The Legend Of Futian Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Joke?
Chapter 258: Joke?
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A gust of dark power flowed from the Demonic Tripod to Yu Sheng's body. The tripod spun without stop as if resonating with Yu Sheng's intent. The surroundings were affected too. He truly did cultivate the extremely domineering demonic method. It could activate the demonic images and in turn activate his techniques. Covered in armor, he was formidable and powerful now, like an ancient devil.

Even so, the Demonic Tripod was still filled with powerful pressure. As it continued rising, there was strong power pressing down, even as it resonated with him. The two forces clashed against each other.

Under the clashing, the Demonic Tripod continued rising.

Yu Sheng is so powerful. Everyone's hearts trembled. He had surpassed the Arhat. The power he displayed now was like a devil. The Demonic Tripod was now five feet high. His demonic wings were still flapping. This scene was extremely impressive. He was like a devil lifting the tripodit was a powerful sight.

Yin Mo's eyes were frozen on him. Earlier, he had said that no one could surpass the Arhat's record in the near future but Yu Sheng had done so. He had even surpassed him by so much. Even more frightening, this wasn't the end. Yu Sheng could continue. Where was his limit?

Finally, Yu Sheng stopped at five feet. The Demonic Tripod was in the air.

Strands of dark gold light flowed through Yu Sheng's body. Many people were intrigued by this sight. Was he absorbing the Demonic Tripod's power for cultivation? Ye Futian hadn't been obvious but Yu Sheng was different. Other than repressing his power, the dark gold light seemed to get absorbed by his armor. Strands appeared between him and the Demonic Tripod.

More and more people came over and were shocked by what they saw.

"This tripod is evil and contains demonic strength. Even the Buddhist techniques couldn't purify it. I felt strong backlash earlier," the Arhat said at that time. Many people turned to look at him. He continued, "But he is cultivating with the tripod. His technique must be the powerful demonic method that resonates with the tripod."

Hearing this, everyone nodded. They had felt something strange. The Arhat had the dharma-caksu and could see more things clearly. Since he said so, he must be right.

"If he receives the tripod, it will be inauspicious," the Arhat said with his palms together in prayer. Everyone's eyes flashed and glinted. What did he mean? Was he saying that Yu Sheng was inauspicious?

"Arhat, what do you mean?" someone from the Donghua Clan asked.

"An inauspicious man will have bloody hands. He will be a sinner that brings retributions." The Arhat seemed to be a compassionate man. Ye Futian's eyes flashed and he looked over coldly.

"It is not like a Buddhist to come to brash conclusions," Ye Futian said coolly. How could the Arhat decide Yu Sheng would definitely bring retribution?

The Arhat gazed at him. "Since I said so, I definitely did not decide brashly."

"If you are so compassionate, why are you here instead of saving the world?" Ye Futian said sarcastically. He had come to lift the tripod but was now preaching to the audience. Yu Sheng had a bad temper but he wasn't a murderer. His anger was only created because of Ye Futian.

The Arhat shook his head but didn't continue.

Yu Sheng continued cultivating. The Demonic Tripod rose bit by bit. After a while, it was already six feet in the air. Yin Mo stared at this in shock. To him, this was like a miracle.

The Yin Family guarded the Tripod Tower but no one had ever done this. Even the disciples of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan could only reach three feet. The Arhat hadn't gone past four feet. Now, Yu Sheng had completely broken the records.

The crown prince of Qin had reached eight feet. Could Yu Sheng surpass that? He thought of the myths left behind by the ancestors. Thinking of how Yu Sheng might surpass eight feet, Yin Mo's expression changed.

As the Demonic Tripod rose, the Spiritual Qi around it went wild. They seemed to be covered in dark light. Strands of air current flowed to a terrifying extreme. The sky changed color and the pressure even went towards the surroundings.

This wasn't the limit either. As Yu Sheng cultivated, the Demonic Tripod continued rising. In the darkness, everyone felt a frightening aura. Even if they weren't the one lifting the tripod, they still felt the pressure. It seemed to come down from thin air.

Some people retreated. The pressure was so strong. It felt that they were all lifting the tripod instead of just Yu Sheng.

The tripod was now at seven feet. The sky and ground were completely black. Everyone kept retreating and even people from far away could see this phenomenon. Some people hurried over.

