The Legend Of Futian Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Slayed
Chapter 250: Slayed
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Ye Wuchen, a disciple of the seventh summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan, sent a sword post to the first summit, inviting Li Daoyun for a fight. The news immediately shocked the entire Fuyun Sword Clan.

One year ago, several extremely talented people appeared in the Ancient Barren World. Four people, in the name of Cangye, each displayed at least three Nobles on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall.

The various top forces of the Ancient Barren World went to the Cangye Kingdom in an attempt to take them in as disciples. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng entered the Cottage, Hua Jieyu entered the Moon Clan, while Ye Wuchen entered the seventh summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan.

Over the year, Ye Wuchen seldom appeared before the disciples from the other summits of the Fuyun Sword Clan. There were only rumors claiming that he was exceptionally talented in sword skills and highly regarded by the summit lord of the seventh summit. Therefore, he had been cultivating with the summit lord all the time. The summit lord of the seventh summit had even brought him to many places in the year.

Now, he announced something in the Fuyun Sword Clan for the first time, which was to challenge Li Daoyun. Li Daoyun had already entered the Arcana Plane a few months ago.

That time in the Ancient Barren World, one of his arms was burnt away. Due to this bitter experience, Li Daoyun cultivated even harder, and his left-hand sword was still extremely strong. Moreover, he had already entered the Arcana Plane. How could Ye Wuchen fight him?

At the center of the seven summits of the Fuyun Sword Clan, there was a lower summit. At the top of it, there was a huge battle platform around which there were seven swords, each symbolizing one of the seven sword summits.

At the moment, a figure was standing in front of one of the swordsit was Li Daoyun. He stood there as if he was the sharpest sword in the world. His look was similarly extremely sharp, as if it was going to eliminate everything.

Around the battle platform, there were many people, especially the ones from the first summit. Of course, there were also people from the other places who had come to watch the fight. Sending a sword post was a very serious way of challenging someone in the Fuyun Sword Clan. The person who received the sword post could choose not to answer to the battle. But Li Daoyun did. He sent the sword post back to the seventh summit. This meant that the two would fight in the name of sword, even if one of them might get killed.

This battle would very likely be a life-and-death one.

The people around the battle platform looked at Li Daoyun. Does Ye Wuchen not know that Li Daoyun has entered the Arcana Plane? they thought. Otherwise, why would he send the sword post so hastily? Even though there was some resentment between the two, he still has time in the future, so why does he need to be so impatient?

Li Daoyun's younger brother, Li Daoqing, was also among the crowd. His eyes were sparkling with coldnesshe could not forget the events in the Ancient Barren World.

Today, his brother Li Daoyun would offer Ye Wuchen's life to his sword.

"Here he comes." Suddenly, everyone raised their heads and looked into the distance. In the direction where the seventh summit was, a group of people was flying over on their swords. The person in front was Ye Wuchen.

Sword qi whizzed over as the swords flew through the air. The disciples of the seventh summit stopped outside the battle platform, while Ye Wuchen walked onto the platform and stood in front of the sword symbolizing the seventh summit. The way he looked at Li Daoyun appeared to be very calm. There were no anger, no killing intent, and it was not even fierce; it was as if he was looking at a mere stranger.

"I don't understand why you would send this sword post," Li Daoyun looked at Ye Wuchen and said. "Are you so impatient to take your revenge?"

Ye Wuchen similarly stared at Li Daoyun. His look was still very calm.

"What a pity," Li Daoyun suddenly smiled and said. "From the moment you sent the sword post, your fate has already been decided. That day in the old Luolan Kingdom, I cut off your arm and you escaped by luck. Today, where can you escape to?" Just as he finished speaking, a terrifying sword will erupted from his body. In this instant, sword qi whizzed in the sky and turned into a current which flew like the clouds. However, a frightening might could be felt from it. At this moment, it appeared as if even the entire space was going to be crushed by the sword will.

This was the might of the Arcana Plane.

Li Daoyun looked coldly at Ye Wuchen, waiting for him to show signs of fear. However, he did not see it. Ye Wuchen was calm as always, but being calm did not mean that he did not want to kill his opponent.

That day in the old Luolan Kingdom, Li Daoyun cut off one of his arms. He did not reveal any emotions, not because there was no hatred, but because he knew that no matter what he did at that time, it would be totally useless.

Li Daoyun shouted at them that he was Li Daoyun from the Fuyun Sword Clan. His tone was extremely arrogant, as if he looked down on everything. That time, there was indeed nothing they could do against Li Daoyun. However, not talking about it did not mean that he had forgotten about it.

The first thing that Ye Wuchen did after becoming the Swordmaster of the seventh summit was sending a sword post and challenging Li Daoyun.

