The Legend Of Futian Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Within the Moon Clan
Chapter 290: Within the Moon Clan
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As a top power of the Eastern Barren Territory, there wasn't just one group within the Moon Clan. The College had the nine mountains, and the Fuyun Sword Clan had the seven summits.

There were four major groups within the Moon Clan. The clan leader belonged to the Moon Tower. This tower was the holy land of cultivation in the Moon Clan. They didn't teach disciples directly. Only the most elite members were qualified to cultivate at the Moon Tower. It was the pillar of the Moon Clan. Other than that, the clan also had the Qianyue Pavilion, the Xiaoyue House, and the Hanyue Temple. Each of these three groups had their own specialties. Hua Jieyu cultivated at the Xiaoyue House. The Virgin Chu Yaoyao was a disciple of the Qianyue Pavilion.

Presently, the Virgin Chu Yaoyao was located in some building of the Qianyue Pavilion. In front of her, a beautiful woman was seated, looking at a page in her hand. It was a list of some sort and a lot was written own.

This beautiful woman was the leader of the Qianyue Pavilion, Yan Feihong. She taught Chu Yaoyao personally and was her favorite disciple. But they weren't the only ones there. There was one other, the grandson of the Qin emperor, Qin Li.

The Dongqin College was still holding their competitions but the royal grandson wasn't even in Chaoge City. He was here at the Moon Clan. He had provided the list in Yan Feihong's hand. Every line of the list was filled out with the names of treasures that would sway any top-level Noble.

However, Yan Feihong looked unmoved. Her expression remained calm. A while later, she folded the page and looked up at Qin Li. "Yaoyao has been cultivating under my care for quite some years now. I see her as my own flesh and blood. Furthermore, I am prepared to have her take over my spot in the future. Thus, I do not wish for her to head to the Qin Dynasty and become the Crown Princess."

Qin Yu was the Crown Prince now and when he became the emperor, Qin Li would be on a shortlist to becoming the new Crown Prince of the Qin Dynasty. Then, Qin Li's wife would naturally be the Crown Princess.

"Of course, I understand, Senior." Qin Li nodded at Yan Feihong. Extremely modestly, he bowed. "I have been attracted by her and have fallen deeply in love. I would never dare allow this goddess to be treated as inferior to me. If I marry Yaoyao, I would not force her to do anything. She can continue to cultivate at the Moon Clan and inherit your seat. I will only stand behind her and support her."

The sparkle reached the eyes of Yan Feihong. Qin Li continued, "The list you have right now is just a fraction of the bride price. If Senior is willing to agree to this marriage, it would be my greatest honor and make me the luckiest man. At that time, my father is willing to multiply whatever is on that list now and send it here to the Qianyue Pavilion."

Seeing the modest royal grandson in front of her right now, Yan Feihong was swayed. Nothing on the list was fit for Chu Yaoyao's use. Instead, it was for the use of someone at the level of Yan Feihong. It was obvious that these gifts weren't meant for Chu Yaoyao but for her. She was the leader of the Qianyue Pavilion and they were going to send these gifts to the pavilion. Was there more that needed to be said?

The Qin Dynasty was being seriously generous.

However, she was also clear of the Qin Dynasty's goal. It wasn't as simple as Qin Li's infatuation with Chu Yaoyao. If the two of them really got together, it would be obvious. It was going to be a marriage alliance.

Naturally, the royal grandson represented the Qin Dynasty and Chu Yaoyao was the Virgin of the Moon Clan. There was no explanation needed for their relationship.

"Yaoyao, what do you think?" Yan Feihong turned to question Chu Yaoyao.

"It is only natural that you decide on the matters on marriage, teacher," Chu Yaoyao said softly. Yan Feihong nodded lightly. She already knew in her heart that Chu Yaoyao also liked Qin Li and had agreed to his courtship.

With Qin Li's gifts and his status, he was definitely a fitting candidate. Furthermore, he was not going to interfere with Chu Yaoyao's cultivation at the Moon Clan. This way, Chu Yaoyao wouldn't need to worry about her future.

"I don't dare to be rash when it comes to your marriage. I will discuss this with your uncle-masters. Go bring Qin Li for a look around," said Yan Feihong. Chu Yaoyao nodded and led Qin Li away.


At the same time, in the Ancient Barren World, on top of the Moon Clan's Ancient Peak.

Ye Futian was having a standoff with Chu Lian. Hearing his words, her expression darkened.

Ye Futian of the Cottage.

There wasn't anyone who didn't know of this name. Although she had not gone to Chaoge City, she had heard the stories of his glorious victories. Forget about his battle with Qian Shanmu, the mere fact that he defeated Qin Mang of the Qin Dynasty was the greatest proof that he would be undefeatable by anyone in the same plane as him. And since Chu Lian was still in the lower Ancient Barren World, it was obvious that she was also still in the Dharma Plane.

Ye Futian wanted to pay a visit to the Moon Clan and was blocked by her. He had the audacity to challenge her.

Thinking of this, Chu Lian said coldly, "This is the entrance to the Moon Clan. Past this door behind me, you will be in the Moon Clan territory. You aren't a member of our clan, so I will not let you enter, and this is how you're going to act? Is this how all the disciples of the Cottage take care of things? Are you trying to bully us?"

