The Legend Of Futian Chapter 245

Chapter 245: No Status

Every generation of the Eastern Barren Territory produced great talents. Strong cultivators abounded. However, there were only three most legendary figures in Gu Dongliu's generation. They had all produced brilliant histories.

Gu Dongliu, the third disciple of the Cottage.

Lu Nantian of the Donghua Clan.

Crown Prince Qin Yu of the Qin Dynasty.

These three of equal status were now at the top level of the Eastern Barren Territory. With Qin Yu becoming crown prince, it was obvious their generation would begin to rule the Territory. These three were the leaders of the generation.

Lu Nantian was the most famous of the Donghua Clan. He was unrivaled. He had once defeated top figures of the same generation from other forces. Even people from previous generations had lost to him. He fought fewer and fewer these years because fewer people were qualified. There were only two in the vast Eastern Barren Territory—Gu Dongliu and Qin Yu.

Now, Lu Nantian had challenged Gu Dongliu, third disciple of the Cottage. This news quickly spread throughout the Eastern Barren Territory, causing fervor. A legendary battle would naturally be watched by all. Was this the Donghua Clan's response? If Lu Nantian had challenged publicly, did it mean that he had the confidence to win? Even though he had a brilliant record and had never lost, no one doubted that this fight would be his most difficult one.

After the Donghua Clan and Qin Dynasty left, the College was in a fervor. Not only did the two team up to establish the Dongqin College to compete with them, now Lu Nantian came to challenge Gu Dongliu. This was all building up to something. They knew that Gu Dongliu couldn't lose this fight.

This was not only a fight involving Gu Dongliu. It affected the entire College. One could imagine the consequence if the Cottage's Gu Dongliu lost to Lu Nantian on the opening ceremony of the Dongqin Ceremony. However, the Cottage was still quiet. After that voice traveled down from it, everything went back to normal. They returned to their own duties.

It was still a long while before the next year. Cultivating was the most important task.

Ye Futian began cultivating as well. The trip down the mountain had motivated him greatly. The Dharma Plane was way too weak in the Eastern Barren Territory. If not for his status as part of the Cottage, he probably wouldn't even be able to walk out there. Any random strong cultivator would be able to kill him.

That was the main reason why the top talents all joined different forces. If they cultivated alone, it would be dangerous no matter how talented they were.

The Book Cave of the Cottage contained tens of thousands of books. Second Senior Sister and Third Senior Brother didn't ask about Ye Futian's cultivation. They just told him to read more.

The books spanned every topic. He was a Full-Attribute Sorcerer so reading was definitely good. He could cultivate different elements as well as elemental martial arts. He could even learn to be like Fourth Senior Brother and cast spells of different elements together to be even more powerful. This was the advantage of Full-Attribute Sorcerers.

After a few days, the Black Wind Eagle came to the Cottage too. With Ye Futian's rising status, Second Senior Sister obviously wouldn't care about this. The Black Wind Eagle had meat every meal and was overjoyed. It was so nourishing.

What made Ye Futian speechless was that it would often go to the cave that trapped many Noble demons to show off. So what if they were demon kings? They still had to work every day. Only the Black Wind Eagle could go freely in the Cottage. Whenever the demon kings saw its annoying gaze, they would get the urge to eat it. It was a bastard.

The days of cultivation passed extremely quickly. Without realizing, months passed and Ye Futian reached the Fifth-level Dharma Plane.

The shocking news from months ago was still affecting the Eastern Barren Territory. This storm was destined to continue.

In the Chaoge City, the Dongqin College was already completed and had started enrolling students. Anyone who was talented enough could study there. Entering the college meant that they could freely choose between the Donghua Clan and Qin Dynasty. With this attractiveness, one could imagine the commotion it caused. Countless people headed towards Chaoge City. However, this seemed to have nothing to do with Ye Futian. That day, the Black Wind Eagle flew to the distance from the Book Mountain. There were two people on its back—Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

They'd been busy with cultivating and hadn't gone to see Master and Masteress.

The Divine Capital Ancient City was extremely vast and hundreds of miles away from the Book Mountain. There was a neighborhood there and the Black Wind Eagle landed in a certain mansion. This place was still named the Guqin Gardens. There were too many memories in the Donghai City so they used the same name to commemorate it.

"Master, Masteress, we're here!" Ye Futian jumped off the Black Wind Eagle and went to one courtyard.

Hua Fengliu was playing his guqin. Nandou Wenyin and Tang Lan were beside him. This scene was beautiful. Seeing this, Ye Futian smiled brightly. He was obviously happy to see them all.

