The Legend Of Futian Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Arrival of the Fifth Lord
Chapter 282: Arrival of the Fifth Lord
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Royal Xuan Temple, He Xirou.

Zhuge Hui looked at where Ye Futian was pointing at and asked, "Little brother, you suspect her?"

Ye Futian told Zhuge Hui about some of the things that had happened in the Cangye Kingdom during that time. Then, he said, "Second sister, I can't be sure either. Furthermore, this name list is provided by the Qin Dynasty. I can only say that there is quite a high probability that she did this."

Zhuge Hui nodded. Obviously, she also knew that if the assassination was really planned by the Qin Dynasty, they would try to lead the Cottage towards a wrong direction.

"Since you think that she is highly suspicious, that's sufficient. If she really did it, she wouldn't be able to run away." A smile appeared on Zhuge Hui's face. She stood up and said, "Let's go."

"Sister, where are we going?" Xue Ye asked.

"We'll go and constrain all the people from the Royal Xuan Temple," Zhuge Hui said emotionlessly. Xue Ye felt somewhat speechless. The sister was indeed the sister. No evidence was needed. Since the little brother believed that He Xirou was highly suspicious, they would constrain all the people first, and then investigate. They would investigate each person in the name list one by one. If they were all not guilty, then it had to be the Qin Dynasty.

At the moment, the disciples of the Royal Xuan Temple were busy doing their own business. Some were cultivating in the inn, while others were outside inquiring news about the assassination. Just like the other top forces, they were curious as to who the culprit was.

Would the incident eventually trigger a battle between the top forces?

Outside of the inn, two disciples of the Royal Xuan Temple were chatting casually. Suddenly, a group of cultivators walked over from afar and went to different spots around the inn, as if they were trying to surround the inn.

"What happened?" The disciples of the Royal Xuan Temple were stunned.

"They're from the College."

Their faces turned pale. Then, they turned around and returned to the inn to report the observation. Soon, the people from the Royal Xuan Temple inside the inn were all shocked by the news. What exactly is happening?

Many cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple ran out of the inn, and they were led by an elder from the temple. He looked at the people in front of him and said, "What are you doing here?"

Xue Ye walked forward and asked coldly, "Is He Xirou here?"

Immediately, the looks of all the people from the Royal Xuan Temple froze. With such a formation, it was obvious why the College was looking for He Xirou.

Everyone knew what the College was investigating in Chaoge City recently.

In this instant, the people from the Royal Xuan Temple suddenly recalled the events that had happened in the Cangye Kingdom a year ago. The face of many people instantly darkened.

Did He Xirou do this?

At the moment, He Xirou and Luo Junlin were together. The inn was a mess, and there were people moving about all the time. He Xirou obviously knew what was happening.

Her face turned extremely pale. Was she still exposed in the end?

But how was this possible? The assassin was dead and there were no witnesses. Even if the College had some clues, they had no reasons to arrest her.

Suddenly, a palm grabbed her hand firmly. Beside her, Luo Junlin said gently, "Xirou, no matter what happens, I will be with you."

He Xirou's eyes turned red instantly. She held Luo Junlin's hand tightly and determination flashed across her eyes. Turning her head, she stared at Luo Junlin and said gently, "No. If something happens, I will take all the responsibility. Promise me that you will live." At this point, she was already preparing for the worst. She knew that if the Cottage believed firmly that she did this, nobody would be able to keep her life. Even her father, the fifth lord of the Royal Xuan Temple, could not as well.

"No." A painful expression appeared on Luo Junlin's face.

He Xirou smiled gently at him. Then, she tiptoed and kissed Luo Junlin on his lips, after which she said softly, "You are not involved in this in the first place. I don't want anything to happen to you. Promise me, alright?"

An extremely agonizing look appeared in Luo Junlin's eyes. He hugged He Xirou tightly.

Suddenly, they heard a whizz. He Xirou broke free from Luo Junlin's embrace and her look turned firm again as she stared at the incoming person.

"He Xirou, the elder wants to meet you," the person said.

"Alright." He Xirou nodded. Then, she let go of Luo Junlin's hand and said gently, "Stay here." After she finished speaking, she followed the person and left.

After a while, He Xirou came out of the inn. She looked at the people from the College.

"Did you plan this alone, or was it the intention of the Royal Xuan Temple?" Xue Ye asked, looking at He Xirou.

"I don't understand what you are talking about." He Xirou looked at Xue Ye emotionlessly. She would not sit still and wait for death. The Royal Xuan Temple was also a top force in the Eastern Barren Territory. Hu Tong was already dead, so even if the College had some clues, they had no solid evidence. How could they be so sure that it was her?

"You don't want to admit it?" Xue Ye said coldly.

"Does the College think that I planned to assassinate Ye Futian?" He Xirou looked at Xue Ye and sneered, "Why?"

"It doesn't matter if you admit or not. The College will go to the Royal Xuan City and investigate all the places you have been to, and all the people you have met with this year. Do you think that you can run away?" Xue Ye continued.

"You will never be able to find out something that I didn't do." He Xirou's voice sounded confident as if she was trying to cover her guilty conscience. At the moment, she felt extremely cold.

She knew that she might be totally done for. However, she was not resigned to her fate and still had a last sense of hope. She did not want to give up now.

