The Legend Of Futian Chapter 264

Chapter 264: River Sunset
Chapter 264: River Sunset
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He is finally here.

Among the three major events in Chaoge City, this battle was the most anticipated one, because nobody could predict the outcome. These two people would represent the Donghua Clan and the College in this top-level battle.

It had an extraordinary meaning.

At this moment, many people appeared among the crowd one after another. The leaders of various forces had also arrived quietly to watch the battle.

Gu Dongliu walked onto the martial arts platform. Around the enormous battle platform, the light curtain started to flow and the matrix was activated, covering the platform. Clearly, it was to prevent the two from injuring the spectators should the battle become too violent.

Lu Nantian was still standing on the stone pillar. The two stood at different heights and stared at each other as if their opponent was the only thing left in their eyes. Everything outside had nothing to do with them at all.

Everyone held their breaths and gazed at the martial arts platform. There was no sound at all, and the whole place was extremely quiet.

The disciples of the Donghua Clan clenched their fists tightly as they stared at the legendary figure of the Donghua Clan. He will certainly win this fight, even if his opponent is Gu Dongliu.

Even the Cottage disciples did not seem to be relaxed. On the previous day, the third brother had already said that he was not certain if he would win.

Apart from the top forces, the people from the other major forces were also very nervous as they gazed at the two figures on the martial arts platform. The battle between the two would really be a top-level duel in their generation.

Suddenly, on the martial arts platform, Lu Nantian stepped forward from the stone pillar and stood in the air. A trace of flame current spread from his body. In an instant, the flame burnt the sky and his surrounding became completely red as if it had turned into a world of flames. In the flame-filled sky, an enormous bird appeared. It was a divine bird, the Three-legged Golden Raven.

This was Lu Nantian's Life Spirit.

With his Life Spirit as the center, an endless stream of scorching flames converged wildly behind him, forming many suns which hung in the sky. Gradually, a total of nine suns were formed. In every sun, there was an illusory Golden Raven. The nine scorching suns hung high in the sky.

This was Lu Nantian's Dharma: nine suns in the sky. As a top-tier noble, both his Life Spirit and Dharma had already evolved to a shocking degree. The sky above the martial arts platform was filled with flowing flame currents. Even the light curtain surrounding the martial arts platform turned red.

Lu Nantian was a grade one noble.

The Noble Plane was divided into nine grades, with grade one being the highest. He was literally a top-level noble. His entire body was filled with noble will.

An extremely dazzling stream of flame charged towards Gu Dongliu. On its way, it condensed and turned into a Three-legged Golden Raven which crashed down towards him directly. There was no elemental Spiritual Qi flowing around Gu Dongliu. However, there seemed to be an invisible aura around him. When he stood there, he looked like an invincible king.

Noticing the incoming divine bird, Gu Dongliu glanced at it with a very sharp look. From his pupils, an extremely frightening eye sorcery seemed to be cast and penetrated through the illusory Three-legged Golden Raven directly. In the next instant, the illusory divine bird was crushed and turned into Spiritual Qi which soon dissipated.

Everyone watched attentively. Any random attack from Lu Nantian was already very powerful, but his opponent was Gu Dongliu. It was obviously not possible for him to defeat Gu Dongliu so easily.

The battle had just begun.

The sky above the martial arts platform had turned into a flaming world completely. Flames blotted out the sky and the entire place was carved with the imprint of fire. In the nine suns, many solar divine birds appeared and hovered at various spots. Then, they started to engulf the fire-elemental Spiritual Qi in the world wildly. Their bodies became increasingly real and large, and they soon enveloped the battle platform.

"Is Lu Nantian purely a fire-elemental sorcerer?" Ye Futian asked softly. He had the Sun Spirit and the Sun Dharma himself. However, Lu Nantian's Life Spirit was the divine bird, while his Dharma was the nine suns. Clearly, his Dharma had evolved.

"Of course not," Luo Fan said. Having the divine bird, the Three-legged Golden Raven, as his Life Spirit, Lu Nantian would certainly not become a pure fire-elemental sorcerer. Apart from the element of fire, the Three-legged Golden Raven Life Spirit had also given Lu Nantian the elements of metal and wind. At the same time, it had given him a strong martial arts talent. After all, it was an extremely violent divine bird. Of course, apart from those abilities, Lu Nantian was still very powerful just with his flame spells. For example, at the moment, the martial arts platform was already totally controlled by his flame.

"Where's the brother?" Ye Futian asked, looking at the martial arts platform. Previously, Gu Dongliu had only displayed a small fraction of his abilities outside the Qin Imperial Palace. Ye Futian could only tell that Gu Dongliu was a very strong spirit-elemental Mandate Sorcerer. He did not even really use all his powers during that battle.

"Just watch. Lu Nantian is a grade one noble, and is also very famous. He should be able to force the brother to use all his powers." Luo Fan's eyes sparkled as he stared at the martial arts platform. This battle was worth watching and learning from even for nobles.

