The Legend Of Futian Chapter 287

Chapter 287: The Empresss Plan
Chapter 287: The Empresss Plan
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Loulan Xue looked at Ye Futian. Her expression was cold but her eyes had a strange look as if even she thought it was a bit weird. After a moment, she shook her head and whispered, "It's not acting recklessly."

Yi Xiaoshi walked over and patted Ye Futian's shoulder. "Junior," he said, smiling devilishly. "Just admit it." You wanted to pretend before Senior Sister but you can't keep pretending, huh.

Seeing the annoying smile on Yi Xiaoshi's face, Ye Futian really wanted to beat him up. Sadly, he wouldn't win.

"Virgin, didn't I tell you in the palace that I have a lover? You saw her too." Ye Futian looked at Loulan Xue. She had been there when Hua Jieyu went to the peak of Mirror Mountain.

"I don't mind." Loulan Xue shook her head.

"Uh" Ye Futian was completely speechless as he stared at the silver-haired girl. What was she thinking?

"How horrible," Yi Xiaoshi commented happily.

Zhuge Hui and Beitang Xing'er watched all this while grinning. They didn't say anything; they watched Ye Futian quietly.

"Virgin, don't joke." He was close to tears. What was Loulan Xue thinking? How long had they known each other for?

Loulan Xue's silver eyes looked disappointed after Ye Futian's rejection. However, there was still some joy. Perhaps she would be more disappointed if Ye Futian accepted like this.

It was simple why she did as the Empress had said. She didn't really care about relationships. It was too hard to find someone she liked in Ancient Loulan. The people she interacted with were all below her. The Virgin of Ancient Loulan obviously had to leave descendants. This meant she had to choose a man sooner or later. Otherwise, she would be stuck in Loulan forever.

Ye Futian was very suitable. He was handsome and talented. Loulan Xue could still remember his performance in the Ancient Barren World. She didn't like him that much but he had left an impression, at least. He was the best choice so she didn't reject the Empress' idea. Of course, she had another implication, also thought of by her mother.

"My mother told me to follow you and I agreed," Loulan Xue said, gazing at Ye Futian. "Didn't you take in a servant in the Ancient Barren World? I can serve you too."

Ye Futian stared at her, wanting to cry. He knew what Loulan Xue was like. She was an ice beauty, the Virgin of Ancient Loulan. Even if she wanted to be a servant, did she know how to serve? Was this a joke?

"Virgin, did the empress force you to do this?" Ye Futian muttered, thinking of that beautiful old lady. That woman had tried to force him to marry Loulan Xue. It was possible she'd forced Loulan Xue to do this too.

"No, I'm doing this voluntarily," Loulan Xue said. "If you think that I can't take care of someone, I can learn."

"I'm cultivating at the Cottage. I don't deserve having a Virgin to take care of me," Ye Futian said. "The Cottage won't allow it." He couldn't make Loulan Xue so he could only have Second Senior Sister take care of it. With that, Ye Futian looked pitifully at Zhuge Hui.

Loulan Xue also gazed at her, seeming a bit scared. Zhuge Hui grinned at Ye Futian. Did he want her to be the bad guy?

She gazed at Loulan Xue and smiled. "If she wishes to be a servant, then I can make an exception and let her stay." She quite liked Loulan Xue's personality. She was interesting.

"Uh" Ye Futian gaped at Zhuge Hui. She'd actually made an exception.

"Thank you, senior." A faint smile appeared on Loulan Xue's cool features. She seemed happy.

Zhuge Hui looked deep at her and said, "You can live with Junior and take care of him."

"Okay." Loulan Xue nodded lightly. Then she said to Ye Futian, "My mother is here too. She's not far from the Book Mountain and wishes to see you."

"Not going," Ye Futian refused resolutely. That woman was troublesome and difficult.

"Rest assured. She won't be hard on you," Loulan Xue continued.

Ye Futian blinked. "Did she plan all this?" he asked, defeated.

Loulan Xue just looked at him quietly without replying.

Ye Futian couldn't have a temper faced with this cold beauty. What could he do? "Alright, I'll go with you," he could only say with Loulan Xue's eyes on him.

"Okay." Loulan Xue nodded.

Then Ye Futian said to Zhuge Hui, "Senior Sister, I'm going out."

"Okay." Zhuge Hui smiled and nodded.

Loulan Xue took Ye Futian down the mountain. After they left, Zhuge Hui was still smiling.

