The Legend Of Futian Chapter 247

Chapter 247: The Name of Ye Futian

Today, it was the birthday of an elder whose position was very high in the Nangong Family. At the place where the birthday banquet was held, all the seats were filled with guests and the cultivators from various places had come to send their wishes.

At the moment, all the people from the older generation were gathered in one place while the people from the younger generation were at another place. At the place where the younger people were at, a few were clustered by their admirers. The person who sat in the best spot was the princess of the Nangong Family—Nangong Jiao.

Apart from Nangong Jiao, there were a few others present. They were her friends in the College and were invited to her grandfather's birthday banquet to complement the joyful atmosphere. After all, College disciples had a very high reputation outside. Even if they were only juniors, nobody would dare to look down on them.

Nangong Jiao was chatting casually with the others, and a faint arrogance could always be felt from her. In the past, she was already the genius of the Nangong Family. After she entered the College, her status rose even higher.

Not far away from them, Nangong Li looked at that charming face and was somewhat envious. That was his cousin, but her position was far higher than him.

"This is the genius lady. Do you see for yourself? In the future, cultivate harder. Although you are only at the Zhen Wu Academy, even if you are weaker than Nangong Jiao, your performance still cannot be too bad in the family," his father, Nangong Cheng, said. "Hua Fengliu seems to have a cultivation treasure. Last time, I felt a strong noble will. After I get it, it will definitely help you to cultivate."

Nangong Li nodded and said, "Then Tang Wan..."

"It's only a woman. If you really want, after we get rid of Hua Fengliu and the rest, you have more than enough chances. However, don't spend too much time and effort on women," Nangong Cheng said in a serious tone. He also liked beautiful ladies. For example, Hua Fengliu's wife was very pretty and coveted by many. However, he understood well that in the cultivation world, one's own strength was the key to one's status all the time. If he had the powers and status, he would be able to get all kinds of women. Therefore, it was not worth it to deliberately spend too much time on this, although it was alright to just play for fun.

Thinking of Nandou Wenyin, an evil light sparkled in his eyes. If there is a chance...

Withdrawing from his thoughts, he said to Nangong Li, "Go there. Try to have a good relationship with Nangong Jiao."

"Understood." Nangong Li nodded and then walked towards the place where Nangong Jiao was at. Approaching Nangong Jiao, he smiled and said, "Cousin, after these few months, you look more and more lively. You are indeed a model for the young generation in the Nangong Family."

Nangong Jiao raised her head to glance at Nangong Li, and nodded gently. She turned her eyes away and did not reply. The Nangong Family was very big and there were many people around; she was not familiar with everyone.

"The grandfather is here," Nangong Jiao said softly. Nangong Li looked rather awkward, but then he was relieved. With Nangong Jiao's status, he did not have to feel embarrassed.

"Let's go there," Nangong Jiao said. Immediately, the group walked towards the elder.

"Jiao Jiao, you are here." Seeing Nangong Jiao walking over, the elder smiled.

"Grandfather, these are all my friends. They cultivate in the College," Nangong Jiao introduced.

"Great. All of you are young talents. Today, it's my pleasure to meet all of you at my birthday banquet," the elder said politely.

"Senior, you are too polite." The few people folded their hands to salute. At the moment, many elders started to gather around. Smiling, they said, "The disciples of the College indeed have a different temperament."

"Right. All of them are very graceful and elegant." Many people said praises one after another. The few College disciples looked very calm and were not emotionally affected by the praises, causing people to appreciate them even further in their hearts.

At this moment, a guard walked over from the distance and said, "Master, a maidservant outside said that a person had sent a letter to us. The person said that he is from the Book Mountain and the letter is for Ms. Jiao."

Nangong Jiao's eyes sparkled and she said, "Ask her to come here."

There was only the College on the Book Mountain. The letter is from the Book Mountain? She felt somewhat strange.

After a while, a maidservant walked over and handed her the letter. Nangong Jiao asked, "Who sent the letter here?"

"A young man who is about 18 years old. His temperament seems unusual," the maidservant said. If it was not for his outstanding temperament, she would not deliver the letter in the first place.

Nangong Jiao was even more puzzled, after which she opened the letter. The contents of the letter were very short and only had a few lines. When she saw the name of the sender, a strange look instantly flashed across her eyes.

Raising her head, she looked at the maidservant and asked, "What does the person look like?"

The maidservant replied softly, "Very nice. I seldom see such a handsome man."

Nangong Jiao nodded. Seems like I can't be wrong.

Thinking about the event at the Qin Dynasty a few months ago, Nangong Jiao's expression immediately turned cold.

"What happened?" the elder beside her asked.

"Grandfather, take a look." Nangong Jiao passed the letter to the elder.

The elder scanned the letter and an eye-catching light was released suddenly from his eyes. He asked, "Are you sure it's him?"

"Should be correct." Nangong Jiao nodded.

In an instant, the elder's look became extremely cold.


