The Legend Of Futian Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Second Sister Down the Mountain
Chapter 280: Second Sister Down the Mountain
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The contest in the Dongqin College continued as usual. However, nobody was in the mood anymore, and the atmosphere in the last two days had totally vanished. Furthermore, the College and the Cottage no longer participated. It was as if the momentum of the contest held by the Dongqin College was completely destroyed because of the attempted assassination of Ye Futian.

Many people could not help thinking about the events that happened recently. The Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan were allied through marriage, and the Dongqin College officially opened. Lu Nantian challenged Gu Dongliu, many grand events were held in Chaoge City. For a while, the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan looked very glorious.

However, Gu Dongliu defeated Lu Nantian, while Ye Futian defeated Qian Shanmu. During the contest, the College and the Cottage attracted the attention of Chaoge City again.

At the moment, everyone in Chaoge City was guessing who exactly planned Ye Futian's assassination. Could the truth be found out? If not, the College would assume that the Qin Dynasty did this. In that case, would these two top forces start a war?

The atmosphere in Chaoge City remained tense. It was said that the disciples of the top forces were not just being watched closely. Moreover, the College even started to investigate the people whom they had contact with.

Immediately, Chaoge City was filled with panic. Many top forces were very unhappy about this, and some even made criticisms openly. However, the College did not bother about these. Their only aim at the moment was to find the culprit.

Of course, while the people from the top forces were unhappy about it, they did not allow any of their disciples to leave. How could they not take into account the College's attitude? They did not plan the assassination in the first place. If they really left, the College would certainly suspect them.

The people from various forces could clearly see the determination of the College. As for He Xirou, she did not dare to leave even more. She was clearly not so foolish as to actively make the College notice her.

Another day passed. According to someone, the people from the College had been going down the mountain one after another and many had already arrived at Chaoge City. In the inn where the Cottage disciples were at, a pretty figure walked over quietly. She seemed as light as a fairy and was wearing a white shirt and a long dress. Her black hair fell gently behind her back like a waterfall. When she walked, her steps were very light, as if she did not have any weight.


When Xue Ye saw the charming figure coming towards them, he was stunned for a while.

The person who had come was the second disciple of the Cottage, Zhuge Hui. She turned her eyes and looked at Xue Ye. Seeing her smiley expression, Xue Ye lowered his head slightly.

"After we go back to the Cottage, you will copy books for a year and will not be able to leave the mountain." Zhuge Hui's voice was very light and gentle. Xue Ye gave a bitter smile and nodded miserably. Of course, he knew why the sister was angry. After the third brother went back to the Cottage, he was the eldest person from the Cottage here. The little brother experienced such a thing and was almost killed. As a senior, he was of course responsible.


"Second sister."

Yi Xiaoshi and Ye Futian also walked over and were both surprised by the arrival of the second sister. Yi Xiaoshi was particularly shocked. Since he entered the Cottage, the second sister had never left the mountain. This was the first time.

"Little brother, how's your injury?" Zhuge Hui walked forward and looked at Ye Futian.

"Sister, it's no big deal. Moreover, even if I am injured, I will recover when I see you," Ye Futian said, smiling. "This incident has nothing to do with the fourth brother. Sister, don't blame him."

"You little one." Zhuge Hui said, "He was with you, and yet such a thing happened to you. It's already a light punishment to forbid him from leaving the mountain for a year. Now, do you have any idea as to what happened?"

"No." Ye Futian shook his head. "I have caused you to worry."

"Xiaoshi, tell me what has happened these few days," Zhuge Hui said, looking at Yi Xiaoshi. Then, she walked to the side and sat down. The other few disciples of the Cottage all stayed beside her obediently. The commanding nature of the second sister was very obvious. In the Cottage, she could decide on everything.

At the moment, it was the first time that she really went down the mountain. Yi Xiaoshi told her about the things that had happened, including the response from the College. After he finished speaking, the mountain elders Zhu Qing and Bai Lishu from the College also came to the place. They had just found out that the second disciple of the Cottage had come.

The first and the third disciples of the Cottage had both become famous after a battle. However, there was still a female disciple whose seniority was between them. Nobody knew her well. Even the people from the College which was also on the Book Mountain did not know who exactly the second disciple of the Cottage was.

They only knew that there was such a person, and her name was Zhuge Hui.

There were no legends about her in the Eastern Barren Territory.

However, because of Ye Futian's attempted assassination this time, the second disciple of the Cottage went down the mountain instead of Gu Dongliu. Nobody dared to look down on her. The Cottage had long proven to the people in the world that they had to treat every single Cottage disciple seriously. Therefore, when the second disciple, who was ranked even higher than Gu Dongliu, went down the mountain, nobody dared to overlook her.

Zhu Qing and Bai Lishu came and stared at Zhuge Hui. The second disciple of the Cottage was not only a female but also so beautiful.

Zhuge Hui glanced at Zhu Qing and Bai Lishu and a gentle smile appeared on her face.

"Second sister, this is Mountain Elder Zhu Qing," Xue Ye said.

"This is my second sister," Xue Ye said to Zhu Qing as well. His words caused a strange expression to appear on Ye Futian's face. Is this the first time the mountain elder of the College and the sister meet? He actually introduced them to each other.