Ye Futian nodded gently. On the martial arts platform, many illusory Golden Ravens were born from the flaming world, and they all charged towards Gu Dongliu. At this instant, it seemed as if the battle was in Lu Nantian's total control. He wanted to burn Gu Dongliu to death.

Gu Dongliu's hands formed a seal. Immediately, a terrifying might erupted from his body. Even the space around him seemed to resonate with his body. His pupils looked extremely frightening and vaguely, the outline of a monstrous figure appeared in his eyes. The outlined figure actually started to condense wildly from Spiritual Qi in front of him. Soon, a blurry figure slowly turned real. That was a war god-like figure. He stood in front of Gu Dongliu with the shocking elan of a soldier.

When the huge Golden Raven arrived, the war god-like figure punched out directly and crushed the Golden Raven.

"Conjurer." Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. The third brother was actually a powerful conjurer and summoned an illusory war god to fight for him. Furthermore, his conjuring ability was far superior to Zhou Mu, the disciple of the Art Saint. He completed the conjuring with eye sorcery and used his imagination to form the war god. Then, he finished summoning the war god which started to protect him. He did not need to draw anything.

The conjured war god stood in front of Gu Dongliu. Many faint characters and ancient seals appeared on his body. As they erupted, the aura around him became extremely appalling. He slapped out with his palms and the illusory divine birds were eliminated directly. However, in the sky, countless divine birds charged towards Gu Dongliu from different directions.

Gu Dongliu was not bothered by the attack at all. He looked at another direction, and one more illusory war god formed and started to battle directly. Then, under the astonished stare of everyone, Gu Dongliu summoned nine different war gods. They guarded around him and no attacks could even go near him.

The ancient characters and seals that appeared on the nine terrifying war gods were all different, and their attacks were different as well. However, all of them were extremely powerful.

Countless divine birds charged towards Gu Dongliu like moths flying into fire. They were killed quickly by the war gods.

Lu Nantian watched the scene calmly. Although they had not talked at all, he would be very disappointed if Gu Dongliu was too weak.

The nine suns hung high in the sky and their radiance shot towards Gu Dongliu. Then, a river of fire appeared in the sky, connecting the space between Lu Nantian and Gu Dongliu.

"River Sunset."

The eyes of the people from the Donghua Clan sparkled. They felt lucky that they could see Lu Nantian cast the River Sunset themselves.

One of the suns fell and descended along the long river, charging towards Gu Dongliu. At the same time, countless Golden Ravens flew out from it. Apart from containing a terrifying flame breath, they also had an extremely sharp metallic aura that would tear everything apart.

Gu Dongliu raised his head and saw the River Sunset pressing towards him. A sun was hanging above him. Standing there, he felt that even his body was going to burn into nothingness.

Gu Dongliu's hands continued to form seals, and many handprints flew into the nine war gods. Then, the nine war gods resonated and roared simultaneously. The sound tore the sky apart and the incoming Golden Ravens were actually crushed in the horrifying vocal storm.

However, the sun continued to fall and its power became stronger and stronger. A war god dashed out and stepped into the river of fire directly. He raised his palms into the sky and held the falling sun with his hands directly, covering the entire sky.

The terrifying light from the sun and the illusory Golden Ravens collided onto him, but he did not move at all. A very bright radiance erupted from his body and it was as if he would never be defeated.

Another sun fell down and charged towards Gu Dongliu along the river.

During the River Sunset, the nine suns would descend continuously and their powers would keep increasing. When the nine suns fell together, they would be powerful enough to burn everything in the world. In the past, Lu Nantian had used this spell to defeat a very strong noble who was two grades above him. Now, he was already a grade one noble and cast the River Sunset. Its frightening powers could thus be well imagined.

There were probably not many people in the Eastern Barren Territory who could block this spell. Even among all the top forces, there were also only a few people who could deal with the spell.

Could Gu Dongliu take the spell?

The disciples of the Donghua Clan held their breaths and gazed at the battlefield. Their eyes were glittering with fanaticism. This was the most talented person of the Donghua Clan, Lu Nantian.

Everyone from the College stared at the martial arts platform as well. Many disciples were even worried about Gu Dongliu, as Lu Nantian seemed way too overpowering. Although the martial arts platform was sealed and they could not feel how strong the attack was exactly, they could already feel how violent it was just by looking at the scene.

"Gu Dongliu is a grade two noble. His level is slightly lower," Zhu Qing said.

"But his combat ability is definitely among the top. The River Sunset is very famous, but if Gu Dongliu cannot even take this spell, then he would not be Gu Dongliu anymore," the other mountain elder Zong Xu said. Although the College had opinions towards the Cottage, they still recognized how strong the Cottage disciples were.

"Bai Lishu, if you are in the battlefield instead, can you take the spell?" Zhu Qing looked at and asked Bai Lishu, the first disciple of the College Chief.

"I did not feel its true power, so I can't say for sure," Bai Lishu replied.

Zhu Qing nodded. She was even thinking that if she was the one fighting, what the outcome would be.