The Legend Of Futian Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Arrival
Chapter 262: Arrival
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It was the last day of the year 10002 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, the end of yet another year. The last day of every year was quite extraordinary and meaningful to the Divine Prefecture of the East. To the people of the Divine Prefecture, it was a day of reunion. The year was almost over and the next one was about to come.

On the last day of this year, Chaoge City was particularly lively. At the moment, all the top forces had gathered in Chaoge. Apart from that, countless people had also come from the central area of the Eastern Barren Territory, waiting to see the grand occasion on the next day. Many people would spend the year-end in Chaoge City.

At night, the crescent moon hung high in the sky, embellished by many tiny stars. In the sky above Chaoge City, fireworks bloomed every now and then. The entire place looked very prosperous and spectacular.

At the place where the cultivators from the Donghua Clan were staying, there was a courtyard. At the moment, a lady was sitting there and playing her guqin. Under the night sky, she seemed extremely ethereal. Her elegant appearance and jasper-like purity made her look like a beauty who was not even from this world.

She was Hua Qingqing, one of the top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory and the fairy in the minds of all the Donghua Clan disciples. However, nobody in the Donghua Clan dared to have any evil thoughts about her.

A person would not think about disrespecting Hua Qingqing after merely seeing her face. Furthermore, everyone in the Donghua Clan knew that only he was the Mr. Right for Hua Qingqing.

Only he deserved a lady like Hua Qingqing.

He was obviously the person who was honored by the leader of the Donghua Clan as a genius that would only appear in the clan once every hundred years. He was also the future of the Donghua Clan, one who could bring the Donghua Clan to its peak.

He was Lu Nantian, the most talented person in the Donghua Clan. The phrase "one of" could be omitted.

Even though Qian Shanmu was known as the best musician among the young generation, both his level and martial talents were weaker than Lu Nantian. Everyone in the Donghua Clan knew clearly that Lu Nantian would be their next leader. It was even said that the current leader was already preparing to let him take over the Donghua Clan and might give the clan to him at any time. Moreover, Hua Qingqing, the most beloved daughter of the leader, was also betrothed to Lu Nantian.

Previously, Gu Donghua went to the Qin Dynasty and disabled the noble from the Donghua Clan. After the news spread to the Donghua Clan, a challenge was sent to the Cottage. It was said that Lu Nantian wanted to send the letter himself.

He had already not battled for many years. To date, he had not lost any fight. In the upcoming battle, his opponent would be the third disciples of the Cottage. To the people of the Donghua Clan, it would be the last challenge Lu Nantian would have before becoming the leader. He would shock the world with his name by stepping on Gu Dongliu, and then slowly take over the Donghua Clan.

At the moment, Lu Nantian stood quietly beside Hua Qingqing and looked at her in silence. He enjoyed looking at her and listening to her music. She was so pure and innocent, just like a clear stream in the muddy world, never contaminated.

As long as a person lived in the world, he would face constant conflicts and struggles. Even in the Donghua Clan, people had mutual suspicion and deception. Only she had always been beautiful and innocent. Whenever Lu Nantian saw her, he would feel a rare sense of peace in his heart. He really liked her, without any desire. He felt good just by seeing her.

The melodious music slowly came to a stop. Hua Qingqing had beautifully tender hands and slender fingers. She put down her hands and then raised her head slightly with a clear look in her eyes. Staring at the figure standing before her, she said softly, "Tomorrow will be the day of the battle. Are you confident?"

Smiling, Lu Nantian shook his head.

"If you change my opponent to a person from another force, I will naturally be confident. However, my opponent is Gu Dongliu, the third disciple of the Cottage. Who dares to say that he would definitely win against Gu Dongliu?" Lu Nantian smiled and said in a calm tone. There were not many people in the Eastern Barren Territory whom he would respect and view as worthy opponents. The first disciple and the third disciple of the Cottage were, of course, such people. In addition, the Cottage was indeed an honorable force as well.

"Be careful then," Hua Qingqing said softly, and she was similarly very calm. It was as if the battle which had attracted much attention was not very important to them, or at least, they were not bothered by it that much.

"Okay." Lu Nantian smiled. Then, he raised his head and gazed at the many stars in the sky.

The countless stars in the sky were just like the cultivators in the world. However, there were only a few which could remain as the brightest ones. Most people, albeit talented, were only like a meteor. They would flash across the sky and then disappear, only being able to release a short-lived radiance.


The Cottage disciples were gathered together at the moment, enjoying the annual banquet. Ye Futian said, "Fifth brother, your cooking skills are amazing."

"It's all through practice." Although Luo Fan was praised, he did not seem to be proud at all.

"I really envy you. You can become so skilled in cooking by practice." Ye Futian smiled gently.