A gust of sword will abruptly bloomed from Ye Wuchen's body and ascended into the sky. In just an instant, Ye Wuchen seemed to have turned into a sword himself. At the moment he released his aura, Li Daoyun moved. The sword will flowing in the sky turned into many sword rivers. In the void, many afterimages of Li Daoyun appeared, each merging into a sword river. The place where Ye Wuchen was at was the destination of all the sword rivers.

Ye Wuchen glanced at the area before him. Immediately, an appalling sword will appeared in the eyes of all the afterimages. Accompanied by multiple popping sounds, the afterimages were all destroyed directly and only the real Li Daoyun was left, stepping in the air. He gave a cold roar and instantly, the sword will flowing wildly in the sky started to strike towards Ye Wuchen. Its powers seemed to be far beyond what a Dharma Plane cultivator could resist.

Ye Wuchen was enveloped in sword will. In this instant, he stepped towards the sword will flowing before him, as if he was a real sword himself. Immediately, he burst through the flowing sword rivers directly like a beam of light and struck towards the incoming Li Daoyun.

Li Daoyun held the sword with his left hand. The endless sword will in the world surged wildly on his body, as if his sword had merged with the heaven and earth to form a single body. This was a qualitative change. The attack from an Arcana Plane cultivator was way stronger than one from a Dharma Plane cultivator.

Swish Ye Wuchen struck out his sword before Li Daoyun did. He could naturally feel the difference between the levels of the two. There was a qualitative difference between the Dharma Plane and the Arcana Plane. Therefore, it would be difficult for him to win should he choose to fight Li Daoyun head-on. However, it did not mean that a person with a higher level and attack power would certainly beat his opponent.

At the moment when Ye Wuchen struck his sword out, a sword appeared in the pupils of Li Daoyun. The sword was so sharp and direct.

"Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique." Suddenly, Li Daoyun felt his body tighten. Previously, he was already somewhat puzzled when his afterimages were destroyed immediately. However, when the sword appeared in his pupils, he knew that Ye Wuchen had cultivated the sword eyes. Although Li Daoyun could recognize the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique, he had never really fought with someone who had the sword eyes; this was his first time.

Before Li Daoyun had any time to think, he struck out his sword towards the sword skill that had appeared in his pupils. Since he could recognize the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique, he knew that it was a real fatal blow and not an illusory one.

"Not good." Li Daoyun's body tightened. The fatal blow from the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique may be completely different from the one he could see: it could come from a totally different direction.

Thinking about this, Li Daoyun gathered all the sword will and swang his sword in all directions around his body without hesitation.

The sword finally came.

Li Daoyun appeared and blocked Ye Wuchen's sword.

However, at the same moment, a beam of sword light flashed out from Ye Wuchen's forehead and charged directly towards Li Daoyun's forehead at an incredible speed. The scene looked exactly the same as the fight in the old Luolan Kingdom. During that time, Li Daoyun was injured by Ye Wuchen in this way, which therefore allowed Ye Wuchen to escape. Did Ye Wuchen think that he would lose to this again?

The frightening sword will condensed into a sword and emerged from Li Daoyun's forehead, blocking the incoming small sword. However, the dazzling small sword was not even going for his forehead in the first place. At the same moment, it passed by Li Daoyun's sword and made a turn. Then, it penetrated Li Daoyun, charging into his temple above one of his ears and coming out the other side in the next moment.

In this instant, the whole space seemed to turn quiet. The sword will was still there, but it was no longer violent. Instead, it suddenly turned silent and peaceful, and then gradually dissipated.

Li Daoyun and Ye Wuchen stood face-to-face; they were so close to each other.

Li Daoyun widened his eyes, as if he wanted to see the world clearly again. He indeed did not fail twice at the same spot. However, he seemed to forget that this time, Ye Wuchen had cultivated the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique. The seemingly familiar attack was now more refined and unstoppable.

"From now on, Li Daoyun will no longer exist in the world," Ye Wuchen said. He turned around and left.

Blood flew out from the two sides of Li Daoyun's head down his ears. He stood in the spot like a statue and stared at Ye Wuchen's back.

Back then, he shouted arrogantly at the Ancient Luolan palace that he was Li Daoyun from the Fuyun Sword Clan.

Today, Ye Wuchen returned a sentence back to him, that from then on, Li Daoyun would no longer exist in the world.

Accompanied by a soft noise, Li Daoyun's body fell onto the battle platform. The genius from the first summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan was instantly killed by a lower-level disciple from the seventh summit just like this.

"The winner is Ye Wuchen, the Swordmaster of the seventh summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan." A voice spread out. Many people around the battle platform trembled because of this. Ye Wuchen was already the Swordmaster of the seventh summit. He had cultivated the sword eyes and slayed the Arcana Plane Li Daoyun!