The Legend Of Futian Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Location: Nandou Nation
Chapter 284: Location: Nandou Nation
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He Yulu raised his head and stared coldly at Ye Futian. His daughter had died but Ye Futian still spoke so condescendingly.

"Don't look at me like that." Ye Futian stared coldly back at him. "I know you want to kill me. If I wasn't from the Cottage, I'd be dead long ago. I wouldn't even be standing before you.

"One year ago, your daughter He Xirou brought Luo Junlin and people from the Royal Xuan Temple to the Cangye Kingdom. She threatened the kingdom to hand over my family. At that time, I didn't even know your daughter."

Ye Futian stared at He Yulu and said coldly, "If I hadn't made a name for myself in the Ancient Barren World at that time, if strong cultivators from the Liu Kingdom hadn't gone with me, what would the result be? My family would die horribly because of your daughter's name. I would also die quietly because, in your daughter's eyes, I'm nothing. Where were you, the father?"

Ye Futian's voice was frigid. Pitiful? There was nothing pitiful about Xirou. Should people pity her just because she was dead? Since when did Xirou care about anyone else's lives?

Seeing He Yulu's cold eyes, Ye Futian continued, "Perhaps, you wouldn't care even if you knew. Someone so important like you won't care about the fates of those in the weak Hundred Lands. Their lives can't be compared to your daughter's life. At that time, have you ever thought of the term, 'bullying others with your power?'

"No. For important people like you, it's natural to mistreat others. If the Royal Xuan Temple can fight against the Cottage, you won't even apologize. You will only think of 'bullying others with your power' when you're powerless as you are now. Isn't that laughable?"

He Yulu's expression was heavy. He couldn't refute it.

Everyone else was very quiet as they listened to Ye Futian's interrogation. It was straightforward and realistic. This was the cultivation world. If Ye Futian wasn't from the Cottage, he wouldn't be alive right now. The fifth lord of the Royal Xuan Temple wouldn't even know of his existence.

"Do you feel any guilt about Hu Tong's death? I heard that his entire family disappeared. You're the clearest about what you've done," Ye Futian said, sneering. "You don't care about other people's lives so what is pitiful about your daughter's death? It's karma."

Even without this assassination attempt, Ye Futian would still have killed Xirou in the future. There was no reason except for what had happened in the Cangye Kingdom back then.

It was unforgivable.

"Junior, there's no need to say that to him. He won't understand," Zhuge Hui said.

Their teacher had said that logic prevailed in this world. He Xirou had committed this crime so she must bear responsibility for it. They wouldn't involve her relatives or family. It wasn't that they couldn't fight against the Royal Xuan Temple. The assassin warranted a cleansing but they didn't do it.

Their teacher had told them that if they had weapons, the murderous aura would be created naturally. In the world of cultivation, it would be more dangerous for a stronger cultivator to go astray. If they didn't have principles, they would act as they wish and kill people like cutting grass. It would be a great sin.

Virtue wasn't only one's plane of cultivation.

Zhuge Hui knew that He Yulu would hate the Cottage and may even hurt them in the future but they still held to their principle. She couldn't reach their teacher's plane but the Cottage acted without feeling guilty.

"Senior Sister, the Cottage can't be tainted by him." Ye Futian glanced at Zhuge Hui. The Cottage didn't need to give explanations but he couldn't allow the Cottage to be defamed. Right now, he viewed the Cottage as his family.

Zhuge Hui looked into Ye Futian's clear eyes and smiled brightly. Her junior brother was mischievous and great at flirting but was very pure. Their teacher would definitely like him. She didn't say anything else. Ye Futian was clear about things so he could take care of it. She stood behind him; the Cottage would also stand behind him.

Any disciple of the Cottage could represent them all.