The music stopped and Hua Fengliu looked up. He seemed to have aged backward since his time at the Qingzhou City and Donghai City. He was extremely handsome. Ye Futian felt that only his master's looks were close to his.

"Master, you're living in paradise," Ye Futian said while smiling at Masteress and Tang Lan.

"Stop your smart mouth. I heard you made trouble in the Qin palace." Tang Lan glared at him. He was so improper and teased them as soon as he arrived.

"Aunt Tang, you already know?" Ye Futian smiled timidly.

"I'm afraid everyone here knows." Tang Lan gave him a look.

Book Mountain was in the suburbs of the Divine Capital. The Cottage's Gu Dongliu had descended into the Qin Dynasty with mightiness. Such shocking news had spread all over the Eastern Barren Territory, let alone the Divine Capital.

"Aunt Tang, you know me. I never look for trouble," Ye Futian said pitifully.

"Futian, were you mistreated in the Qin Dynasty?" Nandou Wenyin asked gently.

"Masteress, you're the best." Touched, Ye Futian said, "Don't worry. Third Senior Brother already took revenge for me."

"Of course you weren't mistreated. You're not the one who was hurt," a cold voice said. Yi Xiang and Yi Qingxuan walked over. Yi Xiang glared at Ye Futian and asked, "Why do you always involve my student when you make trouble?"

Ye Futian was speechless. "You always think I'm the one who caused trouble."

The old man was too biased.

"Yu Sheng is an honest man. Of course it's you," Yi Xiang said.

"Teacher, it has nothing to do with Futian," Yu Sheng said.

Yi Xiang gave his student a look. He felt helpless. This kid always sided with Yu Sheng and Yi Xiang couldn't do anything about it.

Yi Qingxuan walked to Yu Sheng and looked up lovingly. "Were you hurt badly?"

Yu Sheng smiled broadly. "Don't worry. The food at the Cottage is great. Not only am I okay, I'm stronger than before."

"That's good." Yi Qingxuan smiled sweetly and took Yu Sheng's hand.

"Ah, I miss my Fox," Ye Futian muttered as he watched their public displays of affection. He wondered how Jieyu was doing at the Moon Clan and if she was mistreated. However, Jieyu was so clever. She was definitely doing fine.

"All you think about is your fox," Tang Lan said. "Now that you and Yu Sheng are so famous in the College, you're probably settled. When will you help get my student in too?"

Behind her, Tang Wan's eyes flashed. Her gentle eyes fell upon Ye Futian. She still vaguely remembered bringing Ye Futian into the Donghai Academy back then. Ye Futian had fought all the way in. It was not even two years later but Ye Futian's name was known all over the Eastern Barren Territory. He developed so quickly that she felt powerless.

Ye Futian gaped at Tang Lan. The guys at the College didn't like him that much. It was no easy task to bring Tang Wan in. As for the Cottage…how could he even bring it up?

He'd witnessed the talents of those at the Cottage. They didn't even invite someone like Xiao Wuji.

"Aunt Tang, that's…" Ye Futian didn't know how to respond.

"Look at your student. He's not reliable at all," Tang Lan said to Hua Fengliu.

Ye Futian felt wronged. "It's hard for me to come down. Why do you keep bullying me?"

Why did the other disciples all want to go down the mountain but he liked being up there more? His status was too low in this family. Second Senior Sister loved him more.

"Brother Yi, Brother Fengliu," a bright voice suddenly said. Yi Xiang and Hua Fengliu looked outside and saw two figures walk in. They strode over directly.

Ye Futian glanced at them. One was middle-aged and the other was a young man around 20 years old. The younger was quite handsome and had a nice temperament. When his gaze fell on Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, his eyebrow arched. His eyes contained slight animosity. Though it was just a flash, Ye Futian was sensitive and caught it.

It was their first meeting. Why did he treat them like enemies?

"Brother Nangong, how come you came over?" Yi Xiang asked.

"It's embarrassing but this kid missed a beautiful girl. I came over with him." The newcomer chuckled. The young man beside him glanced at Yi Qingxuan beside Yu Sheng. Then his eyes fell on Tang Wan.

"Wan'er, there's a gathering tomorrow. I want to invite you," he said to Tang Wan.

Tang Wan glanced at him and shook her head immediately. "I won't go."

"It's a gathering within my family. Many people will go. It's the birthday of an elder so a lot of people will go. Nangong Jiao has returned from the College too and they'll attend tomorrow. At that time, there'll be many talented people from our generation. You can go take a look."

The young man spoke with a smile as if flirting with Tang Wan.

Ye Futian blinked. Someone was pursuing Tang Wan!