The Legend Of Futian Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Demonic Tripod
Chapter 255: Demonic Tripod
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"Was that a threat?" Ye Futian mumbled. If Gu Zhiqiu dared to threaten him after what happened to the Donghua Clan, he must be very powerful.

"This guy is just as domineering as rumored." Liu Feiyang watched as the man walked away. The Witch Clan always acted strangely without any rules. They'd all experienced the Witch's personality. She was honestly a witch. The Warlock was differenthe was cold and direct.

"Is the Witch Clan all good at Spiritual Sorcery?" Ye Futian asked. The attack from before had been activated by spiritual sorcery.

"The Witch Requiem is most suitable for spiritual sorcerers. They can plant their own print into someone's Spiritual Energy. It's terrifying," Liu Feiyang said. "The cultivators of the Witch Clan are the rarest amongst the top forces, equal only to the Qianqiu Temple. Of course, the Cottage isn't included in this. But most of the Witch Clan have such strange powers. From the aspect of personal combat abilities, they aren't any weaker than the top three in the center of the Eastern Barren Territory."

Spiritual sorcerers were always the most dangerous. And if a spiritual sorcerer with eerie powers could merge other methods, he would become even more frightening.

"What plane is he now?" Ye Futian asked. It was hard to determine the specific plane he was from the previous attack.

"Probably the Arcana Plane." Liu Feiyang glanced at Ye Futian. "Your plane is lower. There will most likely be more unrest after the Dongqin College opens. You might not be able to participate because of your plane. It's unfortunate." With Ye Futian's talent, this should be his stage. However, he was restricted by his plane. It was hard to fight with the truly most powerful. These people had almost all reached the Arcana Plane.

Ye Futian was upset. He had been cultivating in isolation for all this time. Now, he'd entered the Sixth-level Dharma Plane but in the Eastern Barren Territory, it was still not enough. Even the younger generation was higher than him. Many were in the Arcana Plane.

It seemed that he had to work harder.

"Should we go back now?" Liu Feiyang asked.

"Do you have any ideas?" Ye Futian looked at him.

"Chaoge was the capital of the Qian Dynasty. The former royal family, the Yin Family, was forced to become vassals and the dynasty shattered. During a battle, the ancient palace was destroyed, as well as many precious lands. However, some relics are still preserved. The most famous is Tripod Tower. Are you interested?"

"What is that?" Ye Futian asked.

"It's the sacred land of the Qian Dynasty," Liu Feiyang said. "The Demonic Tripod is outside the Tripod Tower. It's rumored that this is a very powerful ritual implement. It's a national treasure that can anchor the country's fate."

"If it can anchor the country's fate, why was their dynasty defeated?" Ye Wuchen asked. He clearly didn't believe in the rumors. A country's fate depended on their cultivators.

"In the era that the Qian Dynasty was defeated, no one could lift up the tripod," Liu Feiyang said, chuckling. "Of course, no one knows if it's true but the tripod can definitely help you cultivate by training your body physically. I'm sure many have already gone."

"Let's go look." Ye Futian's eyes glimmered. Liu Feiyang nodded.

The group changed direction and started walking.

The Tripod Tower was not far from the Dongqin College. It was near the Yin Family. Back then, the Qian Dynasty had submitted to the Qin Dynasty. The Tripod Tower was a relic from the Qian Dynasty, and it still belonged to the Yin Family. Of course, things were different now.

The Tripod Tower had been a sacred land during the Qian Dynasty. No one was allowed to approach it. But it had also been destroyed by the Qin Dynasty. Adding the fact that the Tripod had become a legend, it wasn't as guarded as before. Anyone could go to experience it.

Right now, there were many strong cultivators around the Tripod Tower. People from the top forces were at the forefront. Since they came to Chaoge City, they naturally had to visit the Tripod Tower.

When Ye Futian arrived, he saw a huge tripod stand before the Tripod Tower. There were images on the tripod, seeming to jump into his eyes like godly images. It was terrifying.

The tripod was copper and green, seemingly made of bronze. The air seemed to be filled with a powerful force. It could almost absorb the endless Spiritual Qi from the world. Sitting there, no one could move it. There seemed to be a powerful matrix around the tripod. Streams of mysterious aura wrapped around it. The golden lights looked extremely sacred.

"What a treasure," Ye Futian uttered when he saw it. "Since the Qin Dynasty defeated the Qian Dynasty, why is the tripod here? Why didn't they take it?"

"There's a rumor that this was the most important ritual implement of the Qian Dynasty. It can anchor the country's fate. Some call it the King Tripod. Others call it the Supreme Tripod," Liu Feiyang.

