The Legend Of Futian Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Modest or Proud
Chapter 272: Modest or Proud
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The spring sun brought some warmth as it shone over Chaoge City. More and more people grouped in the center of the city. There were more strong cultivators here than yesterday. The top forces hadn't left yet. Even if they didn't participate, they could see the levels of the others. They could compare themselves and see what level they were at.

The battles continued. People gradually moved onto the battle platforms, challenging those from the other forces. Many from Chaoge City targeted the Eastern Barren College. These people naturally wanted to join the Dongqin College. They were from Chaoge families. It would be great if they could join the Dongqin College and be under the Qin Dynasty. But even if they were geniuses, it was difficult to defeat the College. Most battles ended in failures.

Someone in the College crowd suddenly exclaimed in shock. Many people looked over and saw that the Cottage had arrived. They were standing to the side quietly.

Seeing them, a lot from the College frowned, feeling upset. Tang Ye asked directly, "Were you in the inn the entire day yesterday?"

Yesterday, the Dongqin College had challenged the College. It was extremely important but the Cottage had vanished. The consequence was that they were completely repressed by the Dongqin College. The first loss especially had humiliated him. Tang Ye had been forced down with one hit.

How he felt went without speaking.

Xue Ye looked forward, ignoring him. Yi Xiaoshi looked at Tang Ye and smiled. "Yeah."

"You" Tang Ye was frustrated with Yi Xiaoshi's indifference but couldn't say anything. He had no right to order the Cottage around. Not even the elders could influence the Cottage. No matter how upset he was, he couldn't do anything.

Those b*stards.

"The Cottage has arrived."

Many eyes looked over at Ye Futian and the others. Two days ago, Gu Dongliu's epic battle had raised the Cottage's status once again. Paired with the fact that they didn't show up yesterday, today's appearance attracted much attention.

"Young Master Ye is here." From the distance, Gu Biyue smiled at Ye Futian. Her eyes were mesmerizing. As soon as she spoke, everyone saw Ye Futian and the Cottage group. Beside her, Gu Zhiqiu glanced at his junior sister. He couldn't do anything. This was just how she was.

Ye Futian chuckled. "Do you want to serve me?"

Gu Zhiqiu's eyes flashed with a sharp glint, staring daggers at him. Did he not care about that warning from before?

Ye Futian felt Gu Zhiqiu's eyes but ignored him.

People of the other forces were intrigued. Qin Li had purposely spread news of Gu Zhiqiu teaching Ye Futian a lesson and many knew about it. But was Ye Futian teasing the Witch again? Did he not learn his lesson? Or maybe he had his Cottage brothers with him so he was more confident. Gu Zhiqiu couldn't do anything to him.

"No, but I wish to see you display your radiance like in the Ancient Barren World." The Witch's smile was very mesmerizing. Ye Futian had been extremely brilliant that day at the Mirror Mountain. Everyone present had been impressed.

With the phrase, "You are not qualified to understand my world. Those who know me understand my arrogance" was still shocking to think back on. But even though Ye Futian had made a commotion at the Qin Dynasty, his reputation was still mostly due to being part of the Cottage.

He smiled and looked away.

The girls of the Moon Clan looked at Ye Futian. The woman who had helped send Hua Jieyu's message smiled. This guy wasn't very obedient. He was publicly flirting with the Witch. She would have to talk to Hua Jieyu.

Chu Yaoyao also looked at Ye Futian. She was curious about the man Hua Jieyu loved.

"Ye Futian," Yin Zhen of the Yin Family said coldly. He gazed at Ye Futian coolly. "I challenged you two days ago. Today, I challenge you again. Will you take it?" He wanted to see if Ye Futian would avoid the challenge on an occasion like this.

But Ye Futian seemed to not hear him. He gazed at the Dongqin College and smiled. He walked to a battle platform where the battle had just ended. It was the platform for free fighting.

"What is he doing?" Everyone stared at him. Was he finally going to fight?

A moment later, Ye Futian stood onto the platform. Countless eyes focused on him. He walked up as soon as he arrived. The Cottage truly wasn't playing around.

Disciples of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan all looked at him, wondering who he would challenge. With his plane, who could he challenge?

"I heard that yesterday, the Dongqin College set up a challenge to test the cultivation results of their disciples. Today, I would also like to do that." Ye Futian chuckled. "One year ago, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and I came from a small country. Our planes are still low but we wish to test our cultivation from this year at an event like this."

