The Legend Of Futian Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Swordmaster
Chapter 249: Swordmaster
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Seeing the extremely deferential behavior from the Nangong Family, Ye Futian muttered uncontrollably, "Is the Cottage that scary?"

The second sister is so good, and sister Xing'er is gentle as well. The few brothers are all honest scholars.

Hearing his words, everyone felt somewhat speechless. The Cottage was obviously not scary, and it was instead a holy land for cultivation where countless people in the Eastern Barren Territory dreamed of going. However, the Cottage would not take in any students at all.

The deterrent force of the Cottage came from its history of fame. In the past, it became famous because of two battles, and now the battle outside the Qin Imperial Palace would need to be included as well. The people from the Nangong Family offended Ye Futian, so how could they dare not to come and apologize? There were so many warnings from the overturned carts in front of them.

"Don't you know it for yourself?" Yi Xiang widened his eyes at Ye Futian. This guy caused the trouble, and now he is acting innocent?

Thinking about the words that Ye Futian had said in the morning, that he wanted to take a look around the academy, they finally understood that he had clearly planned everything beforehand. It seemed that in the future, they would not be able to stay unnoticed in the academy. Of course, people like Nangong Cheng would also not appear again.

"Your disciple Yu Sheng is in the Cottage as well. So in the future, wouldn't everyone be scared of you?" Ye Futian smiled and said.

At that moment, someone walked over to them. It was an elder of the academy. He looked at Ye Futian, and then glanced at Yu Sheng who was beside Yi Xiang, after which he said, "I heard that during that time, the Cottage juniors Ye Futian and Yu Sheng battled many Dharma Plane cultivators from the Donghua Clan, and this caused all the following events. I did not expect to see you two in the academy today."

"Senior, you are flattering me." Ye Futian bowed slightly, appearing to be very polite. Then he said, "Even if I have some achievements, it's all because the two masters have taught me well. Otherwise, I would not be who I am today. This time, I came down from the Book Mountain and know that my master has been cultivating in the academy. Therefore, I came here to take a walk, which caused the subsequent disturbance. I hope that, senior, you will not blame me."

"It's only a small matter. Don't mention it." The elder smiled and waved his hands. Then, he looked at Hua Fengliu and Yi Xiang. "You two have taught such outstanding disciples. However, in the academy, you have only taken on the role of a trainer and do not take in disciples. This is too much."

Many disciples of the academy who had come looked at Yi Xiang and Hua Fengliu, and their eyes seemed to be sparkling with fire. Hua Fengliu and Yi Xiang always had a low profile in the academy and would not take in disciples. Now it seemed that they just thought the other students were not talented enough.

"I am used to being quiet and no longer have such a desire." Hua Fengliu smiled and shook his head.

"Alright, it's all up to you. I will disturb you no longer. You can continue to take a good stroll in the academy," the elder smiled and said. Then, he left the area.

The two genius juniors of the Cottage were both disciples taught by the trainers in their academy. It would definitely help the Zhen Wu Academy to gain some reputation outside.

After the elder left, Trainer Han and Train Mo still looked at Hua Fengliu. Holier-than-thou? They were the masters of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Even if they behaved in a holier-than-thou manner, what could anyone else say?

Beside them, the look of the girl Yuqing was somewhat dim. Trainer Hua's disciple was Ye Futian. It was no wonder that he was unwilling to take her on as a disciple.

"Let's go," Hua Fengliu said softly. The group turned around and left, continuing to stroll in the academy. Hua Fengliu said to Ye Futian, "Are you pleased now?"

"No. Master, sometimes I am really envious of you," Ye Futian said, as if he was deep in thought.

"Envious of me?" Hua Fengliu looked at him.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded and smiled at Hua Fengliu. "I am envious that you have such an outstanding disciple."

Hua Fengliu looked at Ye Futian and said, "Did you come back because you could no longer muddle along on the mountain?"

"How could that be? The brothers and sisters have been very nice to me," Ye Futian said.

"It's alright. Even if you are chased away from the mountain, I will keep you here," Hua Fengliu said earnestly. Ye Futian's face turned black.

"Master, I know that you love me the most." Ye Futian could feel his face wet with tears. Was I muddling along that badly?


Ye Futian spent a few days with his master. Then, he left the academy and returned to the Cottage to cultivate. There would be a great fight at the start of the next year which would stir up the entire Eastern Barren Territory. Although with his current level there was nothing that he could decide, he still wanted to do something. He had already entered the Fifth-level Dharma Plane at the moment, but it was still too low. Apart from raising his level, there were also a lot of things he needed to learn. Therefore, he should really quieten down and focus for a period of time.

The days in the Cottage were always so peaceful and harmonious, and there were no disputes here. The second sister could decide on everything, so who dared to quarrel? Of course, Ye Futian's status in the Cottage was making the rest of the brothers more and more jealous of him. The second sister was really too good to him. As for the third brother, the second sister was still cold and indifferent towards him. This was the business between the second sister and the third brother, and nobody dared to say anything about it, unless they wanted to get a beating.

