The Legend Of Futian Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Guard
Chapter 268: Guard
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The first disciple of the Cottage was given the title of Sword Saint. After today's battle, third disciple Gu Dongliu could be made into a saint too. No one knew what the Cottage was like. Other than the Cottage disciples, no oneeven College discipleshad stayed there before. This mysterious place was the sacred land for many talents in the Eastern Barren Territory.

Gu Dongliu turned around. He was still standing straight, even though his clothes were messy and had some burn marks. But so what? Everyone only had respect and admiration for him, even those not from the College. Someone like him was worthy of respect. Lu Nantian, who had lost, was the same. If he hadn't faced Gu Dongliu, Lu Nantian would be the one turned into a saint today.

"Senior Brother," Xue Ye, Luo Fan, and the others walked forward.

"Let's go," Gu Dongliu said. With that, he started walking away. Xue Ye and the others seemed to perceive something; they all followed him.

Ye Futian also felt something. He and Yu Sheng followed Gu Dongliu out.

"Ye Futian," a voice suddenly called out, shattering the silence. Ye Futian looked over to the speaker. Beside the Qin Dynasty group, he saw Yin Zhen from the Yin Family looking over. "Earlier, you stole our Five Element Rod and Demonic Tripod. Today, I wish to see the Cottage's abilities as well."

"You don't qualify." Ye Futian gazed coolly at the man and continued following Gu Dongliu.

Yin Zhen's eyes hardened. He stared coldly at Ye Futian's back. "The Cottage seems like a varied mix."

"He's hurt," Qin Yu said while looking at Gu Dongliu's leaving backside. Everyone looked at Qin Yu, agreeing inwardly with him. Gu Dongliu was probably hurt. The last hit had been too powerful. If someone as strong as Lu Nantian could fall, Gu Dongliu couldn't be unharmed. However, he was still standing. Standing meant victory. He had left with his back straight too, even though he was hurt. He was such a proud fellow.

Of course, he had the right to be proud. Not many in the entire Eastern Barren Territory was more qualified than him to be proud.

Gu Dongliu was indeed injured. When they walked out of the Dongqin College, there was a massive crowd waiting outside. Seeing Gu Dongliu, they became excited. Someone asked straightforwardly, "Who won?"

"Xue Ye," Gu Dongliu called. Xue Ye understood and went to support Gu Dongliu's arm. Then they soared into the air and left. Seeing this, the crowd rustled with noise.

"Gu Dongliu had Xue Ye help him fly?"

"He must be badly hurt," many people guessed.

Everyone was talking. If Gu Dongliu lost, did it mean the Cottage lost? Otherwise, why did they all leave? But the Dongqin College was silent. No one came out other than the people of the Cottage and they didn't know the result. They were all anxious, wishing they could go in immediately and ask.

Who won this record-breaking top match?

The place that the Cottage disciples resided in wasn't far from the Dongqin College. They quickly returned. As soon as they landed, Gu Dongliu spat out blood. His pallor became pasty and his aura wilted.

"Senior Brother!" everyone exclaimed. Extremely nervous, they helped him sit down.

"It's alright," Gu Dongliu said, waving his hand while sitting there. "I'm better now. Lu Nantian is an opponent that deserves to be respected."

Everyone agreed. Anyone who could fight with their third senior brother to that extent deserved to be respected.

"Senior Brother, Lu Nantian has already fallen. So what if they see your injuries? Why did you hide it?" Xue Ye asked. He knew that keeping it down was very bad for the injury.

"The people of the Cottage cannot fall." Gu Dongliu looked at Xue Ye, Luo Fan, and the others and said, "This has nothing to do with pride. The Cottage is too brilliant now. The eyes of the entire Eastern Barren Territory is on us. This is why we can only continue being powerful. Otherwise, it will be a disaster."

Hearing his words, everyone grew thoughtful. They vaguely understood him.

