The Legend Of Futian Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Newcomer to the College
Chapter 286: Newcomer to the College
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The battles of the Qin Dynasty continued but the large forces had all started leaving Chaoge City. Next, the Dongqin College would start enrolling students.

Ye Futian's group returned to Book Mountain. Everything seemed to go back to normal.

The College examinations for this year were about to start. Strong cultivators from all over the Divine Capital came. Perhaps pressured by the Dongqin College, the College would hold largescale entrance exams this year and enroll more talented cultivators. It caused a splash in the Divine Capital. Countless youths would come to the College.

What had happened at Chaoge had spread throughout the Eastern Barren Territory. Everyone knew about it. The Divine Capital was the College's territory and was one of the three main cities of the Eastern Barren Territory. Naturally, they paid more attention than other places.

The Dongqin College would definitely become a superpower but the Cottage still had its legacy. Especially with Gu Dongliu's victory over Lu Nantian and Zhuge Hui's appearance, everyone witnessed the Cottage's true face again.

The first three disciples of the Cottage could all represent the top of the Eastern Barren Territory alone.

The powerful College was about to hold exams and the Divine Capital was watching. People from the other mountains of the College paid attention too. Many talents appeared, attracting much attention.

This all seemed unrelated to Ye Futian. He continued to cultivate quietly in the Cottage, preparing to go back to Nandou. He was confident in himself but he couldn't underestimate Luo Junlin either. There was a difference in plane, after all.

One day, Yi Xiaoshi found Ye Futian and had a strange expression.

"Seventh Senior Brother, why are you looking at me like that?" Ye Futian found his eyes strange.

"How many girlfriends do you have?" Yi Xiaoshi blurted.

Ye Futian made a face. He glanced towards Zhuge Hui and Xing'er. The two pretty girls looked over and Ye Futian glared at Yi Xiaoshi. "Seventh Senior Brother, you're ruining my image."

What the heck. He asked how many girlfriends I have. Is he purposely ruining my perfect image before Senior Sister? Jealousy. He must be jealous of my status.

Yi Xiaoshi gave him a look. What image?

"The new students are choosing their mountains today. A really beautiful girl didn't choose any mountainnot even the first one. She said she wants to join the Cottage to find you." Yi Xiaoshi side-eyed Ye Futian. How many pure girls had this guy tainted?

Yi Xiaoshi had gone down the mountain to look. The girl's eyes were very clear and she was beautiful. She was definitely an innocent one. Thinking of Ye Futian's character, she must have been lied to. So why was Ye Futian pretending to be innocent before Senior Sister?

"Uh" Ye Futian was awkward. "Seventh Senior Brother, you're purposely doing this. How can someone other than Jieyu come to find me?" Jieyu was part of the Moon Clan. She wouldn't take part in the College's exams.

"I'll give you a hint. She's a silver-haired beauty, cold as ice." Yi Xiaoshi continued giving him a look. Did he really want to deny it? Could the girl have found the wrong guy?"

"Uh" Ye Futian blinked, deflating. He'd thought of someone. Silver hair, cold as ice She was indeed unforgettable.

Seeing Zhuge Hui and Xing'er grinning at him, Ye Futian looked away. This was too awkward!

"How beautiful?" Zhuge Hui smiled at Yi Xiaoshi.

Yi Xiaoshi looked at her and replied, "Very beautiful but definitely not as beautiful as you, Second Senior Sister." He had chubby cheeks when he smiled and looked submissive. After being with Ye Futian for a year, he'd learned some things just by watching. He had tohis status was at risk.

"Xiaoshi, your smile is so fake," Zhuge Hui said cheerily. Yi Xiaoshi's smile froze awkwardly. Looking at Zhuge Hui, he didn't even know how to reply.

"Seventh Senior Brother, you spoke wrongly. Few women can be compared to Senior Sister. I do know that girl but she can't even be compared to Senior Sister," Ye Futian said seriously. His tone was much more natural than Yi Xiaoshi's.

"I always like what Junior says," Zhuge Hui said with a smile.

Yi Xiaoshi was about to cry. How come they were so different? Even being shameless required talent. He could only lament at his lack of skill.

Beitang Xing'er watched this all with a smile. Xiaoshi wanted to copy the junior but it wasn't the same. Ye Futian was attractive and looked even better when he smiled. This was his personality too. He was natural when complimenting girls and it felt comfortable.

"Since she's here for Junior, bring her here for me to see," Zhuge Hui said with a smile.

"Uh" Yi Xiaoshi blinked and looked at her in shock before nodding. "Okay."

