The Legend Of Futian Chapter 292

Chapter 292: A Storm of Change Is About to Hit
Chapter 292: A Storm of Change Is About to Hit
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Of course, Ye Futian knew that Qin Li's utterance was meant to instigate more problems for him. He knew that it was impossible that Ye Futian would apologize. Qin Li's ultimate goal was to put Ye Futian in a bad light with the members of the Moon Clan. Otherwise, what qualifications did Qin Li have to tell Ye Futian what to do?

Qin Li was not a member of the Moon Clan.

The royal Qin grandson was a definitely not an ordinary identity, but with the Cottage's status in the Eastern Barren Territory, a disciple of the Cottage wouldn't care about a royal grandson.

Qin Li stared at Ye Futian and chuckled. It didn't seem like he was bothered. "I was simply concerned. I only want the best for the Moon Clan. Looks like I have overspoken."

Ye Futian stared right back. He's a sly one. He always tried to turn people against Ye Futian, but never confronted him directly.

"On top of the Ancient Peak in the Ancient Barren World, many other Moon Clan members heard what Chu Lian said and saw what she did. Do I need her permission to come and see Jieyu? And to use an excuse like dating can affect cultivation? If so, then what is the royal grandson doing here in the Moon Clan? Don't tell me you came to play." Ye Futian's cold eyes swept over everyone in front of him. When his gaze fell on Chu Lian, he said, "It looks to me like you guys have a pretty good relationship. So, why is it a distraction to cultivation when it comes to me? In your heart, you know well whether or not you were purposely being difficult with me. Do you think that everyone is an idiot?"

If this was the way Chu Lian and the others wanted to do things, then Ye Futian was going to let them. Didn't she feel like a despicable person? Ye Futian didn't care about his relations with these people. So, what if some people in the Moon Clan didn't like him? Was he supposed to simply let Chu Lian stop him from entering and just go back to the College? Simply because of what they thought? Or was he supposed to apologize and admit that he was in the wrong?

Chu Lian and the others didn't look too good. Ye Futian continued, "What Yun Rou said is right. You are welcome to pick a fight with me, but don't claim that I disrespected the Moon Clan as an excuse. Who does Chu Lian think she is? Can she represent the entire Moon Clan? I will take my leave now." Ye Futian said his goodbyes and stepped forward with Hua Jieyu by his side. The crowd in front of them very naturally parted to make way for them and watched Ye Futian and the others leave.

The Black Wind Eagle followed behind them, flapping its wings. Its sharp eyes swept over everyone. One could feel its disdain with just one look.

This dumb creature. Chu Lian was pissed. How dare it look down on them.

"The disciples of the Cottage are domineering as usual." Qin Li chuckled. Everyone around him did not seem like they were in the best of moods. "Let's go." Naturally, they were going to have to report this incident to the elders.

Chu Yaoyao watched Ye Futian's departing figure and felt a mix of emotions. Even though Ye Futian didn't know her, every time she saw him, her impression of him deepened.

Ye Futian obviously didn't care about what Chu Yaoyao and her friends thought of him. Sometimes, when someone came from a different standpoint right from the beginning, it wasn't worth the hassle because it wouldn't change anything.

Yun Rou sent them off the Moon Clan territory, and the couple mounted the Black Wind Eagle to return to the College. In the skies of the Ancient Barren World, the Black Wind Eagle soared with Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu on its back.

"It's nice when it's just the two of us." Ye Futian looked to the beauty beside him. Standing there, her long hair fluttering in the wind. She looked like a fallen angel, her beauty incomparable to any worldly things.

"There's also a demon beast." Hua Jieyu smiled lightly.

"Should we roast it for dinner?" Ye Futian said jokingly. The Black Wind Eagle jolted in shock. Please don't joke like that. It would scare an eagle to death.

Hua Jiyu rolled her eyes at him. Ye Futian walked forward until he was standing behind her and wrapped his arms around her slim waist. Holding the beauty tightly in his arms, he placed his head on her shoulder. Tilting his head downward, his nose was in her hair, inches away from her neck. Her sweet scent was an attack on his senses. Hua Jieyu's face flushed red immediately. His actions were so flirtatious.

"Jieyu, I missed you so much," Ye Futian's said softly.

"I missed you too," she replied. The Black Wind Eagle blinked a couple of times. Oh gosh, this was too much, even for an eagle.

"Jieyu, do you know what my greatest wish is every day?" Ye Futian asked. His soft voice was warm and affectionate.

Hua Jieyu shook her head.

"My greatest wish is for you to be the first person I see when I open my eyes in the morning," he said gently.

Hua Jieyu blinked, and when she registered what he had said, she blushed even harder. The color reached her eyes and she stomped down on Ye Futian's foot. In what sounded like a whining tone, she said, "How shameless."

"Fox, when do you plan on fulfilling my wish?" Ye Futian teased her with a smile on his face.

"In your dreams," she said.

"I do often see you in my dreams." He sighed.

"I'm not talking to you anymore." Hua Jieyu couldn't stand him anymore. She wanted to move forward but could not escape the tight embrace of Ye Futian. Her body relaxed and leaned into him. It was a scene right out of a storybook.

When they got back to the College, Ye Futian explained why Loulan Xue had come. This made Hua Jieyu question whether all his words on the way here were paving the way for this.