Days passed by one by one just like this. Without realizing it, it was already close to the end of the year. The atmosphere of the entire vast Eastern Barren Territory seemed to change. A major event that would stir up the Eastern Barren Territory was about to happen.

All the top forces were preparing for it.

At the eastern region of the Eastern Barren Territory, where the mountains pierced into the sky, there were seven summits towering into the clouds, as if they wanted to connect with the heaven. This was where the Fuyun Sword Clan was located at.

On the seventh summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan, a one-armed figure stood above the cloud sea, his eyes closed firmly.

On top of the cloud sea, nine powerful cultivators were standing in various directions, each holding a sword. Sword wills flew all over the place and even the cloud sea seemed to be splitting apart as ear-piercing noises spread continuously.

Before a cliff, an elder stood quietly and looked at the many figures above the cloud sea in front of him. An eagle seemed to whizz over in the sky and give a long twitch. At the same moment, sword wills erupted suddenly and fiercely. In just an instant, the terrifying sword wills flooded everything. It was as if countless beams of sword light struck towards the figure who was standing quietly above the cloud sea. The nine figures moved simultaneously and cast various sword techniques from nine different directions.

The afterimages of sword filled the sky, as if they had turned into a frightening sword matrix. There were no loopholes and no way out. It seemed that just this one strike would kill the person in the middle.

They struck out their swords at an incredible speed, and their sword wills were extremely fierce. Clearly, they showed no mercy at all. Even though the one-armed swordsman was a personal disciple of the summit lord, since he had chosen to challenge the Nine Execution Sword Matrix, he would still die if he lost.

This was the cruelest challenge on the seventh summit. In the past, many exceptionally talented swordsmen had died in the Nine Execution Sword Matrix. Therefore, the seventh summit always had the least disciples in the Fuyun Sword Clan.

The Nine Execution Sword Matrix was undefeatable.

The one-armed figure finally moved. He raised his head slightly and opened his eyes, glancing at everyone. At the same time, the sword held by his only arm also moved. In an instant, the nine people seemed to notice nine beams of sword light striking towards all of them. The nine people changed their moves immediately in one go, sealing the nine beams of light directly. The Nine Execution Sword Matrix was the strongest battle sword matrix of the seventh summit. It could attack and defend, and there was no way out.

However, just as they changed their actions, the nine beams of light that they had seen seemed to disappear at once, as if they never existed in the first place. At the same moment, an extremely appalling sword appeared in their minds. Meanwhile, at weak points of their sword techniques, nine beams of light seemed to strike out right beside their swords.

Thud, thud, thud... Nine noises were heard. Streams of blood bloomed out one after another, and the swords slipped out of the nine cultivators' hands directly. A blood mark appeared on the sword-yielding hand of each of them.

The blood marks on the nine people's hands were exactly the same, as if they were injured by the same beam of sword qi.

The strongest sword matrix of the seventh summit was destroyed, but no frustration could be seen on their faces at all. Instead, their eyes sparkled as they said to the one-armed young man, "Congratulations, junior."

"Your sword eyes have already opened. Apart from the summit lord of our seventh summit, finally another person managed to successfully cultivate the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique," someone folded his hand and congratulated.

Ye Wuchen had only been a part of the Fuyun Sword Clan for less than a year. It was a miracle that he could cultivate the sword eyes. However, according to the summit lord, Wuchen's talents were actually not that good. There were even people on the seventh summit itself who were more talented swordsmen than Ye Wuchen. Still, the person who managed to cultivate the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique was Ye Wuchen. They knew that apart from cultivation talent, there was another kind of talent called faith and determination. In order to learn the technique, Ye Wuchen had almost become blind, but in the end, he succeeded.

Just like what the summit lord had said, he was not the most talented swordsman, but he was the kind of person who was most suited to yield a sword. He was a swordsman at birth.

"Thank you." Ye Wuchen nodded and then turned, walking towards the cliff. The elder stared at Ye Wuchen and said, "I have nothing else to teach you. From today onwards, you can do anything you want. Whatever you do will represent the will of the seventh summit."

The hearts of the nine people above the cloud sea trembled. They knew what the elder meant by thatfrom that day on, Ye Wuchen would become the Swordmaster of the seven summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan.

The position of the Swordmaster, which countless people dreamed of obtaining, was given to Ye Wuchen who had only entered the seventh summit for less than a year just like this.

"Yes, master," Ye Wuchen responded directly without being modest at all. Then, he said, "Send a sword post to the first summit: Ye Wuchen from the seventh summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan, in the name of sword, invites Li Daoyun for a fight."

The looks of the nine people froze as they were somewhat shocked. Then, they glanced at the elder standing near the cliff. However, at that moment, the elder turned around directly and left, as if he did not hear what Ye Wuchen had said.

This scene caused the eyes of the nine people to flash; they had truly realized the meaning of the elder's words previously.

From that day on, Ye Wuchen could do anything he wanted to.

His will would be the will of the seventh summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan.

This was the Swordmaster!