The Legend Of Futian Chapter 281

Chapter 281: He Xirou
Chapter 281: He Xirou
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In the vast space outside the Dongqin College, the crowd was instantly stirred up.

Those arrogant words made them feel like even their heads were going to explode.

If Ye Futian's assassination could not be investigated clearly within seven days, the Cottage would take over Chaoge City, and the Dongqin College would no longer need to exist!

Err Is she mad? Cottage, and little brother.

Many people were extremely shocked. The identity of the fairy-like lady was already blatantly obvious.

The eldest disciple of the Cottage was the Sword Saint. The third disciple Gu Dongliu, fourth disciple Xue Ye, and fifth disciple Luo Fan had already gone down the mountain one after another.

The identity of the person who had just appeared was clear.

The second disciple of the Cottage had come down from the Book Mountain.

The eldest disciple of the Cottage went down the mountain to challenge the Fuyun Sword Clan, while the third disciple went down the mountain to eliminate a top-tier force.

Now, the second disciple had come down as well. With just a few sentences, she made everyone remember her.

The Cottage was still the Cottage, and nothing had changed. Furthermore, this time, not only was she overbearing, but she was also beautiful.

Of course, everyone knew what Zhuge Hui meant. Ye Futian encountered the incident in Chaoge City, so clearly the Qin Dynasty had to be responsible. This was the Qin Dynasty's territory, and the Cottage was invited here to participate in the grand events held by the Qin Dynasty. Her little brother was almost assassinated, and the Qin Dynasty was still holding the contest here.

Did they even bother about the incident? Did they bother about the Cottage? At the moment, the assassin was already dead. If there was even someone who could find the culprit, it had to be the Qin Dynasty. If they could not, the Cottage would take over Chaoge City to continue the investigation. Such a domineering attitude meant that if the culprit behind Ye Futian's assassination was not found, the Cottage would turn Chaoge City upside down.

The words from the second disciple represented the will and determination of the Cottage. Nobody could assassinate a Cottage disciple. The culprit behind the incident this time must be caught at all costs. Otherwise, it might happen again in the future.

The charming figure had already vanished, but everyone was still gazing at the sky. They knew that it was not her real body but rather made from spiritual will. This was certainly a very astonishing method. Before she even arrived, her will already reached the Qin Dynasty and said those words.

The Cottage was thus both hated and respected by everyone. However, in the depth of their hearts, everyone hoped that they could cultivate in such a place.

"Why don't I have a senior like this," Liu Feiyang said, sounding depressed. "Chenyu, do you think I should ask Ye Futian if the Cottage is still admitting disciples?"

Liu Chenyu rolled her eyes at Liu Feiyang and said with total contempt, "You? Forget about it."

What kind of place was the Cottage? Till now, there were only eight disciples.

"Hey, what's that look?" Liu Feiyang said, noticing the contemptuous look from his sister. Is she even my real sister?

Among the crowd from the Moon Clan, Chu Yaoyao seemed very lost. By looking at appearance alone, she, as the Virgin of the Moon Clan, was naturally as good as the lady that had just appeared. However, the lady was the second disciple of the Cottage. Her arrival was sufficient to make everyone else pale into insignificance.

Chu Yaoyao could imagine that if she, the Virgin of the Moon Clan, was beside the second disciple of the Cottage, her aura would be destroyed instantly.

An intense desire filled the eyes of Chu Yaoyao. Every lady would hope that her power would match her appearance. Only then could she be called unparalleled.

She was Ye Futian's senior, and she came for Ye Futian.

In the direction where the people from the Royal Xuan Temple were at, He Xirou's body trembled slightly and her face turned pale. She lowered her head gently, not wanting the others to notice her state of mind. She had always been very confident about the plan. Whether it succeeded or failed, she believed that nobody would suspect her. That was because everything was carried out secretly. Nobody here knew Hu Tong's real identity. To the various top forces, he was only an insignificant figure.

However, at the moment, He Xirou was somewhat shaken.

She knew well that as long as something was done, there would surely be traces left behind, and there would be loopholes. The crucial thing was whether they had the abilities and determination to find out.

The arrival of the second disciple of the Cottage made her see this determination.

She suddenly realized that she was not as confident as she once thought. At the moment, she was somewhat scared. Was there really something that could remain hidden forever?

After their astonishment, everyone looked at the group from the Dongqin College and stared at Qin Yu. The second disciple of the Cottage was so overbearing. What would the Qin Dynasty do?

Zhuge Hui straightforwardly announced that the contest in the Dongqin College would end right now. Obviously, she was unhappy about the Qin Dynasty's attitude.

Qin Yu stood there and was very quiet as if he was thinking. After a while, he scanned everyone and said, "She's right. The Qin Dynasty is indeed responsible that such a thing happened in Chaoge City. Hence, we will cooperate with the Cottage to find the culprit. After seven days, the contest will resume." After speaking, Qin Yu turned around and left.

The entire place was stirred up once again.

Did Qin Yu, the prince of the Qin Dynasty, actually compromise?

This was really crazy.

Was Qin Yu afraid of the second disciple of the Cottage that just appeared?

Although the second disciple of the Cottage had come here for a just reason, the opposite party was the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan after all. Qin Yu's compromise was still very unexpected and puzzling.