"The second sister is not here and nobody will protect you. Be careful of what you say," Luo Fan glanced at Ye Futian and warned. Does this guy still think that he is on the mountain and protected by the sister?

"It's not like we're not going back." Hearing Luo Fan's threat, Ye Futian smiled and looked at him. Immediately, Luo Fan's face darkened and he widened his eyes fiercely at Ye Futian. If Ye Futian really was to complain about him after going back, he would have a hard time in the future.

Sigh. As a senior, I was actually bullied by the little brother.

"It feels really weird without the second sister and sister Xing'er this year," Xue Ye said softly. As he spoke, he even glanced at Gu Dongliu.

"Just eat. There are still things to do tomorrow," Gu Dongliu said emotionlessly.

"Third brother, how confident are you about the fight with Lu Nantian tomorrow?" Luo Fan asked curiously. Nobody knew exactly what the third brother was thinking.

"I don't know," Gu Dongliu replied. Lu Nantian became famous before he did and had many glorious victories. Subsequently, he seldom battled at all, and nobody knew how strong he was now. However, nobody dared to doubt his power either. Even the Cottage would not look down on a person like Lu Nantian.

"Is Lu Nantian very strong?" Ye Futian asked. Even a person as strong as the third brother was actually not confident about defeating Lu Nantian.

"He is the most talented person in the Donghua Clan. Clearly, he is not ordinary," Gu Dongliu said.

Ye Futian nodded lightly. The Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan were both the very top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory. Since Lu Nantian could be honored as the most talented person in the Donghua Clan, he was undoubtedly very strong. Nevertheless, Ye Futian obviously hoped that the third brother would win.

The fight was very important to both the Donghua Clan and the College.

"After you all finish eating, get an early rest." Gu Dongliu stood up and left. Everyone stared at the back of the leaving Gu Dongliu. Luo Fan then said softly, "It seems like there will really be a tough fight tomorrow."

"Have a good sleep today and be energized for tomorrow," Xue Ye muttered.

"I wonder where the master is now," Yi Xiaoshi mumbled.

"He is certainly trying to deceive a child somewhere," Luo Fan whispered. Then, he secretly peeked in the direction where the third brother left.

"If the third brother hears that, you will be in serious trouble," Yi Xiaoshi said, smiling. Ye Futian looked at the other few in doubt.

Seeing his puzzled look, Luo Fan patted on his shoulder and said sincerely, "Little brother, you need to remember that as a Cottage disciple, the most important thing is to respect the master, just like me." After speaking, he stood up and left. Ye Futian was somewhat stunned.

"Do not say anything bad about the master in front of the third brother," Yi Xiaoshi reminded Ye Futian. Then, he left as well.

Ye Futian blinked his eyes and understood everything instantly. However, he was also not very bothered by the words. There were not many disciples in the world who were as respectful towards their master as him, so he did not need to worry about this kind of problem at all. This was clear by looking at his father-in-law who had always been very proud of him.

The few brothers went to their individual rooms and Yu Sheng also went back to cultivate. Ye Futian went to the roof alone and lied down, staring at the crescent moon and countless stars in the sky. Under the moonlight, a charming, elf-like figure seemed to appear faintly before him.

It had yet been another year. Since that particular year, he had spent every year-end with Jieyu. This year, however, Jieyu was not beside him and he really missed her.

She actually dares to stay in the Moon Clan and did not come and see me. Next time I see her, I must teach her a good lesson to raise my position. This is ridiculous. As Ye Futian was thinking, the image of his father also came to his mind. I wonder where that old b*stard is hiding right now. And mother, aunt, and Ye Qin. I wonder how they are doing now. Where exactly did the godfather bring them to? Where is the godfather himself?

Thinking about this, Ye Futian closed his eyes and actually fell asleep without knowing it. He just slept on the roof of the building.

In his dream, he seemed to have returned to the year when he was 15, when he just got to know Jieyu and they fell in love.

In his dream, he also saw a picture in his memory. On Mount Tianyao, the Snow Ape shattered the sky with the Nine Heavenly Attacks and died bravely. He saw those divine generals and the all-powerful princess Donghuang.

In his dream, he seemed to have another dream, in which he saw an extremely burly and majestic figure who looked like a real emperor of the world. However, his face was somewhat blurred and could not be seen clearly.

When the sky finally turned slightly bright and the year 10003 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar had arrived, Ye Futian opened his eyes. Bathed in the cool wind, his look was clear and focused.

Another year was gone. Time really flies.

Chaoge City started to turn lively. Just as the sky turned bright, countless people started to head for the Dongqin College. Today was destined to be a day which would be recorded in history.

Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo were going to be married, and the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan would ally through this. The Dongqin College would officially open, and Lu Nantian and Gu Dongliu were going to have a battle.

Anyone of these things was already sufficient to attract the attention of everyone in the world!