With that, he left, feeling sad at the bias. Zhuge Hui was too biased. Even girls who came for Ye Futian could enter the Cottage.

When Yi Xiaoshi left, Zhuge Hui smiled at Ye Futian. "Old lover?"

"Senior Sister, I'm not like that." Ye Futian gazed into her eyes and explained seriously, "Her name is Loulan Xue. She's a regular friend I made in the Ancient Barren World."

"Why would a regular come to find you at the Cottage?" Beitang Xing'er asked. There was no trust in her eyes.

"Really" Ye Futian looked into the eyes of his pretty senior sisters and muttered sadly, "If you don't trust me, you can ask her later."

"Okay," Zhuge Hui replied, smiling.

The newcomer indeed was Loulan Xue. She'd participated in this year's grand exams and performed extraordinarily well. She was known as the most powerful of this year. Everyone paid attention to her and even the top mountain wanted her. They believed she could be the direct disciple of the dean.

At this time, there were many disciples at the square on Book Mountain. Loulan Xue stood primly in the middle. One would be attracted with a single glance and everyone was like that. Every mountain wanted her but Loulan Xue said she wanted to find Ye Futian at the Cottage. This caused an uproar. Many people guessed that she was Ye Futian's old lover.

Some knew Loulan Xue, such as Tang Ye. He'd seen Loulan Xue when she was with Ye Futian in the Ancient Barren World. But Ye Futian and the others all entered the Eastern Barren World last year while Loulan Xue didn't. Many people forgot about her.

The disciples from last year were also in the crowd, such as Nangong Jiao and Tuoba Yun. They were attracted by Loulan Xue's aura too. Many people said that not only was she the best of this year, the last year couldn't beat her either.

At this time, someone walked over and stopped close to the crowd. People looked over. It was Yi Xiaoshi from the Cottage. Loulan Xue looked over too. Many people thought she would be disappointed. She was talented but one didn't enter the Cottage just by being talented. No one in the Cottage was normal.

The event at Chaoge had bolstered the Cottage's reputation.

"Second Senior Sister wants you to follow me up the mountain," Yi Xiaoshi said. As soon as he spoke, everyone stared at him in shock.

They knew clearly who the second senior sister was. It was the powerful girl who dared to shatter the Dongqin College's gate. She wanted Loulan Xue to go up the mountain. Was she going to accept Loulan Xue as a disciple?

"Oh." Loulan Xue started walking, following Yi Xiaoshi towards the Cottage. Everyone looked over but they didn't argue. If the Cottage really wanted her, what was there to argue about? No force in the Eastern Barren Territory could compete with the Cottage.

They were sure that the Cottage's one word was more impactful than a genuine invitation from any top force.

Yi Xiaoshi brought Loulan Xue to the Cottage. After seeing Ye Futian, Loulan Xue kept looking. It had only been one year but now, everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory knew his name. Her mother said that he was born this way. There would be chaos wherever he went.

"Hello, Virgin." Ye Futian smiled at her. He didn't think they could meet again after the farewell at the Ancient Barren World. He definitely didn't expect her to come to find him.

"Yes." Loulan Xue nodded. Her personality was cool, just like her aura.

"How come you're here? Are you going to cultivate at the College?" Ye Futian asked.

"I'm here to find you?" Loulan Xue looked at him with her silver eyes.

"Find me?"

"Yes." Loulan Xue nodded.

"Why do you want to find him?" Zhuge Hui asked, grinning. This silver-haired girl really was cold.

Loulan Xue glanced at her and then back at Ye Futian. She bowed her head slightly and hesitated to speak.

"Just speak," Ye Futian said after seeing that.

Loulan Xue raised her head, staring at Ye Futian. "My mother wanted me to ask you if you plan on marrying me."

Ye Futian was shocked. Zhuge Hui and Beitang Xing'er were shocked too. They gaped at Loulan Xue. Did this cold girl really ask that?

"Good friends indeed." Beitang Xing'er grinned at Ye Futian, smiling ambiguously.

"Seems like we don't have to ask anymore," Zhuge Hui asked, smiling.

Yi Xiaoshi felt emboldened. He gave Ye Futian a look. Was he still going to deny it? Was he still going to pretend? He'd lied to this innocent girl and now, she'd come to the Cottage. Was Ye Futian going to take responsibility?

Ye Futian's mind was in turmoil. He stared at Loulan Xue. "Virgin, even if the Empress acts recklessly, you shouldn't."

He didn't know how to reply!