The Legend Of Futian Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Chapter 260 Obliteration
Chapter 260: Chapter 260 Obliteration
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Luo Fan did not say anything unnecessary. This was the second time. Previously, the Donghua Clan had already done something similar. Now, even the dying dynasty dared to bully the Cottage like this.

The dragon whip charged out. Many fire dragons seemed to appear in the sky and swept towards the two nobles directly. The two emitted a violent aura. They retreated to the side and did not dare to release too much power in case it would cause the entire tower to collapse.

Seeing an opening, Ye Futian flashed forward, stepping into the door.

"How dare you." The two nobles wanted to stop him, but the dragon whip lashed onto the space. Even the space seemed to be cut into two pieces by the flaming dragon whip, and they did not dare to resist it head-on.

At the moment, many cultivators had arrived outside the tower. The people from the Qin Dynasty, the Donghua Clan, and the Yin Family reached gradually, all wanting to enter the tower. However, on the eaves of the tower, a figure was standing quietly. It was Xue Ye, the fourth disciple of the Cottage. Thousands of pages danced around him and flooded the entire space, blocking everyone outside.

"Does the Cottage intend to cross the line?" a cultivator from the Yin Family said coldly, staring at Xue Ye.

"I have something to announce. Although Yu Sheng is not officially a Cottage disciple yet, his status is equivalent to one. The Yin Family should pray that he is fine at the moment. Otherwise, there will be no more Yin Family in the Eastern Barren Territory," Xue Ye said calmly and looked at the cultivator from the Yin Family as if it was something very ordinary.

"Are you joking?" a cultivator from the Qin Dynasty said emotionlessly. The Yin Family was a subsidiary force of the Qin Dynasty.

"Scholars are all honest people. We don't joke," Xue Ye said.

The faces of the people from the Yin Family turned extremely pale. The disciples of the Cottage would always do what they had said. Even a noble from the Donghua Clan was disabled by them just like that.

Actually, the people from the Yin Family naturally did not dare to deal with Yu Sheng like that. Otherwise, if he really died, it would also be a disaster for the Yin Family. However, the person who just shouted was not a current member of the Yin Family, but a being in the tower.

"Do scholars like to snatch what they like by force as well?" a cultivator from the Donghua Clan questioned.

"I can testify for this. Someone from the Yin Family said himself that Cottage disciples can take the demonic tripod away if they have the ability to do so," Liu Feiyang smiled and said. "It's not just me. Many people here should have heard this as well."

The looks from the cultivators of the Yin Family were extremely cold as they stared at Yin Mo who was below them. At the moment, Yin Mo's body was trembling. Clearly, he knew that his unintentional words had gotten them into much trouble.

"The people of my Yin Family are not disciplined enough," an elder of the Yin Family said.

"That's it? Not disciplined enough?" Xue Ye smiled. "Furthermore, you almost killed my Cottage disciple."

"The Cottage wants to snatch the treasure of my Yin Family, and yet you sound so righteous. This is way too much." In the sky, another cultivator had arrived. It was the master of the Yin Family. He had a terrifying aura around his body as if he was a ferocious beast. His burly body was filled with an extremely violent strength.

"The third brother once said that Cottage disciples are reasonable; however, since we have met unreasonable people, we can only speak with our fists." Xue Ye looked at the master of the Yin Family, and his voice suddenly turned dominating. "We are bullying your Yin Family. So what?"

Dong. The master of the Yin Family took a step forward, and his might crushed everything beside him.

"Try it if you dare." Suddenly, a cold voice spread out. Many people looked in that direction and saw a lady standing proudly.

The lady had a proud temperament and was standing with her body straight. Behind her, there were many other cultivators.

"A mountain elder from the College." Some people knew her identity: Zhu Qing, a mountain elder in the College. This time, it was not only the Cottage which came from the College. Two mountain elders went down the mountain as well. The mountain elders were preceded only by the College Chief. Unlike the ordinary College disciples, they naturally knew what to do in this kind of situation.

At the moment, another cultivator arrived at the place. He had a very sharp temperament and was carrying a blade behind his back; he was from the Sword Saint Mountain.

"After the event at the Qin Dynasty, my master said that anyone who bullies his junior at the Cottage will do so at his own risk," the person said emotionlessly. Immediately, the whole atmosphere became tense.

When the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan teamed up, they were naturally a superpower in the Eastern Barren Territory. However, the Cottage, the College, and the Sword Saint Mountain were no weaker when they joined up either. If a war really was to break out, the entire Eastern Barren Territory would be covered in blood. As for the Yin Family, although it had a strong power in Chaoge City, it was really too weak when compared to such a force.

The master of the Yin Family stopped in his spot. The atmosphere immediately became extremely tense. The people from the all the major forces had already arrived. Seeing the scene, a strange expression appeared on their faces. The event at the moment looked somewhat similar to the one at the Qin Dynasty. However, in the last time, the Cottage disciples appeared to be isolated and helpless. The issue was only solved after Gu Dongliu went down the mountain.

This time was different. After the last event, the Sword Saint had made his position directly and instructed his disciples on what to do. Therefore, today the Sword Saint Mountain stood out at once. Furthermore, there was also the College this time.

