The Legend Of Futian Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Letter

Tang Wan was warm and gentle like water. It was very normal for her to have pursuers. If she could find someone suitable, Ye Futian would naturally be happy for him. As for the Nangong Jiao that the young man had mentioned, he seemed to have heard of her before. The girl he'd climbed Book Mountain with was named Nangong Jiao, right? She hadn't left a strong impression. Ye Futian just remembered that she was a bit proud.

"No, it's not suitable for me to go to a family gathering," Tang Wan said gently. She smiled and shook her head. She seemed to be uninterested in this young man.

"No worries. Qingxuan can go too," the young man continued. "We're all in the same clan and Nangong Jiao had also brought her fellow disciples from the College to celebrate together. This is a very rare chance. Not only will you see geniuses, you'll also see some Nobles."

"I'm not going," Yi Qingxuan said and leaned into Yu Sheng. What did this have to do with her?

"Same clan?" Ye Futian was confused and glanced at Hua Fengliu and Tang Lan.

Tang Lan glared at him. She hadn't given him a nice look yet, which frustrated Ye Futian. Why did she hate him? What did he do wrong?

"There are many academies in the Divine Capital. We are now teaching at the Zhen Wu Academy. Tang Wan and Qingxuan are also studying there," Tang Lan said to Ye Futian. "Brother Nangong is also a teacher there."

"I see." Ye Futian nodded. His master obviously wouldn't stay at home all the time. The Divine Capital was one of the three major cities in the Eastern Barren Territory. It was very busy and naturally had many academies. Though they couldn't be compared with the top forces, they were still skilled. His master could teach there without any problems. While teaching, he could learn as well.

"Brother Fengliu, why have I never seen these two before?" Nangong Cheng asked.

"This is my student. That is Yi Xiang's student," Hua Fengliu answered with a smile. "Since Wan'er doesn't want to go, then she won't go. Thank you for your invitation."

The young man's eyes flashed. He scanned Ye Futian, the animosity growing.

Yi Qingxuan and Yu Sheng's relationship was already clear. Yi Xiang's student was with his daughter. Then if Tang Wan was Tang Lan's student and Ye Futian was Hua Fengliu's student, perhaps…

Ye Futian was also extremely attractive.

"I see." Nangong Cheng smiled and nodded. He didn't mind. Hua Fengliu's cultivation was extraordinary while those who studied in the Zhen Wu Academy were mostly lower. His student wouldn't be that important either, though his outer appearance was nice. He looked like a ladies' man, just like Hua Fengliu.

The two beauties besides Hua Fengliu were very pretty, especially Nandou Wenyin.

"Brother Fengliu, you don't have to reject me so quickly," Nangong Cheng said cheerily. "You can bring your family to the Nangong Family's gathering and gain some experiences. You can see what our family is like and the younger ones can learn some things."

Nangong Cheng's tone was calm but there was an undertone of superiority. After all, he was from the Nangong Family. Even if he wasn't from the heir's line, he was still better than Hua Fengliu. If not for the fact that he seemed to have a treasure, Nangong Cheng wouldn't try so hard.

"It's rare for my student to come back so we want to spend more time together. We won't go disturb the Nangong Family." Hua Fengliu shook his head. His student didn't need to go to the Nangong Family to learn. This guy had made a mess in the Qin Dynasty earlier. It was rare for someone in the Eastern Barren Territory who didn't know him.

"Brother Fengliu, you're really embarrassing me." Nangong Cheng was clearly unhappy. Hua Fengliu was giving him a hard time. His son had feelings for Tang Wan and he'd planned to have his son marry her after succeeding with this event. If Tang Wan had the honor to marry into the Nangong Family, Hua Fengliu and the others would naturally rely on them. At that time, it would be much easier to get that treasure.

It would take some time but no one could say anything about it. It was killing two birds with one stone. However, Hua Fengliu and Tang Wan seemed to not know their place.

Ye Futian frowned. Their attitude completely changed once they were rejected. "Are you really important?" Ye Futian glanced at Nangong Cheng.

Nangong Cheng scanned him and smiled thinly. "I am speaking with your teacher. You're in no place to speak. Where are your manners?"

"You're not qualified to talk about manners." Nandou Wenyin's expression turned cold too.

Nangong Cheng glanced at Nandou Wenyin and smirked. They really were so proud. "Since we are cultivating in the same place, I won't take offense in this. It is Tang Wan's luck to be noticed by my son. You can decide what you should do. Goodbye," Nangong Cheng said indifferently. Then he turned and walked away. His eyes glinted.