What she said had just placed Ye Futian against the Moon Clan. If Ye Futian really dared to make a move on Chu Lian, he would actually be bullying the Moon Clan.

Ye Futian didn't answer. Instead, he stepped forward, giving off a feeling of dominance. His handsome features seemed to have been carved from stone; very defined. Chu Lian felt pressured with every step he took.

The Moon Clan disciples all around were at a lost upon witnessing this scene. It reminded them of the conflict between Chu Yaoyao and Hua Jieyu. Such a small ordeal could be exacerbated because of different standpoints. And now, Ye Futian had come for a visit, Chu Lian shouldn't have stopped him, but she did. Ye Futian wasn't exactly known for his good temper, so he challenged her.

Multiple figures flashed by and appeared beside Chu Lian. They were her senior and junior sisters from the Hanyue Temple. So, of course, her enemies were their enemies.

"Are you qualified to represent the Moon Clan?" Ye Futian asked her coldly. "There are many of your fellow clan members here right now. It should be pretty easy for them to tell whether or not you're targeting me on purpose. You also know the truth. If you have the guts to do so, then don't go hiding behind the name of the Moon Clan. What an embarrassment."

"You" A chilling gust washed over Chu Lian. Spiritual Qi gathered as an ice spell was released.

But just then, Ye Futian stepped forward at an unbelievable speed. A crisp sound was heard and the ice Spiritual Qi formed a spell and crystals of ice began to cover Ye Futian. The chilling air permeated his body and tried to frost him over.

BOOM! Ye Futian's body was tough. The ice crystals burst, and with one step, he had arrived in front of Chu Lian. His terrifying aura crushed down on her. Following that, Ye Futian lifted his hand, and with one palm forward, he sent Chu Lian flying back. Even when her feet finally met the ground again, she had to take steps back to stable herself. She let out a soft groan.

They were on completely different levels.

"Chu Lian." Multiple figures ran to her side and stared coldly at Ye Futian. However, they knew that if he was able to send Chu Lian flying simply by the wave of his hand, there was no way they could go up against him.

Ye Futian's cutting gaze turned to look at them. He then walked right past them. The Black Wind Eagle flapped its wings and gave the girls a look of disdain.

Walking over to the Ancient Barren World's exit, Ye Futian turned back to look at Ning Qiaoqiao. "Can you be my guide?"

Ning Qiaoqiao was surprised but quickly nodded with a smile. "Alright." She walked forward to Ye Futian's side and led him through a gate, leaving the Ancient Barren World. All the other people saw this and gradually started to follow, preparing to head back as well.

Chu Lian's expression was dark. Ye Futian had humiliated her simply with the wave of his hand.

As soon as Ye Futian exited the Ancient Barren World, he had arrived at the Moon Clan's Ancient Peak. The jaded mountain peak looked divine. Birds chirped and flowers bloomed. Heaven on earth.

"Hua Jieyu cultivates at the Xiaoyue House. I am also a disciple there but as soon as Hue Jieyu entered the clan, she was taken in by the leader to be taught personally. I'm not as gifted," said Ning Qiaoqiao. She led Ye Futian and the others in one direction.

"What about Chu Yaoyao?" asked Ye Futian.

"Chu Yaoyao cultivates at the Qianyue Pavilion. That was her younger sister before, Chu Lian. She cultivates at the Hanyue Temple," explained Ning Qiaoqiao. "Other than that, there is also the Moon Tower where the clan leader cultivates."

"Got it," nodded Ye Futian. It seemed like every top power had complicated relations within. Hua Jieyu and Chu Yaoyao were obviously from different groups.

Ning Qiaoqiao continued to lead Ning Qiaoqiao forward. Along the way, many people asked questions but when they found out he was Ye Futian, all they did was smile. This seemed like a normal thing to them.

Ye Futian of the Cottage was here to visit his girlfriend. It was nothing out of the ordinary and no questions needed to be asked.

Stepping into the Xiaoyue House territory, Ye Futian could see many beautiful girls. After finding out about his identity, they all gathered around in curiosity. He was a serious bigshot nowadays. He had actually come to the Moon Clan to see his girlfriend.

Just then, Ye Futian stopped moving and smiled at a girl in front of him. "So, we meet again."

The female returned a smile. It was the Hua Jieyu's messenger, Yun Rou.

"Senior Sister Yun," greeted Ning Qiaoqiao.

Yun Rou nodded in acknowledgment. Looking at Ye Futian with a smile, she asked, "Here to see Jieyu?"

"Yeah." He smiled.

"I'll take you there," she said.

"Thank you."Ye Futian nodded and the two of them headed off in some direction. However, on the road there, a group of people approached from ahead. A group of women. A picturesque sight.

The laughter was music to the ears. Ye Futian's eyes fell on the figure at the center of the group. It seemed that in the year that Hua Jieyu had cultivated at the Moon Clan, she had become even more beautiful. Ye Futian thought to himself, Good thing I made my move quick.

Hua Jieyu's eyes locked on Ye Futian. Her clear eyes filled with hints of bitterness, longing, and joy. Her slender fingers reached up to brush away the hairs obstructing her vision, and she looked at Ye Futian shyly. Just one look was enough to make Ye Futian feel like she had taken his soul.

This Fox, how was she still so captivating?