The Legend Of Futian Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Not Modest at All
Chapter 291: Not Modest at All
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Ye Futian let out a bright smile and watched the girl across from him in silence, carefully taking in her beauty. And Hua Jieyu did the same to him. The two of them looked at each other with smiles that met their eyes. The shyness in her eyes became more evident but the gentle smile never left her face.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Her voice was soft. In Ye Futian's ears, her words were flirtatious. She turned her head away from him slightly but was still captivating as ever.

"My wife has gotten even more beautiful." Ye Futian smiled. As soon as he spoke, all the girls around began to giggle.

"Who's your wife?" Hua Jieyu lowered her head at his words, a timid expression was on her face. Many of her senior sisters were watching! How could this guy be so brazen?

Ye Futian smiled brightly and walked up to her. He put his hands on her hand and ruffled her soft hair. Hua Jieyu's face grew even redder. Lifting her head slightly, her beautiful, timid eyes stared at Ye Futian.

"You..." Ye Futian said softly. Another wave of giggles and laughter ensued. They were all teasing Hua Jieyu. Feeling the countless eyes on her, Hua Jieyu's face burned.

"I haven't agreed yet." Hua Jieyu stared at Ye Futian with a pouting face. She then turned around and jogged off. She was too embarrassed with so many people looking on. This jerk really knew how to pick the worst settings. Smiling big, Ye Futian began to follow her.

"Is it really necessary for you guys to show off just how in love you guys are?" Yun Rou chuckled from the sidelines.

"Exactly. We're all single here," said another member of the Moon Clan. They were being too shameless. The Moon Clan was a place for females to cultivate and a majority of them were single. It was too hateful for the two of them to show off like this.

"Thanks, everyone." Ye Futian left the crowd with a smile. The Black Wind Eagle waddled behind him, wings flapping and then moving up to cover its eyes. Even it couldn't bear to watch the couple. Seeing the Black Wind Eagle like this, the crowd was first surprised but recovered quickly and started laughing hysterically. This demon beast was something else.

The couple arrived in the courtyard where Hua Jieyu lived. She slowed her pace and Ye Futian asked her with a smile, "So, are you going to agree to be my wife?"

Hua Jieyu stopped walking and turned around to stare at him. With small steps, she was now standing directly in front of him. She lifted her head to him. Her beautiful eyes were bright and clear, her gaze gentle. She stared at the handsome face in front of her.

Getting on her tiptoes, Hua Jieyu placed her hands on Ye Futian's shoulders and said softly, "I agree." With these words, her enchanting red lips met his for a soft peck.

Ye Futian felt like his heart had melted. His gaze was still on her when he said, "Fox, you're so captivating. I just want to eat you up."

"You wouldn't dare," Hua Jieyu answered with a flushed face.

"Why wouldn't I?" Ye Futian said this while his arms wrapped around her slim waist and held her tightly. He then kissed her fiercely. Hua Jieyu's small hands curled into a fist and hit him lightly. Shortly after, she stopped fighting it and let Ye Futian continue.

A while later, Ye Futian finally let her go. Seeing how flushed and shy she looked made him smile. "Can we take care of this here and now?"

"Go to hell." Hua Jieyu lifted her long leg and kicked Ye Futian lightly. This guy kept pushing his luck. What went on in that head of his?

The sight of Hua Jieyu acting like a teenage girl made Ye Futian feel as if they were back in the past. The days of beautiful youth.

"Jieyu, I'm prepared to take a trip back to the Nandou Nation. Are you coming with me?" Ye Futian asked softly.

"Yeah." She nodded. Naturally, she knew of what happened in Chaoge City. The battle between Ye Futian and Luo Junlin in the Nandou Nation would be the end of his rivalry with the country. Of course, she had to go with him. Plus, she had wanted to head back for a visit herself.

"Let's go see my teacher." Hua Jieyu took Ye Futian by the hand and led him away. Not long after, they arrived at a building in a serene area. Hua Jieyu's teacher, also the leader of the Xiaoyue House, lived here. She looked very young and was beautiful. She was a tranquil beauty, elegant and refined. It was very comfortable to look at her.

"Teacher," Hua Jieyu called out. Ye Futian bowed and greeted her as well, "Greetings, Senior."

Goddess Xiaoyue gave him a once over. This was the man that her disciple was in love with. He was indeed exceptional. She had heard all about his gifts and abilities early on. His looks and aura were the best of the best. He was very well-matched for Hua Jieyue.

"Jieyue is always talking about you. She can't even focus on cultivating by my side. Tell me, what should I do about that?" Goddess Xiaoyue smiled. It was evident from her tone that she was joking. Hua Jieyu glanced at her teacher. When had she talked about Ye Futian? Her teacher was doing this on purpose.

"If so, then if Senior doesn't mind, I am willing to stay and cultivate in the Moon Clan. If I'm always with her, then she won't miss me." Ye Futian smiled in response.

Goddess Xiaoyue blinked a couple of times, then turned to smile at Hua Jieyu. Her little boyfriend was quite dreamy.

Hua Jieyu glared at Ye Futian. This guy definitely does not have pure intentions.

"Forget about it. You even took the Demon Clan's Witch as your servant. I don't want more of your servants to show up in the Xiaoyue House." Hua Jieyu chuckled at Ye Futian. Ye Futian gave her an awkward look. Hua Jieyu smirked and said, "I heard the Witch even took care of you in Chaoge City."