If they were that arrogant, they would have to wait and see.

Ye Futian watched the receding backsides. His eyes turned cold. Was the Nangong Family that arrogant? Not even the Cottage would act like this outside.

"Master, why are you friends with these people?" Ye Futian asked.

"You think everyone's like you, cultivating happily in the Cottage and not needing to care about anything in the outside world?" Tang Lan said. "The Nangong Family is a Noble family in the Divine Capital. They're very powerful. Even if we don't want to be friends, we can't offend them either."

"Aunt Tang, you can tell them I'm Master's student. Then they won't bother you all," Ye Futian said.

"Don't you know that your master likes his dignity?" Tang Lan glanced at Hua Fengliu and Ye Futian was embarrassed. He obviously knew his master's personality.

It was normal to brag about your teacher. However, bragging about your student… Hua Fengliu probably felt it was humiliating. Furthermore, Ye Futian was now a famous person in the Eastern Barren Territory. If his master bragged about him outside, it could cause negativity. Thinking of this, Ye Futian felt bad. It seemed that he wasn't being a very good student.

"We must solve this," Yi Xiang said now. "Nangong Cheng keeps bothering us because he discovered accidentally that your master has a cultivating treasure. It's the stone statue you gave him. Nangong Cheng had asked about it curiously and acted really close to us. He also had his son pursue Tang Wan for this. You saw earlier. He'll try other tactics."

Ye Futian's eyes flashed. He saw that the other didn't have good intentions but this was easy to solve.

"How about I go back and ask if you all can cultivate in the mountain," he said to Hua Fengliu.

"Nonsense," Hua Fengliu uttered. Looking at him, he said, "You only have one teacher in the Cottage. What will we do up there?"

What was the Cottage? It was a holy land for cultivation. There weren't even ten people in it now but Ye Futian wanted them all to go? What was that for? He wouldn't go even if the Cottage agreed.

"Even though you have a bad temper, you're still my master. No matter how many people teach me, your status won't go down." Seeing Hua Fengliu look at him, Ye Futian chuckled. "Are you touched?"

"There's nothing to be touched about," Hua Fengliu said. "Even if I'm not your master, I'm still your father-in-law."

With that, Hua Fengliu gave Ye Futian a look. Status? A father-in-law's status was quite high, right?

Ye Futian stared at Hua Fengliu. He had to admit defeat. However, he smiled brightly and went to massage Hua Fengliu's shoulders. "Father-in-law, you're right. When can I get married to Jieyu?"

"Depends on my mood," Hua Fengliu said while enjoying the massage. Let's see if this guy dares to act proud in front of me.

"Then how do you feel now?"

"Not that great," Hua Fengliu answered lazily. Ye Futian felt depressed. They all said that mothers-in-law were difficult but his Masteress loved him. His Master-plus-father-in-law was impossible.

Ye Futian didn't leave. He planned on spending a few days with Master and Masteress. Jieyu wasn't here while he was always at the Cottage. He wasn't doing his duties as a student.

Yu Sheng hadn't seen Qingxuan in a long while either.

The next day was the birthday celebration of a Nangong elder. There were many guests. Countless people came to congratulate him. As a Noble family, the Nangong Family had a rich heritage and many connections.

Many people wanted to take part in the birthday celebration. Furthermore, they'd heard that the daughter had come back. It seemed to be her grandfather's birthday. A lot of people wanted to see how talented she was for entering the College.

Apparently, not only was Nangong Jiao talented, she was also very pretty. Many boys were excited to see her true appearance.

People were outside the mansion, busily welcoming the guests. Just then, a Black Wind Eagle flew down and landed outside. It walked towards the girl welcoming guests.

"Sir, what is your name?" the servant asked with a smile. The guests had to report their titles. Not everyone could enter the Nangong Family.

"Help me pass this letter to Nangong Jiao." The man was Ye Futian. He took out a letter and gave it to the servant.

The servant's eyes flashed and looked up at Ye Futian. "Uh…"

Nangong Jiao was so high-up that the servant could rarely see her, let alone pass a stranger's letter.

"This letter is from the Book Mountain. Just do what I said," Ye Futian said nonchalantly. After giving the letter, he flew away on the Black Wind Eagle.

He didn't want to waste time with someone from the Nangong Family. A letter was enough.

The servant watched Ye Futian's figure with sparkling eyes. The man was so handsome and didn't seem to have been joking. Thinking of this, she turned and entered the Nangong Family!