The Legend Of Futian Chapter 276

Chapter 276: An Even Wilder Strike
Chapter 276: An Even Wilder Strike
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Ye Futian's somewhat frivolous voice caused the entire place to turn completely silent once again. Qin Mang was at the peak of the Dharma Plane. He had opened up five dragon meridians and his battle abilities were extraordinary. However, he was defeated by just one strike and was unable to fight back at all. He was blown directly backward and landed in front of Qin Li.

How ironic was that?

In particular, Qin Li had deliberately targeted Ye Futian a few times before and said a lot to belittle him. How about now?

First, Ye Futian used a ritual implement and defeated Qian Shanmu with music. Then, he overpowered Qin Mang in just one hit.

Did Cottage disciples need to prove themselves?

The crowd suddenly thought of the first and third disciples of the Cottage. In the past, they similarly did not prove anything about themselves, but when they did, it was a disaster for their opponents.

The Sword Saint used the Fuyun Sword Clan to become famous. Gu Dongliu first eliminated a top-tier force and then became famous by defeating Lu Nantian. The exact same thing seemed to be happening at the moment.

Ye Futian stepped on Qian Shanmu and the genius of the Qin Dynasty. Once again, he showed everyone how bright Cottage disciples were.

Qian Li did not speak. What else could he say? The reality of the situation was more impactful than any words. He was the one who started the challenge, and what was the outcome?

At this instant, the people from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan stared very coldly at Ye Futian, especially Qin Li and Qin Mengruo.

"You are indeed a Cottage disciple," Qin Yu said suddenly. "During this martial arts exchange in the Dongqin College, we are able to see the power of the eighth disciple of the Cottage. Qin Mang did not lose for nothing. However, you belittled the Qin Dynasty after merely one victory from yourself. Indeed, this is the usual style of the Cottagetoo arrogant."

Ye Futian smiled and looked at Qin Yu. Just now, his son Qin Li criticized Ye Futian and mocked him openly, saying that he had not proven himself. Now, he defeated the people from the Qin Dynasty, but Qin Yu wanted to deny him again.

How hypocritical was that?

Apart from being hypocritical, he was still reluctant to admit their defeat. This was unacceptable

Ye Futian smiled. "Prince Qin, you are flattering me. Perhaps my words just now were somewhat inappropriate. The Qin Dynasty is a top force in the Eastern Barren Territory, and now you have even established the Dongqin College. Obviously, you have many powerful cultivators. Indeed, one battle alone cannot say anything. Maybe I have not proven myself previously, and therefore the Qin Dynasty did not really send any powerful cultivators on the stage yet. Since this is the case, I am willing to see for myself the real geniuses of the Qin Dynasty."

Then, Ye Futian folded his hands and said, "I am Ye Futian, a disciple of the Cottage. My martial arts is in the Seventh-level Dharma Plane and I will challenge anyone in the Dharma Plane. Anyone?"

"Err..." Hearing Ye Futian's words, everyone felt somewhat stunned.

Now it was really awkward for the Qin Dynasty. Qin Yu said that Ye Futian had belittled the Qin Dynasty because of just one battle, and Ye Futian decided to continue the challenge. Qin Yu said that Cottage disciples were all too arrogant. Immediately, Ye Futian became much more humble and praised the Qin Dynasty. Furthermore, he announced his martial arts level directlySeventh-level Dharma Plane. It was surely acceptable for him to challenge anyone in the Dharma Plane.

Even though he was a Cottage disciple, the Qin Dynasty was similarly a top force. He had already allowed them to send someone two levels above him. However, in reality, everyone knew that Qin Mang was already one of the strongest Dharma Plane cultivators in the Qin Dynasty. Otherwise, Qin Li would not have asked him to fight in the first place.

Since Qin Mang was instantly defeated, anyone in the Dharma Plane would definitely lose to him as well. There would be no suspense at all.

Ye Futian spared no face for Qin Yu.

Many people looked at Qin Yu. They could almost imagine Qin Yu's mood at the moment. He probably wanted to kill Ye Futian at this instant.

"Mr. Ye is really too crafty." In the direction where the Witch Clan was, the witch Gu Biyue giggled softly. Qin Yu was unable to find a way out of the embarrassing situation.

Beside her, the Warlock Gu Zhiqiu also stared at Ye Futian. It seemed that he had underestimated Ye Futian previously. With the talent that Ye Futian had displayed today, he would undoubtedly be another top genius should he enter the Arcana Plane. By then, even without a ritual implement, he would probably still be able to contest with Qian Shanmu.

It was not just Gu Biyue who had such a thought. The lady from the Moon Clan who had met with Ye Futian also felt that the person whom Jieyu liked was really too crafty. However, it was still pleasurable to look at him. He had a handsome look and a frivolous smile which all seemed to make him amazingly charming. Furthermore, when he was playing music, he looked as pure as a newborn baby and also as domineering as an emperor. What kind of person was he exactly?

"We don't need that. Since we have already seen the power of the eighth disciple of the Cottage, we don't need another battle." Qin Yu's tone was somewhat stiff as he rejected Ye Futian's challenge.

To fight further would bring disgrace to themselves. Therefore, they might as well give up. They would also be criticized by others, but if they chose to continue, they would not know how long the battle would last, given Ye Futian's shamelessness.

"That's unfortunate. I have not had enough fun." Ye Futian smiled and looked at Qin Yu. Then, he turned around and walked down the battle platform. Just as he left the platform, he said, "Yu Sheng, go and see how strong the geniuses from the Dongqin College are."

