The Legend Of Futian Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Chu Lian
Chapter 289: Chu Lian
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There was a door on the top of the hill behind Book Mountain. A Dharma matrix was carved on that door like a black vortex.

This was the entrance to the Ancient Barren World.

Every top force of the Eastern Barren Territory owned a place for entering the Ancient Barren World, so did the College.

After returning from the Guqin Gardens and helping Loulan Xue settle down, Ye Futian came here, ready to enter the Ancient Barren World not for cultivation but for the Moon Clan. The Moon Clan was in the north of the Eastern Barren Territory. It would take even strong cultivators much time to go there. The passage to Ancient Barren World was no doubt the fastest way.

The Black Wind Eagle flew fast into the Ancient Barren World. The stronger Ye Futian became, the more the Black Wind Eagle grew. At this moment, it had reached the peak of the Dharma Plane. Before getting into the Arcana Plane, it could still enter the Ancient Barren World.

The two crossed the passage and landed on a mountain. There were some buildings among the mountains where many disciples of the College lived. Those disciples came to the Ancient Barren World for cultivating. Therefore they lived temporarily here in the mountain instead of going back and forth. Seeing Ye Futian's arrival, many disciples were confused.

"Who is he?" a new guy asked.

"Ye Futian." Someone recognized him. Many people looked over here, including Nangong Jiao. Her beautiful eyes fell on Ye Futian. Though they were enrolled in the College together last year, Ye Futian had already become a legend.

In the battle of Chaoge City, Ye Futian defeated Qian Shanmu with rhythmic sorcery, which was enough for him to be known to all in Eastern Barren Territory.

The Black Wind Eagle flapped its wings and brought Ye Futian away.

The Moon Clan was in the central area of the Ancient Barren World, north of the Barren City. The Ancient Barren World was like a smaller version of the Eastern Barren Territory, sharing the same terrain.

The base of the Moon Clan was more beautiful than the College's. With ancient green hills, surrounded by rivers and mist, the scene here was very relaxing. When one or two beauties walked down from the hill, people would feel that this must be heaven.

Arriving here, Ye Futian saw two young beauties walking down. They were very young and full of energy. The left one was tall with a pair of beautiful slender legs. She looked slightly proud and became vigilant when seeing Ye Futian here. The one on the right was petite and slim. She looked at Ye Futian with her innocent eyes, full of curiosity, thinking that this guy was really handsome.

The two beauties were both disciples of the Moon Clan. The left was Lu Qiu; the right was Ning Qiaoqiao.

"Who are you?" Lu Qiu looked at the Futian arrogantly but full of vigilance. There shouldn't be males in the base of Moon Clan. The arrival of Ye Futian confused her.

"I'm Ye Futian. I want to visit the Moon Clan. Would you two fairies please lead the way for me?" Ye Futian smiled.

"Ye Futian," Ning Qiaoqiao murmured. Suddenly, something occurred to her. "Are you Ye Futian from the Cottage?"

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded lightly, smiling at Ning Qiaoqiao.

She blushed a little and immediately nodded, "All right, just follow us."

"Thank you, fairy." Ye Futian's smile grew bigger. This beauty was really kind.

But Lu Qiu was still observing Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes. She knew this guy was very famous, even in Moon Clan. He was indeed talented but part of his fame also came from the fabulous disciple of the Moon Clan who was as good-looking as Chu Yaoyao, one of the three top beauties in Eastern Barren Territory.

"Are you here for Hua Jieyu?" Ning Qiaoqiao asked and took a quick glance at him. This was her first time meeting Ye Futian. Though she knew of his name, Ning Qiaoqiao didn't expect that he could be so good-looking. He and Hua Jieyu were well-matched to each other.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded with a smile.

"She must be very happy to know you are here." Ning Qiaoqiao laughed. Last time, Hua Jieyu wanted to go to Chaoge City too. Ye Futian must be the reason.

"I heard that you defeated Qian Shanmu on the battle platform of Dongqin College. Can you defeat him without the help of the ritual implement?" Lu Qiu asked Ye Futian. There were many rumors about Ye Futian, even in Moon Clan. She was very curious about his strength.

"I would fail," Ye Futian responded very frankly. He could fight across levels but not across planes. And since Qian Shanmu was master in rhythmic sorcery, he would be too arrogant to say that he could win.

"What if it was not for rhythmic sorcery and you are in the same plane as him?" Lu Qiu kept asking.

Ye Futian smiled and looked at her. "I wouldn't know unless I try."

"So you mean the outcome is unknown. Perhaps you are not as strong as in the rumors." Lu Qiu doubted his strength. The disciples of the Cottage were indeed strong but every top force had top talents. If a disciple of the Cottage could be so powerful, would the Moon Clan even have the right to be compared to them?