Where did the reputation of the Cottage come from? The two brilliant battles from before were what gave the Cottage the almighty status. This was also why countless eyes were on them. Why did the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan partner up to target the College and Cottage? Wasn't it because they were too successful?

Last time, they had worked together to defeat Ye Futian. Yu Sheng had almost died. It was a test for the Cottage so Gu Dongliu had gone directly to the palace to disable the Donghua Clan's Noble. This wasn't only due to the Cottage's pride. It was also to show the world that the Cottage couldn't be bullied.

Thus, Gu Dongliu couldn't fall. As long as he and the Sword Saint didn't fall, no one would dare to harm the Cottage. On the other hand, if a legend fell, the Cottage would no longer be the Cottage. They only had eight disciples. They couldn't take any losses. Anyone's loss was a disaster to the Cottage.

"Xue Ye, Luo Fan," Gu Dongliu said, looking at them. "The Cottage will only be firmly anchored in the Eastern Barren Territory when you two reach my plane."

Xue Ye and Luo Fan nodded. Their eyes had never been this serious before. They all knew the responsibility the Third Senior Brother bore. It was the glory of the Cottage. Thus, he kept going even with the grave injury.

Lu Nantian of the Donghua Clan was that strong. Could the clan leader be any weaker? Further, with the Donghua Clan's heritage, they must have some extremely powerful old guys too.

"Xiaoshi, Futian, Yu Sheng, you all need to work hard too." Gu Dongliu turned to Yi Xiaoshi and Ye Futian. There was a rare smile on his face. At this moment, he didn't look like the strict Third Senior Brother anymore. He looked more like a warm elder who protected their growth.

Ye Futian finally realized that even the powerful Cottage had such pressure.

"Third Senior Brother, don't worry. When I get to your level, the Cottage will become immortal." Ye Futian smiled brightly as he looked at Gu Dongliu. "You should rest well right now."

"Yes." Gu Dongliu looked at him and nodded seriously. "Those who know me will understand my arrogance. Those who do not can be abandoned without worry. I believe you can do it."

"I will work hard." Ye Futian nodded with a smile.

"The teacher has said that he wishes for the Cottage to become the true sacred ground of the Eastern Barren Territory. The Cottage's disciples all work hard towards this." Gu Dongliu's eyes glinted brilliantly.

Ye Futian looked at him. Was this the teacher's goal? What did the true sacred ground mean?

In the Dongqin College, everyone watched as Gu Dongliu left with unsettled hearts. They agreed with Qin Yu's words. Gu Dongliu was injured but this didn't stop him from being the legend of this generation. Everyone present came from a top force of the Eastern Barren Territory and there were many important figures here. However, no one had the confidence to win against Gu Dongliu.

Seeing this battle made the trip worth it.

Qin Yu surveyed the crowd and said, "Today is the first battle of the Dongqin College. The martial arts platform displayed two monstrously talented figures. Both were injured. This will be known as a legendary battle for centuries."

Everyone's eyes flashed. Qin Yu was tricky too. He only noted that both were injured and didn't mention who had won. This result must have ruined his plan. However, no one refuted him. Everyone had seen the result and knew it clearly. Qin Yu wasn't wrong either. This truly was a legendary battle. No one would put Lu Nantian down.

"With this precedent and the fact that everyone has come from afar to group here, as well as the top forces who have come to support this event, the Dongqin College will not disappoint you all," Qin Yu said slowly. "Starting tomorrow, we will erect a battle platform outside the college. The students of the Dongqin College are willing to challenge anyone from the Eastern Barren Territory. I hope that, at that time, we will be able to witness everyone's brilliance." With that, he gazed at the College and continued, "Especially from the Eastern Barren College. I wonder if there is anyone else like Gu Dongliu. I believe the Eastern Barren College will not disappoint us."

Everyone's eyes flickered. As expected, the defeated Dongqin College wouldn't stop here. They prepared to continue calling the forces of the Eastern Barren Territory to fight. Most importantly, they would challenge the Eastern Barren College!