Some people had a strange look. They were all clear what had happened one year ago. The name of Cangye had become known throughout the Ancient Barren World. The various top forces had gone to the Cangye Kingdom as well.

Thinking back, their group had only come to cultivate at the Eastern Barren Territory for one year. They'd just attracted attention because they joined the Cottage.

Hearing this, Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen understood. They walked to the battle platform too.

"We've cultivated here for one year and are probably at the same level as the new disciples of the Dongqin College. We are only at the Dharma Plane as well. It's unfortunate. I would like to witness the brilliance of the Dongqin College disciples today. Please take care of me." Ye Futian was very polite as he spoke.

Everyone was shocked. Since when was the Cottage so humble? He was too humble. They were quite uncomfortable. Ye Futian was clearly from the Cottage and extremely talented. But the way he said it, he was just a rookie who had only cultivated for one year. It made sense too.

This Many from the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan were annoyed. Did Ye Futian really want them to send rookies of the Dharma Plane to fight against him? It was suicide.

"Disciples of the Cottage aren't judged by their planes," Qin Li said calmly, staring at Ye Futian.

"I have entered the Cottage but have yet to prove myself. I don't have a glorious record and feel embarrassed. Today, I am nervous to challenge the geniuses of the Dongqin College too," Ye Futian said, smiling.

Everyone gaped at him. Was this possible? However, it was Qin Li who had said that Ye Futian hadn't proved himself yet. But when Ye Futian repeated those words so modestly, it felt kind of weird. Even Xue Ye and Yi Xiaoshi were dumbfounded. They'd underestimated how shameless their junior was.

The senior sister from the Moon Clan smirked. Jieyu's boy was so evil but his eyes were so clear and honest. He was very convincing.

In reality, even without a track record to prove himself, Ye Futian's hurried fight at the Qin Dynasty was still unreachable for someone on the same plane.

Yu Sheng was the same. His combat ability was wild.

Ye Wuchen was from the seventh peak of the Fuyun Sword Clan. Many had learned that Ye Wuchen had killed Li Daoyun from the Arcana Plane.

Did Ye Futian really want these three to fight with new disciples of the Dharma Plane?

"It is even more of a sham for the Cottage and Fuyun Sword Clan to be overly modest," Qin Li said coldly.

"Will the Dongqin College accept the challenge?" After Qin Li spoke, Ye Futian's tone abruptly sharpened. "Or are you only able to fight back with planned techniques?"

Qin Li stared at him, livid. At this time, Qin Yu said calmly, "The Dongqin College does not have anyone in the Dharma Plane at the same level as you. There is no need to fight this battle. We admit defeat."

Everyone was shocked at this. The Dongqin College had been so successful yesterday but was forced to surrender at the start of today. It was quite difficult. But everyone knew that if they really fought, the result would be the same. Losing like that was giving in to Ye Futian's group. Surrendering without a fight prevented Ye Futian from showing off.

"Of course, if you wish to challenge personally, we can try," Qin Yu continued. Ye Futian's plane shouldn't be too high. He probably wasn't even in the high-level Dharma Plane. Since Ye Futian was from the Cottage, losing to him wouldn't be too embarrassing, right?

"That's boring." Ye Futian shook his head and said, "If I fight someone from another plane, can I use a ritual implement?"

"If you challenge an Arcana Plane, then of course." Qin Yu nodded. A Noble ritual implement was powerful but also depended on one's abilities as a foundation. He couldn't improve by too much.

Noble intent was the same. Of course, the talents of the top forces all had noble intent.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded and shrugged. He glanced at Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng. It had ended without even starting.

Of course, Ye Futian didn't want to end just like this. After Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng left, he walked towards another battle platform.

There, a Donghua Clan disciple who was skilled in rhythmic sorcery had just won. Seeing Ye Futian's arrival, many people looked over. Was he going to challenge this Arcana Plane rhythmic sorcerer?

The man studied Ye Futian and smiled. "You want to challenge me?"

Ye Futian shook his head. Everyone froze, confused.

Then Ye Futian's gaze moved past the crowd to the Dongqin College. His eyes fell on Qian Shanmu. Following his gaze, everyone's eyes hardened.

What did Ye Futian want?

"I don't know rhythmic sorcery but I would still like to witness the brilliance of the best rhythmic sorcerer of our generation," Ye Futian said slowly. "Ye Futian of the Cottage would like to learn from you!"