"Maybe." Ye Futian didn't want to argue. He just nodded, smiling.

"Sister Lu, you are too curious." Ning Qiaoqiao glanced at Lu Qiu. Soon, they arrived at the top of the ancient mountain. There were many communities here. The peak was the exit of Ancient Barren World, directly leading to the Moon Clan.

Seeing Lu Qiu and Ning Qiaoqiao come back with a man, many disciples here all gathered to see them. When learning that the guy was Ye Futian, they all looked at him curiously.

Being observed by so many girls, Ye Futian felt a little embarrassed. This was the trouble of being attractive. He was contemplating that maybe he could ask Hua Jieyu if he could cultivate here for a while. It must be paradise to live in the Moon Clan.

At this time, a line of beauties came. The leading woman was extremely beautiful. Her graceful posture and perfect proportion of figure made her no worse than the three beauties of Eastern Barren Territory.

"You are Ye Futian?" the woman went to Ye Futian and asked.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"Why are you here instead of cultivating at the Cottage?" the woman asked with a cool tone.

"I'm here for Hua Jieyu. I also want to visit the seniors of the Moon Clan." Ye Futian smiled gently.

"Hua Jieyu is cultivating. Our seniors might not want you to disturb her. Frivolous love will affect her cultivation," the woman continued. "Moreover, Moon Clan doesn't welcome any man. This is just our base in the Ancient Barren World. Our seniors are not here. We don't have the right to let you in."

Ning Qiaoqiao looked at the speaking woman, a little stunned.

Indeed, the Moon Clan didn't welcome any man since this was an all-female clan. However, with Ye Futian's reputation as a disciple of the Cottage and his relationship with Hua Jieyu, he should be allowed in.

Knowing the status of the speaking woman, Ning Qiaoqiao guessed that she was still entangled with that trivial matter from before.

"Sister Chu, how about we go in to ask the seniors' opinion?" Ning Qiaoqiao looked at that woman.

"Sister Ning, don't you remember what they had taught us before? Cultivation comes first. You are new here. How can you be so relaxed? Don't you remember the teachers' words?" The woman looked at Ning Qiaoqiao. Her tone was a little harsh. Ning Qiaoqiao was stunned and felt hurt. It was really embarrassing for her to be reprimanded in public like this.

Ye Futian looked at that woman. Her surname was Chu? He seemed to figure out something when looking at that beautiful face.

"Fairy, you are right. Cultivation is the most important." Ye Futian smiled and said, "However, secular things are inevitable too. I have seen a disciple of the Moon Clan dating too. That should be common. But according to you, should that fairy be reprimanded too?"

"Is that so?" The woman said coldly, "If it's true, tell me who this rule breaker is. I will tell our seniors about her."

"She is Chu Yaoyao of the Moon Clan," Ye Futian revealed the name with a smile. After he finished, all the girls around him froze. That woman was also stunned. She looked at Ye Futian coldly.

"Ye Futian, as a disciple of the Cottage, how dare you insult our disciple? Are you looking down upon the Moon Clan?" the woman responded coldly. Her name was Chu Lian, Chu Yaoyao's sister. The two looked alike each other. Ye Futian inferred that from her surname.

"Oh no, I just said something that should be well-known." Ye Futian pretended to be surprised. "It is said that Qin Li, the grandson of the Qin Emperor, has been here. He and the fairy of the Moon Clan got along very well. When I was in Chaoge City, I saw them together. Are you saying that what they did is an insult to the Moon Clan?"

"You" Chu Lian was speechless. She fell into the trap that Ye Futian had prepared for her.

Ye Futian said that Qin Li had a date with her sister. She believed that and it was no secret. Therefore, it was impossible for her to say that Ye Futian was slandering.

"Jieyu is my girlfriend. There's nothing wrong with me coming to see her. The grandson of the Qin Emperor was allowed in to meet the fairy Chu Yaoyao. Nobody stopped them. Now, why do you repeatedly stop me in this way?" Ye Futian looked at Chu Lian and asked, "Are you unsatisfied with the Cottage?" Ye Futian sneered secretly. He was unhappy about Chu Yaoyao because she didn't allow Hua Jieyu to go out. But that was the rule of Moon Clan and he wouldn't complain about that. This time, Chu Lian stopped him without even asking the seniors' opinions. She even berated Ning Qiaoqiao who was on his side. Obviously, she did this on purpose. In that case, he didn't need to be polite anymore.

"If it is so, I would like to have a fight as the disciple of the Cottage." Ye Futian said coldly and his smiled disappeared.

Since you use the Moon Clan as an excuse, then I'll have to use the Cottage.