The College had nine mountains. Apart from the first mountain where the College Chief resided and the Cottage, there were still seven mountains. All the seven mountain elders were not simple.

The situation went into a stalemate at this instant. Yu Sheng was trying to lift the tripod again and he was still as violent as before. The demonic tripod was emitting a whizzing sound and even caused the sky to darken. Along with the two parties facing each other in a stalemate, the atmosphere appeared to be extremely repressed.

At the moment, Ye Futian stepped into the hall in the tower. The magnificent hall was emitting an ancient feeling. Ye Futian stared at the space in front of him directly. There, there was a matrix which was crafted from many brilliant symbols. Inside the matrix, there was an illusory figure formed by willpower which looked like an elder.

Previously when Yu Sheng was attacked, Ye Futian already knew that it was a will attack. Now when he saw the scene, he realized that the illusory figure was a person from the previous generation in the Yin Family. His will did not dissipate and was kept by the matrix so that he could be worshiped at this place.

Around the matrix, there were five rods. On each rod, a light of different color was flowing, and they represented the five elements respectively. The matrix was connected by the five illusory rods. It rotated continuously and repeatedly to absorb the power of the five elements in the world.

The elder stared coldly at Ye Futian. He had clearly sensed the situation outside. His action of interrupting the person who was trying to lift the tripod seemed to have brought much trouble to the Yin Family, which he did not expect to happen.

He was worshiped at this place. Although he did know some of the things happening outside, his knowledge was very limited. Obviously, he did not know what happened in the Qin Dynasty.

Today, the younger generation of the Yin Family had brought the two geniuses from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan to the place in order to learn from him. He gave the two a lecture, before the event regarding Yu Sheng happened.

"Ancestor of the Yin Family?" Ye Futian glanced coldly at the figure. His roar almost caused the demonic tripod to kill Yu Sheng on the spot. He walked forward and approached the matrix.

"Youngster, this is not where you are supposed to enter. Go out," the illusory figure said emotionlessly.

"The rods are not bad. Can you give them to me for free?" Ye Futian neared the matrix and reached out his hand. Holding one of the rods installed in the place, he applied a gentle force and wanted to pull it out.

Bang. A violent, invisible gust of Spiritual Qi erupted and enveloped him, pressuring his body. The illusory figure said coldly, "You think that I do not dare to kill you?"

"You have already seen the situation outside. If anything happens to me, the Yin Family will die with me." Ye Futian smiled as if he was not worried at all. He continued to exert force, attempting to take the rod away.

The illusory figure looked frustrated. If the rods were taken away, the matrix would collapse and his existence could no longer be maintained.

"Are all the young people today so presumptuous?" He stared at Ye Futian. In an instant, he turned into a frightening willpower and started to pressure Ye Futian. At this moment, Ye Futian only felt like he was standing against a top noble. The might wanted to crush his will.

"Do you want to leave yourself, or do you need me to send you away?" An emotionless voice erupted in Ye Futian's mind as if the illusory figure had charged into his mind directly. He sounded extremely arrogant.

"Idiot." A mocking smile appeared on Ye Futian's face. Then, water and flame intents exploded simultaneously and enveloped the illusory will directly. Ye Futian was actually waiting for him to launch a willpower attack. If it was a real top-level noble will, he would lose. However, the opposite party was trying to pressure him with a residue willpower only.

"You are overconfident," the elder said coldly and allowed the water and flame intents to approach himself.

"Is it?"

The two communicated through their wills. On Ye Futian's body, an extremely dazzling light was flowing, as if it was emperor's light. The water and flame intents charged into the illusory will. A divine flame seemed to appear on the flame intent and turned into several ancient characters.

Fire, Flare, Blaze.

Every ancient character seemed to contain an emperor's imprint. The illusory figure gasped in horror as he could only feel his will starting to burn. At the same moment, the icy intent engulfed him as well. It was sufficient to freeze any willpower to death.

Under the water and flame intents, the illusory figure cried in pain and roared angrily, "Go away." The illusory figure turned extremely violent as he tried to break free and escape.

"You can go and really die now." Ye Futian's voice was very cold. The will of the elder was slowly eaten away. At the center of the matrix, the elderly figure trembled wildly and turned lighter and lighter.

"Help!" he shouted loudly. Outside the tower, many people were astonished, especially those from the Yin Family.

"Get out of the way," the master of the Yin Family roared in anger and stepped forward, causing Xue Ye's spells to erupt totally. At the same time, a dragon whip struck out and actually caused two nobles to be blown away. Then, Luo Fan appeared at the place as well.

Seeing Luo Fan's emergence, many people were momentarily stunned. Even Xue Ye had a strange expression on his face as he said, "It's not you?"

"I think the little brother can settle it himself," Luo Fan said.

"Quick." The figure in the tower called for help again. In the matrix, the figure became more and more illusory. Gradually, it turned into nothingness and totally disappeared.

Ye Futian looked in front of him coldly. The matrix stopped slowly and the five illusory rods around it actually turned into five beams of light which flew towards the same spot. They converged together and turned into a single body.