The fourth brother had already said that either the Cottage disciples would not fight, or they would destroy the Dongqin College completely.

Didn't they want a contest? Let's have one then.

"Alright." Yu Sheng nodded and walked onto the battle platform.

Everyone looked at this scene, puzzled. What was the Cottage trying to do?

Yu Sheng was very burly. His appearance alone already looked very violent, and his body seemed to be filled with an endless amount of power. This was the person who took the demonic tripod from the Yin Family. During that time, even the Arhat only raised the tripod four feet. On the other hand, Yu Sheng took the tripod away, resulting in a conflict, causing a huge loss to the Yin Family.

"Yu Sheng, wood-cutter of the Cottage, Seventh-level Dharma Plane. I will challenge any Dharma Plane cultivator from the Dongqin College, and any class of cultivator as well," Yu Sheng said calmly. His voice was very monotonous, but it gave the rest the feeling that he was overlooking everyone as if he was making little of all the people from the Dongqin College.

Similar to Ye Futian, he was in the Seven-level Dharma Plane and would accept the challenge from any Dharma Plane cultivator. Furthermore, he was not a Cottage disciple, but only a wood-cutter.

The battle platform that Yu Sheng had walked onto was one which allowed all types of cultivators to fight on. He did not restrict the class of cultivators that he would fight against, which meant that anyone with any type of abilities could challenge him.

Looking at Yu Sheng who was standing on the platform, everyone could clearly feel the meaning of this word: supercilious.

Whether it was Ye Futian or Yu Sheng, these people from the Cottage did not even bother about the Dongqin College at all. Just like what Qin Yu had said, Cottage disciples were very arrogant.

Although Yu Sheng claimed that he was a wood-cutter from the Cottage, nobody would really treat him as one. He managed to display four Nobles on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall in the Ancient Barren World, and also took away the demonic tripod from the Yin Family.

"Qin Yuan," Qin Yu shouted the name of a person. Immediately, a figure with an outstanding temperament walked forward and stepped onto the battle platform.

"Qin Yuan." The eyes of many sparkled. Qin Yuan was similarly a grandson of the king of Qin, but not Qin Yu's son. Instead, he was a son of another prince and was a direct descendant of the Qin Dynasty.

Qin Yuan cultivated both martial arts and sorcery, and was a Mandate Sorcerer. He had opened up six dragon meridians.

Qin Yuan was certainly stronger than Qin Mang.

It was said that among the many grandsons of the king of Qin, Qin Yuan's talents were second only to Qin Li.

When Qin Yuan stepped onto the battle platform, a faint dragon totem appeared behind him. His Dharma erupted and a divine dragon appeared and coiled up around him. Many golden dragons whizzed over directly and struck towards Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng looked coldly and emotionlessly at the scene before him. On his body, dark golden demonic light started to flow.

Buzz. His demon-like wings appeared as he stepped forward. When the dragons reached before him, the wings behind him struck forward and turned into very sharp blades. All the invincible-looking feathers on the wings extended outwards and destroyed the incoming illusory dragons directly.

"This..." Everyone looked at Yu Sheng who was walking forward. He was simply disregarding Qin Yuan's existence, as he did not bother about Qin Yuan or his attacks at all.

Yu Sheng's pace was not fast, but he took very large steps each time. With every step that he took, he gave everyone a violent feeling and an invisible pressure, especially for Qin Yuan. He seemed to be looking at an invincible demon which was walking towards him slowly.

An even wilder aura spread from Qin Yuan's hands as he punched out into the air. Immediately, the power of martial arts and sorcery merged into one. A terrifying golden dragon charged towards the incoming Yu Sheng like a real dragon.

Bang. Suddenly, Yu Sheng stomped fiercely on the ground, and even the battle platform trembled because of it. At the next moment, everyone saw a figure charging violently forward. His devil-like wings changed their shape continuously and turned into the sharpest demonic blades in the world, striking forward. In this instant, Yu Sheng was himself a devil. He allowed the dragon to approach him and his body went through the dragon directly.

The incoming illusory dragon was destroyed It passed through Yu Sheng's body and was then crushed into pieces. However, Yu Sheng did not stop at all. He appeared in front of Qin Yuan and reached out his hand, grabbing towards Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan's face instantly turned pale. He attacks could not even slow his opponent down. Knowing that he would surely lose, he backed away, wanting to escape. However, he clearly could not run away. Yu Sheng turned into a demonic shadow and in just a flash, Qin Yuan felt his arm being grabbed by an overpowering force. He was unable to break free at all.

Roar. An illusory dragon bloomed out from him and dashed towards Yu Sheng who was holding his arm.

Yu Sheng did not even seem to have noticed the dragon and lifted his arm directly. Immediately, he raised Qin Yuan into the air together with the illusory dragon. Then, he smashed them down onto the ground.

Bang An extremely loud sound erupted. Everyone's heart also trembled fiercely because of the noise.

The illusory dragon vanished. On the battle platform, Qin Yuan lied on the ground, motionless.

"How dare you." The faces of those from the Qin Dynasty turned totally black. They could feel that even if the hit did not kill Qin Yuan, he would still be severely injured. Just like Ye Futian, Yu Sheng defeated his opponent in just one strike. However, Yu Sheng's attack felt even wilder and more violent.

"Sorry, I didn't imagine him to be so weak," Yu Sheng said calmly. Then, he turned around and left.