The Legend Of Futian Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Martial Arts Platform
Chapter 263: Martial Arts Platform
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The marriage between Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo was scheduled to take place at the Dongqin College.

On the first day of the new year, countless cultivators in Chaoge City headed towards the same place at the same time, forming an endless stream of people which filled the entire sky and all the streets.

The people from various top forces had been staying near the Dongqin College. When they left their places, the whole region was already filled with people who were all going to the college.

Outside the Dongqin College, there was already a sea of people at the moment. However, there was a path at the center of the crowd. Only members of the top-tier forces of the Eastern Barren Territory were allowed to enter.

Ye Futian arrived at the place with the others from the Cottage and the people from the College. However, the third brother Gu Dongliu and the two mountain elders from the College were nowhere to be seen. Due to their status, there was no need for them to observe the marriage between the two juniors. Similarly, they did not need to give the opposite party any face.

It was not just the College. The leaders of all the top forces did not come personally. Instead, they had only sent someone to represent their force.

When Ye Futian and his team arrived, many other cultivators had similarly just reached the place. He saw the members of the Moon Clan who were led by a few seniors. Chu Yaoyao was also among the crowd. The group of charming beauties attracted much attention.

"Fairy sister, hello," Ye Futian shouted at one of the ladies in the crowd. She was the lady whom he met when he went to find Jieyu. The lady smiled at him, and many disciples of the Moon Clan stared curiously at Ye Futian one after another.

Is this Ye Futian, the man whom Hua Jieyu loves? Recently, there have been malicious rumors about him in Chaoge City. From the look of it, his behavior does seem to be somewhat frivolous.

Many people glanced at Chu Yaoyao. Lately, she had been very close to Qin Li. On the previous day, which was the last day of the previous year, they had even gone out on a date. It was still unclear whether they would be together in the future.

On the other hand, the relationship between Qin Li and Ye Futian was somewhat subtle. Together with the conflict between Hua Jieyu and Chu Yaoyao in the Moon Clan, many disciples of the Moon Clan developed an intriguing thought.

Entering the Dongqin College, they were guided along the way, which eventually led them to a ceremony platform. Whenever the members of various top forces arrived, they would occupy the positions around the ceremony platform and start to look at the platform before them. Qin Li, the grandson of the king of Qin, was there commanding the various matters.

Noticing the arrival of the Moon Clan disciples, Qin Li stopped what he was doing and walked towards Chu Yaoyao. This scene caused a strange expression to appear on the faces of many.

Below the ceremony platform, many major forces from the Eastern Barren Territory and Chaoge City arrived. They looked at the many figures around the platform and were somewhat fascinated.

Today, every single top force in the Eastern Barren Territory was here. Such a grand event was indeed extremely rare.

"Gu Dongliu is not here." Someone noticed the arrival of the College, and Gu Dongliu was not among the group. Of course, Lu Nantian did not show up so quickly either.

"The Arhat and the Warlock are both here." Someone looked in the direction where the people from the Qianqiu Temple and the Witch Clan were at. Fewer people had come from these two forces as compared to the others because there were fewer disciples in the Qianqiu Temple and the Witch Clan in the first place. However, precisely because of this, everyone else did not dare to look down on the disciples of these two forces. It was just like the Cottage; it only had eight disciples but was still famous in the whole world.

The Arhat and the Warlock were two legendary geniuses. They naturally attracted the attention of many.

It was said that the Arhat lifted the demonic tripod four feet high before Yu Sheng's attempt, surpassing many. When Yu Sheng was lifting the tripod, he claimed that Yu Sheng would become a person that would bring ill fortune. On the other hand, the Warlock Gu Zhiqiu spoke out for the witch Gu Biyue and warned Ye Futian.

Apart from them, Zhe Song and Qi Ao from the Fuyun Sword Clan, Ji Kong from the Ji Family and a few people from the Royal Xuan Temple and the Sword Saint Mountain had also attracted much attention.

Today, there were too many outstanding cultivators here whom one would hardly see on an ordinary occasion. Just looking at the College, there were people like the leader Bai Lishu and the junior Xiao Wuji who were very famous, not to mention the Cottage.

At the sides of the ceremony platform, people from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan appeared one after another. Seeing the emergence of the people from these two forces, everyone knew clearly what was going on.

The marriage between Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo actually carried a special meaning. It was not held at the Qin Dynasty or the Donghua Clan, but rather at the Dongqin College.

The marriage would signify that the two top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory were allied officially. Together, they established the Dongqin College.

Time passed by slowly. As people arrived gradually, ceremonial music and the roars of various demons started to spread in the Dongqin College. In the sky above the college, phoenixes appeared and danced in the air. Many beams of light sprinkled down, forming an auspicious scene.

Just at this moment, two figures descended from the sky. They held the hand of the other and then landed on the divine birds, moving down slowly. The two were elegant in their formal attire and looked stunningly bright. They were obviously Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo.