"Second Senior Sister," Beitang Xing'er called. "Why did you agree?"

Zhuge Hui gazed at the receding backside and chuckled. "If someone else did that, I would think she just wants to stay in the Cottage. But why do I find this girl so cute?"

Beitang Xing'er's eyes glimmered while Yi Xiaoshi rolled his eyes. Having good looks meant everything.

After leaving Book Mountain, the two went to an empty field. The Black Wind Eagle flapped its wings and they climbed on. Ye Futian didn't speak and Loulan Xue didn't either. They were both quiet.

"Do you find me shameless?" Loulan Xue looked over, eyes falling on Ye Futian.

"No." Ye Futian shook his head.

"My mother said that I can't enter the Cottage with my talent. If I want to cultivate there, I have to use you."

I knew it was that old woman, Ye Futian thought. He didn't say it out loud though. He couldn't insult Loulan Xue's mother in front of her.

"However, this wasn't all because of her. I also agreed to it." Loulan Xue looked forward, seeming to avoid his eyes. She was as cold as frost but she would get shy about relationships too.

"Oh." Ye Futian nodded and didn't say anything else. Everyone wanted to join the Cottage.

The Empress of Ancient Loulan had wanted Ye Futian to marry Loulan Xue to bring Loulan back to glory. Now that she'd come to study in the heart of the Eastern Barren Territory, she obviously wanted to go to the strongest force. Everyone knew about the Cottage. The empress definitely did as well. With Ye Futian cultivating at the Cottage, she would naturally think of a trick like this.

After some time, they arrived at a pavilion in the Divine Capital. Ye Futian stepped in and discovered many strong cultivators there. The Empress of Ancient Loulan had come personally. People naturally flocked to her. Ye Futian saw her in a courtyard. He wasn't that respectful this time. He stared straight at her.

"What, you dislike me that much?" The Empress saw Ye Futian look at her coldly.

"No, I wouldn't dare," Ye Futian said.

"You are now a disciple of the Cottage. I can't do anything to you. No one in the Eastern Barren Territory can. You can dare to do anything." The empress smiled coldly. Then she looked at Loulan Xue. "He didn't agree?"

Loulan Xue shook her head and murmured, "But the senior at the Cottage said that if I'm willing to be a servant, I can stay in there."

The Empress nodded. She could accept this. However, she was even unhappier with Ye Futian. "I'm giving my talented daughter to you but you bear to make her a servant. Good job," she said sarcastically. "Is she not pretty enough?"

"Empress, you're being a bit too illogical. I can't force feelings. How long have we known each other for? Plus, you and the Virgin know that I have a lover. What is the point of doing this?" Ye Futian asked. "Just as you said, your daughter is very talented. How can you make her do this?"

"If only everyone in the world could be as talented as you. If we had the Cottage to support us when something happens, we wouldn't care about that much." The Empress scoffed. "She will cultivate in the Cottage from now on. From the surface, she is your servant but I dare you to bully her."

Ye Futian stared, speechless.

"I won't treat you poorly either. I will now confer you the title of the Loulan Son. Don't worry, this is only a title that hasn't ever existed before. You don't have to be responsible for anything but you will have power. From now on, you will be second only to me in Ancient Loulan. This token represents me." The Empress tossed a token at Ye Futian. Seeing that he wanted to speak, she continued, "Don't be so quick to refuse. I know you don't need Ancient Loulan when you have the Cottage. But don't you feel any danger from the assassination attempt earlier? You don't think your senior brothers will always protect you, right?"

Ye Futian's expression changed. The empress made sense. No one would dare after that last event but what if the forces in the Eastern Barren Territory changed? His senior brothers had to cultivate too. They weren't his guards and wouldn't be by his side at all times.

"Come in," the Empress called at this time. Nine strong cultivators walked into the courtyard. They wore silver armor and looked powerful. Their sharp eyes focused on Ye Futian with formless pressure.

"Bow to the Son," the Empress said coolly.

"Loulan Silver Snow Guard greets the Son," the nine said while bowing.

"The Loulan Silver Snow Guard is the guard of Loulan. They are the generals of the guards and all are at the Noble Plane. They will be by your side, at your beck and call. You don't need to doubt their loyalty," the Empress continued.

Ye Futian blinked. This woman was so unfriendly but her actions were completely opposite from her attitude. He was tempted to have nine Nobles listen to him.

Seeing Ye Futian's expression, the Empress scoffed inwardly. Want to fight with me? You can't escape from my hold!