The Legend Of Futian Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Group Battle
Chapter 269: Group Battle
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The people of the Eastern Barren College looked to Qin Yu. Lu Nantian had lost so now they wanted to win back their reputation with the College?

Zhu Qing's eyes flashed coldly. She wanted to see what surprises they'd prepared other than Lu Nantian.

"The Dongqin College called everyone from the Eastern Barren Territory here so we hope you all will not be disappointed," Bai Lishu said while looking at Qin Yu. He seemed confrontational.

People of the various forces were a bit excited. What would happen tomorrow? Furthermore, Qin Yu had said that this was a battle of the Eastern Barren Territory. Anyone of the forces could participate. Many people wanted to try and compare themselves to the top talents.

Soon after, people began leaving.

Outside the Dongqin College, the massive crowd was still waiting. When they saw the people from the top forces come out, they grew lively. People started asking for the result of the battle they'd witnessed. However, the top forces went straight into the air and left. They didn't seem to be in the mood. Even the College left directly.

This shocked many people. Did Gu Dongliu of the Cottage really lose?

"Senior Mu, how was the battle?" someone asked a senior of a big force in Chaoge City. Clearly, they knew each other.

"Both sides were hurt but Lu Nantian fell down," an elder replied. As soon as he spoke, everyone looked over. Both sides had been hurt but Lu Nantian had fallen. The result was clear.

Gu Dongliu of the Cottage had won.

"I didn't think that Lu Nantian, someone known as a once-in-a-century talent, would lose. Seems like the Donghua Clan brags too much," someone muttered.

"No." The elder shook his head. "Lu Nantian lives up to that title."

Everyone's eyes glinted. They saw the respect that flashed through the elder's eyes.

Xiao Mu said, "Not many in the Eastern Barren Territory can perceive the abilities of a Sage. With Lu Nantian's present abilities, he is comparable to those true big figures. He was just unlucky to face the third disciple of the Cottage." With that, he sighed and walked away. He sympathized for Lu Nantian but also lamented Gu Dongliu's power.

As soon as he finished, everyone gaped. Lu Nantian had perceived the abilities of a Sage and was comparable to those big figures? They suddenly wished immensely to witness that battle that they had missed.

The news quickly spread, rushing towards Chaoge City. The city was shaken. Storms erupted in countless hearts. They all regretted that they couldn't have witnessed it. This battle that was like the one between the Sword Saint and Fuyun Sword Clan's clan leader had happened so close to them. It had been right in the Dongqin College. However, hearing that there would be more battles tomorrow, everyone felt better. Finally, they could witness something. They couldn't miss it.

The Dongqin College invited all forces of the Eastern Barren Territory for a challenge. It must be another great event.

The Cottage didn't care about the discussions of the outer world. Their third senior brother was hurt so they didn't feel any joy at the victory. This battle was enough to make Gu Dongliu a saint but to them, his health was most important.

Luo Fan helped Gu Dongliu leave that night, returning to the Cottage. Xue Ye and the others remained in Chaoge City. This matter wasn't over.

Gu Dongliu had defeated Lu Nantian. The Donghua Clan and Qin Dynasty naturally were upset. Other than them, some others were upset too. For example, Xirou and Luo Junlin of the Royal Xuan Temple.

They had witnessed the entire battle too. Gu Dongliu was so powerful, and the more powerful he was, the more uncomfortable Luo Junlin was. This meant it was more difficult to kill Ye Futian.

They were clear that if Gu Dongliu had lost, it would be entirely different. But Gu Dongliu had won. Thus, anybodyeven the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan togetherhad to think carefully before doing something to the Cottage, let alone him.

Luo Junlin felt depressed. He realized that if this kept developing, it would get more and more difficult to kill Ye Futian. After all, Ye Futian was growing too. With his talent and a place like the Cottage, he would sooner or later turn into someone like Gu Dongliu. At that time, even the Royal Xuan Temple wouldn't be able to touch Ye Futian.

The next morning, people crowded outside the Dongqin College. There was a battle platform outside the Dongqin College and a vast space around it. Only those from the top forces could be there. The other spectators could only watch from afar. Otherwise, they couldn't fit at all. It was unclear how many people were in the city now. Even the air around this place was filled with a sea of people.

People from the top forces arrived gradually and took up a portion.

"The College is here." Everyone looked over. They saw Zhu Qing, Zong Xu, and Bai Lishu leading the students. Today, the Dongqin College's target was the College so everyone obviously paid most attention to them.