Arriving at the Cottage, Ye Futian brought Hua Jieyu to the second senior sister. The first thing the second senior sister and Beitang Xing'er thought when they saw Hua Jieyu was that she was beautiful. The second thing that came to mind was still that she was beautiful.

"So beautiful," Zhuge Hui complimented. Smiling at Ye Futian, she said, "Little brother, how come I feel like everything you told me before was a lie?" This rascal complimented her every day. He told her she looked like a goddess and that there was no one who could compare to her beauty. It turned out, he was hiding such a beautiful girlfriend. It was suspicious indeed.

"How could that be? In my heart, the second senior sister and Jieyu are equally beautiful," Ye Futian stated matter-of-factly. Obviously, Hua Jieyu wasn't going to call him out in front of Zhuge Hui.

"Is that so?" Zhuge Hui chuckled at his response. "You're such a sweet talker. It's no wonder you tricked the best-looking girl to be your girlfriend. You're indeed my junior brother."

Ye Futian scratched his head and muttered, "Senior Sister, there was no trickery going on. It's mutual attraction."

"Yeah, mutual attraction." The second senior sister was amused by Ye Futian's actions and started laughing.

Passing by, Yi Xiaoshi and Luo Fan witnessed this scene and sighed deeply. They then lowered their heads and went on with their own business.

What a monster.

Hua Jieyu stayed for a meal at the Cottage and then headed back to the Guqin Gardens with Ye Futian. He was going to head out first, going back to the Cangye Kingdom for a visit before meeting her in the Nandou Nation.


The Hundred Lands, at the entrance to the Ancient Barren World

Ever since the entrance opened over a year ago, this area began to thrive compared to its previously barren state. A city was built from scratch. Emperors of countries all over the Hundred Lands had set up quarters in this area. There was no way the area wouldn't flourish.

Now, powerful cultivators in all different planes roamed the streets of this city. Whether they were in the Arcana Plane or the Dharma Plane, they all wanted to test their luck in the Ancient Barren World. Even though it was possible that they would lose their lives there or might come back with nothing, people continued to go. This was a great opportunity in the eyes of those in the Hundred Lands.

Just then, a commotion was heard from the Ancient Barren World's entrance. A group of people could be seen exiting and stepping into this space. Leading them was a middle-aged individual. His aura was outstanding and domineering. He reached out both hands and an energy was released. A force of noble will erupted from him. He looked up at the sky and laughed maniacally. "The heavens have not forsaken me!"

Noble. He had finally reached the plane of his dreams. A plane that only emperors could reach.

Although he could already feel the power in the Ancient Barren World, he could not hide his excitement once he stepped out onto this land.

Noble. From here on out, he stood at the top of the Hundred Lands. He had finally reached the level of his ancestors and had the qualifications to become the emperor of a country.

The cultivators behind him smiled. This trip to the Ancient Barren World had been a dangerous one. Life-threatening situations at every turn. Some of their fellow Arcana Plane cultivators were never going to come back but it was all worth it. This was the chance they had been waiting for. The clan leader was now in the Noble Plane. After being oppressed for so many years, he was finally now a Noble.

This middle-aged individual was the leader of the Nandou Clan, Nandou Tai.

After his outcry, everything fell silent again. His eyes swept over everyone in his surroundings. He said, "Let's go." Then, he moved to leave the area. Although he was now in the Noble Plane, he still couldn't be rash when it came to Ye Futian and Luo Junlin who were disciples of top powers in the Eastern Barren Territory. It was unfortunate that he wasn't a Noble all those years ago. Though it wasn't too late. At least now he was qualified enough to deal with many things. Emperor Luo probably wouldn't dare to mess with the Nandou Clan again.

"Who is that?" someone asked.

"Don't know," replied an emperor in the area. They were all confused by the departing figure.

"How many cultivators have made it into the Noble Plane so far?" an observer questioned. Since the Ancient Barren World opened, more and more Nobles in the Hundred Lands were born.

A little while after Nandou Tai left, another group exited the Ancient Barren World. These people had terrifying auras. Just one look was enough to have people trembling in fear.

"Are we there yet?" someone among the newcomer group asked.

"We've arrived at the entrance to the Ancient Barren World in the Hundred Lands. We'll head to Nandou now," a young man answered. In a flash, they were all on the move, traveling in a certain direction as a pack. Their energy filled the area.

There was absolute silence at this moment. Many people looked to the large group in the sky.

That was the energy of Nobles.

Other than the young man, everyone else was a Noble.

This It was impossible that the Hundred Lands had such a powerful force.

"That looked like the Crown Prince of Nandou, Luo Junlin," said an emperor. Everyone's eyes widened immediately.

The Nandou Nation's Luo Junlin was back? He had joined the Royal Xuan Temple, a great power of the Eastern Barren Territory, and now he was back with many Nobles in tow. What did this mean?

A year ago, Ye Futian joined a top power and many emperors gave in to him and were still in the Cangye Kingdom. Lots of people went to pay their respects back then. They felt that Cangye was on an unstoppable rise.

But what now?

Luo Junlin had returned with Nobles. This news spread like wildfire throughout the city. People from all countries in the Hundred Lands got ahold of this news and they realized: a storm of change was about to hit the Hundred Lands