"Look at the carvings," he continued. "They're all demons. Of course, the name Demonic Tripod doesn't merely come from these images. Instead, it's because when the Qin Dynasty defeated the Qian Dynasty, an extremely talented crown prince came to take the tripod. However, the formerly undefeated crown prince was crushed by the tripod. He died while lifting it. Thus, Demonic Tripod became its name. The Qin Dynasty thinks it is bad luck. Maybe it still anchors the Qian Dynasty's last fate.

"After that, the Qin Dynasty didn't touch it for years. Now, many of the younger generation no longer believe the superstition but still, no one can lift it. The Yin Family has completely submitted to the Qin Dynasty too, so the strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty won't come to take it away." He continued casually, "Furthermore, even if they want to, they might not be able to. The elders of the Qin Dynasty naturally won't do something like this."

Ye Futian nodded. So, despite its powerful reputation, no one had actually used the Demonic Tripod. It had just guarded this place.

At this place, a figure clad in black walked towards the Demonic Tripod.

It's the Witch Clan. Many people looked at the man. It was a strong cultivator from the Witch Clan. Would he be able to lift the tripod?

The man walked below the huge tripod. It stood on three legs. He grabbed two with his hands and bent forward. With a roar, his veins bulged and witch aura snaked around him. Frightening strength exploded from his arms. The matrix around the Demonic Tripod flashed. The demonic images were also moving. Golden light flashed around it and horrible power pressed down.

The Demonic Tripod moved. The entire sky seemed to be shaking.

With another roar, the strong cultivator lifted the tripod above the ground. But then he grunted and with a huge boom, the Demonic Tripod hit the ground. The strong cultivator sprawled on the ground. He spat out blood; his face was pale.

"It's that powerful?" Ye Futian's eyes flashed.

"How can an ordinary member of the Witch Clan lift the Qian Dynasty's national treasure?" Liu Feiyang said. "If someone can lift it, they might be killed instantly like the crown prince of the Qin Dynasty. It has happened a few times in history."

"A demonic tripod indeed," Ye Futian said. This name really suited it. No wonder people used it.

At that time, someone walked over and said, "Many people have tried it before you arrived. They all failed. At most, the tripod would be lifted a few inches. No one could raise it more than one foot."

The speaker was Nangong Jiao. She had come with the people of the College. Behind her were the young disciples, such as Tuoba Yun, Kua Shan, and Tang Ye. They'd come due to the tripod's reputation too.

"Have you all tried?" Ye Futian asked.

"Not yet. Kua Shan wants to try though," Nangong Jiao said. Behind her, Kua Shan's burly figure walked towards the Demonic Tripod.

Ye Futian looked to him. Kua Shan had entered the College with him at the beginning of the year. He was the most talented of the new students. Mountain Elder Zong Xu had accepted him as his own disciple.

Kua Shan walked to the Demonic Tripod. With a huge roar, his bones cracked and his body seemed to expand. He had to lower his head to stand there. Back to the tripod, he gripped its legs. With a roar and a burst of power, the air shook and the Demonic Tripod left the ground.

All the muscles on his body were shaking. The tripod was lifted one inch, two inches Gradually, under everyone's shocked scrutiny, it was one foot away from the ground.

Even more terrifying pressure fell on him. The images on the Demonic Tripod seemed to come to life. Horrible demonic light shone. Kua Shan roared again and he slowly set the tripod down. Finally, it landed steadily and he walked from under the tripod, his body still trembling. No one knew what he had experienced.

"Wow, the College is indeed extraordinary. He doesn't seem famous but he's still so powerful." Many people looked to Kua Shan in respect. One foot was the best achievement yet today but it was created by an unknown disciple of the College. This was how powerful the College was.

Kua Shan returned to the group. Tuoba Yun said to him, "Seems that your crude power is useful."

Kua Shan gazed at him coolly. Then Tuoba Yun's eyes moved to Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. "Will you all try too?"

Tuoba Yun always thought highly of himself but the Cottage's reputation was far above the College. He wanted to see just how talented the legendary Cottage disciples were.

Ye Futian looked at him indifferently. He could see some competition in the other's eyes. Ignoring him, Ye Futian continued studying the Demonic Tripod.

The Demonic Tripod was a national treasure. He wasn't that interested in lifting it. If he or Yu Sheng tried, they would obviously be better than Kua Shan. However, his curiosity about the Demonic Tripod was more than just lifting it.

With Freedom Meditation operating, he looked at the images. He wanted to see through them!