"Uh" Ye Futian was speechless. Someone had tattled.

"It was a misunderstanding. That was only a joke. You should know me by now, Jieyu. Don't you know how I feel about you? Am I that type of guy?" Ye Futian asked straightforwardly.

"Yes." Hua Jieyu nodded with a smile on her face. From his expression, it was obvious that he felt wronged.

"Stop being all lovey-dovey in front of me, you two," smiled Goddess Xiaoyue. Hua Jieyu blushed immediately. Returning a glance, she said, "What are you talking about, Teacher?"

Goddess Xiaoyue stared at her for a moment and smiled. "Do you want to leave the mountain?"

"Yes." Hua Jieyu nodded. Of course, her teacher knew about the happenings in Chaoge City.

"Your heart hasn't been here for a while, right?" joked Goddess Xiaoyue. "Remember to come back. Don't get carried away by a certain someone." Ye Futian could feel the sweat running down his face. It seemed like Goddess Xiaoyue had a deep misunderstanding of him.

Just then, footsteps from the outside were heard. Yun Rou and others had come. She looked at Goddess Xiaoyue and said, "Teacher, the people of the Qianyue Pavilion and Hanyue Temple claim that Ye Futian trespassed into the Moon Clan. They're asking if he's here."

Goddess Xiaoyue frowned. She turned to Ye Futian. "What happened?"

"Please forgive me, Senior." Ye Futian bowed and then proceeded to explain the situation. Yun Rou nodded in agreement. "One of our fellow Xiaoyue House disciple, Ning Qiaoqiao, witnessed the entire thing. That's what she said as well."

"If so, then Chu Lian was purposely giving Ye Futian a hard time." Goddess Xiaoyue sounded a bit upset. They didn't say anything after what happened last time, but it seemed that the opposing party still held a grudge.

"But even so, Chu Lian is a disciple of the Moon Clan, and Ye Futian is an outsider. Ye Futian fought them and entered the Moon Clan by force. Using this as an excuse, there isn't much we can do to fight back," said Yun Rou.

"Qin Li should be at the Qianyue Pavilion, correct?" Goddess Xiaoyue asked suddenly.

"Correct," nodded Yun Rou.

"If so, then you go tell her, if they want to start something with Ye Futian, they are welcome to. If they're gutsy enough to pick a fight with a disciple of the Cottage, then I'm obviously not going to stop them. If they try to bring up the Moon Clan's reputation, ask them if Chu Lian is allowed to block Ye Futian from coming into the Moon Clan to look for a disciple of my Xiaoyue House. Did they ask for our permission before Qin Li entered?"

Yun Rou nodded at every word Goddess Xiaoyue said. "I understand. I will go tell them now."

"I should go with her," Ye Futian said.

"Okay. Yun Rou, on your way, guide Ye Futian and Jieyu off the mountain," said Goddess Xiaoyue.

"Yes, Teacher," nodded Yun Rou.

"Thank you, Senior." Ye Futian lifted his hands and bowed to her before they left.

At the entrance to the Xiaoyue House, there were many people waiting. Powerful cultivators of the Qianyue Pavilion and the Hanyue Temple were present. Chu Yaoyao and Qin Li were also among the crowd. When Ye Futian's group approached them, everyone's attention turned to him.

Chu Yaoyao took one look at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu who were standing side by side, and then thought of Qin Li beside her.

Yun Rou stepped forward and said to the crowd," The situation has been made clear. Ye Futian came to see my junior sister, and the Xiaoyue House had agreed to it. He did not trespass into the Moon Clan. As for the accusation that he hurt Junior Sister Chu Lian, Ye Futian has stated that she was deliberately trying to give him a hard time and not allowing him to enter clan territory. This was why he made a move and that was personal between the two of them. If Chu Lian or anyone else has something to say about that, they can go directly to Ye Futian. The Xiaoyue House is part of the Moon Clan, so obviously, we won't be interfering in their personal business."

Those from the Hanyue Temple and the Qianyue Pavilion frowned. Based on her attitude, it was obvious that Yun Rou was not happy about this. Take things on directly with Ye Futian? What about the Cottage?

Yun Rou took the Moon Clan out of the equation and claimed that it was personal business. This was pushing everything onto Chu Lian.

"Chu Lian is a disciple of the Moon Clan. What's the problem with her stopping an outsider from entering?" someone from the Hanyue Temple asked coldly.

"If Ye Futian was here for someone in the Hanyue Temple, then it wouldn't have been a problem. But he came for someone at our Xiaoyue House. Since when did we need permission from the Hanyue Temple?" Yun Rou's tone was still soft and gentle. "The Qin's royal grandson is also present. Did anyone come to ask the Xiaoyue House for permission when he entered clan territory?"

Qin Li's eyes widened. Yun Rou had put him on the spot. "I was simply making an example. I don't have anything against you. Please forgive me if I have caused you any inconvenience."

"It's fine," Qin Li answered nonchalantly with a smile. "I have witnessed the ways of the Cottage's disciples back in Chaoge City. Everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory knows. You are right, though. This isn't a big deal. If Ye Futian is willing to apologize to Chu Lian, then we can all put this behind us. We shouldn't let it hurt the relationship between anyone here."

Ye Futian looked over at Qin Li. This guy is becoming more and more of an eyesore.

"Since when did you have a say in my business?" Ye Futian spoke in a cold demeanor. He was not modest at all!