The Legend Of Futian Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Moon Clan
Chapter 251: Moon Clan
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It was only less than a month away from the end of the year. Many people in the Eastern Barren Territory had already departed for Chaoge City.

At the end of this particular year, Chaoge City would be the most lively place in the Eastern Barren Territory. Nobody doubted this, because all the top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory would gather at the Chaoge City for the new year. The various top forces had yet to depart. However, they were also doing some preparation for it.

The Moon Clan was situated at the northern region of the Eastern Barren Territory. The clan was the top female clan in the Eastern Barren Territory; it had the techniques which were the most suitable ones for females to cultivate.

At the moment, the Moon Clan was holding a grand event. In the Moon Clan, such an event would be held at the end of every year. Its purpose was to inspect how well the juniors had cultivated. And at the same time, to choose the Virgin.

The Virgin of the Moon Clan was not fixed. Instead, it may be changed every year.

Precisely because of this, even the person who had become the Virgin had to remain alert at all times and cultivate particularly hard. Otherwise, she would be defeated and the honor of being the Virgin would be taken away. Even though it was a female clan, there was still a very intense competition.

Furthermore, in the Eastern Barren Territory, the Moon Clan was especially known for its beauties. During cultivation, cultivators absorb the Spiritual Qi in the world. In the Moon Clan, the cultivation methods would allow its female members to become even prettier in terms of appearance and temperament.

The Moon Clan was enveloped in fairyism, as if it was a real fairyland.

At the moment, many beauties were gathered around the Moon Platform. On the platform, some people were having friendly fights. On the viewing platforms around the Moon Platform, apart from the many beautiful ladies, there was also a group of men. Furthermore, they were sitting close to the center. A young man was sitting beside the Virgin Chu Yaoyao. The man was Qin Li, the grandson of the king of the Qin Dynasty.

"Now, it is already the last round of the current trial. With your previous performance, nobody will be able to shake your position as the Virgin still." Qin Li looked at Chu Yaoyao and smiled.

A gentle smile appeared on Chu Yaoyao's face. On her charming face, there was still a lovely expression which would attract kindness from anyone. She was extremely feminine.

"In the Moon Clan, many outstanding disciples appear each year. This year is no exception. Before the final moment, nobody will know to whom the position of the Virgin will go to," Chu Yaoyao replied.

Qin Li said softly, "You have such talent and such a beautiful appearance, and yet you are so humble. You are the most touching and unique lady I have seen."

"Your Highness, I am flattered by your praise," Chu Yaoyao said softly.

"Yaoyao, why are you treating me like an outsider. We are already friends; you can call me Qin Li." Qin Li gazed at Chu Yaoyao, while Chu Yaoyao also looked at him. Seeming to have felt the heat from Qin Li's eyes, she turned her eyes slightly away, but her expression did not change much.

"You know my purpose of coming to the Moon Clan. Next year, I will enter the Dongqin College to cultivate. If possible, I hope that I can cultivate with you. If we can chat and discuss cultivation frequently, I will have no regrets in life." Qin Li's voice was very soft and gentle. The people around them were all looking at the Moon Platform and nobody was paying attention to their conversation. Even if they did, they would not have any thoughts either.

The fact that Qin Li visited the Moon Clan already revealed his thoughtshe wanted to chase Chu Yaoyao, the Virgin of the Moon Clan. Many people knew this.

However, the seniors in the Moon Clan needed to consider it more thoroughly. The Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan were allied through marriage. The two top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory teamed up and established the Dongqin College. Their intention was self-evident: to defeat the College.

Now, Qin Li, the grandson of the king of Qin, came to the Moon Clan. They wanted to team up with the Moon Clan through marriage again. However, in case the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan really succeed and ruled the Eastern Barren Territory in the future, they would need to think carefully about what position the Moon Clan would be in by then.

Right at that moment, an exclamation erupted from the crowd. Countless people stared at the battle platform. There was a stunningly charming figure. She was wearing a green, long dress, as if she was a fairy from heaven. Releasing her aura, she raised her hand and suppressed the person opposite her, defeating her opponent easily.

"Senior, thank you," the lady stood on the Moon Platform and said, smiling. The pretty lady opposite her sighed. "Junior, your spiritual control abilities are becoming stronger and stronger. It's so hard to resist against it. In a few years time, I think you will have the chance to compete for the position of the Virgin."

Qin Li and Chu Yaoyao, who had been chatting, raised their heads and looked at the figure dressed in green on the Moon Platform. The elf-like lady was like a fairy who had come to the mortal world. Even though Chu Yaoyao was honored as one of the top three beauties in the Eastern Barren Territory, she did not dare to say that her appearance was more outstanding than the lady on the Moon Platform.

"Hua Jieyu," Qin Li similarly stared at the figure and said to himself. That time, the various top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory went to Cangye. Ye Futian entered the Cottage, and there were rumors that his girlfriend, Hua Jieyu, entered the Moon Clan. She was the shockingly beautiful lady in front.

Hua Jieyu stood at her spot. Having cultivated in the Moon Clan for nearly a year, her temperament had changed slightly and was now more outstanding. The already pretty girl became even more feminine at that moment. If the beauties in the Eastern Barren Territory were ranked again, she would probably win the top three beauties.

