua Clan that since they should have the mightiness the top power of the Eastern Barren Territory should have. The people here at this time were indeed very strong.

He Jiang was relieved too. That old man was his master uncle who had monstrous strength. Moreover, many people here were top nobles in the Eastern Barren Territory. They should be strong enough to deal with Gu Dongliu. However, facing such strong attacks, Gu Dongliu didn't escape. Instead, he moved straight forward. Every attack heading toward that white figure was dispelled and transformed into violent Spiritual Qi.

People were all shocked by this scene. The strong cultivators of the Donghua Clan attacked again while Gu Dongliu still made no resistance. He continued walking in the sky as if his figure was transformed into an illusory shadow.

Boom. When he took another step forward, those figures in the sky stopped. The Nobles who had arrived stiffened and lost their fierce momentum. Their faces were purple as if they were suffering from very strong pressure.

Seeing this, the strong cultivators of the Donghua Clan below stepped out, wanting to join hands with people in the sky to fight against Gu Dongliu. He was too strong.

"Stop!" someone called coolly. The strong cultivators of the Donghua Clan looked up to the sky and saw a proud figure walk out above the black dragon.

Xue Ye also looked like a scholar. Looking at the Donghua Clan, his expression turned strange and he asked, "Is this how you bullied my brother yesterday?"

An ancient book appeared behind Xue Ye as soon as he spoke. Brilliant light radiated from the book. Like a treasured scroll, it was dazzling. This could be his Dharma.

The book opened automatically and pages rushed out one by one. For a moment, the pages flew around Xue Ye, surrounding him like a sea of paper.

"Thousands of Books to Read," Xue Ye said slowly. The pages of the ancient book flew directly toward the strong cultivators of the Donghua Clan.

Suddenly, one of the pages was set aflame. It turned into a fire dragon, soaring toward the enemy. Another page turned into a mountain, crushing down to the enemy. Yet another page turned to ice and froze everything.

In an instant, all kinds of images and attacks rushed to the people of the Donghua Clan. Countless people were frozen in shock, their hearts trembling.

Two battles made the Cottage known to all. One was First Disciple Sword Saint's battle with the Fuyun Sword Clan. The second was Third Disciple Gu Dongliu's defeat of one of the top powers in the Eastern Barren Territory.

The two disciples of the Cottage were very famous in the Eastern Barren Territory. Everyone knew them. However, people knew that the fourth disciple of the Cottage was called Xue Ye but had never seen him fight.

This seemed to be Xue Ye's first battle down the mountain.

At that moment, everyone seemed to see the birth of another man who would shake the world!