He would believe that the people from the College had never stepped into the Cottage. However, had the second sister never gone down the mountain before? Otherwise, with the second sister's look and status, she would definitely have attracted much attention.

He looked at Yi Xiaoshi, feeling somewhat puzzled. Yi Xiaoshi seemed to have understood his doubt and said softly, "Since I entered the Cottage, this is the first time I have seen the second sister go down the mountain."

Hearing Yi Xiaoshi's words, Ye Futian felt somewhat warm. The second sister had actually never left the Cottage before. This time, she did so for the first time, all for him.

"Mountain elder, do you think we can find the culprit with what you have done?" Zhuge Hui asked, smiling. She was very direct and did not disguise her meaning at all.

Zhu Qing was not angry either. Although she was more senior, in reality when she watched the battle between Gu Dongliu and Lu Nantian, she already knew that Gu Dongliu was stronger than her.

Cottage disciples could not really be treated like ordinary juniors.

Furthermore, the Cottage disciple before her was even more senior than Gu Dongliu.

"Very unlikely," Zhu Qing replied directly. If the assassin was still alive, everything would be much simpler. However, the person who tried to assassinate Ye Futian was already dead, and he even crushed his own head and was highly mutilated. He was so cruel to himself precisely because he did not want to leave any clues to them.

In addition, Chaoge City was not their territory.

Although they had made all the top forces stay, they were still being held back. Clearly, they could not investigate all the top forces one by one. In that case, they would offend the entire Eastern Barren Territory.

"Mountain elder, with such a mild approach, of course, it is very unlikely," Zhuge Hui said, smiling. Zhu Qing's eyes sparkled. Was her approach too mild? Making all the people from the top forces worried and stay back was already everything that the College could do. Was this considered as too mild as well?

"However, you did one thing correctly. If we cannot find the culprit, we will take it that the Qin Dynasty did it," Zhuge Hui continued. "Since it happened in Chaoge City, and we were invited by the Qin Dynasty to come here, they have to be responsible. But you were so gentle to the Qin Dynasty. Do you expect them to cooperate?"

Zhu Qing's eyes flashed and she asked, "What do you think we should do then?"

"My little brother encountered an assassination in Chaoge City, and yet the contest in the Dongqin College is still being held. Are they joking?" the second sister said, smiling. Zhu Qing's eyes glittered. Then, she felt an incredible spiritual will being released from Zhuge Hui and fill the entire place.

"Sister." The eyes of everyone present sparkled as they gazed at the second sister. At the moment, she was enveloped by in a beam of dazzling light and shocked everyone with her appalling spiritual will. Many beams of spiritual will turned into illusory figures and charged out of her body. Immediately, the sky was filled with many figures which all looked like Zhuge Hui.

Zhu Qing and Bai Lishu gazed at Zhuge Hui. They could feel more clearly how strong her spiritual will was.

"Brothers, wait for a while," Zhuge Hui said, smiling, after which she closed her eyes. In the next instant, the many illusory figures in the sky charged out and flew away into the distance.

Ye Futian was very shocked. The second sister was sitting quietly there with her eyes closed, but a sacred light was being emitted from her body as if she was a goddess who had come to the mortal world.


Outside the Dongqin College, the contest was still being held. Although many people, especially those from the top forces, were not in the mood, it was still a grand event for Chaoge City and many people who wanted to join the Dongqin College.

Suddenly, a whizzing sound was heard from the sky. A strong spiritual might fell.

At the next moment, everyone saw a group of people flying over.

They ignored the ongoing contest and appeared in the sky above everyone directly.

All the people lifted their heads and saw many charming figures appear in the sky.

Moreover, they were the same person.

She was like a goddess who had come to the mortal world and was extremely beautiful. Nobody knew her.

The people from the Qin Dynasty frowned. It was somewhat rude for her to appear directly in the sky in such a situation.

The people from various top forces were also curious. Who was this person?

Suddenly, the figures turned into many brilliant streamers and shot downwards like meteors.

Qin Yu seemed to have realized something. He gave a cold humph and said, "How dare you." Just as he finished speaking, he stepped forward. Apart from him, many cultivators from the Dongqin College also stepped forward simultaneously. However, they were still too slow.

At the moment, the four battle platforms were all occupied. The people on the platforms raised their heads and looked at the incoming streamers in astonishment. The charming figures were falling down like meteors.

Bang, bang, bang Many loud noises erupted as the people on the battle platforms were blown backward directly. Then, the platforms were crushed to pieces.

Many nobles arrived at the place and looked coldly at the destroyed platforms.

Bang. Following another loud noise, Qin Yu turned around only to see the gates of the Dongqin College being destroyed directly.

In this instant, the faces of everyone from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan turned extremely cold. They stared at the figure in the sky. At the moment, there was only one person there standing proudly like a fairy.

All the people from the top forces were astounded. Who was this lady?

"Who are you?" Qin Yu asked in a very cold tone.

"The contest of the Dongqin College ends here. Within seven days, if you cannot find the culprit behind my little brother's attempted assassination, the Cottage will take over Chaoge City. By then, the Dongqin College will of course no longer need to exist." After she finished speaking, she dissipated in the air.

At this instant, everyone's heart trembled fiercely.