Yin Mo looked more and more uncomfortable. What would happen if Yu Sheng really could reach nine feet? Was he supposed to let Yu Sheng take the tripod? The Demonic Tripod was his family's treasure. Even if no one in the Yin Family could use it now, it had still been there since the Qian Dynasty. His family always hoped that a later descendant could accomplish it. If Yu Sheng from the Cottage took it, it wouldn't belong to them anymore. Thinking of his earlier words, he started regretting. How could anyone imagine this?

This was something not even the elders of the Yin Family could accomplish. Who would have thought that someone in the Dharma Plane could do it?

Right now, he was praying Yu Sheng would get killed.

Back then, the Qin crown prince had lifted the tripod eight feet and wanted to continue to take the tripod away. That was when he was killed by the backlash. Yin Mo had never seen the scene but Yu Sheng couldn't be more powerful than a crown prince, right?

Behind Yin Mo, there was a tower that stood there, facing Yu Sheng. The Tripod Tower wasn't just the Demonic Tripod. There was also this tower. It was also a relic from the Qian Dynasty.

A group walked out of the tower now. They seemed to sense some change and looked over. The leader was very extraordinary and stood out from the crowd. However, his expression was cold and proud. He was Yin Zhen, the youngest representative of the Yin Family. Now, he walked over and gazed at Yu Sheng. "What is going on?" he asked Yin Mo. "Who is this?"

Seeing Yin Zhen's arrival, Yin Mo's expression changed. "Yu Sheng from the Cottage."

"Yu Sheng." Yin Zhen's eyes flashed. He quickly thought of someone. Apparently, Gu Dongliu had gone to the Qin Dynasty because Yu Sheng had been hurt by one of Donghua Clan's Nobles.

He looked up towards Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng was using the Demonic Tripod to cultivate and the tripod rose up bit by bit. It gradually approached the eight feet mark. This was what the crown prince had done many years ago.

The matrices around him kept getting activated. The Demonic Tripod released power crazily. It was like the end of the world.

Finally, Yu Sheng reached eight feet. There were countless figures in the vast sky. They had all come from afar to watch Yu Sheng. The scene before their eyes was extremely shocking. A devil was raising the tripod.

Yin Mo opened his mouth to speak but then stopped. His eyes fell upon Ye Futian and said, "During the Qian Dynasty, the Qin crown prince raised the tripod to eight feet and wanted to continue. However, he suffered from the backlash and was killed. He is now at eight feet. If he continues, it will be too dangerous. You should tell him to stop."

Ye Futian gazed at Yin Mo. Yu Sheng was now at eight feet and was still cultivating. He was working steadily and rising bit by bit. He could resonate with the Demonic Tripod and fight back against the repressive force.

Why should he stop?

Yu Sheng really wanted to take it away. Earlier, he'd asked Yin Mo how to take the tripod but Yin Mo said he didn't know.

Yin Mo's attitude hadn't been like this before. He'd hoped that they would raise the tripod and wished they would get killed. Now, he was worrying for Yu Sheng's safety. Ye Futian didn't believe him.

There was only one reason for him to say this: it was possible for Yu Sheng to take the tripod and Yin Mo knew the limit.

Thinking of this, Ye Futian chuckled. "Yu Sheng knows his limits. If he really is lucky enough to take the Demonic Tripod, I'll have to thank the Yin Family."

"Take it?" Yin Zhen's eyes flashed at this. He said, "The Demonic Tripod is our family's but is open to the public. Anyone can try to lift it but who said you could take it?"

Ye Futian frowned at this. Were they eating their words now?

"I only know that someone from the Yin Family said that if you can take it, then do as you please. Everyone here heard it," Ye Futian said indifferently. They had risked their lives to lift the tripod but now the Yin Family was joking with him?


It dawned on Yin Zhen. He gazed coldly at Yin Mo.

The latter looked uncomfortable. Looking at Ye Futian, he said, "That was just a joke. Did you take it for real?"

"Who's joking with you?" Ye Futian gazed coolly at him. Did Yin Mo really think he couldn't understand his attitude from before? Yin Mo had hoped the Demonic Tripod would kill them and egged them on. But now, he said he had been joking?

The people who heard this conversation were shocked. Would Yu Sheng really be able to take the tripod?

The Yin Family seemed to regret it.

Of course, they could see that when Yin Mo agreed earlier, he had been gleeful. He definitely didn't expect this result, so now, he was panicking.

Yin Zhen's expression was extremely cold. He looked from Yin Mo to Ye Futian and said, "Yin Mo cannot represent the Yin Family. Do not take those words seriously."

While he spoke, Yu Sheng was still rising. He had gone past eight feet, surpassing the Qin crown prince!