"Senior Chu, you are much stronger than me," Hua Jieyu said softly. The other lady did not say anything else. She folded her hands and left the Moon Platform. Hua Jieyu bowed slightly in the direction where the elders and seniors were at, after which she left the platform.

"Jieyu is indeed a distinguished talent. In the future, her achievements will be unmeasurable," an elder complimented.

"Yaoyao, you need to work hard to cultivate. Otherwise, after a few years, you will really be surpassed by your junior," someone looked at Chu Yaoyao and said. Chu Yaoyao turned her head and looked at the person. Smiling, she said, "It's naturally a good thing that junior Jieyu can have such talents. Even if she can surpass me, it only means that the Moon Clan is becoming stronger."

"That's right." That lady smiled and nodded. Chu Yaoyao stared at the charming figure who was walking down the Moon Platform. In the previous year, there was nobody in the Moon Clan who could threaten her position as the Virgin. However, at the moment, she had to admit that Hua Jieyu was indeed already qualified to do so.

Hua Jieyu was no weaker than her in terms of talent. Even in terms of appearance, she, one of the top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory, could not beat Hua Jieyu. If one day, Hua Jieyu did surpass her, she could similarly represent the Moon Clan and roam in the Eastern Barren Territory. Moreover, the man whom Hua Jieyu liked was in the Cottage. Now, he was already famous in the Eastern Barren Territory.

She even saw for herself how arrogant Ye Futian was in the Qin Dynasty. He even made little of Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo. Also, a Donghua Clan noble was disabled by the Cottage for bullying him and Yu Sheng.

After a while, it was Chu Yaoyao's turn to fight. She displayed her strong cultivation talents as the Virgin, crushing her opponent. She was still elegant and gifted. Many people had the vague feeling that Hua Jieyu and Chu Yaoyao, the two absolute beauties, would definitely have a real battle in the futurethe battle for the position of the Virgin.

The event of the Moon Clan was over. With her particularly outstanding performance, Chu Yaoyao was still the Virgin of the Moon Clan; nobody was able to shake her position.

After this was announced, Qin Li walked up and folded his hands at the elders of the Moon Clan, after which he said, "The Dongqin College will be holding its open house soon. I have come to the Moon Clan just to send my invitation again. I hope that the people of the Moon Clan will join the event."

"You are too polite. Last time you have already invited us. Even if you do not come today, we will also go there," a pretty lady said. "However, since you have come here personally, I will ask the disciples of the Moon Clan to go together."

"Thank you, senior." Qin Li folded his hands and smiled, not forgetting to glance in Chu Yaoyao's direction. He did not do so secretly, as if it was deliberate.

"Who is willing to go?" The lady looked at the many disciples of the Moon Clan. Immediately, many people walked forward and bowed slightly. "I am willing to go."

This event had stirred up the Eastern Barren Territory and all the top forces would gather at the Chaoge City. Who would not want to go there and watch it?

"Do all of you want the entire Moon Clan to go there?" the lady smiled and said. "Yaoyao, among the Dharma Plane disciples who are willing to go there, choose some to go with you."

"Alright." Chu Yaoyao smiled and nodded. Then, she chose a group of people whose talents and levels were rather high to go with her. Hua Jieyu was also in the crowd, but Chu Yaoyao did not choose her. She walked forward gently and said softly, "Senior, I would like to go to the Chaoge City as well."

Chu Yaoyao turned and looked at Hua Jieyu. Smiling, she said, "Junior, you are very talented, but your level is still too low. You should spend more time to cultivate and should not waste time because of this. I am still waiting for you to challenge me for the position of the Virgin in the future."

"I have no intention to compete with you for the position of the Virgin. However, I hope that you can agree to me going to Chaoge City this time," Hua Jieyu said.

A strange look flashed across Chu Yaoyao's eyes. No intention to compete for the position of the Virgin? Then why is she going against my decision now?

"Junior, you have only been in the Moon Clan for a short period of time. Cultivation is the most important thing to you. You should not get distracted." Chu Yaoyao's voice was still soft and gentle. Hua Jieyu stared at Chu Yaoyao and was somewhat puzzled. She did not understand why Chu Yaoyao did not allow her to go. However, she had not seen Ye Futian for nearly a year already. The Donghua Clan challenged Gu Dongliu from the Cottage, so Ye Futian would surely head for Chaoge City. Furthermore, they would cross into the new year in Chaoge City. Of course she had to go. In addition, Ye Futian would certainly know her thoughts and would want to meet her in Chaoge City.

Thinking about this, Hua Jieyu turned and walked towards the elders of the Moon Clan. She bowed and said, "Seniors, I would like to go to Chaoge City."

This scene caused a strange expression to appear on the faces of all the disciples around her. Even the eyes of the elders sparkled with a weird look. Just not long ago, both Chu Yaoyao and Hua Jieyu had been speaking very appropriately and politely. However, in the blink of an eye, they disagreed with each other because of such a minor issue. The two both seemed to be very stubborn about their decisions. Such a scene caused many to have some additional thoughts.

Chu Yaoyao was the Virgin. Since the elders asked her to choose the people, she was naturally entitled to do so. However, Hua Jieyu requested to go, and it would only be reasonable for Chu Yaoyao to agree to her request, but she rejected it twice. Therefore, Hua Jieyu bypassed her and requested the elders directly!