"So beautiful." Countless people stared at Qin Mengruo who was in the sky. Wearing a red ceremonial robe, she looked extremely charming, as if she was a goddess. Many people looked at Qian Shanmu in envy. Even if he was a top genius in the Donghua Clan, he would surely be satisfied with such a wife.

The two descended from the sky and landed at the center of the ceremonial platform. They had been holding the hand of the other all the time and faced the crowd. The king of Qin was not here, and the leader of the Donghua Clan also did not come. There seemed to be something missing in the wedding ceremony. However, everyone knew that this wedding held at the Dongqin College was merely symbolic.

The cultivators from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan walked behind the two one after another, their faces filled with smiles.

Qin Yu took a step forward and stood beside Qian Shanmu. Looking at the people before him, he said, "Today is a grand event between the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan. The best forces of the Eastern Barren Territory have all sent someone here as a representative, and we are indeed very honored. The new couple shall use this opportunity to announce the opening of the Dongqin College." After speaking, he backed away.

A mighty aura was emitted from Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo. Immediately, their clothes started to dance in the air and a violent aura surrounded the ceremonial platform. Even the ceremonial platform was vibrating.

The eyes of all the people around the ceremonial platform sparkled as they looked at the two, puzzled. Then, a terrifying storm slowly tore the ceremonial platform apart. Following a loud bang, the ceremonial platform collapsed.

Red light filled the entire place. Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo started to descend. It was not just them; behind them, the people from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan also started to descend.

Everyone's eyes sparkled and they looked behind those people. There, a huge stone monument appeared. A few large characters were engraved on the stone monument: Dongqin College.

Seeing the people from the two forces standing together before the stone monument, everyone knew clearly what this meant. The disciples of the College stared at the stone monument and their eyes were glittering with sharpness.

The establishment of the Dongqin College was obviously against the Eastern Barren College.

From this moment on, whenever the word "College" was mentioned in the Eastern Barren Territory, people would no longer just think of the Eastern Barren College.

"Today the Dongqin College opens officially. We invite all the nobles of the top forces in the Eastern Barren Territory to come here and teach. The people from various forces can also come here and cultivate. Apart from that, we already have almost a thousand disciples in the Dongqin College. Furthermore, in the next three months, the college will be selecting outstanding cultivators to come here and cultivate."

Qin Yu looked at the massive crowd in front of him and said, "Next, I will bring all of you to visit a place." After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked into the Dongqin College.

The people from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan beside him followed him one after another. The people from the various forces also stepped forward and followed him. Where was Qin Yu bringing them?

After a while, the crowd came to an open space. Before them, there was a huge battle platform. Many enormous stone pillars stood at various places around the battle platform, while the ground was carved with symbols which connected the stone pillars. Suddenly, an endless amount of Spiritual Qi sparkled and converged into a frightening light curtain, enveloping the entire battle platform.

This was a huge battle platform covered by a matrix.

"This is the martial arts platform of the Dongqin College. From today on, every battle that happens on the martial arts platform will be recorded into the history of the Dongqin College," Qin Yu pointed in front and said. "The wedding between Qian Shanmu and Mengruo has unveiled the opening of the Dongqin College. And now, the first battle on the martial arts platform will be unveiled by the two of them." Just as he finished speaking, everyone could feel their hearts tremble.

They clearly knew whom Qin Yu was referring to.

Building such a special martial arts platform could indeed encourage the disciples of the Dongqin College to cultivate harder. Furthermore, the battle that was about to happen would make the martial arts platform even more sacred.

At the moment, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky. He seemed to have appeared out of thin air in the sky above the martial arts platform and landed on a towering stone pillar. There was no aura released from the figure at all. He just stood there quietly. The wind blew on his robe and his black long hair was similarly blown up, revealing a delicate and handsome face. He gave everyone a feeling that he was very calm and cool-headed. No arrogance could be felt from him, and there were not even many emotions on his calm face. However, when he stood there, he gave everyone a feeling that he was superior.

Lu Nantian, who was honored as the most talented genius in the Donghua Clan in hundreds of years, had arrived. He appeared on the martial arts platform silently. He did not say anything, and only stood there quietly, waiting. Everyone knew that since he had reached, his opponent would be here very quickly as well.

Indeed, before long, a path was split among the crowd.

Countless people looked in that direction. There, a figure in white clothing was walking over slowly, and he was similarly very calm as if he was a simple scholar. He walked towards the martial arts platform step by step. Although he looked like a scholar, unlike Lu Nantian, there was a sense of determination from the scholar. It was the determination of a student.

"Gu Dongliu is here."

Looking at the figure who was walking towards the martial arts platform, everyone actually could not help holding their breaths.

On the stone pillar of the martial arts platform, Lu Nantian looked below him. Gu Dongliu raised his head and their looks collided with each other.

In this instant, an invisible intent of battle filled the entire sky!