The event that happened in the Qin Imperial City a few months ago was already long known by everyone. Because the Donghua Clan bullied some Cottage disciples, the Cottage third disciple, Gu Dongliu, and the fourth disciple went to the Qin Dynasty directly and permanently disabled a noble from the Donghua Clan.

Now, that blind b*stard actually offended him. Does he want to drag the Nangong Family into this? Thinking of this, he suppressed the anger in his heart and said, "Where are Nangong Cheng and his son?"

In the distance, Nangong Cheng was stunned. He walked over to the elder with Nangong Li and saluted. "Uncle, what is it?"

"I heard that your son is chasing a lady recently?" The elder's voice was very calm as if nothing had happened.

Nangong Cheng was stunned. How did he know about this? he thought.

"Indeed he is. Uncle, why do you suddenly ask about such a small thing?" Nangong Cheng asked tentatively.

"Did he succeed?" the elder asked again.

"No." Nangong Cheng shook his head and was even more puzzled.

"Humph. What woman actually dares to reject a person from the Nangong Family? Don't you have any plans?" the elder gave a cold humph and said.

Nangong was stunned momentarily. He did not know how his uncle knew about this, but it seemed to be great as he had saved himself a lot of trouble.

"It's a young lady in the Zhen Wu Academy. Her family was very unyielding and did not care about the Nangong Family at all. I am just planning to solve this issue," Nangong Cheng replied.

"Oh? How do you plan to solve it?" the elder asked.

"Uncle, don't worry. I will handle everything properly." Today, there were many outsiders present. Naturally, he could not say everything directly as it would appear that the Nangong Family was just bullying the rest.

"Then how about the lady?" the elder asked again.

"Err..." Nangong Cheng looked around him and did not speak. The elder understood everything at once and only felt very chilly.

So close. If Nangong Cheng really allowed Nangong Li to do something to the lady forcefully, what would the consequences be?

It would be unimaginable.

He did not forget about how the Cottage third disciple became famous. That time, a top-tier family, much stronger than the Nangong Family, was eliminated from the Eastern Barren Territory precisely because of such a seemingly insignificant thing.

Today, the Nangong Family almost followed in their footsteps.

"Very good." The concealed anger of the elder finally erupted at the moment. Some coldness was released from his body as he said, "Come. Take down these two and disable them."

This abrupt voice was like a bolt out of the blue. Nangong Cheng and Nangong Li stood blankly in their spots, feeling flabbergasted. They did not even understand what had happened.

Disable both of them?

The people around them were also stunned. What is happening?

"Uncle..." Nangong Cheng trembled and did not understand what was happening. However, seeing the killing intent flashing in the elder's cold eyes, he knew that the elder was not joking.

"Didn't you hear me?" the elder roared. Not long ago, even the noble from the Donghua Clan was disabled. If he did not do something actively, he would be waiting for the Cottage disciples to come themselves.

The letter only explained briefly the situation, and was already very polite. However, he did not dare to hesitate at all and had to handle the situation properly.

"Cancel today's birthday banquet," the elder continued with a fierce anger.

A few cultivators from the Nangong Family walked towards Nangong Cheng and Nangong Li. At the moment, the two still did not understand what had happened. However, they did not dare to resist and were taken down very quickly.

"Uncle, why?" Nangong Cheng shouted.

"No..." Nangong Li was caught and could not move. Seeming to have realized what was about to happen, his face turned totally pale.

The guests gathered around them one after another and did not know what had exactly happened. The host of the birthday banquet actually burst into anger suddenly and furthermore, the banquet was also canceled.

Very soon, miserable screams erupted. Nangong Cheng and Nangong Li were lying weakly on the ground as they were permanently disabled.

Even at that moment, they still had no clue why they were disabled.

"Bring them and follow me. Jiao Jiao, you come as well," the elder said. Nangong Jiao nodded. She was a disciple of the College; since Ye Futian had sent the letter to her, it would be better for her to show up and try to remove the dissatisfaction he had towards the Nangong Family.

Just now, her grandfather deliberately suppressed his anger and asked the questions in order to sound out the precise attitude of Nangong Cheng and Nangong Li. Now they managed to know everything, and she also broke into a sweat with fear. Even though she was a College disciple, she naturally knew what position Ye Futian had at the moment.

Every Cottage disciple was far more superior than an ordinary College disciple. When a Cottage disciple was bullied, they disabled a noble from the Donghua Clan directly. Apart from the Cottage, who else could do this?


"Senior, where are you going?" The guests around walked up and asked. The elder had suddenly become angry and canceled the birthday banquet. Obviously, it was because the two who had been disabled had brought a disaster to the family by offending someone. Many people from the Nangong Family also came forward to ask.

"These two b*stards want to deal with Ye Futian from the Cottage," the elder said in anger. All the people around him were shocked.

Deal with the Cottage disciple Ye Futian?

A similar event had happened in the Qin Dynasty not long ago. Everyone in the world had seen the outcome. In addition, that time it was the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan. Now, it was only the Nangong Family.

"Ye Futian..." Nangong Cheng who had been disabled still could not understand. Then, he thought of one person—the disciple of Hua Fengliu. In this instant, his face turned completely pale!