"The Cottage hasn't appeared." Many noticed that the Cottage disciples weren't there.

"I heard that someone saw Luo Fan and Gu Dongliu leave the inn yesterday. They must've gone back to the Cottage to recover," someone commented. Even so, the other disciples should be here. However, they heard that Yin Zhen of the Yin Family had challenged Ye Futian yesterday and was rejected. Ye Futian said Yin Zhen wasn't good enough. Were they afraid of being targeted by the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan?

As the top forces arrived, the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan alliance walked out of the Dongqin College to the center front of the platform. They were in charge today.

Countless eyes looked to them. Qian Shanmu and Qing Mengruo, standing together, attracted many eyes. They were too attractive and had just wedded yesterday. They naturally attracted much attention.

Qing Mengruo was still as beautiful as before. The pure and elegant girl was now someone's wife. She seemed more like a woman but was still mesmerizing. One of the top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory, the young princess of the Qin Dynasty, was the first to marry. Hua Qingqing was engaged to Lu Nantian too. Only Chu Yaoyao was left. It was rumored that Qin Li of the Qin Dynasty was pursuing her.

Qin Yu walked forward and said to the crowd, "Yesterday was the opening of the Dongqin College. Using this chance, we invite all top forces for a friendly match. There are no rules today. Anyone who wishes to come up can challenge at will. Anything is fine as long as the other accepts. If anyone who performs well wishes to enter the Dongqin College, be my guest." Finishing, he gazed into the crowd. There wasn't much action.

Clearly, they were all waiting. Today was mainly for the Dongqin College and Eastern Barren College. The others were mostly here for the show. Of course, if they get interested, they might go try.

Seeing no responses, Qin Yu said, "Today, the Dongqin College is the host. Then, I guess we will go first while saving the best for last." With that, Qin Yu retreated. Some people behind him walked out at the same time. Seeing two of them, the spectators were intrigued.

Qian Shanmu and Qing Mengruo had walked out at the same time. They had wedded yesterday. Would they start the first battle today?

Then everyone realized that other than them, there were four more people. The six of them stepped onto the platform.

"Is this a group battle?" Everyone was interested. Would the first battle be a group one?

Other than Qian Shanmu and Qing Mengruo, the four weren't very familiar. However, the six had stepped forward as disciples of the Dongqin College.

"The six of us are all in the lower Arcana Plane," Qian Shanmu said. "We would like to challenge Xiao Wuji, Yu Qingshan, Su Muge, Jiang Teng, Tang Ye, and Han Feng from the Eastern Barren College." As soon as he spoke, the crowd went wild.

The six that Qian Shanmu had named were all familiar to them. Of the young generation of the College, Xiao Wuji and Yu Qingshan were definitely well-known. The other four were a little less skilled, but they were still geniuses of the College. Last year, the weakest of them were already at the top of the Dharma Plane. Now, they should probably all be in the lower Arcana Plane.

The Dongqin College wished to make up for their loss with this first battle. However, could Qian Shanmu win with this line-up?

The eyes of the College all flashed. He was so ambitious. Did he want to take all the accomplished disciples in the lower Arcana Plane in one fell swoop?

Xiao Wuji walked forward. He hadn't proved himself with a battle since being invited by Tang Ye in the Ancient Barren World last year. Though his reputation there had already spread through the forces, he'd also displayed extraordinary talent in the College. However, he hadn't displayed his true skills before everyone like the first disciple and Gu Dongliu of the Cottage had.

Today, Qian Shanmu gave him this chance.

Yu Qingshan also walked forward. Before Xiao Wuji's arrival, he'd already been renowned amongst the College disciples. He was one of those monstrous people. With him, Xiao Wuji, Su Muge, and the others, how could Qian Shanmu's group dare to challenge them?

The six from the College stepped forward together. Without speaking, they went to the battle platform.

Qian Shanmu didn't take advantage of them. They weren't any lower in plane or reputation. This way, there was no reason to avoid the challenge. They could only welcome it.

The 12 stepped onto the platform. Countless eyes fell on them.

Qian Shanmu's group of six instantly went into position. Husband and wife, Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo, stood on either side. The other four stood behind them. Clearly, Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo were prepared to use rhythmic sorcery to aid the battle. It was highly possible they had already prepared for this battle.

Amongst the Qin Dynasty crowd, Qin Li looked at this and his lips curled into a smirk. He couldn't blame Lu Nantian's loss yesterday. Not even his father could. However, everyone would truly see the Dongqin College's glory today. The era of the Eastern Barren College was over!