Ye Futian continued looking at the Royal Xuan Temple. "No one is stupid here," he said. "Xirou deserved to die but it's sad because she fell for someone unreliable. All her evils were done for that person. Even now, he's still standing in the back, watching everything. Luo Junlin, don't you feel ashamed?" As soon as he spoke, many people looked to Luo Junlin, including people from the Royal Xuan Temple and He Yulu.

Luo Junlin's eyes hardened. He stared coldly at Ye Futian. "Of course I feel ashamed. Because I'm powerless to take revenge for Xirou," he said coldly.

Ye Futian scoffed. "You're still pretending? If you truly love Xirou, why would you, a man, tell her about your hatred and what happened in the Hundred Lands. Why would you use her to borrow the Royal Xuan Temple's power against me and Cangye?" Ye Futian laughed coldly. "If you didn't think of the consequences before, wouldn't you still know about Hu Tong and this assassination with your relationship with Xirou after I entered the Cottage? Wouldn't you know the consequences then?

"Even if you didn't participate and this was Xirou's own idea, had you ever done anything to stop her? You stood in the back, watching everything, letting her kill me and take all the blame. Even now, you're standing in the back to protect yourself. Do you take the Royal Xuan Temple or me as idiots?"

Ye Futian stared coldly at Luo Junlin. He Xirou was dead and that was over. But how did everything start? It was because of the one behind herLuo Junlin.

The man's eyes were frigid. Ye Futian's words all implied that Ye Futian wanted him dead. Now, his teacher looked over. His gaze was cold.

"Teacher, I tried to stop Xirou," Luo Junlin said, voice pained as he clenched his fists.

"Really?" Ye Futian laughed. "Then why was Xirou the one who stood out instead of you? Everything she did was for you. Don't you think that it's more suitable for you to confess? If you gave yourself up, wouldn't my anger and the Cottage's anger be extinguished? Wouldn't Xirou still be alive?"

"Shut up." Luo Junlin's features turned menacing. "You forced Xirou to kill herself and are now putting all the blame on me."

"Are you angry from the shame?" Ye Futian sneered. "Everyone can decide by themselves who is right or wrong. Luo Junlin, I always thought that our rivalries would be solved by ourselves, however, you keep pushing my bottom line. In that case, I won't play with you anymore."

Luo Junlin had tried using the Royal Xuan Temple and Xirou to kill him. All these tricks and the assassination had threatened his life. In that case, it should end now.

"Since you love Xirou, you must want to avenge her. Now, I will give you the chance," Ye Futian said. "We will fight. Neither the Cottage nor the Royal Xuan Temple will interfere. Only one man may live." With that, he looked away from Luo Junlin to He Yulu. "Your disciple can avenge your daughter's death now. I'm sure the Royal Xuan Temple won't refuse." As he said that, he knew that Luo Junlin couldn't refuse. Even if the Cottage didn't pressure him, He Yulu definitely would.

As expected, He Yulu looked over as soon as he finished. It was an Arcana against a Dharma. Luo Junlin had entered the Arcana Plane last year while Ye Futian was still a Level. How could he let go of the chance for revenge?

Luo Junlin stared at Ye Futian. A fight to the death? He was so arrogant.

Ye Futian was strong. Luo Junlin had witnessed his performance at the Dongqin College's battle platform. But did he really look down upon Luo Junlin?

"Right here, right now?" He Yulu asked.

"One month later at the Nandou Nation of the Hundred Lands." Ye Futian looked at Luo Junlin. "Back then, you wanted me to be your servant. Your father's one decree forced me into despair. How about we end it all today? If you lose this battle, you won't be the only one dying."

Hearing his words, Luo Junlin's expression turned cold. He obviously understood what Ye Futian meant.

The location was the Nandou Nation.

If he won, Ye Futian would be dead and the rivalry would be over.

If he lost, not only he would die, but the Nandou Nation would also be destroyed.

Ye Futian wanted to use this to destroy Nandou. He clearly didn't want to wait anymore. He didn't want to keep playing with Luo Junlin!