The Legend Of Futian Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Behind the Assassination
Chapter 285: Behind the Assassination
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Ye Futian indeed didn't want to keep playing with Luo Junlin. He wanted to solve it by himself but Luo Junlin didn't think like that.

If you use tricks, then I'll do it unashamedly. It began in Nandou and it will end in Nandou.

Before, the Luo family had oppressed him. They thought they were kings and could be high up in the kingdom. Then Ye Futian would now return it to them.

"Okay," Luo Junlin said with a dark face. He accepted the challenge. He was clear that he had to accept. Ye Futian's every word went straight to his heart. Both the Cottage and his teacher would force him to accept. Furthermore, he wasn't untalented. Since Ye Futian was so confident, he would let him have his way.

One month later, they would fight in Nandou Nation. He knew that he couldn't escape from this. Instead of waiting for Ye Futian to mature, he should end it when he still had the advantage of a higher plane.

With the Cottage's reputation in the Eastern Barren Territory, they wouldn't interfere no matter what the result was since Ye Futian had made this request. This was a great chance for Luo Junlin.

"Senior Sister, let's go back," Ye Futian looked back and said to Zhuge Hui. After spending a year in the Cottage, he was familiar with their customs. Not involving relatives was one of their principles. Only the perpetrator would be punished. But if they were protected, it was a different matter.

He'd heard that Third Senior Brother once killed an entire group because someone killed a man but was protected. A group like that allowed people to kill recklessly. Thus, Gu Dongliu had taken the role of god.

"Alright." Zhuge Hui nodded and smiled. She looked to He Yulu. "If he doesn't appear at the Nandou Nation one month later, I will come to find you."

With that, the people of the Cottage and College turned to leave. Everyone looked at the receding backs of those people, many thoughts in their head.

This was the Cottage and their way of doing things. If someone tried to assassinate their disciple, they would dig the perpetrator up no matter what. Now, He Xirou, the organizer of the assassination, was dead. The one behind her, Luo Junlin, would soon have a fight to the death with Ye Futian.

Everything seemed to be over for now. The depression shrouding Chaoge City seemed to lighten up as well. However, the Royal Xuan Temple was even more depressed.

Soon after, the people of the Qin Dynasty arrived. Qin Li apologized to He Yulu on behalf of the Qin Dynasty. They had helped the Cottage search for clues and couldn't keep it from the Royal Xuan Temple. However, it was meaningful that they'd come to apologize.

As for what they talked about, no one would know.

Soon after, the Royal Xuan Temple left Chaoge City. Only one disciple was left behindXia Luo, the direct disciple of the first lord. After that, the Qin Dynasty announced that the battles would start again.

At the inn, the College and Cottage prepared to leave Chaoge. Liu Feiyang, Ye Wuchen, and the others were all waiting with Ye Futian. At a pavilion, Ye Futian tapped against the stone table. He gazed at Liu Feiyang and asked, "Feiyang, where did you get the news that Chu Yaoyao and Jieyu have issues?"

Hearing this, Liu Feiyang's eyes flashed. He studied Ye Futian. There seemed to be an implied meaning but he knew Ye Futian wasn't suspecting him.

"At a restaurant. Some people were discussing it," Liu Feiyang said. "After that, Wuchen and I went to find you."

Ye Wuchen was silent. He continued drumming the table.

"Did you think of something?" Liu Chenyu asked.

"It's coincidental," Ye Futian murmured. "How can the Moon Clan's private matters be spread and that you two just happened to hear them discussing it?"

Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu exchanged glances, feeling shaken. "Do you suspect someone else behind this?" Liu Chenyu asked.

"It's definitely He Xirou," Ye Futian said. From the beginning to the end, everything pointed at Xirou and she paid for it with her life. Other than Luo Junlin, no one deserved to be protected with her life. Thus, it must be Xirou. She had kept Hu Tong beside her since long before with murder in mind. Despite this, Ye Futian still felt something was wrong. It was too coincidental.

Liu Feiyang happened to get the news and when Ye Futian left the inn, the attempt happened. If he didn't go out, the assassination would be much more difficult.

Xirou definitely planned it but did someone help her? If that was the case, then something else didn't make sense. Only the people close to Xirou would have known about this. The Royal Xuan Temple wouldn't participate because they had no motive to kill him.

"Hopefully I'm just overthinking," Ye Futian said quietly. He didn't think too deeply. He knew that even if there really was someone behind the curtains, he wouldn't find any evidence. Hu Tong and He Xirou were all dead. How would he investigate?

Ye Futian suddenly smiled and looked up. "Wuchen, will you visit Cangye in one month?"

"I'll try to go back." Ye Wuchen nodded. The forces of the Eastern Barren Territory would be interested in Ye Futian and Luo Junlin's battle. He could go back to visit his family too.

"I'm sure Lord Ye would want to meet Chenyu," Ye Futian teased.

Liu Chenyu rolled her eyes. "We're leaving."

"Come to the Liu Kingdom when you have time," Liu Feiyang said to Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen.

"Yes, I'll definitely go when Wuchen proposes," Ye Futian said, grinning. Ye Wuchen was speechless and left soon after. The College and Cottage gradually left. They soared into the air, no longer wishing to take part in the Dongqin College's battles.

Qin Li and Xia Luo came to a courtyard in the Dongqin College of Chaoge City. A figure stood quietly before them, smiling at Xia Luo. It was Qin Yu.

Xia Luo walked over and bowed. "Qin Luo greets Uncle."

Qin Yu nodded with a smile. "Qin Luo, you've worked hard all these years."

"It's worth it if I can help revive the Qin Dynasty." Qin Luo shook his head. His true surname was Qin; he was from the Qin Dynasty.

"Yes." Qin Yu nodded. "Though you're a prince, you were sent out as a child. If the Qin Dynasty can recover its glory, your efforts will not go to waste."

"Thank you, Uncle." Qin Luo bowed.

"Since He Yulu left someone behind for talks, it's clear he hates the Cottage. Go back and plan well. You must succeed," Qin Yu said.

"His daughter died. How can He Yulu not have hatred? He should be angrier that he's powerless. His daughter died before his eyes but he couldn't protect her. This powerlessness will definitely transform into hatred for the Cottage. I'm sure he won't refuse if there's any way to fight against the Cottage. My teacher is a bit troublesome but I will try my best." Qin Luo nodded as he spoke. He'd been behind this assassination all this time. Ever since he found out that Xirou and Luo Junlin hated Ye Futian, he started paying attention to Xirou. That was why that conversation had happened, leading Xirou to act.

Of course, Xirou and Luo Junlin couldn't have guessed anything from that. It had just been a casual conversation.

As for clues, the Qin Dynasty didn't have to look for long. They knew who it was already. However, everything went according to plan. They only had to act as the guide. Everything else was up to the Cottage themselves.

Qin Yu's eyes flashed coldly.

That day, the second disciple of the Cottage had arrived and destroyed the Dongqin College's gate. He had embarrassed the Qin Dynasty but they still cooperated with the Cottage. Did they really think the Qin Dynasty was easy to bully?

"Qin Li, you should quicken things with Chu Yaoyao," Qin Yu said.

"Yes, Father." Qin Li nodded. Now that Chu Yaoyao was willing to date him, he was sure he could succeed soon.

Of course, he knew that Chu Yaoyao was very smart and wouldn't be like Xirou.

Chu Yaoyao had higher standards too. She wouldn't be satisfied with just being the wife of a crown prince. She knew that relying on men was not permanent and that Qin Li had ulterior motives. But what did it matter if they had the same goal?