This did not seem like the Qin Dynasty's style at all.

The two top forces allied and established the Dongqin College together in order to fight against the College and the Cottage. Therefore, the compromise this time would make them look weaker in comparison.

At the moment, Qin Yu was walking towards the interior of the Dongqin College. The people from the Dongqin College were also staring at him. They were extremely unhappy, but since Qin Yu had said so, the contest could only end.

Everyone stepped out one after another and walked towards the Dongqin College.

When Qin Yu reached the gates of the Dongqin College, he suddenly stopped. The destroyed gates were particularly glaring. Looking at the scene in front of him, a mocking smile flashed across his face. Then, he continued walking and stepped into the Dongqin College.


Chaoge City was shocked by the words of Zhuge Hui. Countless people started discussing the second disciple of the Cottage.

For a while, Zhuge Hui became the spotlight of Chaoge City.

Everyone was guessing how strong the second disciple of the Cottage was.

From her words, she should be no weaker than the third disciple, Gu Dongliu.

When the news spread to the inn, Xue Ye sighed with emotion. Even after leaving the mountain, the sister was still so fierce. However, it was the Qin Dynasty who faced her this time.

After hearing the news, Mountain Elder Zhu Qing was stunned for a long while and sighed uncontrollably. Later waves are stronger and higher than the former. At the moment, the world was already dominated by the younger generation.

She thought that her actions were already sufficiently overbearing. However, when the second disciple of the Cottage came from the mountain, her mere few words already made Zhu Qing speechless. In comparison, her response was indeed too mild.

Chaoge City became tenser because of Zhuge Hui's words. The Qin Dynasty also started to investigate the incident. They even started asking the various top forces where all their disciples had been and whom they had had contact with on the day of the assassination attempt.

Of course, all the investigations were being carried out secretly, and not openly. Otherwise, it would cause all the top forces to lose their faces. Moreover, everyone saw the entire event. Although the Qin Dynasty was investigating and the top forces were unhappy about it, they could not blame the Qin Dynasty.

Everyone saw the domineering attitude of the Cottage for themselves. Apart from the Qin Dynasty, the College was also busy carrying out the investigation. An invisible pressure engulfed the entire Chaoge City, especially the region around the Dongqin College.

Very soon, another three days passed.

In these three days, the contest in the Dongqin College was canceled, but the people from the top forces could not leave, and they were very unhappy. However, they also wanted to see what this incident would eventually evolve into.

At the moment, in a famous restaurant, many people from the top forces were drinking. At the same time, they were paying close attention to the progress of the situation.

Suddenly, someone said in a sarcastic tone, "The Qin Dynasty is really working hard for this."

"The Qin Dynasty is indeed responsible for this incident. If they don't find out the real culprit, they are highly suspicious themselves. From what the second disciple of the Cottage said, if they don't find the culprit in seven days, there will probably be a fight. Even the Qin Dynasty is not ready for a real war. Therefore, they could only help in the investigation," someone said, smiling. The person who spoke was from the Fuyun Sword Clan. They had been unhappy with the Cottage all along.

"Does anyone know the progress of the investigation?" someone from the Ji Family asked, appearing to be discussing only for fun.

"I heard that the Qin Dynasty has ordered the Yin Family and other major families of Chaoge City to investigate and spread the order down the chain so that the major and minor forces could all help in the investigation. They are checking everyone's whereabouts on the day of the assassination attempt. I even heard that the Qin Dynasty has listed all those who have gone out on that day as suspicious targets to investigate one by one. Now, they have probably already filtered out a few," someone said. Everyone's eyes sparkled. It seemed that the Qin Dynasty was really using its strong influence over Chaoge City this time.

Chaoge City was, after all, Qin Dynasty's territory.

Before one of the tables, He Xirou and Luo Junlin were sitting together. Some panic flashed across He Xirou's eyes. When she gave Hu Tong the order that time, she had of course gone out of the inn allocated to the Royal Xuan Temple.

Was the Qin Dynasty trying to turn Chaoge City upside down?

Luo Junlin stared at He Xirou. He had faintly felt threatened.


In the inn where the Cottage disciples were at.

Zhuge Hui obtained a stack of paper, on which there were many names listed. Furthermore, the things they had done on the day of assassination were also clearly indicated.

It was sent here by the Qin Dynasty.

"Little brother, take a look." Zhuge Hui gave the name list to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian took it and then read through the contents carefully. After reading all the information, he took out one piece of paper and stared at one spot.

There, a name was written: He Xirou.

He Xirou was the daughter of the fifth lord of the Royal Xuan Temple. In the evening on the day of the assassination, she left the inn alone and went somewhere nearby, returning after a short while. Nobody knew where exactly she went and whom she met.

Ye Futian clearly remembered He Xirou. She was Luo Junlin's girlfriend.

The people in the name list were all from top forces. He Xirou was the only person he had enmity with. She had sufficient reasons and motivations to harm him.

That day, everyone saw him defeat Qian Shanmu and Qin Mang, displaying his talents. Luo Junlin and He Xirou should understand that after a few years, he would be able to kill Luo Junlin.

Thinking about this, Ye Futian extended his finger and pointed at He Xirou's name!