"Since this is the case, I hope that the Royal Xuan Temple can cooperate for a few days and not leave the inn," Xue Ye said again.

The eyes of the elder from the Royal Xuan Temple sparkled and he said coldly, "Before everything is investigated clearly, the College has already surrounded the inn. Now, you even want to ground us here. Isn't it too much?"

"If we have really confirmed the culprit, do you think we will only ask you to simply stay here?" Xue Ye said coldly. "This better not be the intention of the Royal Xuan Temple. Otherwise, it will involve more than just all of you."

The faces of the people from the Royal Xuan Temple were all gloomy. He was really too arrogant.

The elder of the Royal Xuan Temple flicked his sleeves and turned around, walking into the inn. He was extremely angry at the moment, not only at the College but also at He Xirou. Since the College was suspecting He Xirou, it was very likely to be true. If they really find out that He Xirou did this, this idiotic woman could die and nobody would pity her.


After the news spread, Chaoge City was shocked.

Was everything actually planned by the Royal Xuan Temple?

It was said that Luo Junlin, the man whom He Xirou liked, was a genius in the Royal Xuan Temple. He cultivated under the fifth lord of the Royal Xuan Temple and was from the Hundred Lands, a wild region, just like Ye Futian. There was a deep hatred between the two of them. Therefore, did He Xirou plan this because she was afraid that Ye Futian would threaten Luo Junlin's life after becoming stronger? If this was really the case, she was really a pathetic woman. She tried to assassinate a Cottage disciple for a man.

When the people from the College surrounded the inn the Royal Xuan Temple was staying at, Luo Junlin did not even show up. Women were easily affected by emotions and carried away by love. However, Luo Junlin was not like her.

Soon, there was news that the College had sent cultivators to the Royal Xuan City at the southern part of the Eastern Barren Territory. They even brought the corpse of the assassin there. If the assassination was really planned by He Xirou, she would certainly not be able to escape the consequences.

It seemed that the domineering words left by the second disciple of the Cottage outside the Dongqin College that day were indeed effective. Clearly, the Qin Dynasty had helped in the investigation. Otherwise, it would definitely not be so efficient. After all, it happened in Chaoge City.

All the pressure fell on the people from the Royal Xuan Temple. The people from the other forces all looked on the progress of the matter.

Over these few days, the people from the Royal Xuan Temple were grounded and could not leave the inn. Once again, the people from Chaoge City saw the overbearing attitude of the College and the Cottage. Obviously, if the assassination was the intention of the Royal Xuan Temple, all the cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple in Chaoge City would probably be killed.

A few days later, in the inn where the Royal Xuan Temple was at, a group of mighty cultivators arrived in the air. When they arrived, they glanced coldly at the crowd surrounding the inn. The eyes of their leader were filled with coldness as he said emotionlessly, "You surrounded the people of my Royal Xuan Temple before even investigating the matter clearly. Very well." As he finished speaking, he stepped into the inn directly.

Many people flashed forward and bowed to salute. "Greetings, fifth lord."

The fifth lord of the Royal Xuan Temple, He Yulu, had arrived. His daughter, He Xirou, also appeared in front of him.

"Follow me." He Yulu stopped and brought He Xirou away. They came to the courtyard where He Xirou was staying at. With his back facing He Xirou, He Yulu asked coldly, "Why did you do this?"

"Dad." He Xirou raised her head and looked at her father.

"A few months ago, something happened in the Royal Xuan City. An Arcana Plane cultivator offended a powerful family, and his entire family was threatened. You helped him to solve the issue, right?" He Yulu turned around and looked at He Xirou.

He Xirou's face turned completely pale.

"Since I could find out about this, do you think that the College cannot?" Some pain could be seen in He Yulu's cold eyes. She was his daughter, his biological daughter. However, now she had made a fatal mistake.

"Dad." He Xirou's eyes turned totally red. She knew that she could hide it no more.

He Yulu looked at his daughter and his heart also softened. He sighed. "I have already settled Hu Tong's family. But it is very difficult to conceal the truth from the College. Xirou, why did you do this? Did he encourage you?"

He Xirou trembled. She obviously knew whom his father was referring to.

"Dad, I decided this myself. He did not know about it beforehand." He Xirou said, her eyes becoming red. "At this point, I will take all the responsibilities. Dad, I am unfilial. If something happens and I cannot serve you in the future, please forgive me."

Seeing He Xirou's tears flowing out, He Yulu felt somewhat sorrowful. In his heart, he hated the College and the Cottage.

If he was strong enough, the College and the Cottage would not be able to bully them to this extent.

If he was strong enough, the Cottage would not be able to do anything to his daughter since Ye Futian was still alive.

However, precisely because he was not strong enough, he knew well that once the Cottage found out everything, they would definitely not let his daughter off.

"Dad, I don't really have any wishes. I only hope that if something happens to me, you can protect him," He Xirou begged her father. She knew that after everything was exposed, Ye Futian would surely not let Luo Junlin off, even though she was the one who planned the assassination.

"You are still thinking for him," He Yulu said angrily. "If it were not for him, you wouldn't have ended up like this. I regret taking him as my disciple that time."

"Dad, I really beg you. This is my last wish." He Xirou's face was wet with tears. He Yulu's heart twitched and he clenched his fists.

It was hard to keep a grown girl at home. Since the situation had already progressed to this extent, what else could he say? Could he blame He Xirou?